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"Bells, honestly, if you don't hold still and let me finish your make-up; you are going to end up looking like a raccoon!" Rose all but shouts at me as I nervously fidget in the make-up chair set up in the suite of the hotel where the wedding is being held.

"Sorry, sorry."

"Don't apologize, just sit still and relax. It's your wedding day. The planner is taking care of everything. No paps will be getting in. Security is tight, the caterers are setting up and prepping as we speak. The DJ and band are setting up, the flowers are already here waiting to be placed in your hand, and the groom is happily right next door sipping some whiskey with his friends. There is nothing to worry about," Rose assures me.

"I know, I know. It's just, I didn't sleep well last night. We haven't slept apart since the Olympics, and that was over a year ago." I close my eyes as she begins to attach my lashes.

"I know, Bells. But seriously, he is right next door. Just one more hour. You can do this."

As she finishes attaching my left set of lashes my phone pings at me.

I slept for utter shit last night! And if these fuckers tell me to calm down one more time there will be no groomsmen in the bridal party. ~Chord

I can't help the laugh that escapes me. Rose looks at me with a curious look on her face. I show her my text message and she laughs with me. "I swear you two are like magnets. You move, he moves. He moves, you move. You two are going to live a long and happy life and end up as that old couple on the news who passes away days apart because you just can't live without each other."

I smile at her as I type out my response.

Apparently if I don't calm down, I will have raccoon eyes and lop-sided eye lashes … according to Rose! ~Blade

I cradle my phone in my lap as I close my eyes while Rose continues with my lashes.

Raccoon-eyed or not, you will still take my breath away, Blade. ~Chord

I can't help the smile that forms.

I already wore raccoon eyes for you. Don't you remember … Coachella? ~Blade

I relax down into the chair as Rose begins to take the rollers out of my hair. This is my favorite part of my beautification routine. I love having my hair played with and done. Rose knows this as she runs her fingertips over my scalp with each roller she removes. I look down at my phone as it pings again.

How could I forget? The second night … the rainstorm … your soaked through white tank top … your beautiful long brown hair soaked with your sagging flower crown framing you like an angel. ~Chord

I smile and close my eyes as the memory of that night comes floating back to me.

I walked closely to Chord as our friends surrounded us as we made our way deeper into the festival grounds. Coachella 2013, my first time at this type of event. I'd been to concerts before, but never like this. I took notice of our friends as they formed a human shield around us as we made our way closer to the stage. His long legs put him a half step in front of me. I felt him grab my wrist and softly pull my hand into his. "Don't let go of me." Five simple words had my heart fluttering like crazy.

I glanced up at him through my eyelashes and smiled as he pulled me to his side, keeping me tucked into him. "Aww, you have matching shoes!" I heard a pap yell to us as he continued to snap shot after shot of us walking. I looked down to my pink Chucks and Blade's classic black ones. I smiled, looking at hist-shirt and loose fitting jeans that hang off his hips to my very short cut off jean shorts and white tank top with ruffles at the waist. My look was finished off with a crown of white, pink, yellow and green flowers Alice gave me on the drive there. My girly to his 'I-don't-give-a-shit' rocker look.

After we weaved in and out of the crowd and stopped to pose for a photo here and there, we finally made it to a secured location for us to watch and dance.

The day flew by as we talked and laughed with our friends. We listened to some amazing music I've never heard to before. A new artist had just taken the stage at dusk and the beat of her music had me entranced. I stood up and swayed to the beat as I felt the first few drops of rain hit my skin. I looked up, welcoming the cool water to cut some of the heat of the day.

"Bella, get back here, you're going to get soaked!" I heard Rose yell from under the awning our group had been standing under.

"It's just a little sweet water, Rose! I'm not going to melt!" I yelled to her as I raised my hand above my head and continued to sway to the beat of Royals by Lorde.

My friends and I—we've cracked the code.
We count our dollars on the train to the party.
And everyone who knows us knows that we're fine with this,
We didn't come for money.

I suddenly felt strong arms around my waist pulling me back to a hard chest. His chest. I ground my ass into him, feeling his arousal in my back. The rhythm had taken him over as well as we rocked and ground to the music pumping into the dusky night.

But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom.
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,
We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash
We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair

The heavens really opened up and showered us with sweet, cold rain. His wet hand pushed my soaking hair to the side so that he could lay kisses along my neck. Softly I sang the lyrics to him as he kissed his way to the sweet spot near my ear.

And we'll never be royals (royals).
It don't run in our blood,
That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz.
Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
Let me live that fantasy.

"My queen," Chord said huskily into my ear as we rocked together. The feeling of his arms as they circled my waist; his hands on my stomach as he bunched up my shirt in the front. "When we get home, I'm going to fuck you so hard. I fucking wish that I could slip my fingers into your shorts and feel how wet that tight little pussy is for me," he whispered in my ear as Lorde continued to sing.

"What the hell are you thinking about that has you so worked up?" Rose asks as she braids and twists my hair.

"Coachella." Is my simple answer.

"Fuck! I think we all got turned on by that little dance display you two put on for us." I can feel my blush creeping up into my cheeks. "Okay, I'm going to go get Alice to help me get your dress on and then we get this show on the road," Rose says, before walking out the bedroom to find Alice.

Twenty minutes until I meet you at the altar. I love you. ~Blade

Twenty minutes too long, Blade. I need to feel you now. Sleeping without you in my arms is something I don't want to do often. ~Chord

Trust me, I didn't sleep much better. I promise, after last night, we will never be apart again. Wherever you go, I go. ~Blade

Vise versa baby, wherever you go, I go too! ~Chord

"Put the damn phone down, you will see him soon enough. We have to get you in this dress," Alice half yells, half laughs as she comes into the room holding my dress on the hanger, fresh from being steamed in the other room.

"Yes, ma'am!" I laugh as I reply to Chord.

The Pixie boss just told me I can't talk anymore, I need to get into my dress. ~Blade

I can't wait to see you! ~Chord

I'll be the one in white walking towards you. ~Blade

Fuck! I can't wait. ~Chord

I set my phone down on the vanity and walk over to Alice, slipping my robe off as I make my way to her. My corset bra and white panties are highlighted with royal blue ribbons, matching the crinoline under my knee length dress. I opted to wear a short dress that Alice designed for me. The dress is ivory chiffon with ivory appliqués starting at the top of my breast and cascading down to my hip bones. It is finished with an ivory ribbon belt. She made me a matching bolero-style shrug that just covers my shoulders. But my favorite part is the royal blue crinoline that shows every time I walk. Everything is finished off with ivory Louis Vuitton peep-toed heels. I decided that I didn't want a veil.

I look in the mirror as Alice slides the lint roller over me one more time. I'm so happy with how everything is coming together. Rose hands me my bouquet of Lilies of the Valley dotted with forget-me-nots.

Taking a deep breath, I follow the girls out to the living room of the suite we are in and I see my father standing there fussing with his boutonniere. He glances up at me and I can't help the huge smile I have on my face.

"I know, I look hot," he says with a laugh as he makes his way to me. "Oh Bells you are simply beautiful."

I feel my lip begin to tremble. "Hey now, none of that," he warns me as he cups my chin. "Your lip did the same thing the day your mom and I left you with your teacher for your first day of school. And just like I told you then, I'm always going to be here for you. You just call, and I'll be right there for you."

As his words come out I can't help but to throw my arms around his neck, just like I did when I was five years old. "I love you, Daddy!" I say, holding back my tears as best as I can.

"It's time," Alice announces as she and Rose stand near the door in their royal blue bridesmaids dresses holding their bouquets.

My father and I turn and walk out the door to my future.

_C & B_

Standing outside the double doors waiting to make my entrance, I grip my father's hand. It seems as though Rose and Alice's entrance is taking forever. I just want to see him. To see my Chord.

"Show time, Bells," my father whispers into my ear. Suddenly the double doors are opened, my eyes look up to the altar and I release a breath I feel as though I have been holding forever.

There he is standing at the end of the aisle in his fitted pinstriped suit. I take a deep breath and let my father guide me down the aisle. With each step I take, I see his smile get bigger and bigger, most likely matching my own. The congregation around us seems to disappear and the only two people in the room are my Chord and I. When I reach him, he takes my hand in his and begins rubbing circles into my palm. I feel my father gently kiss my cheek and tell me he loves me.

We turn and face the minister and listen as he begins his monologue on love and how we will now have a lifelong confidant, partner and best friend in each other. I can't pay attention to anyone but Chord and his green eyes as they stare back at me with such intensity.

I am drawn out of my Chord daze when the minister announces that we will be saying our own vows. Chord looks me in the eye when he begins speaking.

"For a lot of years I numbed myself with vices and bad choices to take away the pain in my chest that I could never shake. I never knew what that pain was, until I met you. It was loneliness. For so long, I was surrounded by people telling me how great I was, how important I was, giving me everything I asked for, treating me like a king. All I really wanted was someone I could hold onto. Someone I could share my thoughts with, share my fears with, share my dreams with. I found all that in you. I thank whoever sent that breeze toward Hunter that day we were out walking that caused him to run to you." I throw my head back, laughing at the memory. "You took my breath away. You make me complete ... finally. I don't need things to make me feel numb. You are my vice of choice from now until eternity. I promise to love you every day of forever, Bella Swan, to take the good days and the bad days, to take the healthy and the sick days and to hold you the same if we are rich or if we are poor. I'm a selfish man, and I take it all."

I take in a shaky breath at his amazing declaration. "I met you at the lowest point in my life. I had just come off what I felt was my biggest disappointment. I was sitting under a shade tree at a charity event eating by myself because I just couldn't take another sad look from a fan or the press. Suddenly this loud voice boomed through the air and all I saw was a mass of fur as it was jumping into my lap and stealing my cheeseburger!" Chord throws his head back, laughing. "I looked up and there standing before me was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on. I instantly knew who you were, but what shocked me was that you knew who I was. Without even knowing me, you made me feel as though not winning a medal wasn't a disappointment. It was an honor to just be in the games, to represent my country. It was in that moment that I was trying to figure out how to keep you in my life, even if it was just as a friend. Every time I fell, you told me to get back up. Every time I took a step towards my goal, you cheered me on and told me to keep going harder. You reminded me that the past is the past, that I had to let it go and move forward. What you maybe didn't know was that with each step I took towards my lifelong dream, I also took a step towards our future, our forever. Each encouragement, each time you talked me down from the ledge, you helped weave this unbreakable bond that connects us. You Chord, make me whole. I promise to love you everyday of forever, Edward Masen, to take the good days, and the bad days, to take the healthy and the sick days and to hold you the same if we are rich or if we are poor. It's a good thing you are selfish too, because so am I, and I take it all right along with you."

As we exchange our rings, Chord and I keep staring at each other, locked in our own world. Finally the minister says, "I now pronounce you man and wife. Edward Masen, you may now kiss your bride." I feel Chord's hands cup my face, drawing me close to him. Our lips meet in a scorching, yet chaste kiss.

As we pull apart, our foreheads rest against each other. "I love you Mrs. Masen," Chord whispers to me.

"I love you too, Mr. Masen."

His classic smirk forms on his face and suddenly he dips me back and lays a deep kiss on me. I hear cheers and whistles all around us.

_C & B_

Our reception is wonderful and the food is amazing. Chord and I sit at the bridal party table surrounded by Rose and Alice, as well as Chord's brothers Peter and Seth. Chord has the steak while I eat the chicken and we share our meals with each other, earning 'aww's' and whistles throughout the meal.

We endure the embarrassing speech by Seth and the tear-jerking one by Rose. Finally, it's time for our first dance. As we make our way to the dance floor, Chord stops at the mic stand and grabs the mic.

"I had no idea what to get my beautiful bride as a gift tonight, so I thought outside the box a little bit. So Blade, I called in a favor from a friend."

He replaces the mic and walks to me at the center of the dance floor. He wraps his left arm around my waist and takes my right hand in his as he pulls it to his chest. The opening chords of If I Knew by Bruno Mars begins playing. As the lyrics start I look up to see Bruno Mars himself singing into the mic. Chord knows I love his music. I fan girl a little bit and do a little jumping in Chord's arms before I look into his eyes and let the music wash over us as we dance our first dance as husband and wife.

Oh, oh, oh I, I was a city boy
Riding to danger's where I'd always run a boy who had his fun
But I wouldn't've done
All the things that I have done
If I knew one day you'd come

Now baby, now baby, now baby, now baby
Oh, oh, oh, I, I know it breaks your heart
To picture the only one you wanna love
In someone else's arms
But I wouldn't have done
All the things that I have done
If I knew one day you'd come

Now, baby, now, baby, now, baby
Oh, baby, please
Let's leave the past behind us, behind us
So that we can go where love will find us
Yeah, will find us

I know most girls would leave me
But I know that you believe me

Baby, I, I wish we were seventeen
So I could give you all the innocence
That you give to me
No, I wouldn't have done
All the things that I've done
If I knew one day you'd come
If I knew one day you'd come

We end the song with another dip and a passionate kiss. I blow a kiss to Bruno, earning a playful growl from Chord.

Rose walks over and hands me the mic. "Well, how am I going to top that?" I playfully ask. "If I could have my husband follow me please," I say before handing the mic back to Rose. I grab Chord's hand and lead him out of the banquet room and out towards the front of the hotel.

Waiting for us is his gift from me. A Harley-Davidson FLHTCUSE8 – CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide. I had it custom painted in his favorite color, royal blue.

"You are fucking kidding me!" He yells as he drops my hand and makes his way to the bike. He takes note of the two helmets on the back of the bike and smiles over at me. "You're gonna ride with me?"

"That's the plan. Our honeymoon, it's you and me, this bike and wherever it takes us. The back is packed with a few clothes and everything we need."

"Fuck! I love you, Blade," he says before we sweeps me off my feet and twirls me around. "I'm sorry to cut this party short, but my wife and I are hitting the road. Please, stay. Eat, drink and have fun. My wife and I are out," he says, as he pulls me towards the bike.

I laugh as we put on our helmets. He helps me onto the back of the bike before he takes his place. He starts her up and I hear him groan through the intercom system in our helmets. "At some point on this trip, I'm gonna fuck you on this bike," he says as we pull away from the hotel and onto the road..

"That was the new dream, Mr. Masen."

"Well, I am all about making your dreams come true, Mrs. Masen."

"Yes you are, Chord. Yes, you are." I have never been happier than I am riding off into the sunset with my forever.

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