A/N – Not sure if this will get finished, but the muse struck and I had to roll with it. Lately I've been a bit "obsessed" with the musical Elisabeth. Kind of weird since I don't speak a word of German and barely understand it, but I love the story of the end of the Hapsburg dynasty.

Anyhoo… I'm really intrigued but the character der Tod, and I think a meeting between him and Jack would be awesome. So here we go.

The Shadows Are Growing Longer

Captain Jack Harkness stood alone atop one of un-damaged office buildings in Cardiff. The night was cool and the wind was just enough to give a bite to the air. He looked out over the still smoking ruins of the city.

I caused this, he thought. This is my fault. If I had never let go of his hand, those creatures would not have taken him and this wouldn't' have happened.

"Jack." Came a soft alluring voice. "That is what you're calling yourself these days. Isn't it?"

Pulled out of his spiraling thoughts, Jack turned. There stood a young man that could have been anywhere from twenty to forty. His white-blond hair stood out against the night and the dark suit he wore. When he smiled, a chill ran down Jack's spine.

"Who are you?"

The man's smile widened, but showed no warmth. "You know me, Jack. You've called me many times over the years… centuries, but you never stay for long."

Jack's blood turned to ice. Thoughts of what lay in the darkness swirled in his mind. He stepped back from the edge of the building, and thankfully the man moved back as well – keeping the distance between them.

"Oh Jack, you of all creatures should not be afraid of me. You are the only creature that I cannot claim." He took a step closer and his gaze moved over Jack from top to bottom – almost as if he was assessing him. "You intrigue me and now seems like the right occasion for a private conversation." He said taking another step towards Jack.

Pulling out his gun, Jack pointed it at the stranger. "Don't come any closer. I'll ask you again. Who… or what are you?"

The stranger paused, put his hands out slightly as if offended. "You know that weapon won't have any effect on me." He reached forward and gently took the gun from Jack's hands. "I just want to speak with you."

He moved closer to Jack – a breath away. "You know me, Jack. I have answered the call of so many friends, lovers, family. Most recently your co-workers Tosh and Owen. I've walked beside you through the centuries. I was with you as you lay buried for a millennium. You, yourself have called me countless times, but I can never claim you." His voice deepened. "Say my name."

Jack gasped and stepped back, breaking the spell between the two men. "No."

The stranger smiled. "You, alone in the universe, have no need to fear me."

Anger began to replace fear in Jack's mind. "Leave." He growled.

The smile widened. "Ahhh… see you do know me."

"You've done enough damage here. Go away." Jack snarled.

The stranger almost looked sad. "My work here is finished… for now. I'll go, but you know our friendship hasn't ended. I promise not to leave you. When you call, I will come to you."

He smiled and the darkness of the night seemed to swallow him.


A/N - So, what do you think? Did it work? A few of the lines are taken from the English translations of the song "Die Schatten warden langer" (The Shades of Night are Growing).

You can see a video here. Standard youtube url

/watch?v=i9hFnlJIMNY (professional shot)

/watch?v=_toV3YnRPl4 (shaky camera short haired)

It's also kind of amusing that at times Uwe Kroger (who has played der Tod many times) reminds me very much of John Barrowman.