Grimoire Blastia

Rated: T for swearing, violence, ETC.

BB Pairings: Ragna/Noel

ToV Pairings: ?

Disclaimer: Not mine. Neither of the series. The story idea was developed between myself and someone else on deviant art.

Warning: Ragna is really a grumpy person. Combine that with the ability to cuss…and you get a grand old mess.

AN: Me and someone else started talking about this on deviant art and, in the end, we ended up with this final idea. Some things will be thrown in here and there as it's being written, but it'll generally follow the ToV storyline…for the most part.


Ars Magus and Blastia

Death is not punishment. Punishment is living with one's crime and working to atone for it.

~Regal Bryant, Tales of Symphonia

To say Ragna was pissed would be an understatement.

He had been beaten on, lost an arm and way too much blood, and then had to deal with the fact that his little sister has suddenly gone even more nut-so than Jin with his brother complex. Add to the fact that Terumi was still not dead and you got a very mad Grim Reaper.

Noel's new and odd stalking habit didn't help matters.

"God dammit, would you stop that?" The silver haired man snarled as he spun around. Tao 'meow'ed in confusion as said duel gunner squeaked from her hidden place. "Noel, just get out her, damn idiot."

The petite blond peeked up from the bush she had taken over to give him an appraising look. "Oh, but you seem mad. And I don't really want to fight…"

You seemed damn eager before was his unbidden thought. He nearly smacked himself for it. Noel was just as much as a victim at that time as him. All thanks to that god damn Terumi… Ragna sighed. "I didn't want to fight, idiot. If you want to come with me and Tao, just ask."

"Oh…Um, so can I come? I…don't really feel all that comfortable with Sector Seven…" Noel bit her lip before leaving the bushes fully. She was no longer wearing her NOL uniform. Now, she had donned a white sleeveless shirt that had a small red tie hanging from the collar. A sort of blue cape hung on her shoulders and was lined in gold. Noel still wore plain white gloves on either hand and was now wearing a blue skirt lined with gold. Her previous boots still clad her feet.

She shifted in place. "I would really like to come…but only if you're okay with it, Ragna." For some reason, the blond had begun to blush deeply.

Was she embarrassed? Ragna frowned at the thought but instead decided to address the current issue.

"Fine, you can come. But you better not pick any damn fights, got it?" Ragna muttered. Tao cheered suddenly, making the other two jump. They'd forgotten she was there…

"Yay! Lacking Lady is coming with Tao and Good Guy!" Noel twitched at the title but instead focused on Ragna. Don't pick a fight…

Ragna gave the cat a stern look. "The 'no picking fights' rule applies to you, too, Tao." She wilted at his scolding. From the corner of his eye, he spotted Noel smiling slightly. What was that about…?

The now trio continued walking through the forest. It was when said forest began to darken and become denser that Ragna paused. At this point…the forest should be getting clearer, not denser. Narrowing bicolored eyes, the red-clad man pulled out his sword. Noel, sensing his tension, slowly pulled out her own duel guns.

"What's going on, Good Guy?" Tao whined.

The white haired man growled softly. "I think we've walked into a trap."

"Hahahaha! Well, if you haven't gained a brain, Rags!"

Noel stiffened at his elbow as a green haired man wearing a nice suit appeared before them.

"Oh, and you even brought along little Noel Vermillion…Too bad you ended up as such a failure. You could have been so useful." Terumi waved an odd orb clutched in his hand around. "Of course, I have the perfect way to get rid of you. Want a present?" He made to throw the orb…but was stopped by something he forgot was there.

Tao stabbed her knife-claws into the orb. "Don't hurt Good Guy and Lacking Lady!" The man snarled and threw the cat away. She wasn't dazed for long and smashed into Terumi again. The shockwave blasted him away from the cat…

And straight into Ragna and Noel.

Normally, the silver haired man would have stabbed his sword into Terumi without hesitation. Of course, before he had a chance to, the orb that had been cracked open only moment before by Tao's attack was giving off an ominous light and exploded with bright rays the moment the green haired man slammed into the duo.

The blinding flash of light soon faded to nothing…

Rita Mordio was not having a good day.

She had just recovered from a rather bad illness only to have almost every single one of the adults in Adios scorn her for her 'weakness.' Rita had been forced to grit her teeth and deal with the idiots. Thankfully, now that she was given some time out for research, she could take out some of her frustrations on the monsters.

They never knew what hit them.

Stomping down the hill was probably not the smartest idea. There were a lot of monsters in the area and they would no doubt enjoy a tasty Mage treat. Like they were currently trying to do. Of course, they, like the brunette mage, were soon distracted by an almighty crash and a blinding flash of light somewhere in the forest below. Rita blinked.

"What the hell?"

Discarding the half beaten to death monster in her grip, Rita ran the rest of the way down into the dense forest. She dodged her own surveillance equipment and stepped down a familiar path.

It wasn't long until she found the source of the odd light.

A young white haired man in all red… and a young woman in a blue and white ensemble.

"Again. What the hell?"

Ragna groaned softly. He ached all over and his left arm was pulsing from the pain. Damn, why couldn't it be like his right arm and have no feeling in it? This sucked ass.

"Oh, so you finally woke up, huh?"

…Why did he feel like he had just met someone that was just like Kokonoe?

He cracked open his eyes and stared at the speaker. To Ragna's faint surprise, it was young brunette girl clad in reds, yellows, and whites. She adjusted the goggles on her head as he stared. "What're you looking at?"

Oh, god, it was a miniature Kokonoe.


A white blur collided with his chest. Ragna groaned after he got his air back and pushed the bundle off of him. It turned out to be Noel. "The hell? Are you trying to kill me?" Noel apologized swiftly. Behind her the girl scoffed and muttered that the blond shouldn't give in so easily.

"I was really worried." Noel confessed. "You were all bloody and your coat was ripped up…One of the mages here fixed your stuff up but it's still being washed…mine too!" Her gesture towards her body drew the silver haired man's attention to her clothes. She was wearing only a simple button up shirt, sleeves rolled up—

"God dammit, Noel, why are you in here with only that on?!" Ragna demanded, covering his eyes.

Noel gasped. "Oops! I'll go to the other, Miss Rita? Could you tell Ragna where we are and what happened please while I get my clothes on?" The brunette gave a grunt of acceptance as the elder blond disappeared into the other room.

The girl, who was apparently named 'Rita', scowled at him. "I'm gonna be brief. I found you and Noel collapsed out in the forest. You were bleeding all over the place and blondie was barely awake. I had to use three apple gels on you to keep you from bleeding out.

"I sent a message to Aspio and got a carriage to come bring the three of us back here. When we did, they took your clothes and Noel's. They're still repairing them so…" Rita shrugged. "You may not get them back soon."

Ragna frowned. Damn, that coat was a freaking heirloom, dammit. Fucking Terumi….



"You said me and Noel were the only one there?"

Rita nodded.

"No green haired assholes?"

She raised an eyebrow at the insult but shook her head.

"Damn." Ragna cursed. "Terumi…"

"I'd ask." Rita drawled. "But I have a feeling I don't want to know. In any case, you're in Aspio, the Mage City of the Empire. You two from the capital or something?"

"Oh, no."

They turned to Noel who had returned with a pair of pants on. "We're not from the capital. Um….We were from a really small town out in the mountains…but it's…gone now."

Rita crossed her arms. "Barrier Blastia got ruined, huh, and couldn't afford to keep the city up and running, huh?" Noel nodded. "Too bad. I'd like to have gone there, especially with that odd Blastia you're got, Silver Hair."

"Blastia? This is a grimoir—" Noel smacked Ragna on the head.

"Miss Rita, Ragna and I have to speak. Is that okay…?" With a light frown, the mage nodded and left the room.
Noel huffed slightly at the angry look on Ragna's face. "The hell was that for, idiot?"

The younger placed her hands on her hips. "While you were passed out, I've been looking around to find out where we are. And I think we're in another world." At the deadpan look on Ragna's face, Noel puffed out her cheeks. "I'm serious! I think that weird orb that Hazama—Sorry, Terumi had is what brought us here when it exploded!"

"Tao isn't here. And neither is Terumi!"

Noel frowned. "That's just it…Maybe Terumi ended up somewhere else? And Tao wasn't close enough to us to be caught in the blast. So, obviously, everyone in the blast ended up here!"

Ragna scowled but made no more arguments. The young woman's theory did make sense.

"Well, where the hell is 'here' anyway?"

"Um, someplace called Terca Lumireis. And we're in the city of Aspio, which is a city of mages. Sort of like Nine, one of the six heroes." The blond bit her lip.

He closed his eyes. "Fan-fucking-tastic. We're in a different world where we don't know a damn thing and Terumi is somewhere…Somewhere in a world that can't really deal with him." Noel squeaked slightly at the implications of that statement.

"So, you're Commandant Alexei, are you?"

The man spun around on the balls of his feet. "Who's there?" A soft laugh echoed in the halls. "How dare you enter this place, you filth…"

"Now, now." A man appeared before him. "No need to be so mean! Why, I'm only here to give you some advice…" Green hair peeked out from beneath a simple black hat. Amber eyes shined. Alexei frowned.

"My name is Terumi Yuki…But you can just call me Hazama to all those who ask." He stepped forward, a wicked grin on his lips. "And I can help you get what you want."

Alexei's eyes widened.

Terumi's grin grew wickeder.

The duo shook hands.

My, this world could be very fun, now couldn't it?


Ars Magus and Blastia


Hope you enjoy. I kind of did, hahaha.


Ragna the Blood-edge

A high class NOL criminal with silver hair and duel colored eyes. His red coat and huge sword are his trademarks along with his wicked temper. Can be rather soft around the former NOL Lieutenant, NOEL VERMILLION.

Noel Vermillion

A former NOL Lieutenant. She is now considered a criminal by the NOL and was last seen traveling with Sector Seven members. Uses duel guns for deadly accuracy. Also has a soft spot for RAGNA THE BLOOD-EDGE.

Captain Hazama (Terumi Yuki)

A NOL Intelligence Captain. He was last seen pursuing the criminal RAGNA THE BLOOD-EDGE. Currently MIA. He uses short daggers as his main weapon of choice.


Rita Mordio

A Mage living in Aspio. Very talented despite her young age. Recently took in a pair of vagrants from one of the many towns that fell apart during the Great War.

Commandant Alexei

The Commandant of the Royal Imperial Knights. He recently hired an advisor, HAZAMA, for all affairs. Greatly skilled with the sword.