This the first time I've posted up fanfiction in more than a year! I am a very awful person. I will push myself to write more now that I've started college because it helps me unwind. I love Snk! I'm a huge fan, and love RivaMika. I blame tumblr! I blame it all on those wonderful oneshots that they write on that website! They had this prompt that I wanted to try writing. It goes as follows:

"Imagine Mikasa finding a stray animal (cat, dog, rabbit,…) and growing attached to it and Rivaille getting jealous of the attention she gives it."

Chronological Order of Events So Far:

- The Emotion of Family

- Moving Forward

- Be My Valentine

- Empty Gazes

- Start of Something New

- Closeted Skeletons

- You Think This Is A Game, Solider?!

- Armin's Regret

- Game Night Prank

Pairing: Levi/Mikasa

Rating: T (for language)

Setting: Modern Day AU

Living Together: Empty Gazes

A Shingeki no Kyojin Fanfiction

The rain was pelting hard against the cold concrete ground. Mikasa left her umbrella at home as she walked by herself getting soaked to the bone. The college books inside her side bag began to dampen from the humidity, but even so she walked aimlessly down the street.

She felt lost; unable to decide what she wanted for a major. What she wanted as a career. What she wanted in life. She had just been taking different classes and talking to college councilors. Levi had told her that it was okay if she didn't know. However it's not the case of not deciding or frustration of having yet not decided—the thing was, all of her life, she had always done what others wanted. However, when it came to choosing something for herself, of her own desire, she would arrive to a blank slate.

That would mean she didn't have a personality right? Or that she really lived depending on others emotionally? As much as Levi may insist the opposite, the thought came to her time and time again.


"Hm?" Mikasa halted.


She looked more and saw there was a small ally way sandwiched in between a grocery store and a second hand thrift shop. Mikasa stepped and stuck her head in and saw a small kitten sitting alone in a cardboard box.

It was tiny, all black with white paws and underbelly. It looked up at her meowing once more imagining that she was another person who was going to leave him something to eat.

The rain continued to pelt making a repetitive sound as it hit the ground.

Mikasa's dark eyes gazed intently at it as the yellow eyes stared back.


Levi sat in the kitchen with a large rectangular bucket filled with tarnished silverware. He wore blue nitrile gloves and plucked each sliver utensil to wipe with a cellulose sponge cloth, wet with polish liquid. It was silent with nothing but the ticking of the clock and the pounding rain on the outside of the house.

It's getting late and Mikasa still wasn't back from her class. He tried not to worry about it and engross himself with the current task. But a day so murky and rainy brought his thoughts back.

A house fire one year ago.

Mikasa, a survivor, had lost her only family there. While still living in a shelter, she had stood every day in front of the burnt building. She stood there one particular rainy day for hours.

The same day that Levi had missed the bus and happened to walk past.

The sight of such an empty gaze gripped him.

And there from that moment, he took her into his home. Something completely outside of his character to do. Now it was just about a year since it happened. He had pushed her to enter college. Gave her discipline. He came down to worry about even the simplest things when concerning her; in his own way of course.

He dropped the polished spoon he held in another pail filled with water and went to pick up the next utensil.

"Good for nothing girl... what's taking her so long?" he muttered, as he rubbed the spoon tactfully with the cloth. The dull silence of the house around him pressed on for a good ten minutes more.

Then the sound of a jiggling lock was heard. Levi immediately put down the silverware and paced towards the entrance. He unlocked the top latch and the knob's lock and swung open the door—the tip of his tongue ready to deliver one of his usual condescending comments.

There Mikasa stood, her clothes drenched in rainwater, stuck to her skin. A tiny wet cat meowing her arms. Her listless eyes looked up.

"Can I keep him?"

Levi's jaw clenched. His mouth ready to open with refusal.

But then her eyes did this thing; where it just glimmered for a second. That look she gave him as if humanity itself depended on his response.



She softly smiled, her face glowing gently in that moment. His face rose in a hidden blush as he sucked his teeth.

"But there will be rules. For now, keep him in the garage, I don't want him pissin' or taking shits in the house. I'll ask around and see who interested in a cat."

Mikasa was petting the damp head of the feline when she froze at Levi's last words, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, we're only holding on to him until it gets a proper home. There is no way I'm keeping pets in this house. Not only do they smell, but they make things harder to stay clean..."

Her eyebrows furrowed as she wrapped her arms more protectively around the kitten.


Levi looked away avoiding her disapproving gaze, "My words are final. Stay there, and take off your shoes. I'll get you a towel. You'll get the floor wet."

Moments later when he arrived he found that Mikasa was sitting in the living room with nothing but her underwear on. Her wet clothes and side bag was gathered up in a heap by the door, wet footprints trailing on the immaculate hardwood floors leading to where she sat. The kitten curled up in a tiny ball on her naked lap.

Levi arrived to this scene with towel in one hand and a small laundry basket in another. Very slowly, he felt his face heat up. He opened his mouth to speak but he then closed them shut as he admired her.

Pale slender legs, an athletic build from gymnastics she took in the college. His chest felt tight and he had to wrestle with his thoughts.

Now are you going to deny that you have feelings for her? His mind told him. Should I keep fighting this? It seems pointless, she's nineteen. But still, would she even look upon an older... wait what? Are you even daring yourself to have inferior thoughts like this? You sound like a high schooler! If you like her—you tell her!

The towel landed on Mikasa's face.

"Didn't I tell you to wait?!" he hissed, "You have water all over the wood floor. If it settles for too long it might damage it!" He walked over to the pile of wet clothes and picked up to put it in the plastic basket he held, "Why didn't you take an umbrella?! Don't come to me when you get sick. I'm not your mother to take care of you."

"I know that."

Levi straightened himself up after he finished picking up her things and looked at her.

Mikasa's face was dead serious, "I know very well that you are not my family. I don't expect you to treat me like one," She stood up huddling the kitten close to her, "...and I didn't know it was going to rain..."

Levi watched her walk up the stairs to her room.

He felt like he just kicked himself in the stomach.

"Fuckin shit..." he quietly muttered.

Mikasa was in her room. After changing into new set of clothes, she settled the dry kitten on her bed and lying on the mattress next to it, she quietly watched the creature with a gentle smile.

"I don't care what Levi says... you're not going to the garage or to anybody else. I'm going to take care of you, okay?" Mikasa reached out and scratched the kitten under its chin, "I'll be your new family. We're both alone, so it's better for us to stick together..."


Mikasa smiled again. The kitten started to lick its paw and clean itself a bit. She watched as it continued to use its tongue to clean the rest of his small body. That suddenly hit Mikasa with a thought. She slipped out of bed and left her room, leaving the kitten on the bedsheets. She entered Levi's room and picked up his laptop that he usually left on his desk and returned to her room.

She had a user account that Levi set up until got Mikasa her own. There was also a PC in the study downstairs but it was pretty old. Mikasa turned it on and got on the internet. While the kitten crawled around her bed sheets Mikasa started looking up "why do cats lick themselves?"

The search engine popped up with different articles on cat behavior. She clicked on the first link she saw and started to read. She was surprised to learn how meticulously clean felines are. She looked over at the kitten that was pouncing on a large wrinkle on her quilted blanket.

Mikasa closed the laptop and reached for the kitten and took it into her arms.

"So you don't like being smelly, huh?" she cooed as she petted the feline's small head. Now that I look at you, you do resemble him in some way..." she tried to nuzzle her nose in his neck but the kitten wriggled and scratched her face—swinging its paw across her cheek for a chance to escape the snuggle.

It was a small surface scratch but still left a mark. She saw the kitten nimbly jump off the bed and run out the room. She was calm as she stood up and followed it. Stepping out into the hallway, Mikasa saw the feline at the end of the hall at the top of the steps. It sat upright and looked at her. Its golden eyes gazed at her. Mikasa eyes widened as she silently gasped.

It started going down the stairs and Mikasa walked to the top of the stairs and watched it descend. Apparently it wasn't used to doing such a task and mid-way it started tumbling meowing desperately in shock. It was comical enough to make Mikasa chuckle.

She wondered if was okay and began to step down a couple of steps. She saw that it landed on its feet at end of the staircase. It straightened itself as if regaining its sense of dignity and slowly walked away as if nothing had ever happen.

Mikasa chuckled.

Yeah he's very much like him.

The kitten being in an open space started darting across the living room. It ran underneath a sofa but Mikasa wasn't sure which.

"It better not be running around the house!" Mikasa heard the voice echo from the kitchen.

She calmly paced there, and saw Levi still cleaning, polishing the last of the silverware. He didn't look up when she entered, continuing his task. Dropping a serving plate into the pail of clean water, he raised his attention to her and noticed the scratch on Mikasa's face.

Mikasa stared at him and he stared back.


"You should disinfect that. There's ointment in the first aid kit in the bathroom cabinet."

She reached and touched her cheek.

"It's noticeable from here," he commented again, "Don't get too cuddly with that thing. It probably needs its shots. And god knows what other fuckin diseases it carries." Levi mumbled as he picked up a butter knife.

Mikasa watched him, and then walked up to him while Levi was still sitting in his chair polishing and hugged him. Levi stiffened. Her arms embraced his body from the side, her left arm going around the front of his chest and neck while the right wrapped around from behind his back. He felt her breath tickling his temple—the tip of her nose touching his skin.

Levi's own heart raced in his chest. He didn't know how he should react—he was confused on why she was even doing this. His mind spun in thoughts, trying to fight the urge of not making this such a big deal.

He used his elbow and then shoved her abruptly with his shoulder.

"What's gotten into you?" Levi blurted, "Go and tend to that scratch. Do it now," he hissed.

She smiled and walked off.

When she exited the kitchen Levi reached and touched the right side of his temple where he had felt her breath and the side of her face in the embrace.

It was after sundown and it continued to rain. Levi was wrapped in his bed robe that covered his exposed chest and underwear as he knocked on Mikasa's door.

"Oi! Open up, I know you have my laptop. Hand it over."

"I'm not done with it," called the voice from the other side.

"Don't push me. I have no problem in knocking down this door. It's not like I haven't done it before."

In moments, Mikasa unlocked the door, her dark eyes looked into his for a moment as she quietly passed him the laptop. He took it into his hands and quickly examined it.

"The charger." he pressed.

She turned and walked in to get it. While Mikasa did so, the kitten slipped out from the opening of the door and walked around Levi's ankles. She came back afterward with the charger in hand, and before passing it to him, she noted the kitten's presence at Levi's feet. It looked up with its golden eyes.

Levi followed her gaze for a moment and looked at the cat and looked back up at her.

"Oh," she said as she realized her distraction. She passed him the charger that was bundled up in a disorderly manner. He sighed. Levi then used his foot to shoo the feline back into Mikasa's room.

"I named it," said Mikasa with a small confident smile.

"Good for you, just make sure you keep it in the room during the—,"

"I named it Revi,"

Levi paused. He had a hard time registering, "What?"

"Revi, sounds like Levi but I changed one letter," Mikasa explained.

Levi furrowed his eyebrows a bit, as he found it confusing that she would name the cat after him, "Why? You could of called it Muffin or Furball—I donno. Why the fuck is he named that, is it after me? You named that thing after me?"

"Yes," Mikasa said with her plain look, "He reminds me a lot of you. Goodnight."

Levi had the door shut in his face.

He had this bewildered look.

….wait... What? I remind her of a cat?!

About two months had passed since Mikasa came home with Revi that one rainy afternoon. Their regular routine had changed with the new addition. Purchasing cat food, toys and supplies, trips to the vet and the occasional mischief seem to only serve to make Levi suffer.

But what would bother Levi the most was the utmost attention that Mikasa would give to the cat. It was almost as if she treated it like a person. Whenever she came home, she would call for it and greet it warmly, bringing home small snacks and treats. Cuddle with it, and even expressing herself to the feline whenever she felt troubled. Revi grew to love Mikasa in return, running towards her when it would hear the footsteps on the front porch; meowing incessantly when she would be gone later than usual. So much so, that Levi began to throw shoes and articles close to him when it would start with its annoyance.

"I'm home," called Mikasa one day when she walked through the door. It was a chilly autumn afternoon as she dropped her things at the doorway, "Revi! Revi..."

Levi walked into room, "Welcome. What do you need?"

"No, I wasn't calling you, I was calling my cat."

"Tch, donno why the hell you decided to name that thing after me..." he turned to return to the kitchen. He wore his usual apron and was the mist of cooking dinner.

Mikasa walked away towards the foot of the steps. Before Levi entered the kitchen he stopped and watched her from the distance from where he stood. His hand gripped the door frame of the kitchen entrance.

"Leave that damn cat alone, and help me with dinner," he hissed, "I saw it leave the house an hour ago."

Mikasa paced up to Levi, "I told you not let Revi out of the house!" Mikasa cried.

Levi's sharp eyes grilled her own, "I have a job, a life, and unfortunately people that depend on me. I'm not your cat-sitter. Besides I'd be fed up too, if I had to be locked in this place constantly harnessed by you."

Mikasa pressed her lips and furrowed her brows, "I hope you die alone in the darkness in absolute misery," with that she paced back up the stairs.

Levi stood there for a moment before walking towards the kitchen counter to resume cutting the head of lettuce. He cut it in half.

Why did I say that? Levi thought. Che, truth is, I'm aching for her to give me the attention she puts on that stupid shitty cat.


He began to thinly slice the lettuce while holding it together over the top.

How is it, that in just a period of two months, that thing has been able to achieve more intimacy than I have with living with her for almost two years?! Stupid fuckin shitty cat.

Levi started to dice the lettuce, something he hadn't planned to do but was proceeding with unconsciously. His mind continued to run with thoughts like a runaway train.

Piece of shit is probably calmly wandering around in a dirty ass neighborhood fuckin random cats, fucking shitty piece of shit. When I see that asshole slip through my back kitchen door with its fucking germ infested paws pacing on my immaculate floor, I will grab that little shit by the throat, chop it up and serve it to homeless under the fuckin bridge. Just wait, just wait till I see that little mother-fuckin piece of—


Levi stopped startled, and noticed that the lettuce he was dicing start starting to look like mush from the excessive amount of chopping. He put down the knife and looked down at the cat who sat at on its feet licking its paws.

…. you better clean your damn paws, I have no problem cutting them off. Levi mentally hissed, his eyes narrowing with a dangerous look.

"She's mine you hear me?" he spat outloud.

Revi stood on its feet and hissed at him.

"Don't you dare hiss at me! I was here before you, I was the one who found her... with that damn look on her face. That same look that reminded me of myself for some reason. I didn't take her in for any other reason than that.

"I hope you die alone in the darkness in absolute misery!"

Levi looked down in his own hands, "... no, that isn't the only reason. I... think I also felt afraid of ending up alone. Everyone I've ever come across has either moved away from me or has died. And when I was walking down that street of that charred building in ashes... in the rain, I saw her with that look in her eyes. I felt that taking her in, I'd give myself reason to have company even if it was a total stranger. Someone who is a stranger but would depend on me, would need me. Not as a friend but as—,"


Levi abruptly looked up and saw Mikasa standing at the kitchen doorway.

"How long...?" he questioned, his eyes bewildered, shaking with embarrassment.

"Since the beginning. I was in the living room and I heard Revi meowing," after speaking, Mikasa walked up to Levi. He took a step back.

His actions resembled a skittish cat.

She walked closer.

"Get away from me," he hissed turned his face away from her.

Mikasa raced up to him and embraced him; wrapping her arms around his neck and the back of his head. His face was buried in her bosom, his arms limp at his sides.

"It's okay," she said in her usual soft voice, "I'm never going to leave you."

Levi remained unresponsive. He felt the warmth of her body enter him. Her clothes, smelled like her. As usual she hadn't taken a bath after arriving home. But the odor of her body was something that smelled strangely sweet. It felt like home.

"I'm sorry I said those things to you. I'm scared of being alone too. More than anything in this world. Back then, I didn't know what I was going to do with my life. Even now, I don't know what I want to do. But I do know that I will spend it by your side, Levi."

At this Mikasa felt Levi's arms embrace her and hold her tight. They loosened from their embrace and he looked up towards her. He took her hands into his, as his fingers caressed hers that were resting on his other palm.

"It doesn't matter if you can't figure it out, Mikasa. Let's do this one day at a time," he whispered.

Mikasa saw he had this look in his eyes. It made her stomach churn. Her chest tightened. He took a step forward and slipped his hand under the side of her jaw. She slowly nodded a bit in acknowledgment to his actions. She raised her hand slipping it over his, her heart thumping harder. She felt confused on what she was feeling as Levi stepped closer.

Her eyes met him and noticed that he was directly looking at her while his hand pulled her to his lips. This was happening so fluently. She had the power the whole time to stop him. But she never did. She never did stop him as she felt his lips land over her and begin to taste her.

It was a soft kiss as if he was making sure that she was okay with what he did. She was hesitant at first but she wrapped her arms around his neck her head bend down towards him. She heard him exhale as their lips parted. She pressed her own lips together her mind processing what happened.

A clatter of a small vase on the kitchen table was heard and both of them looked to see Revi was sitting there upright with this casual look on his face. The vase was shattered on the floor. The glass pieces scattered all over.

Levi smirked as Mikasa smiled looking towards the cat before speaking.

"I think he's jealous."


I have more ideas in this same scenario of Mikasa and Levi living together. I'm sorry to say that I can't promise regular updates. But there will be updates. Thank you for reading and tell me what you think!

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