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In the year 2001, Lord Voldemort's reign had finally come to an end. It took the combined effort of the entire United Nations Auror Reserves to finally quell the threat posed by the Death Eaters of what had become known as the Neo-British Empire. By this time Hogwarts lay largely in ruins, the British Ministry of Magic and Muggle Government had been routed, and the original British Wizarding Economy had been shattered, only to be replaced with Voldemort's own interpretation of a Wizarding Economy.

With that said, Voldemort was finally in chains. He had been sentenced to live the remainder of his natural life in a form of magically induced stasis brought on by the world's largest batch of the Drought of Living Death, one of the world's most powerful Sleeping Potions. This was because it was now known that Harry Potter, Voldemort's destined foe held within him a piece of Voldemort's own soul, and since both Voldemort and Harry Potter survived the conflict, the combined Wizards and Witches of the World did not wish to kill Harry, just to put an end to the threat that Voldemort posed.

Unfortunately, the cost of the International Wizarding World's victory had been much too great for young Harry Potter. It had started with Dumbledore and Sirius, who had both died much too early into the conflict. Sirius having died less than a year after Voldemort had returned to power, and Dumbledore who was killed by Professor Snape a year after that. Mr. Weasley of course had died prior to Sirius when Nagini had bitten him at the Ministry while Arthur was on guard detail over the Prophecy Chamber in the Department of Mysteries. At the famous Battle of Hogwarts, the Weasley Twins were felled by Bellatrix Lestrange, and Neville Longbottom was slain in an attempt to destroy the Horcrux known as Nagini. Before even that happened, Harry had been forced to kill his best mate, Ronald Weasley in self-defense when Ron had become possessed by the Locket Horcrux and attempted to kill both Harry and Hermione in a fit of jealousy. As for Hermione, she perished that night in Godrick's Hollow when she attempted to rescue Harry from Nagini and Voldemort. She succeeded of course, but at the cost of her life. Luna Lovegood had at some point gone missing during what would have been Harry's seventh year and was never seen again. Of Harry's friends the only ones to have survived the ravages of the War were Mrs. Weasley, Bill Weasley, Fleur Weasley, and Charlie Weasley, other than that almost all of Harry's friends and family were killed by Voldemort or his followers or circumstances related to Voldemort and his followers.

By far the worst of these deaths for Harry to bear was the death of Ginny Weasley. Unlike all the other friends he had to watch die, it was only Ginny who was slain by Voldemort himself. Voldemort did this, because he had seen it in Harry's head that the boy was attracted to the young Weasley daughter, and he sought to torment Harry in the worst way possible. It worked. After this happened Harry could not bear it to bring himself to fight anymore. He went into hiding.

So it was that Voldemort won victory over the United Kingdom, and proceeded to make plans for the rest of the International Wizarding Community. Unfortunately his plans were halted because he did not anticipate the entire Wizarding World combining forces to battle against him. While he was possibly the most powerful single Wizard alive at that point, he was no match for the immeasurable might of countless thousands of Wizards and Witches marching on the British Islands, many of whom were bringing Muggle Weaponry with them in their effort to contain this threat known as the Death Eater Forces. The Death Eaters were elitist snobs who despised everything to do with Muggles. They were not prepared to deal with Tanks and Heavy Artillery, not to mention Air to Ground Missiles. Simply put, their best Defensive spells just were not up to the match of fighting the best in early 21 century military hardware.

Thus it was that ten years later, after many years of studying in the depths of the restored Ministry of Magic, the Unspeakable and former Auror known as Harry James Potter who had taken a keen interest the books dealing with the construction of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft of Wizardry. Many of the books had either been destroyed or mutilated. Many more were written in obscure dead languages. But a handful of them were written in Latin, Late Picti, Cumbric, or Old-English. Each of which was a language that Harry had over the past few years become more than acquainted with.

As he was searching through the titles of books he came upon one that was entitled "The Secrets of Time," the title was written in Pictish, which was odd, because the Pict people were not particularly well known for their pursuits into time. However, Picti was the primary dialect spoken by people who lived in the area where Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmede were located.

Wondering why such a book was located in the section of the Unspeakable's library devoted to Hogwarts, when it clearly dealt with time, Harry opened the book and began reading it. The book largely dealt with the topics of how Time Turner's were invented. It seemed that the Time Turner was conceived of because of an ancient, pre-Founders Period Time-telling device known as "Death's Timepiece," 'Woah!' Harry thought, 'Does that mean there is a fourth Deathly Hallow?' As he read on, he found out that whatever this thing was, it was rumored to have been handed down in the Slytherin family line, however at the time of Salazar Slytherin's death at the hands of Godric Gryffindor; it appears that the Timepiece had vanished off the face of the planet. Some people speculate that the time piece was placed in the Chamber of Secrets some time before Slytherin's death and is now guarded by the same snake that Harry killed in his second year at Hogwarts.

"Guess I am paying a visit to the Chamber of Secrets then." Harry said to no one in particular.

Much of Hogwarts had been reconstructed after the War. Though at the current time it was not up to the Founders standards, as much of the ancient magic had been worn away by the destructive spells that were hurled at the Castle during the Second Wizarding War (really the third Wizarding War if you include the War against Gellert Grindelwald). But the foundations upon which it stood and much of the structure itself were still standing. An auxiliary building where in classes were currently being taken had been constructed while the Unspeakables went through the task of scouring the world for as much hidden and lost lore as possible in an effort to restore the building to its ancient splendor.

However it was not to the Auxiliary School that the unspeakable known as Harry Potter was headed today. He was able to apparate directly onto the school grounds, bypassing the anti-apparition wards that had been put in place by the current headmastress, one of the few friends of his who had survived the War, Minerva McGonnagal. This was because as an Unspeakable, Harry had access to a form of Apparition Charm that most people did not have access to. This charm operated on the same frequency as that of House Elves, and was as such able to bypass most Anti-Apparition Wards that had been installed in most locations. Thus he was able to get around a great deal more efficiently than Aurors, the Wizengamot or well, really anyone.

Once on the grounds he made his way to the first floor bathroom, many of the ghosts of Hogwarts had vacated the property after the War, but there was always one who remained at Hogwarts due to never really fitting in anywhere else.

"Hello Myrtle." Harry said as he entered the Bathroom

"Oh! Hello Harry! Come to pay me a visit? You're really the only one who ever visits me anymore." Myrtle responded in her best attempt at a seductive sulk.

"You do know you would have more visitors if you haunted one of the bathrooms in the Auxiliary Building, right? But, no, that isn't why I am here. I am here to go down to the Chamber today." Harry explained patiently, trying not to upset her.

"Why do you want to go down there? I have been down there a few times, that place is nasty. You left that big snake there to rot. It's going to smell right awful. Didn't taste all that good either." Myrtle moaned.

Harry grimaced and promptly opened the chamber using the Parseltongue that he still had due to having not truly defeated Voldemort. He could smell the fact that Myrtle was correct. He really should have let Snape harvest the Basilisk for its remains. What was he thinking?

"Spiritus Niti" Harry incanted moving his wand in a small swift motion around his face, conjuring a bubble that instantly brought relief to his breathing. Harry then said "Descendens Scala" jabbing his wand towards the entry to the Chamber of Secrets, which promptly created a magical version of a descending escalator for him to ride down into the chamber of Secrets. That had been one of his personal inventions.

Despite all the changes that the years had wrought to the school, the Chamber of Secrets still looked the same as it did all those years ago, when he came here for the first time to rescue Ginny Weasley from the Diary Horcrux, excepting of course for the massive rotting mass of flesh that used to be Slytherin's Basilisk. But it was not for the remains of the Basilisk that Harry arrived here today.

Harry James Potter was the Master of Death, according to the majority of theories regarding the Deathly Hallows. But the book in the Department of Mysteries suggested there was a fourth Hallow; one with the potential ability to manipulate time in a manner that was even greater than what was possible with a Time-Turner. That promised something so great and yet at the same time so terrible that it could not possibly be ignored. What made matters worse was that such a secret was right here at Hogwarts, out in the open without any significant wards save for a paltry password protecting it. Where a simple Reducto curse could allow just anyone access to it now that the castle's wards weren't working properly.

Harry had never actually seen the entire Chamber of Secrets. Yes he had seen the main room, where he fought the Basilisk. But the Basilisk had come from somewhere else, a room beyond the main room. As Harry looked up at the statue which had disgorged the Basilisk, something else struck against Harry's mind, 'Tom must have known about this, or he should have. I mean the Basilisk probably knew about it, and Tom could probably ask the Basilisk. Unless Tom didn't think about it, and the Basilisk was specifically ordered not to talk about it unless asked.' He looked at the large statues mouth. It was still open, from the time when Diary Riddle had opened it to let out the basilisk. Apparently the foolish young man that Tom was hadn't thought to close it while Harry was fighting the Basilisk, so much the better for Harry then.

Harry apparated up to the lower lip of the Mouth and looked inside, it was dark in there so he drew his wand and flicked it while saying "Lumos Maxima" creating the bright and potentially blinding light associated with the maximized Lumos spell. Within the chamber there wasn't much to see. The room was circular. On the floor however there was what appeared to be a rather large gear driven clock. Unlike most muggle clocks however, this one appeared to account for the months, and days of a year instead of the hours and minutes of a day. On the far wall there was a plaque with some sort of inscription. Harry made his way over to it.

"Behold the Dials of Chronos, the Serpentine God of Time.
Move these dials forward, and see the future.
Move them backward, and see the past.
Know however that should you wish to view these periods,
You will be forever a part of the period to which you travel.
Once you arrive, the dials will never operate for you again."

Harry read the plaque, as he read further along, he frowned more and more. Thinking 'Well, that probably explains why Tom never traveled this way. He'd want to be able to do it more than once. Bit of crapshoot that. Still, this offers an opportunity that I hadn't anticipated.' Harry turned on the spot and disappeared.

Harry re-appeared in the former Headmaster's office, this room had as of late become a second home to Harry. He started speaking almost as soon as he entered "Albus, I found something absolutely amazing down in the Chamber of Secrets. The plaque on it calls it the Dials of Chronos. According to the Plaque it has the ability to move a person both forward and backward through time. And from the looks of the thing, unlike a Time-turner, this thing has the potential to allow travel through months, possibly years instead of a few hours."

The painting of Albus was looking bemused as Harry raved. Finally it said "Ah, but what would the catch of such freedom be?" to which Harry looked at the Headmaster and said "It's a one-time deal." The painting of the former headmaster nodded thoughtfully and said, "What then do you propose to do with these dials Harry?"

Harry started saying, "Truth be told, I haven't really thought it out. But I was thinking, if these dials are really as powerful as all that, then it is possible that I could go back and stop all this wanton destruction before it has a chance of ever actually starting."

To which Albus nodded again and said "That is one possibility. Of course if you do that, the question that arises, Is at what point do you go back to? And will you return in the body of your younger self, or will you retain your own unique body and be able to act autonomously from your younger self? Of course if the latter is true, you have to understand that Ginevra Weasley will forever be out of your reach, that your friends may not recognize you, and that your family will still be gone."

Harry sighed and said, "Yes, this is true I suppose, but at the same time, I could bring this time periods Deathly Hallows back with me, assuming I can find the Resurrection Stone, and thereby have two sets of them in existence. Which would give us a huge advantage when fighting Voldemort, and then there is the added benefit that technically I am my own blood relative. So technically, my Mother's Blood Wards would be in effect on any house I own thereby allowing the version of me from that time to live with me, instead of with the Dursleys."

It was the Headmaster's turn to start, "I admit Harry; that is something I did not anticipate. And honestly, something I would not recommend. According to some theories of Temporal Mechanics, most notably the Blinovitch Limitation Effect, if the two of you were to come into contact, it could potentially cause a Temporal Paradox."

Harry started laughing "Professor, I didn't know you watched Doctor Who?" to which the older Professor gave a scowl. And Harry elaborated "Professor, that theory is entirely fictional, and was made up by the people who designed the Muggle Television Serial Doctor Who. This is why the rules regarding Time-Turner use have always bugged me. Those rules were clearly made by someone who watches Muggle Television."

Albus sighed and said "I made those rules." To which Harry laughed uproariously.

"It may be futile, but I had hoped I could establish myself within the House of Potter. Unfortunately since this is a One-Time Use item there is no way to actually accomplish that without going so far back into the past as to border on the useless. Unless..." Harry went off and was mumbling to himself for a few minutes while the headmaster looked on.

"That device calls itself the Dials of Chronos. Chronos is one of many names for the God of Time. And isn't there a saying 'In the fullness of time, all things die'? So, if you think about it, in a way isn't Chronos just another name for the God of Death?" Harry asked

"Yes, I think you are right, Chronos could be interpreted as an embodiment of Death." The former headmaster said.

Harry continued "Which means what happens if I am wearing the Invisibility cloak, have the resurrection stone active, and use the Elder Wand to move the dials? Since I am Master of Death, and that device represents Death, would it possibly allow me to get two goes?"

"I am uncertain Harry, but if I had to hazard a guess, I would say that the device would consider you to not be there for the duration of the first trip. Why, where is it that you wish to go with your first trip?" The painting of Albus asked.

"It's probably best that I don't answer that question, because if I did, you would probably try to talk me out of it. As it is, I have a feeling I am going to be spending a great deal of time searching for a stone in a hay stack."

With that said, Harry apparated out to the Tomb of Albus Dumbledore. One of the other things that had remained undisturbed by the battles raging in the surroundings though in the Tombs case that was by virtue of Harry using the Elder Wand to erect massively powerful protections for it, and then placing the Elder Wand itself inside the Tomb and sealing it up with his Phoenix Feather Wand.

It was here then, that the Phoenix Feather Wand, the one key to the wards on the Tomb, finally dispelled those wards and opened the tomb. Harry withdrew the Elder Wand. Where he was going, he would need this Wand. The Wand sang in his hands, knowing its proper master again, but it was a sorrowful song after having been deprived its masters company for so long.

He then apparated again, this time traveling to the once Forbidden Forest. The Forest was no longer forbidden of course as there were no longer students for whom it needed to be forbidden. Deciding that summoning a Deathly Hallow would require one of the Unspeakables Summoning Charms instead of the standard variant, Harry incanted in Greek while waving the Elder Wand "Έχω καλέσει την Ανάσταση πέτρα" It took a few minutes, but because the spell was as powerful as it was and because the wand itself was part of the same set as the item being summoned, that the stone eventually landed in Harry's outstretched hand.

With the stone, cloak, and wand, he now had all three Deathly Hallows in his possession. He was now prepared to make his first journey. This first Journey was the trickiest of course, if he didn't get it exactly right, then everything that followed was going to be pointless. He apparated to the Dial Room in the Chambers of Secrets, donning the Cloak of Invisibility once he was there, and activating the Resurrection Stone, bringing forth the encouraging images of his friends and family, just as real now as on that day back during the Battle of Hogwarts. And last but not least he lifted the Elder Wand… but before he did anything, a voice rang out in the room…

"Welcome oh Harbinger of Death, to the Dials of Time. You are granted one additional journey over what the normal user would be allowed. Make good use of it."

Harry wasn't sure he liked the idea of being called the Harbinger of Death, but considering what he was about to do; he figured it was fitting. He wasn't sure when he needed to go to; only that it was back to the beginning. He lifted the Elder Wand and said "Take me to your Creator." as he channeled magic into it and directed it to turn the Dials.

The Dials had been turning for what seemed like an eternity. But they were turning backwards instead of slowly forwards. And they were turning at an ungodly rate. Suddenly the Dials stopped turning, and the room bellowed "It is now the 1232nd Year of Our Lord." in what was clearly Latin. Apparently the magical intelligence of the school, or at least the Chamber of Secrets, was able to adjust its language settings based on the language that was being spoken by the current residents of the School. Harry was also startled to realize that the Witches and Wizards of the 13th Century were obviously still God Fearing. Well, that shouldn't be too surprising; Pope Innocent VIII didn't start the Witch Trials until approximately 250 years from this date.

Just as Harry reached that conclusion he heard a loud hissing noise "Who is there, why do I not see you?" asked the obviously still alive Basilisk, and Harry realized that he was in very grave danger. Fortunately it was quite dark in this room at the moment.

Speaking carefully, so as not to aggravate the extremely powerful and dangerous magical creature Harry articulated "A friend, I mean you no harm. Your Master may have mentioned my coming. I am one who is Master of Death."

Harry waited and listened as the Snake contemplated these words for a few moments silently, startlingly silently. Then it answered "Yes, Master did mention you. Said when you came, I was not to harm you. You may go on your way. Though, will you return? It has been lonely these long years."

Harry started when he realized that the Basilisk had had no friends or family for around 1,000 years when he first went into the Chamber. Oh yes, she had had masters, but those aren't really friends or family. Making up his mind to change her fate for what would hopefully be the better he responded

The Basilisk who was as cunning as a snake, contemplated these words for a few minutes and finally responded "Yes, I must return. But I will unfortunately be unable to stay long. I will appear in this chamber again though, sometime in your future. I hope to see you again then. And when I do, I will be your friend. But promise me something; do not submit your power to any man who calls himself either Tom Morvolo Riddle, or Lord Voldemort, because if you do, many will be harmed to bolster his ego, not because of Slytherin's ideals."

The Basilisk who was as cunning as a snake, contemplated these words for a few minutes and finally responded "I so promise."

With that taken care of, Harry raised the Elder Wand, tested it against the Hogwarts Wards, and found them to not be as firm against apparition as when he had attended Hogwarts. Either Apparition had not been invented yet, or the wards had not been designed with protection against the Master of Death in mind. Shrugging and deciding to try his luck, he put the Elder Wand away, and instead pulled out his original Wand. With that he likewise tested the wards, and found a similar lack of firmness against apparition. 'Well, that rules out the theory of them simply not having built the wards to protect against the Elder Wand,' Harry thought. He then proceeded to apparate to Godric's Hollow where the next phase of his plan would occur.

Now he had some work ahead of him. He had to find the Peverell Brothers and make sure they encountered Death. Even if that meant he had to stand in for the bastard. He also had the ulterior motive of wanting to see if he can do something to change the Pure Blood Mentality this far back in history. He didn't want to go all the way back to the Founder's era to accomplish it, but If there was a possibility to accomplish change here in the time period of the Peverell's, then he was going to take it. Especially since the Peverell's were the ancestors to both the Gaunt's and the Potters

Harry, still wearing his invisibility cloak, walked to the inn at Godric's Hollow, and waited for someone to open the door, and then he headed inside before the door could close. He walked along the edges, listening to people talk, until he noticed three men at a table talking to each other, one of them said "Ya, Antioch, ya be right, that bastard was sorely in need of a lesson." The smallest and most timid of the men said "You guys didn't need to hit him with the Cruciatus." To which the strongest looking one said "'course we did. How else was he s'pposed to learn not to mess with wizards?" They were of course speaking Pictish, but Harry had mastered that language well enough to understand them.

It was at this instant that Harry remembered that this was long, long, before the Statute of Secrecy. These men probably had no understanding of Muggle Rights. They could very easily believe that Muggles aren't even the same species as them, and they wouldn't be wholly inaccurate either, at least from their world view. Because the Inquisition hadn't truly begun, and certainly wasn't to the stage of burning Witches yet. The Wizards of this time and place probably have no comprehension just how dangerous Muggles actually are yet. And here Harry was, about to hand them the most powerful magical artifacts in the history of the world. Hermione would kill him if she knew what he was about to do.

Still, by comparison, these guys are so extremely far removed from anything that is actually relevant to his life, that it really doesn't matter what they do with the 'gifts' he is about to give them. Technically each Brother would get one of the items, they wouldn't be sharing them with each other, and they would be passing them on to their descendants, or in the case of the Elder Wand, to whomever defeats them. Yes, the Elder Wand by itself could cause great devastation, and probably sparked a few wars over the years. But only someone who could unite all three hallows was truly unstoppable. And Harry wouldn't be telling that tidbit to the three brothers.

Harry waited with patience born of the years spent as an Auror, and then later as an unspeakable, while he watched the Peverell's talk amongst them-selves. Finally after what seemed like hours, the three brothers got up and decided to start walking home. Harry followed them out the door as swiftly and quietly as he was able to. Fortunately Invisibility Cloaks, and probably the disillusionment charm itself wouldn't be invented until he handed the brothers his cloak so they weren't paying particular attention to their surroundings.

He walked behind them a ways as they were on their way home. Suddenly he had an idea, he pulled out the Elder Wand and said "Aquamenti Supernum" quietly and directed the river to appear in the path of the Peverell Brothers. The Brothers looked at one another surprised that such a river had appeared out of thin air. They all three drew their wands and began conjuring a bridge together. Harry for his part was smiling; they were playing right along with the script. As they crossed the bridge Harry apparated to the other side of the bridge and promptly removed the cloak from his head saying in as angry a voice as he could muster "SERIOUSLY? You three couldn't just swim across and drown? You had to create a bridge and walk across on dry land? Well, you've defeated Death. So what do you want in return?"

The three men looked at each other, then back at 'death' as Harry was calling himself; the eldest stepped forward and said "I want the most powerful wand in existence." Harry smiled and withdrew the Elder Wand and said, "Take it from me, if you can." The younger man looked delighted and drew his own wand, and shouted "EXPELIARMUS." The Elder Wand sailed out of Harry's hands and landed firmly in the young man's hands.

The second brother said "I wish for the power to recall others from death." Harry nodded and drew forth the resurrection stone and handed it to the young man. Then Harry looked at Ignotus and said "What then is it that you want?" to which Ignotus shyly looked up at 'Death' and said "I would ask for something which would allow me to go from here without being followed by you." Harry sighed and reluctantly removed the invisibility cloak from his shoulders handing it to Ignotus saying "Treat it always as a friend, and it will treat you kindly. Now to you all, I say, be kinder to the Muggles for they do not deserve a great deal of what Wizarding-kind is doing to them or what Wizarding-kind will ultimately do to them. Nor does Wizarding-kind really understand at this time what will happen if they incur the wrath of the Muggles. The Muggles have in their future the ability to destroy the entire world. Not even with that Wand I gave you would you be able to achieve such a feat or be capable of stopping it," and with that Harry Potter (aka Death) apparated away from Godric's Hollow, leaving the Peverell Brothers with their new prizes and a few words of warning. What Harry didn't know however, was that in a remote corner of Italy, in a darkened but gigantic room a small glass orb filled with silvery light just popped into existence. Of course he knew the fate of the Peverell Brothers more or less having listened to Hermione read the Tales of Beedle the Bard over and over again. That didn't make it any less difficult to give them his prized possessions. Nor did it stop him from wondering where exactly those possessions had originally come from, seeing as how he had given them to the Peverell Brothers, and the Peverell Brothers were ultimately the source of all the stories about them. So where did they come from originally, and why did Hogwarts' chamber of secrets which was built centuries before the Peverell Brothers were even born recognize them?

Was it possible that Slytherin himself created them? Or was it also possible that there really is a God of Time overseeing everything that happens in the Wizarding world? Either way he wasn't getting any younger, and he still had to do a bit of manipulation if he was going to land safely in the Marauder Era.

Having studied the Black Family History quite extensively, Harry realized that the Black's could not possibly have lived at their Grimmauld Place Address since antiquity. He had managed to procure a few maps of Ancient Magical Britain, and was fairly confident that he had pinned down the location of Caer Gigfran in Wales, the ancestral home of the Black Family.

When he arrived, he realized that the Castle was quite splendid and made Grimmauld Place look like a shadow in comparison. He walked past the wards without setting them off, possibly because his status as Heir to the House of Black, somehow managed to traverse through time with him. Either that or it was because of his Grandma Potter also being a Black. Surprisingly the interior of the manor wasn't all that difficult to navigate. The servants paid him no mind other than when he asked for directions, assuming that since he made it past the wards un-harassed that he must be a Black Family member. He made it all the way to the room that the infamous Black Family Tree was hung; it was several centuries shorter than it was in his day, but the tapestry was still the same material that he was used to seeing it made from. Deciding this called for some of his best work he called once again upon his training as an Unspeakable. But this time borrowing a few ideas that Weasley Twins had only hammered out a few days before they died, and gave to him in their Will, just in case. He was after all their favorite customer.

Waving his wand towards the Tapestry saying "firmissimam vim aeternam, sed transmutabilis in familia legem" The first clause of the spell would make the entire tapestry immune to any form of damage. That was Fred and George's contribution. The second clause of the spell was something that the pureblood members of the Unspeakables had taught Harry about. That the only way to properly disown a child was if the family Patriarch decreed that child disowned. Walburga Black had no power to officially disown anyone, and from everything Harry had heard, Orion Black was a far more reasonable individual than Walburga was.

With that done, Harry apparated to the nearest Muggle Meat Market, conjured some muggle currency and promptly bought about 5000 pounds of meat which he promptly shrunk. Harry then Apparated back to the Chambers of Secrets. He then asked the great snake, while keeping his eyes closed "So um… whats your name?"

To which the Basilisk replies "Bolla" Harry smirks thinking 'fitting. Guess Slytherin was Albanian then.' "Well Bolla, I have about 5,000 pounds of meat here for you, I will let you have it on the condition that you keep your eyes closed while you're out here and that you don't go up into the castle proper."

Bolla hisses slightly and replies "Seems fair." The gigantic snake slithered out of the clock room and into the Chamber proper. Harry undid the shrinking charm on the meat and said "This is all for you. I don't want you to get too horribly hungry, though I will be gone a very long time, a couple hundred years at the least. My name is Harry James Potter. Will you remember that for me?"

"That man I told you about earlier. It is important that you know that he will kill purebloods just as easily as he will kill muggle-borns. He himself is a Half-Blood, he doesn't care about the difference of blood status, and all he cares about is power and the quickest way to achieve power. He will use you to further his ambitions of gaining power. That is not what Salazar Slytherin would want, I am sure."

Bolla nodded her assent, turning to Harry and saying "Harry Potter does not wish to kill the Mudbloods then?"

Harry was taken aback by her question but shock his head "No, I think that both the Muggle-born and the Wizard-Born need to learn to live together in peace."

The Snake nodded agreement "Death comes to easily to you humans"

Harry almost burst into tears at that admission, but held it back he said to Bolla "I really need to get going, I have a playdate about 745 years from now. I hope to see you safe on the other side, and I promise to get you lots of food, but no humans, as soon as I can."

With that Harry stood up, and apparated to the clock room, the room chimed "You are no longer the Harbinger of Death. You have one trip in this room remaining." Harry knew it to be true, and willed the room to take him to the year 1977 of the Common Era, as he began turning the dials with his Phoenix Feather Wand.


Harry felt the noise more than he heard it. Suddenly he was spiraling through time in an uncontrolled flight, he had no idea where he was going to end up, but he highly doubted it was going to deposit him in 1977 the last year of his Parents Hogwarts Experience...