There were decisions that would never be easy- Miranda had long since accepted that. She had faced decisions before- when she had kidnapped her sister, when she brought Shepard back- feeding one egotistical man's god-complex-, and more than a few other times.

Previously, she wouldn't have lost an ounce of sleep over her decisions. She was raised in a way that allowed her to shrug off things before the proverbial ink was even dry. That had been her way of dealing before.

Before what? Before Commander Katherine Morgana Shepard, of course.

Not even that, necessarily. Even after they had retrieved Shepard, she had been like that. No, this was after Shepard was on her feet and saving the galaxy for the second time.

On her feet and changing people for the better.

Miranda had watched as she soothed the savage beast of Jack, dispersed the anger from Garrus, softened Zaeed, instilled a sense of strong morality in Mordin, and had Grunt (or, as Shepard liked to call him: her little baby Krogan) wrapped around her little finger from the moment she birthed him.

Miranda couldn't quite place when the Commander had managed to get a toe into Miranda's resolve, but she had been able to and that left Miranda questioning all of her previous decisions. Somehow, that damn woman had managed to pry open her resolve and let her see the demons and skeletons that had always been in front of her.

The one decision that weighed most heavily on her mind was considered no less immoral than reconstructing and resurrecting a woman.

Mirror was something that needed to be resolved and there was only one person who Miranda could trust to take care of it.

Staring down at the files she had loaded up to a datapad, she felt an unfamiliar ping of unease.

Part of her wanted to keep her clouded view of Cerberus intact- believe all of the lies that the Illusive Man told.

Hence, the predicament that she found herself in.

At the time, it had seemed understandable- even acceptable.

But, somehow, Shepard had managed to instill a sense of her own paragon morality into Miranda (and the rest of the misfits aboard the Normandy) and Miranda realized how truly wrong what she had helped do was.

She wished that she could hate Shepard for what she had done to Miranda, but she couldn't. So, instead, she stood and went to find Shepard.