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As the Sorting was concluded, and everyone was cheering for the various new students, Harry looked up expectantly at Albus Dumbledore, who surprisingly looked just the same as Harry remembered him, 'He must be using Time-Turners to get extra time if he is already looking that old,' Harry thought to himself. Dumbledore couldn't be more than 89 to 91 years old, and Wizards age slower than Muggles do.

As he was thinking this, Albus Dumbledore stood up, and Minerva rapped on the rim of the glass goblet in front of her for the students' attention. "Yes, yes, hello and welcome. Now I am sure you are all very hungry and as I do not want to keep…"

He was cut off by a strangled scream coming from one of the older students at the Ravenclaw table, whom Harry now realized is Sibyll Trelawney.

"He has come, and he will court fate. He has mastered death. He alone has the power to defeat the darkness!" Trelawney shuddered and her eyes rolled back as she fell unconscious.

Dumbledore's eyes had narrowed and he was looking at the young woman as though she were mad; then he glanced down to his own Wand.

Harry however had just palmed his own forehead, realizing that he and the entire student and teaching body of Hogwarts, including some very likely future Death Eaters, had just heard the prophecy that presumably outlined the Dark Lord's inevitable downfall. Now Harry had to figure out what the rest of the prophecy meant.

'Well obviously the first part is true already, He has come, means that I've already arrived. But what did the next part, the part about fate mean? It was said in the future tense, as if it were something I would do at some point in the near future. But as near as I can tell, all my activities regarding fate have already happened in my personal past.

'He has mastered death is obvious. Though I will enjoy watching Dumbledore agonize over that bit. And the bit about defeating the darkness probably pertains to Voldemort. Although it is interesting to note that unlike the prophecy from my original timeline; this one did not explicitly mention a Dark Lord.'

While Harry was contemplating the meaning of the prophecy people at large were whispering, Harry could pick out words such as "Telawney," "Must be a prophecy," and "Master of Death?"

Casually Harry glanced over to the Slytherin Table, where he was not at all pleased to notice that Lucius was even more pale faced than usual, and one of the seventh year Slytherin Students, who Harry now realized looked like Rodolphus Lestrange, was standing up and excusing himself from the Hall for some reason. "Well that can't be good." Harry said to no one in particular.

"What can't?" asked a sixth year sitting on the other side of the table from Harry. When Harry looked he was startled into realizing that he had been sitting right across from the father of one of his friends.

"Ted Tonks?" Harry said barely stifling a laugh.

"You know me?" Ted asked suspiciously of Harry.

"Well of course, how can I not know you; you're the boyfriend of the cousin of one of my best mates aren't you?" Harry asked cautiously. Truth was Harry wasn't quite sure of the timeline here, and Ted might not have been dating Andromeda at this point in time, but it was worth the gamble.

Ted shot Sirius a nasty glare and then said "Well, truth be told, we weren't planning on telling their family until after the marriage. But I see somehow Sirius found out."

'No, I just happen to know your daughter.' Harry thought, while Sirius affected his best innocent puppy look. Harry then said "I doubt you really have to go that far. Their family may be purebloods, but I highly doubt they would be able to effectively disown her over something as minor as her choice of romantic partners." Not to mention that I made that damned Tapestry immune to tampering.

"Maybe we will tell them. Now, would you mind telling me what wasn't good?" Ted asked again.

"I would rather not, at least not yet. What I am thinking will depend on what the Headmaster does next." Harry explained.

At about this point the ringing of a goblet got everyone's attention and Dumbledore resumed the podium.

"Well, it appears that Ravenclaw House is home to a Seer who is unconscious of her ability. We shall have to remedy that problem. As to the contents of the prophecy, let me assure you that the Ministry and the Wizengamot will make all efforts to comprehend the nature of said prophecy. But it seems to me that some of the elements of that prophecy would be rather difficult for any one individual to fulfill. As such I am going to have to say that it is unlikely that this prophecy pertains to any one individual at this time."

Harry held back a snicker at the fact that Dumbledore appeared to think it could not come true because he held one of the Deathly Hallows. As much as that man appears to use Time-Turners, he truly fails to comprehend time.

Harry wasn't the only one who appeared to be having a hard time controlling his emotions at Dumbledore's pronouncement. One of the first year girls at the Ravenclaw table was openly sniggering, though politely, at the Headmaster. Harry noticed at this moment that said first year girl was in fact the same girl who had winked at him back in the entry hall. Now he was confused, when had she gotten sorted?

"Now, let us eat." Dumbledore waved a hand at the tables and food appeared mysteriously. Harry knew perfectly well that the house-elves had used their magic to place it there. And unsurprisingly, Harry started wolfing food down like he hadn't eaten a day in his lifetime. What can one say? Time traveling over a thousand years tends to make the traveler hungry, and Harry hadn't eaten since he had arrived, over five hours ago.

After the meal, it turned out that it was Ted's job to lead the Gryffindors up to their common room. Harry however decided to skip that part of the journey at the earliest opportunity that presented itself. In this case the opportunity that presented itself was a particular secret passage just off of what would have been Moaning Myrtle's bathroom if Myrtle hadn't lived.

Once the other students were well on their way to Gryffindor Tower, Harry opened his knapsack and pulled out the Cloak of Invisibility. Oh sure, he could have used the Disillusionment Charm, but, better safe than sorry. He couldn't remember when exactly Argus Filch had started tending to the School, but he knew that the Squib would give anything to catch a first-year out of bed on the first day of school.

So it was that with invisibility cloak donned, and a silencing charm cast on his shoes, Harry made his way towards Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. He cautiously opened the door, realizing that this bathroom would very likely still be in operation at this point in time due to a significant lack of one particular permanent fixture; Harry carefully made his way into the bathroom. It wasn't like he had never seen a girl's body before; he just wasn't interested in seeing them go to the loo.

That said, it appeared that nobody was using this particular bathroom at this point in time, which was fortunate. Harry went up to the faucet and opened the chamber, and performed the spells which would give him entry to the chamber. He then removed the invisibility cloak and descended down into the Chamber. Once he was down there he made his way over to the Chamber proper, and discovered the entry already open. 'That isn't good.' He thought to himself.

Making his way inside he found a scene of absolute horror. The Chamber had been destroyed by fiendfyre. The great snake's skeleton lay strewn across the floor, and the statue that housed the Time Chamber was shattered.

"Well, I guess this explains why I am in my father's body… Apparently Voldemort did not take kindly to being told 'no' by Slytherin's Monster. Bolla, I am sorry my dear friend."

With that Harry returned to the exit of the Chamber and ascended the stairwell that would lead him to the Bathroom.

As soon as Harry arrived in the Bathroom, he was greeted by a scowling Minerva McGonagall. "Aww crap," Harry said in reflex.

"Crap indeed. Mr. Potter, if you would follow me, the Headmaster will wish to see you. Also I would appreciate it if you would seal the Chamber before we depart."

"Yes Ma'am." Harry responded and promptly closed the Chamber of Secrets behind him.

Minerva led Harry through the halls in absolute silence, though he could tell she thought he was in significant trouble, either she or a prefect had found the chamber open in that restroom. If it was a prefect this would be all over the school by tomorrow. If it was her, the best he could hope for is that it would remain silent until after an announcement by the Headmaster.

Shortly they were in front of the Gargoyle that led to the Headmasters Office and Minerva said "Nik-L-Nips."

To which Harry said "What really?" while trying to hold in a fit of laughing, he now had a renewed sense of appreciation at the Headmaster's sense of humor.

Minerva scowled down at Harry again not quite understanding why he was so amused. She led him up the stairs to the headmaster's door and knocked on it.

"Enter." The headmaster called out to them.

As they entered Harry had to look around, the room was much the same as it had always been on his visits. Though Fawkes was not molting as he had been when Harry had originally entered this room. It was then that Minerva spoke up "Headmaster, it was brought to my attention that someone had opened a strange passage behind the sink in the first floor girls bathroom by someone wishing to remain anonymous. When I went to investigate, I did some cursory spell examinations of the passage way, it turns out that this particular passage way only responds to those who speak a password in Parseltongue. I believe it to be the entryway to the Chamber of Secrets. Shortly after I concluded my spell examinations, Mr. Potter here emerged from the Chamber. When I asked him to close the Chamber, he didn't even hesitate, and he said something in what I assume to be Parseltongue causing the Chamber to seal itself up."

Harry collapsed into one of the two guest chairs realizing that there was no way getting around it now. By tomorrow half the school will think he is the Heir of Slytherin, cue Encore performance of his original second year all over again. It was at this particular moment that Harry felt the itching sensation that told him someone was trying to probe his mind, causing him to say "That is quite rude you know?"

To which the Headmaster gave a start and said "Forgive me Mr. Potter, but the actions you have taken tonight could very well have put the entire school at risk. I would feel much better if you were to lower your Occlumency Barriers so that I might discern what your intentions for the Chamber of Secrets were."

"And if I refuse?" this caused Minerva to gasp, and Dumbledore to sigh.

"If you refuse, I will be forced to call in the Aurors and ask them to administer Veritaserum." Dumbledore admitted.

Harry couldn't help himself from laughing, his response however was, "How about instead I open the Chamber up and let a squad of Aurors, or better yet, Unspeakables, have a crack at determining the Risks to leaving the Chamber open to the public?"

This caught Dumbledore off guard he looked questioningly at Minerva who said "Well, nothing came out of the Chamber other than Mr. Potter here as near as I have been able to determine."

"Of course nothing's come out. The Basilisk is dead, has been for nearly three decades at the least." Harry explained.

Minerva choked, "The what?"

"Basilisk, a big giant snake, how else did you think Slytherin controlled his monster? It's the only thing it logically could have been other than a Dragon, or a much much smaller snake. And I doubt even Slytherin would be crazy enough to try to tame a Dragon." Harry continued to explain.

"You mean to tell us, you went down into the Chamber of Secrets, knowing that there was a basilisk in it that could potentially kill every person in this school?" Dumbledore asked Harry.

"Did you forget the part where I am a Parselmouth myself, and therefore could control the snake if I so wanted to? Which I would have done, if only to prevent it from attacking myself and anyone I deem important enough for it not to kill, which basically includes each and every person in this school save for certain Slytherin's." Harry spat the last word with such venom that it brokered no disagreement.

Though Dumbledore, who believed in infinite second chances, was confused; "Why would you hold enmity towards the house of your Forefather Salazar?"

"Ah, Professor, I think that is where you are confused. I am not actually descended from Salazar Slytherin. I think you will find that my parents aren't actually Parselmouth's themselves. Meanwhile all of Salazar Slytherin's descendants are in fact Parselmouths. In fact my being a Parselmouth is actually something of an anomaly of sorts." Harry explained.

"So then you aren't actually Salazar's Heir?" Minerva asked.

"Not in the least bit. But I do know who is." Harry smiled smugly.

"Then would you be so kind as to inform us?" Dumbledore asked.

"No, not at this juncture, but I will inform you that tonight at the welcoming feast, one Rodolphus LeStrange left the feast so as to inform the Heir as to the prophecy. Or so I would assume. You can probably identify the Heir's followers by a black tattoo on one of the upper arms that looks like a skull eating a snake." Harry concluded.

Dumbledore sighed, he recognized that description. Minerva however was confused.

"So then Mr. Potter, you are aware of the so called Death-Eaters then? May we see your forearms please?" Dumbledore asked.

"Of course," Harry said, raising the sleeves on both of his arms, he was of course relieved to see absolutely no Dark Mark.

"Would you be willing to submit to a Wizarding Oath stating that everything you have said here tonight is in fact true? And that you would be willing to open the Chamber of Secrets for an Auror of my choosing to go down and examine?" Dumbledore asked.

To which Harry promptly took out his wand, and swore such an Oath. Dumbledore then looked at Minerva, "Would you please see to it that Mr. Potter makes his way back to his Dormitory. I fear that I have a very long night ahead of myself."

"Of course Headmaster," Minerva then directed Harry out of the Headmaster's office and back towards Gryffindor Tower.

Albus Dumbledore stood up, and walked over to the fireplace. Opening a silver jar on top of the fireplace he pulled out a small pinch of Floo Powder and tossed it into the Fireplace, "Alastor Moody's Office, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, British Department of Magic." With all that said, Dumbledore stuck his head into the now green fire.

In London, Alastor Moody spun in his chair when the fire in his fireplace suddenly turned green. He had just leveled a wand at the fireplace when Albus' face appeared in the Fireplace, "Oh it's you." He grumbled. Lowering his wand Moody walked over to the fireplace, he was not missing a leg as of yet, though he had apparently already lost his eye, he had yet to get a replacement as of yet.

"Alastor, some information regarding the Death-Eaters has come to my attention. I would appreciate it if you would make your way to Hogwarts at your earliest convenience." Dumbledore said through the flames.

"I can come now. Nothing much is going on." Moody said.

"Very good, please come via my own Floo Channels. And do not speak to anyone between the Ministry and here." Dumbledore commanded.


Dumbledore cut the connection, and Moody started making preparations to leave the office.

Meanwhile Minerva had just left Harry on the 7th Floor after having told him the Password to the Gryffindor Tower, 'canticum ignes.' Once inside he surveyed the Gryffindor common room. What he found was almost to a tee what he probably should have expected…

Sirius and Remus were of course off in a corner discussing how James was probably off somewhere pulling off some elaborate prank. The Prefects were huddled in a corner discussing something of import only to look up suddenly when Harry arrived, Ted, who was among them was deathly pale and looked like he wanted to murder Harry when he noticed the younger boy enter. The other Gryffindor students were for the most part trying to ignore the situation, luckily enough.

But, one little redheaded Gryffindor sitting all alone in a corner had a smug look on her face. 'Oh, this cannot be a good thing.' Harry thought to himself, as he cautiously made his way over to the corner that housed Sirius and Remus. "Do I want to know why Lily Evans looks so proud of herself over there?" Harry asked the two.

Sirius and Remus tentatively looked up at Harry and then looked back at each other, Remus cowered back a little bit causing Sirius to grimace and say "She was the one who ratted you out. Somehow she noticed you had gone missing from the procession up to the Tower, of course we had also noticed, but it's not like either of us had any reason to tell a prefect on you. She insisted on us three getting a Prefect to go and look for you, since you could 'be in such awful danger' all on your own and such. So we of course had to tell Ted that you were missing, she would have told him anyways. And what does Ted do, but call over the nearest prefect, to go and look for you. Guess she found you, huh?"

"In a manner of speaking I suppose, though I was technically found by Professor McGonagall. Though I have a feeling that by tomorrow morning rumors will have spread that claim I am in fact the Heir of Slytherin…"

"WHAT!" Sirius shouted, loud enough for everyone in the room to suddenly be staring at the three of them.

"Geez, could you have screamed any louder? I don't think the Slytherin's in their Dungeon heard you." Harry said, while wringing out his ear with his pinky finger. "Look, I said it was a rumor, I didn't say it was true, now did I?"

"No you didn't. Now if you please, what is the Heir of Slytherin exactly?" Remus asked.

It was however Sirius, not Harry who answered, "A Pureblood, who is descended directly from Salazar Slytherin himself. And who according to legend would be able to open the Chamber of Secrets, and control the monster within. So why, James, would there be a rumor about you being the Heir of Slytherin, when your family claims Lineage from Goderic Gryffindor?"

"Oh come on, there is about as much truth to my families claims to being the Heir of Gryffindor, as there is to just about anyone else claiming a direct line of descent from any of the other founders. In fact I only know of one person in the entire world who I could say without a shadow of a doubt is actually descended from one of the Founders, and I am fairly confident that it is not me." Harry explained.

"Then who is it? And which founder is he descended from?" Remus asked.

"You wouldn't want to know at the current time who he is. And he is in fact the actual Heir of Slytherin. The only reason that rumors will spread that I am an Heir of Slytherin is because due to some sort of magical anomaly, I am in fact a Parselmouth. Though I wasn't born a Parselmouth like the actual Heir of Slytherin, at least I don't think I was." Harry answered.

"No, you bloody hell weren't. We have been around loads of snakes, and you have never talked to them." Sirius said as loud as he could without speaking so that the whole room could hear him.

"I think it is best that we drop this now, and head to bed…" Harry said.

At this point Ted decided to interpose himself in the conversation "Oi, Potter."

"Yes Tonks?" Harry asked.

"Where did you get off to?" Ted asked.

"Well, I don't think that is any of your business, but now that you mention it, you and the other prefects have reminded me of a very important task that my two friends and I are probably going to need to start very soon if we are going to be able to truly enjoy our time here at Hogwarts. Afterall it would only be to the benefit of any truly levis student if we were to achieve said goal." Harry said in response to Ted's query, causing the Prefect to raise an eyebrow as he had not quite understood what Harry had just said. Which was understandable, most Hogwarts Students only knew enough Latin to successfully cast their spells. Only those who actually went on to study Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, or who had Muggle Parents in a Legal or Medical field actually took the time to learn the language with more than a passing interest.

"What do you mean?" Ted asked.

"Only that if we are to be able to truly enjoy the school, we must be fully cognizant of where everything actually is. Don't you agree?" Harry proposed to the Prefect.

"Er… somehow I feel like I am being duped, but yeah, I suppose that makes enough sense. Just make sure you don't go and get yourself lost again Potter." Ted responded to James.

"Aye, Aye Sir." Harry said affecting a mock salute.

"Right." And Ted wondered off none the wiser to Harry's plot.

"Whatever that was, that was bloody brilliant. Now explain." Sirius said.

"Oh, that's easy; we're going to make a map of the school that tells us where everyone in the school is at any given second." Harry answered.

"Oh." Said Sirius and Remus simultaneously, and with that the boys went up to bed.

Back in the Headmaster's Office, Alastor Moody, and Professor Dumbledore had just concluded discussing what it was that 'James' Potter had said in relation to the Death Eaters and the Heir of Slytherin.

"So then, ya reckon this means that we 'ave a new Dark Lord on the rise, do ya?" Alastor concluded.

"Between what young James said, and what I heard spoken at the opening feast, I think it is a very good possibility that this is indeed the case. Tell me Alastor, what do you know about the Deathly Hallows?" Dumbledore asked the Auror.

"Only that they're supposed to be fairy tales, why do ya ask?"

"Oh, I assure you, they are not fairy tales. It is said that he who can master all three will become the master of death. I possess one of them. I do not know who possesses the other two. But tonight I fear events have been set in motion that will cause this new Dark Lord to search out these Deathly Hallows, if only to protect himself," Dumbledore explained while moving over to his pensieve and extracting a memory from his mind to place within it.

"Why do ya think that? Moody asked the headmaster, eyeing him cautiously.

"Because this evening a prophecy was spoken, one which named an individual who was master of death as the only one who would be capable of stopping the darkness," the Headmaster explained as he stirred the memory.

"What exactly did this prophecy say, word for word, Albus?"

"He has come, and he will court fate. He has mastered death. He alone has the power to defeat the darkness." Dumbledore repeated the words of Sybil.

"No, I do not think we 'ave to worry 'bout the Dark Lord seeking out these Hallows of yours. Or at least if he does, it won't matter. That prophecy spoke 'bout the person who has the power to defeat the darkness as having mastered death, past-tense. He will not master death at some point in the future. He's already done it."

Dumbledore started, and looked at Alastor inquisitively, he then said "The only time in history when all three hallows were in the same vicinity as each other, was when they were created. Or so the legends are told. That would mean that the only person who could have mastered death, is one of the three Peverell Brothers… or if the Legends are to be believed, Death himself."

"Aye, it'd be Death then I'd wager. Who better to court fate, than the master of fate himself? But that does raise the question, why did the Prophecy state that 'he has come?'" Alastor asked.

"Those were my thoughts as well. I have to admit, if Death has come to this school, then I am afraid for the students within this school for the first time in twenty-eight years." The Headmaster slumped back into his high-backed Oak Chair.

"Aye, ya had mentioned something about the Chamber of Secrets when we were first discussing what that Lad had spoken to ya about? What was that about?" Alastor inquired.

"As I told you, young James was apprehended in a girl's bathroom. He was then promptly brought to my office, ostensibly for punishment. And that would have indeed been his fate, if his explanation of the current tensions our government is facing, and his own counteroffer to his punishment hadn't of caught my interest. You have already of course heard his explanation of the current tensions, now for the counteroffer. Young James is apparently a parselmouth caused by some unexplained anomaly or rather. He claims not to be related to Slytherin. I would ask that you look into the genealogical background of the Potters non-the-less, as it would prove beneficial to know who they are related to and who they aren't. However, he has freely admitted to opening the Chamber of Secrets knowing full well that Salazar Slytherin had placed a basilisk within."

"Ah, yeah, that makes sense, now that I think 'bout it." Alastor agreed.

"What he claimed though was that the Basilisk had been dead for at least a couple decades, I would surmise since at least the time of the tremors that were felt throughout the school twenty-eight years go. I think this because the way that James describes the Chamber is that it looked as though it had been destroyed by Fiendfyre. And to my knowledge, only Fiendfyre would be powerful enough to damage the foundations of Hogwarts. I hope that whatever damage that spellfire caused is not serious, because if it were, then the school itself may be in danger."

"Aye, the entire school could collapse under its own weight if the foundations were damaged. That would be disastrous." Alastor agreed.

"And that brings us to James' counteroffer. He is willing to open the Chamber and allow one Auror of my choosing entry into the Chamber, to among other things, assess the extent of the damage, and determine if anything dangerous to the students remains down there." Albus said with a charming smile.

"I'm guessing you're choosing me?" Alastor asked.

"How did you ever guess? But yes, would you consent to staying the night, and then escorting young Mister Potter down into the chamber tomorrow? He will of course be excused from classes." Dumbledore inquired from the younger Auror.

"Yah, alright, but ya owe me!" Alastor grumbled as he got up and made his way out of the office and towards the Castle's guestrooms.

Meanwhile up at the very top of Ravenclaw Tower, out on what amounted to an observatory deck, sat a young girl whose hair was constantly shifting colors as her thoughts wandered. Her eyes too were also shifting colors, though those eyes most commonly could be found in the shade of a luminescent green.

She was in fact a metamorphmagus, and like many metamorphmagi, she could change her appearance to suit her desires. Unlike most metamorphmagi, she did not have any one form that she truly preferred. She preferred to not stand out in crowds, almost to the point that her desire to not stand out in crowds made her stand out all the more.

This of course was going to cause a problem for her, as one of her jobs at this school was to learn how to go unobserved by ordinary folk, both magical and nonmagical. And so far she had not been doing such a good job at it, because the one person she was told not to let notice her, had of course been the one person she wanted to notice her the most. It was so frustrating.

So here she was, listening to the Stars, because quite honestly, they were the only ones who really understood her dilemma. How to go noticed but unnoticed at the same time. She really was in a pickle. Oh if only Fate wasn't so cruel. Now there was a funny thought, Fate. As if, Fate was a cruel and harsh Lady and there was no back talk where she was concerned. The only thing a person could do was to listen to her whims and accept them. Or was it?

Closing Authors Notes: Because Qoheleth decided to bring it up, I thought I should inform those who are not aware of the fact. The oldest known device to have a geared mechanism is known by modern historians and archeologists as the Antikythera Mechanism. It dates to around 100 B.C. and as such is much older than the alleged birth of the Modern Clock. The circa 1300's date for the invention of geared-clocks that Qoheleth mentions, is actually the date that the Western World rediscovered the technology of geared-mechanisms, not the date of their original invention.

Ladysavay, I request you give this story some time. Things may not be as they appeared at first in the original printing of the first chapters. This is first and foremost a Time Travel fic. Yes Harry is in the body of James Potter, but the very fact that Harry is in the drivers seat changes destiny to a certain extent.

I'MNOTCRAZY1, there are in fact several theories regarding time travel. Not all of them agree on what happens when a person travels back in time. In fact some claim that grandfather paradoxes are impossible because the time stream will course correct itself in such a way as to prevent such a paradox from happening in the first place.

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