Insanity Is Bliss

A/N & Disclaimer: Ok, I do not own Fushigi Yuugi. Also, this fic starts with a teeny tiny yaoi lime scene, but other then that, it's all just insanity. ;P

"Hmm...... Su..... You're so good with your hands," Amiboshi purred, as his twin brother began to pump him.

"And you're so good with your mouth, Ami...." Suboshi purred back as he engulfed his brother in an intoxicating kiss.

"It comes from playing my flute so much." The Seiryuu twins were in the middle of an intense afternoon. "You know, if Lady Yui ever found out about us, wouldn't she be very upset?"

"I don't think she'd care, after all, she has Nakago," Su began to pump his brother more rapidly.

"Oh Su! Oh, don't stop!"Amiboshi climaxed and they collapsed onto the bed. They were in the middle of a tender loving kiss when the door was suddenly thrown open. A frantic-looking Miaka stood in the doorway pointing at the two boys.

"It's a love scene with all the same faces!" She slammed the door shut and threw her arms in the air laughing psychotically as she ran away. Su and Ami were left SD, stunned in each others arms.

"That, was weird."

"Yea, we have to do something about her.... But that can wait....." The twins forgot all about the lunatic Miaka as they began again.


Miaka went running through the halls of the Kutou palace. She couldn't remember anything that happened before she had come here, but she did know that Nakago had done something horrible to her. That and she just didn't feel like herself. Suddenly Nakago was in front of her. He smirked, "so. How does it feel to be completely insane, Priestess of Suzaku? I hope your pathetic warriors show up soon to rid me of you. You've been quite a nuisance in your current state. Although, you were quite a nuisance before I scrambled your brain." Miaka just threw up her hands and laughed hysterically.

"Nakago's a loony! Nakago's a loony! It's a love scene with all the same faces! Tomo is a homo! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(etc, etc, etc.)!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nakago just rolled his eyes. Suddenly Yui walked up to them.

"Nakago? What is Miaka doing here?"

Miaka threw her arms around Yui and went puppy dog, "Yui, Yui! Oh Yui! EYAHAHAHA! I MISSED You!!!! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Yui sweat dropped and tried to push the insane girl away. "Nakago?! Get her off of me!"

"As you wish, Lady Yui." Nakago effortlessly pulled Miaka off of Yui. She continued to laugh.

"Nakago, what's the matter with her? What did you do?!" the blonde girl demanded.

Nakago looked hurt, "Lady Yui! I did nothing to this girl, she seems to be out of her mind. Although I believe she was always out of her mind. Don't worry, I'm sure her warriors will come to rid us of her soon. But until then...." he blasted the raving lunatic with a small ki-ball. Miaka fell limply to the ground. "There. We wouldn't want to let the cat out of the bag until they are far from here, heh heh heh." The general chuckled to himself before turning back to Yui, "Lady Yui, why don't you go and find Soi, I need to talk about our strategy." (*YEA RIGHT!! We know what he REALLY wants to do with her!!!*)

"Ok, Nakago." She turned and walked away. When she was out of sight Nakago turned his attention to the unconscious girl.

"I can't wait til you wake up....." He began to laugh hysterically.

"Nakago!!!! Let go of Miaka!!!" The general looked behind him to see, Tomahome, Chichiri and Nuriko, of the Suzaku Seven.

"Oh. So you've come at last. I'm so glad, now you can rid me of this nuisance." He threw Miaka towards them with his life force. Chichiri teleported to catch her in mid-air.

"It's alright, ya know? She's just unconscious, ya know." Nuriko stood before Nakago, rolling up *his* sleeves.

"You Basturd. What did you do to Miaka?" He charged at the Seiryuu warrior. (*A very stupid thing to do....*) Nakago carelessly waved his hand and blasted Nuriko with a ki-ball. He went flying and landed unconscious.

"I did nothing, she's just feeling a little tired. I grow weary of your presence, leave here now, before you regret it." He turned and walked away. The Suzaku gang flew off in Chichiri's cool hat. "Heh, heh, heh. When those two wake up... I would not want to be there."


Miaka opened her eyes to find Tomahome, Hotohori, Mitsukake, Chiriko, Tasuki and Chichiri watching her. Tomahome jumped forward, "Miaka, are you alright? You were asleep for a long time." Miaka blinked then threw up her hands and laughed insanely.

"EYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Tomahome! When did YOU get here!!!!???? It's SO NICE to SEE you!! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" She sat up in bed and continued to laugh. Everybody sweat-dropped.

"It seems to me as if her brain has been "fried", just like Nuriko's," Mitsukake said, the first one to recover from shock.

"What do you mean "FRIED"? You mean we have TWO raving lunatics now?"Tasuki yelled.

"Well, actually, Miaka was always insane," Chiriko said quietly.

"Chiriko don't say those things!" Chichiri scolded.

Suddenly Nuriko came in screaming, "MIAKA! MIAKA! MIAKA, CUKOO KAKA!"

Miaka jumped out of bed and began to bounce up and down with Nuriko screaming, "Nuriko, it's so NICE to SEE you again!" The two psycho's ran off down the halls, laughing and yelling at the top of their lungs, "MIAKA! MIAKA! MIAKA, CUKOO KAKA!"

Everyone left in the room was sweat-dropping profusely, "Mitsukake, please tell me you can fix them," Hotohori said.

"I would love to, Your Highness, but unfortunately, I can't heal any damage that has been done to their brains."

"Does anybody know what caused this?" Hotohori asked.

"Well, I don't know about Miaka, but Nakago hit Nuriko pretty hard with a ki-ball, before he went unconscious, ya know?"

Chiriko suddenly jumped up, "I know!" Tasuki did the Ranma.

"Geez, don't get so Dramatic!"

Chiriko sweat-dropped and bowed his head, "I'm sorry Tasuki. But I think I know what has happened. You said Nuriko was hit by a ki-ball, right, Chichiri?"

"Yea, he was."

"Well, I've read about this. It is an old spell, that the ancients used to use on criminals to torture them. I read that in the form of a ki-ball one can "scramble" another's brain cells, making them insane. In the old days they would turn them insane to torture them and then the spell would begin to rid them of their brain cells entirely and-"

"WHAT!!!!?????" Everybody yelled. Chiriko shrank and covered his ears.

"Please don't hurt me!!!"

Tomahome became very frantic, "What do you mean rid them of their brain cells entirely?! Isn't there some kind of reversal?! Chiriko, tell me you read whether or not it can be undone?!"

"Well..." Chiriko hesitated as everybody began to stare intently at him. "It didn't say, it was extremely old. But I'm sure that I can research this and find a way-oh!" Chiriko exclaimed as Miaka and Nuriko went flying by the room, waving their arms and screaming, "Look at us! We can FLY!!!!!! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Until then, you will just have to make sure they don't hurt themselves,"Chiriko ran out of the room, eager to begin his work, "or anyone else for that matter!"

Everyone else was still in a state of shock, looking at each other, as usual Tasuki broke the silence, "great! Now we're stuck with two raving loony-tunes!"

"I just hope Chiriko can find a reversal spell, ya know? And fast, those two could get into a lot of trouble," Chichiri said walking out the door, "Tomahome, I think you should keep an eye on them, ya know?"

"Sure thing." He walked out just in time to be smashed in the head by Nuriko's index finger. He jumped up and went SD, "Whad'ya do that for?!" Nuriko and Miaka both pointed at him and laughed.

"Tomakins!!!!!! Have you come to play with us?!! Come on let's play!!!!" They lunged for him, but he jumped and ran off. "Tomakins COME BACK! We want to PLAY with you! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!" They took off down the hall waving their arms in the air. Everyone else was left behind sweat dropping. "I really hope Chiriko finds that spell, and soon."