The Dark Dragon was stricken sharply with fear as he retreated from where Cynder once was. He'd been watching her for what seemed like almost half a minute to see weird things. From her talking to herself, to growling darkly, to even glowing with Convexity. Now before him, in a purple flash and glow cloud appeared something that made him shake in fear. Before him was the Terror of the Skies herself in full form and all.
"I-Impossible...How can this be?!" he said out-loud at all of this. He could sense from where he was standing the great power she had within her. This power was Raw Destructive Power, only a few is able to have or even be born with.

Cynder looked around, confused on why everything seemed smaller, she over looked herself to see she was no longer her smaller self but her adult form. This shocked her for a moment before she remembered what transpired seconds before. She looked down at 116's body, remembering everything, slowly she looked forward to see that Dragon. That very same dragon whom did all of this, she growled deeply causing the earth to shake at her feet.
"You..." is all she said as she slowly took steps towards him slowly.
"This is impossible...a Trick! An Illusion" he said sharply at her, not believing what he was seeing.
She growled "Is this an Illusion?" she said coldly before swinging her tail blade at him. He moved sideways but he wasn't fast enough as it sliced through his armor and upper parts of his flesh like a Hot Knife through Butter. He groaned in pain as he stopped and looked at it, seeing the the blood flow. This wasn't an illusion, but he still had a mission, to bring her back. If not he would be dead regardless or worse.
"My master wasn't specific on what condition to bring you back in..." he growled lowering himself in a fighting position with a smile "Let's see if the legends are true" he finished, though he'd wished he never said those words deep inside.
"Let's..." she replied before charging.

The Dark Dragon didn't realize how fast she moved until she hit him, he didn't even know her strength either until she hit him too. His armor caving in from the impact into his flesh. He felt her jaws clamp around the back of his neck, his armor failing against her bite making him feel the teeth going into him.

Cynder pushed him as she held onto his neck, pushed him into a nearby building holding him against it. She began to claw into his body and armor before slamming him down onto the ground making the dust and stone get blown around. With her paws she swatted his head making it slam into the stoned building busting the walls of it.
She brought her knees into his gut repeatedly "You dare come into this city...have those Four endanger my friends and hurt innocents" she growled reaching down and grabbing him with her powerful jaws making him squeal for breath like a dying pig. She picked him up then threw him aside as if he was trash "You even hurt people who have tried to help us...You're no Different FROM ANY OF THOSE DAMNED APES AND THE DARK MASTER HIMSELF!" she yelled before smiling wickedly as blood dripped from her jaws " get to be gutted like them" she said darkly before slowly walking up to him with Shadow Fire flowing around in her jaws. Her eyes became a pitch black color with a white outlined aura.
She saw him fire Convexity Beam at her, she met it with her Shadow Element as both collided making a small Dark Explosion. She saw him get up and prepare for an attack, so she did as well.

For every Convexity attack he did Cynder matched it with Shadow Attacks, Poison, and Wind. She laughed at his struggle to match her power, even though she was just pro-lounging his defeat which she could have ended him by just a stare. "Is that all you got? You was talking all that good shit a minute ago...or was that you're Big Ego talking" she said taunting him as she rolled dodging with ease for every attack he did. She could smell his fear building up, the smell of a weakened body. She could not wait till she made him squeal.
"DAMN YOU DEMONIC BITCH!" he screamed using Dark Magic against her.
She now couldn't even stay on the ground for a split second now as it became volitle but it didn't faze her as she still dodged his attacks with ease. She stopped moving for a moment to launch a Shadow Fire Ball at him, it hit him square in the chest seconds later obliterating his chest armor showing his bare chest. The fire ate through his scales and flesh slowly as if it was acid making him yelp in pain. He launched a Shadow Fireball back at her in retaliation to make her feel his pain.
She used her wings covering her as the fireball it, as the smoke cleared he could see it did nothing. She laughed un-shielding herself slowly, those piercing yellow glowing eyes looked dead at him.
He had no time to react as she came at him like a Primal Beast, tearing into his metal and hide physically, tearing him apart like a wild animal. He tried his best to fight back, clawing back and bite back, even wrestling her on the ground to get the advantage or to change the tide but it was hopeless as she matched him.
He clearly knew now he was severely outmatched in every-way, he had to think of something to get out of this. Yet the only thing that came to mind was something he knew how to do but it require a great sacrifice.

She laughed as she shoved him away from her, "Look at you...beaten like a Dog and soon will die like one. Must be soooo sad for you" she taunted him more. She had a few claw marks and bites on her but none was severe, unlike his.
Half of his body was torn to shreds, his flesh visible including blood vessels. Blood covering him and leaking from him, his armor ripped and torn and laying about. His limbs shook as his body was now starting to give from the blood loss and the pain, just the large amounts of pain he was feeling. His mind was about to literally explode from it, he knew his end was close but he laughed. He started to laugh manically at her.

She cocked her head a bit with a slight confused smile "What are you gawking at?" she asked stupidly.
"I'm gonna die...Haha!" he said out-loud looking dead at her with a deathly crazed smile, this worried her "But at least I'm not gonna die alone" he said to her as his body began to glow with Pure Convexity "I'LL MAKE SURE THIS CITY IS NOTHING BUT ASHES! EVERY SOUL! EVERY BEING WILL DIE IN THIS CITY...ALONG WITH ALL YOU MONKEY LOVERS!" it cackled as it glowed more intense with Convexity making the earth shake beneath the city, the sky slowly go black.

Cynder became wide eyed and saw what he was doing, sacrificing himself with the Convexity to make himself into a bomb. Something powerful enough to kill the entire city, she had to stop him before he succeeded. She opened her maw unleashing a massive torrent of Shadow Fire straight into him engulfing him. She stopped to only see it was in vain as it done nothing to him. She growled and prepared to charge until she heard a gunshot, seeing the dragon stop it's attack yet still glowing as it's own eye was destroyed. She looked down to where the shot came from, the site shocked her and even scared her.
The Dark Dragon looked, he felt the same as she did at the site when he looked.

116 was standing up with his Magnum in his hand aiming up at the Dark Dragon with his left hand as the barrel smoking yet that wasn't got them spooked. He had some kind of tentacle like growth coming from underneath his armor at the right fore arm and wrist that moved freely around as if alive, a green mucky fluid came from underneath parts of his armor along with blood. The holes and breaches within the black under-suit where the source.
There was flower like protrusions coming from under his chest plate wiggling slowly about without a care. The sound of his breath was heavy but with a deep growl with every breath. He looked like something from a horror story, a walking dead by the most of it.
"I-I thought you was dead" Cynder muttered.
"I...We are not" a very familiar deep ancient voice spoke in her thoughts.
"What?! You're that Voice that helped me." she said out-loud with complete surprise in her voice.
"Yes...I'm also the one... that helped save you're life." it replied in her thoughts before she saw 116 look at her. It was a cold stare that made her blood run cold, her heart race faster, and her squint a bit in fear. Even though she was looking at her own golden reflection from that visor. "Let's...finish this Pig off!" it suggested now slowly looking back at the Dark Dragon which of whom was staring at 116 as if he was seeing a ghost.
116 suddenly started to slowly limply walk towards the Dragon, before going into a animalistic jog at him. The dragon tried to jump back before it was too late, 116 swung his arm as the tentacles instantly hardened, hitting his left front leg and shoulder. The Tentacles dug into his flesh going to the bone, the sheer force of impact smashing those bones making them forever useless. The magnum fired into it's back leg with beyond human accuracy, hitting its knee cap obliterating the knee with the AP rounds. The Dragon roared in pain and shock but he felt something else.

As this all happen Cynder charged in, listening to whatever it was that was now 116 into the Dark Dragon. She impacted him hard onto the ground, stumbling over him before rolling across the ground. Seconds after she stopped rolling, she jumped back up but stopped her movements when she saw the dragon start to scream, grabbing it's head.
"GET OUT OF ME! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" he screamed in terribly agony as these...fungi like bubbles sprouted up from it's flesh. The color of it's flesh started to slowly turn green, snot and other bodily fluid started to flow from it's jaws and open wounds. She was slowly seeing his body turn inside out with nothing but violence. "Get-bbbrrruuuu-OU-T" he said vomiting all over the ground.
The lower abdomen opened up making his guts spill out, or what seemed like them. They seemed mushed suddenly melting slowly onto the ground, teeth started to form on his underside almost like a huge second pair of Jaws. His shattered arm soon falling off and doing the same as the organs, liquefying slowly upon the stone. His screams started to have another within, as if something else was there. The screams became mortified and primal, flower like protrusions began to be visible on some areas of the body, it's lower mouth began to split into two making the tongue fall out. The dragon was gagging and screaming before they went silent as he was now an 'It'. It peered around slowly, now looking for prey.
"KILL IT!KILL IT NOW!" she heard someone beside her, she saw the one known as Six holding himself next to rubble.
She nodded before charging at the beast, the smell of death filled her nostrils to the point where she wanted to stop and puke but she didn't. She leaped into the air hoping onto it's back, she grabbed it's head and pulled it back to make it's gruesome face look at her. It roared at her before throwing her off like nothing.
It charged her like a locomotive but luckily she was somewhat faster then it. She used her tail to take it's leg from out underneath it making it fall. She ran at it but she had to move quickly out of the way as it's abdomen area opened up with massive teeth and many new Tongues coming at her. They wrapped around her back lags dragging her closer to it. Drool and other tentacles awaited inside the mouth to claim her.
There was more gunshots, Six ran up with his weapon firing at the tongues making them let go of her. The Tail of the dragon split in 4 different pieces, spikes and teethy like blades formed around them before all of the them was swung at him. He dodged them but he fell, the tail came back down onto him. He braced as they impacted him smashing his armored body a meter into the stone. The 4 separated weaponized tails picked him up from the rubble, wrapping around him trying to crush him.
"KILL IT!" he yelled frantically.

Cynder nodded as she was being drug farther close to the mouth. Her eyes began to glow a deep dark yellow as she opened her jaws. Convexity launched from it hitting the second jaws with enough force and power to obliterate the lower abdomen making the beast wail in pain. It let her go, this was her shot as she ran jumping onto it's back and doing the same as before. She stared into it's face, the blown apart eyeball was now a flower as the other good eye was oozing out of it's head.
She looked into the blackness of it's throat, seeing something move around inside. It sprung up out at her, it's tongue or what could be something new had seemed to grow 5 sizes bigger then the possible original into a snake looking thing with flowers and teeth. The very tip opened up and went at her.
It grabbed a hold of her neck, she yelped from the burning she felt and the teeth tearing into her neck. The pressure increased onto her neck as it tried to snap her neck.
"ENOUGH!" she said before roaring with crimson red eyes, her maw filling up with the Fear Element before unleashing it. The Fear Element aimed down the throat of the beast where the mutated tounge came from, it shredded the mutated tongue going into the body. As the Fear Element torn the body apart she ripped the head and jaws apart slowly and with one jerk she ripped top half of the head and neck and the lower half from the body dropping the pieces. She jumped back and unleashed Shadow Fire onto the body and pieces burning the body, she didn't stop until she nothing left. Six was dropped from the air by the tails once the creature was dead, he landed hard onto the ground but it didn't stop him as he ran and dove for cover from the Shadow Fire.
The mutated tongue was still attached to her neck, she growled looking at it. She grabbed it and painfully ripped it off, unleashing the same fate as it's owner. She panted now, looking at the scene before her. She has never in her life seen anything like that, even the Undead Apes she has fought in the past was nothing compared to this. This was a mini-nightmare. A minute passed as the Shadow Fire took care of whatever was left.
She looked over to see Six, which of whom was approaching her right with his human weapon, aiming at something.
She slowly looked over at where he was aiming to see what 'Was' 116. Standing there looking at them, just standing there motionless like a predator watching it's prey.

Six moved up on her side aiming his weapon tightly, he remembered the secret brief 116, 115, and The Captain gave him about this. They told him alot, a whole lot he couldn't believe but he was believing it now. They told him what would happen, the consequences...everything. He knew one thing, gladly 116 was still in there so he needed to see if he would be able to come back "Sir?...You in there Sir?" he asked lowering his weapon somewhat.
There was silence, 116 suddenly took a step towards them making Six aim his MA37 at him again and making Cynder growl. He guessed she knew what was going on in a way.
"Sir?..." he asked one final time before slowly squeezing the trigger. He saw him put his Magnum away slowly and the tentacles slowly go back within him.
"here..." a voice said in both of their heads as 116 fell to his hands and knees, coughing wildly.

Six put his weapon on his back and rushed to his side with Cynder following "Sir?!" he said as he knelled beside him as he ripped off his helmet and started to puke onto the ground, hacking as well.
Cynder lowered her head and looked at him " ok?" she asked.
116 nodded "Yeah...I'm just...peachy" he said in a raspy voice before looking at her, he over looked her in her adult form "Looks like we both have seen alot today" he said with a sly smile before vomiting more "I' sorry you had to see that Cynder...Six already knows about it." he finished before slowly sitting straight up.
"What was it?" she asked.
"What was 'He'?...I'll tell very soon." sees the wound on her neck, it was nasty looking and needed wrapped or she may get an infection...if not worse "That needs taken care of" he added pointing at it.
She looked at it and looked back at him before hearing people in the distance, she over looked herself "If I'm seen like this" she before suddenly erupting in a purple aura. She slowly started to get smaller and smaller until she was here smaller self once more "Well...I...ok then" she said over looking herself again, she didn't know how she did it but she was happy with it.
At that moment a bunch of human vehicles erupted from the nearby roads and ally-ways coming to halt with humans jumping off with weapons aiming everywhere. They rushed for them to check they were safe.
The Captain ran up to all 3 of them with Lt. Martinez "Sir? You ok?" Martinez asked looking at them.
"You look like Shit Sir!?" The Captain smiled jokingly but over looked them. He saw the green liquid on 116 and looked dead serious at him, they gave each other some nods.
"Where is the hostiles?" Martinez asked looking all around, there was nothing but smoldered ground, rubble, and blood all over the ground around them.
"They were...taken care of. If it wasn't for Cynder, Six and I would be finished. She saved our lives and the city as well. She is the hero." 116 said out-loud, enough for everyone to hear.
Cynder gave him a look which made him chuckle.
Six smiled under his helmet "How much did we lose?" he asked making everyone silent.
Martinez sighed deeply "1 KIA, 16 injured. 17 Civilians KIA and over 73 injured. All at the Infirmary right now...115 & Katrina & Flame is there now. Katrina & Flame couldn't make, they were too torn up" He saw Cynder look at him in worry "But they're alive and will live" he told her but he was still unsure "115 was supposed to be here." he finished.
116 nodded "He did good, they need the help. That means I want all available personnel at the Infirmary to help in anyway possible. That includes you 3!" he said looking at the Captain, Six, and Martinez.
They nodded "Yes Sir!" they all said at the same time.
"What about you and Cynder Sir?" Martinez asked as they helped him up.
"She is staying here with me, I need to treat her wounds myself and she needs briefed on some things. The Guardians may be meeting us here as well...might even find some evidence amongst the leftovers here." he replied. He looked at everyone around them, some of the UNSC Troopers and Marines over looking some of the left over pieces.
They heard the sound of wings before the Guardians suddenly arrived, they looked like they had an incident themselves.
"Cynder! You're safe and alright!" Terrador said with a smile before looking at the carnage around them. It looked like a huge battle happened here. Cyril was not with them from what anybody could see.
"What happened Terrador? Who were they? And why were they after me?" Cynder asked.
Terrador looked at Cynder before seeing the condition 116 was in "I don't know. Whoever it was seemed to know what to do. We were held in the Temple by some Dark Magic...we were able to get out and try to see if the city was under attack from the outside." he paused before he had a sad expression on his face. He looked at 116 with this "We came across one of you're kind at a nearby Orphanage, there was another accompanied by some wolves. They were going after all the Hatchlings. He stopped them a cost" he said looking over at Volteer.
Volteer slowly walked up and laid down on his belly. On his back was a dead ODST all bloodied up.
116 and along with other slowly walked to Volteer to take a look. All of them shocked at this and saddened.

"Oh my god!" A lone ODST said running from the nearby Warthog "no no no...please don't be" everyone heard him say out-loud as he ran past everyone, almost knocking someone down as he got onto the Dragon's back and pulled the body off. He had some help from Cyril and a few other humans. He held the body before crying in front of everybody as they all looked down on him "Why...why? why? why?" he cried, cradling the body "Don't let this be true...God Please!" he cried.
116 walked up alongside everyone else and just watched before kneeling down and looking. He looked at their names on the armor, both having the same name then he remembered...two ODSTs were Twins. He covered his mouth when this thought came to his head as they did look the same.
The Guardians looked down with sadness, this death somehow weighed heavily on their hearts.

"I want...Everyone to head to Infirmary. We can't let anyone else perish in today's attack" 116 muttered loud enough for everyone to hear "I want someone to go with make sure our fallen comrade is taken care of" he said as a Trooper instantly volunteered and started to help his fellow brother in arms with his fallen literal brother. Everyone silently but with haste went to go to the infirmary.
Cynder was hurt by this, she couldn't...just couldn't. Without her noticing everyone was gone in ten seconds or less, only her...116...and Terrador remained.

"I'm sorry" Terrador suddenly said to 116 making Cynder look up at him. "I'm sorry for you're well" he paused "Also for the mistreatment of you're kind. As a Guardian I am supposed to keep my emotions at bay with other races no matter what but I failed that...I misjudged you're kind. Therefor I'm sorry" he apologized to 116.
116 nodded, not looking at him "Sorry?..." he said as he looked up at "Don't tell me...tell the one whom lost his Brother and only family he had left anywhere else. But Thank you anyways." he sighed "And don't say you're sorry for the way you've been acting...from what I've heard you and you're kind have been through Hell. It's fine, I've forgiven a long time ago." he replied to Terrador. Terrador just merely nodded without saying a word. Cynder didn't like the thought of Terrador being mean to the humans, she was very displeased.
"So..." Terrador trailed off looking at everything around him.
"Well...Go ahead Cynder. You know more then I do" 116 said to her.
For a second Cynder had to think, "They came to kill me is what I originally thought, but I'm only guessing they were only the pawns to...him." she said looking at what remained all over the place, he saw 116 looking around at everything on the ground with a slight limp, he seemed to be taking some of the blood samples and looking at the left over armor. "He said he was here to take me to his Master"
"Malefor or his mate?" Terrador asked in a worried tone.
"No...he said Malefor is a playing card or something. So it may have been someone else he was talking about" she said seeing 116 walking over with some pieces of the armor.
"Any one of you recognize the armor configuration or the symbols?" he asked them holding it out.
Terrador took a long look along with Cynder "I can't make anything of looks like the very same armor that Flame wore." Cynder commented.
"That symbol is the symbol Element of Convexity...he was trainee of the Convexity. That's why he was so elusive and strong" he said.
"So...this element is something unstable yet powerful?" 116 asked.
"Yes" Terrador nodded "The Convexity is the most unstable, destructive, and powerful element known. With it there is nothing you could not do...It was the same element Cynder used somewhat against you and Makura on the day you first came here" he told her.
116 nodded "Athena has ran scans on the Energy levels you speak of...even the smallest of sparks can be equivalent of powering a whole town if not a city. I can't what full strength could do, probably put our Fusion Reactors to shame probably. Luckily for my armor, I'd be dead today" he commented "Athena has also said that even one Convexity Crystal if that's what you call it can power a City of this size for months if not years. Be nice to have a place to utilize it" he finished.
Terrador nodded along with Cynder, they understood what they could "Convexity is something very few work with. Even as a Guardian my knowledge is limited" he told 116 as he looked at the rest of the armor "The armor is meant to balance the users elemental attacks depending on the element also from other elements" Terrador added.
116 was astonished to hear that but he sort of expected it, he looked around quietly "The meeting still scheduled for tomorrow?" he asked.
He nodded "Yes...We can push it to-"
"No! We'll attend on time...we have alot to cover" 116 said interrupting his sentence. He slowly walked up and placed the pieces of armor or whatever he found on Terrdor's back. He slipped a small piece into one of his pockets secretly for Athena to look at. 116 looked up at Terrador with a certain look, he nodded in response and started to walk away. He understood the human needed sometime time to reflect but he stayed nearby in case. Terrador was silent, thinking of many things.

116 then looked at Cynder "Let's get that wound cleaned and patched up" he walking up to her before kneeling beside her. He looked at her wound, looking at it carefully before sighing happily.
"What?" Cynder asked hearing his sigh and seeing his smile.
"Happy that you won't end up like him" he said referring to the dead dragon.
Cynder was worried for a second "Like him?" she asked.
"This is gonna sting ok?" he said putting Bio-Foam onto her neck wound which caused it burn intensely for a short few seconds making her growl a bit. He spread the Bio-Foam all over the raw area where it grabbed a hold of her. He looked at her with a blank expression "Well, it's a long story so I'll tell you some now and some later if ever get time alone ok? and you must keep it a secret from anyone you know no matter what ok?" he told her seriously.
"If you trust with my secrets then I'll keep yours." she told him seriously back before she put up her claw "First...I want you're name before you tell me." she finished.
He smiled faintly before looking around "My name is Micheal...or Mike for short."
"Real or Fake?" she asked.
"Real...but you can't tell or call me by my name in front of anyone else except for Athena, 115, and the Captain." he chuckled.
She nodded "Ok" she wondered why he had to be so secretive among his own people, this confused her but she wasn't going to ask at the moment.
"Well...where do I start." he was thinking before he smiled "I guess I'll tell the situation that caused it first." he said before he started telling her that chapter of his life story.