Ephesians 1:7: in him we have redemption, and the forgiveness of sins by his blood.

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(Author notes)

Unknown POV:

What have happen, millions of lives have just been ended. How could have happen, if it was a few millions regular lives fine people die every day so a few millions isn't much dealing with millions of universes with people and Sentinel life forms died every day but today is different, all these individuals aren't individuals who spend their lives watching for an important part of a plan, these were planet if not universe changing heroes, people who made a different.

Wait s minute something not right it…it can't… be, the energy from those universe are being used. Where are they heading to abandon sector 666, the only way universe energy could be travel is if a being of high power is moving it, or beings with gifted powers that being greater increase, their creating a new universe prime, if a new universe prime is made then a new omniverse will be made destroying a new omniverse in the process a omniverse without heroes, I can't let that happen.

I have to stop this, but how? I can't interfere in the affairs of the omniverse without a meat-suit from a being from the universe, but I need to think of the way to stop this force but how?

I need to find what world(s) are left standing. Huh two worlds still holding strong and one world is still fighting. This is promising, very promising.

"Gabe, Ralph come here please." I call my two brothers over.

"Yes brother." Gabriel my smallest brother said.

"There two worlds out there, those two all the Omniverse has to stop this threat." I told them.

"We got that much, what do you want us to do?" Raphael my other little brother said.

"I need you to find a team of individuals to go to universe prime to not only find but to destroy this threat." I manage to create a walk of images of heroes, "These champions are either dead or dying so they can't help."

The fallen heroes: Ben Tennyson (Ben 10-Ultimate Alien, Omniverse didn't happen), Ghost buster (Ghostbusters), Rex Salazar (Generator Rex), Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars, the Clone Wars), Jane and Marty Coslaw (Silver Bullet), Red Tajiri* (Pokemon), Dean and Sam Winchester (Supernatural), The Saturday (Secret Saturdays), Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap), Sonic (Sonic) Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask series), Eddie Valiant (Who framed roger rabbit), Marty McFly (Back to the future), Trish and Tommy Jarvis (Friday the 13th), Trish Jenner (Jeepers creepers), Ash Williams (Evil dead), Kevin McCallister (Home alone 1 and 2, the other two sequels, and spin offs didn't happen), Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones), Agent J (Men in black), Danny Phantom, (Danny Phantom,) Walker (Walker Texas rangers), Martin Brody (Jaws), Bugs Bunny (Looney tunes).

"You didn't leave Ralph and I many people, sentinels, heroes to work with, how in the world are we going to assemble a team of hero to save the Omniverse, when all of the heroes are either dead or dying." Gabriel said.

"Find heroes, they can't be that hard to find." I said, why didn't I choose one of my four other brothers.

"Most of them are dead you just told us." Ralph said his head was always in the clouds.

"Find others heroes that are alive, the omniverse was full of them." I told them.

"We don't know where to find any." Ralph said.

"Brothers you must find a team of heroes to save us all." I told them.

"Where do we find them?" Gabriel said.

"In the word of one of the many Earths, many bands, Skillet 'Angels show up in the strangest of places'." I told them.

"What do you want us to do?" Ralph said.

"Find individuals with powers and talents weither they are on the side of good or evil and get their help." I stated.

To be continued...

*Tajiri, is the last name of the guy who made Pokemon.