The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: # 25

Pen Name: Missus T

Pairing/Character(s): Edward

Rating: T

Word count: 494

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The first eight weeks of the band's summer tour had been good. Time had flown by in a rush of bars, cheap motels and fast food that inevitably gave his brother Emmett gas. They'd seen some amazing sights and met equally amazing people. They'd even picked up some groupies who followed them for a few shows until they figured out that Garrett was the only true "Rock Star" in the group. The rest of them were loyal to girls who remained waiting at home.

With two weeks left, Edward was over the grind of packing up and driving from town to town. Besides that, he wanted to get home to his girl. He grinned just thinking about her. They'd only been dating a few weeks before the band hit the road, but they'd managed to talk on the phone almost every day while they were apart. They also texted, snapchatted and left Facebook messages on each other's walls. He was glad for technology and the cheap airfare that had allowed her to visit during the middle of the trip, but he still missed her like crazy and wanted to get home to know if they could make things work.

"Hey, man. What are you doing?" Jasper, their brilliant and always stoned bass player, asked as he made his way to the train tracks where Edward sat with his guitar case and a notebook full of lyrics.

"Just writing some shit down." Edward ran his hand through his hair and sighed. "Stuff I've been thinking about. Phrases that would make good hooks or whatever. You know."

"What's that?" He kicked his foot towards the piece of cardboard sitting beside me before he bent to pick it up.

"A sign. Take a picture of me with it so I can send it to Bella."

"You're so whipped, man," he laughed, shaking his head. "It's nice to see. Me and Ali have been together so long we don't do corny shit like this anymore."

Edward grinned, not denying anything. He knew he was hung-up on Bella, but he also knew Alice had Jasper wrapped around her finger. "I can take your picture next."

"Really? That'd be cool. Then when she's pissed about the picture of my junk I sent earlier, I can send her this as an apology…" He grinned. "You send Bella pictures of your junk? Ali get's mad, but more often than not we end up having phone sex, or Skype sex, so I keep doing it. Law of averages and all that."

"Right," Edward nodded, wondering again how their pothead friend maintained his 4.0 G.P.A

"Give me your phone." Jasper made a 'gimme' motion and reached towards Edward until he handed over his iPhone. "Now, unbutton your shirt a little bit, man. Show a little skin."

Edward laughed, but did as Jasper suggested before crouching down to prop his sign against his leg.

Jasper lined up the shot and smiled. "Perfect. Say, 'Pussy whipped!'"



Welcome to round 8 of The Twilight 25! Flash-fic is gonna be a little hard for me, cuz I'm sort of a wordy bitch, but I'm gonna give it a try! I have a feeling they're going to seem kind of random – and run the gamut of emotions – so buckle up! As always, a million thanks to SydneyGen for giving these a once (or six thousand) over for me!

Thanks for reading!

(Oh, and this is totally getting my brain working again, thinking about writing another fic. I've been sort of blocked/feeling blah, so this is exciting!)