"Ready to give yourself a rest?" David asked as he climbed the steps to the helm, joining his daughter there.

"I'm fine." Emma reassured him stubbornly as she looked out at the inky black sea ahead. She wasn't fine. She hadn't been fine for about 2 hours, but she was determined to carry her weight on this ship like everyone else. No excuses.

"Emma, you've been steering for 6 hours. Go to sleep. I've rested and I'm fine to go well into the morning. Do something your father asks for once, eh?" He smirked playfully, a flash of his...well, charming smile in the lantern light.

"I guess I could rest my eyes for a minute or two." She sighed, dropping her hands from the wheel reluctantly.

"Go relax, the ocean will be here when you get back." David teased as his daughter stepped away from the helm and slowly went down the stairs, reaching the main deck.

"Night, Dad." She called back to him as her feet started a path all their own, taking her to the stairs that led her to the captains and crews quarters.

The captain...

Hook had certainly been a surprise since this journey began. As if the shock of his return with the bean in Storybrooke hadn't been enough, the man had been downright saintly the whole time...save for a handful of well placed innuendos and winks which Emma was starting not to mind anymore.

Emma would be lying to herself if she had said Hook wasn't a handsome man. He was actually downright gorgeous if she allowed herself to be completely honest. But, she'd never allow herself that. The thought alone scared her.

It wasn't just that he was attractive to her, but more so the fact that they were so similar. They really did understand one another. They were practically the same person. Flawed. Tragically devoted to those they had loved. Strong.

Not to mention the chemistry between them. It was hard for even Mary Margaret to ignore as she had noticed the Captain's longing gazes while Emma wasn't looking. The look of pride he got when he'd watch Emma duel with her father on deck. The held gazes they shared from afar before Emma brought herself back to her senses and turned away.

Still, Emma denied it.

She didn't like Hook one bit.


Not at all...

"Mmmm..." A decidedly male voice moaned as she passed the Captain's cabin.

Hook's voice.

Stopping in her tracks, she stood in front of his door to make sure he was alright and not in pain.

It was quiet for a moment more before another soft groan filled her ears. Quirking a brow, Emma stepped closer to the door, leaning down to the keyhole which was large enough to see inside the room. Her eyes widened and her eyebrows shot to the sky as she took in the sight before her.

In a chair sat the infamous pirate captain, head thrown back in pleasure as his hand rubbed at his groin through his leather trousers. Emma would never say this where it could be heard, but she loved those damn pants...

I guess pirates need to relax somehow...

Her mouth went slack as she watched him roll his hips into his hand, a look of contentment on his face. A face that looked increasingly and decidedly more handsome by the second as all trace of worry or bitterness had been wiped from it, his only focus being his pleasure.

Not revenge.

She backed away from the door slightly to look up and down the hallway, making sure that she was truly alone. Once satisfied, she practically threw herself back to the keyhole to watch him.

This is so wrong...

Shut up, Emma.

No, the man needs a moment alone.

Yea, a moment alone with you! Get in there!

Shut up...

At this point, Hook had worked the laces of those fantastically form fitting leather pants open, no doubt to relieve the tension down there caused by the rather large...hell, impressive bulge she now saw there.

Of course he does...

He's sexy, a pirate AND he's packing? I don't know what the hell you're waiting for...

Emma honestly didn't have a damn clue what kept her glued to the damn door. If she had walked in, she knew what would have happened. She'd have pounced him and left right after. Never to speak of it again. But, that's not what she wanted. If she was being honest with herself, which was dangerous, if she and Hook were to ever be intimate, she had a feeling it would be full of passion and heat...and definitely not something meant to be a one time thing.

Having clenched her thighs together without realizing, Emma continued to watch the pirate as he got up from the chair and strolled slowly to a bottle of rum sitting on a shelf. He leisurely poured himself a drink and sipped.

This side of him was fascinating as he appeared as if he hadn't a care in the world. Perhaps this was a hint of the man formerly known as Killian Jones. He most certainly wasn't Hook right now.

She watched as he set his glass down gently and glanced down considering his generous arousal, giving the bulge a gentle caress over the leather even though the laces were opened. He sat down at his bed and got comfortable, spreading his strong thighs and finally reaching down into his trousers and giving himself a long stroke before pulling the body part in question out of its confines.

Holy shit...

Emma wasn't sure if she had simply thought it or said it, but she was certain she gasped rather audibly.

The man really wasn't all talk.

Damn him.

Emma could feel moisture gather between her thighs as they clenched tighter as if the action would prevent the feeling seeing him this way gave her.

To say Emma Swan hadn't thought about this once or twice would be a damn lie. She most certainly had. The man was working his way past her damn walls, knocking them down one infuriating smirk after another.

For every 5 acts of bravado and flirtation, he had shown her his softer side. The side that took her hand to help her up when she tripped in Neverlands jungle, their eyes meeting for the longest time. The side of him that hugged her close to him in that very same jungle when what could only be likened to a werewolf attacked their camp 2 weeks ago.

He was protective of her.

When he wasn't being a pig, he treated her like she was something to be treasured. This was the side she responded to most of all, the side she imagined taking her in the middle of the night and making her his.

All passion.




Maybe even lo-

Don't even go there, Swan. Just keep watching.

Shaking out of her thoughts, she suddenly realized Hook was well into his own ministrations between his legs.

How long had she been thinking?!

She watched as he sucked in a long breath and threw his head lazily back, before letting it roll forward again to watch as his hand stroked up and down the length of his cock. His hand squeezing the tip occasionally, his thumb brushing against the tip at each pass.

"Mmmmm...uhhhh..." He moaned softly, his bright blue eyes hooded as his hips rolled up into his hand when it would stroke downward, as if he were thrusting into...

"Emma...Emma..." He sighed gently, letting his eyes close slowly as he bit his bottom lip slightly.

Emma licked her lips as she watched, unable to look away now. He was fantasizing about her. Making love to her. Without another thought, Emma allowed her hand to creep between her thighs as she slowly rubbed the growing ache of her arousal. Desperately willing it to go away, but she was too far gone.

She wanted him.

Her heart felt as if it were about to jump out of her chest as she watched him thrust slightly faster into his hand, his chest rising and falling a little harder now in his haste to reach his intended destination. His hips rolled into his tightened fist, not even moving his hand now, simply letting his hips do the work.

"So tight, Emma...yes..." He breathed out gently.

She smirked at that. It didn't shock her that Captain Hook had a dirty little mouth on him when he was in the bedroom. Knowing this sent a thrill straight through her that made her nipples hard and her pussy even wetter...if that were even possible. She was quite certain she'd need a change of panties by the end of this.

She rolled her own hips into her hand as she caressed herself through her pants, barely satisfying the urge but having to do for now.

"Gods! Oh, Emma...Darling..." He cried out as his body tensed and she watched him climax, his seed shooting strongly onto his hand and stomach exposed by his unbuttoned shirt. Still, his hips continued to move...slowly...drawing his pleasure out.

Oh my God...that was hot...

Finally, Emma closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the feeling of her hand between her legs and the sight that she had just seen.

She imagined his hand, his lips, his cock...doing devilish things to her...and right when she was close...

"You can come in now, Emma." Hook said gently just as she was about to approach her orgasm. The door was roughly pulled open and Emma's eyes met squarely with a pair of black boots before she trailed her eyes up leather clad legs. Strong...muscled legs...in tight leather...


Suddenly, Emma found herself being tugged unceremoniously into the bedroom she had just been so intent on peeking into, the door closing hard behind her.

"So, I take it someone likes to watch..." Killian mused, the look of sex very much remaining in his gaze.

"I...I..." Emma stuttered as she backed up slowly, trying to create space between the lusty pirate who was sauntering her way, like she was an injured calf in the wild.

Killian was a lion.

And he was starving.

"I like to watch, too." He winked.

Oh, shit...

It suddenly looked like Emma Swan wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight.


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