A/N & Disclaimer: I still don't own Fushigi Yuugi. This is the third and final intallment of this fic. Thanx for staying with me! Your almost at the end of the tunnel! ;p I have another fic, that has more insanity in it, if you liked this one. 'Insanity Is Bliss 2', check it out!

Meanwhile back in Konan........

Tomahome went down to the dungeon carrying a large tray of food. Well at least it's been quiet, I just hope we can get them back to normal soon..... Chiriko had come to a while ago, but had fainted again when he remembered what had happened to him. It had taken a group effort to get him to come out of his room, apparently the makeup wasn't coming off very easily...... *sweat-drop* Mitsukake was in his room and refused to come out, afraid that "they" would try to get him again. And Chichiri and Tasuki had finally convinced Hotohori to take of his dress and become a man again. Tomahome sighed, I thought Miaka and Nuriko were nuts before, but this is an entirely new frontier. He stopped when he got to his destination, "Alright, you two. I brought you some food...." Tomahome looked up when he didn't get any reply. He dropped the tray and began to run. "Miaka! Nuriko! Where ARE you?!!!!" A sudden realization dawned on him. No! They wouldn't have!!! He took off at high speed towards Kutou. Not stopping until he was there. When he found them, he was relieved to see they were unharmed, sort of. Nakago was holding them both in the air, and they were laughing hysterically at him.


"Nakago! Let them go!"

The blond general turned to look at him, a smirk on his face. "Oh, Tomahome how nice of you to visit. I was just about to dispose of your friends here."

"You jerk! How could you hurt defenseless people!?"

"Oh, Tomahome, they aren't defenseless. In fact, I've seen first hand what these two are capable of, and so have you." Tomahome gritted his teeth.

"Let them go!"

"LOOKEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S TOMAKINS!!!!!!!!! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Nakago rolled his eyes. "They'll never be cured, there is only one way to cure this, and you could never do it. And soon they'll be nothing more than mindless psychopaths. So I might as well save them the agony."

"What do you mean, they'll never be cured?!"

"You'll never find out.... And that little brat (**tear* Sorry Chiriko!*) Chiriko will never find it, either." He laughed at him. Tomahome felt all his anger and frustration well up inside him and explode. "You- You- You, AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" He powered up a ki-ball and blasted the Seiryuu general. This took him off guard, and Tomahome grabbed Miaka and Nuriko from him and bounded out of sight. Hmm. Let him go. They'll never find a way....... He laughed maniacally to himself.


Tomahome was half dragging half carrying his crazy friends back to Konan. "Geez! What were you thinking going to Kutou alone?!!"

"WAAAAAA!!!! Tomakins is MEAN!!!!! First you locked us up and NOW you don't want to PLAY!!!!! WE didn't LIKE being LOCKED UP!!!!!!!!"

"Yea, well Mitsukake and Chiriko didn't like being dressed up as woman either!"

"BUT they looked SO GOOD!!!!!"

Tomahome stared at them, "You're SICK!!!"

"Not as SICK as YOU!!!!!"

"That's IT!!!!!!" He stretched out his arms to the sky, "SUZAKU!!! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!!!!! STRIKE ME DOWN!!!! PLEASE HIT ME WITH EVERYTHING YOU"VE GOT!!!!!!!!!!!" Behind him Nuriko picked up a medium sized boulder and threw it at him. He was crushed.

"You ASKED for IT!!!! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Nuriko you're SOOO STRONG!!!!!!!! BUT is he SUPPOSED to make that crunching noise???" Suddenly the boulder was blasted away and a disfigured Tomahome stood.

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!" He ran at full speed towards the cliff's edge. (*Which conveniently materialized for the sake of this deranged fanfic*) He reached the edge and jumped soaring down, down, down. "FAREWELL CRUEL WORLD!!!!!!!!" (*Somewhere in the distance Tomahome Hate Fans, and Sabby, are celebrating and chanting DIE Tomahome, DIE!!!*) His shriek resonated through the tense air as he fell and landed, with a "SPLAT" and a bone breaking "CRUNCH".

The two loony's only did one thing, threw their hands in the air and laughed hysterically. "FINALLY!!!!!!!!! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR MISSION IS COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMAKINS IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! EYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (*On the other side of the laptop, an incredibly deranged writer is laughing maniacally, looking like a demented furby*) Suddenly Taiitsukun appeared before them.

"I've been watching you two and I have to say that I would like to congratulate you. You have succeeded in ridding this world of that horrible Tomahome! As a reward, I shall revert you back to your "normal" states." She eyed them warily, "You have caused quite a bit of chaos lately, but all shall be undone. When you awaken you will be back in the Konan Palace and all this will have been forgotten. Everything will go back to the way it was. Except that Tomahome will have never existed."

"YAY!!!!!!!" Taiitsukun was about to cast the reversal when a very frazzled Nakago showed up.

"Where is Tomahome??!!"

"TOMAKINS JUMPED OFF THAT CLIFF!!" Nuriko answered him calmly.

Nakago looked to the cliff's edge, "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" He ran to the edge, "MY TOMAHOME CAN'T BE DEAD!!!!!!! I WANTED TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!" He lifted his arms to the sky, "SEIRYUU, WHY????!!!!!! WHY DID YOU LET HIM!!!!???? I HAVE NO MEANING IN LIFE ANYMORE!!!!!!!" He jumped off the cliff, "TOMAHOMEEEEE!!!!!!!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!" The controller of worlds and the two psycho's were left staring after him. Taiitsukun lifted her gaze to the sky, "Hey YOU!" A crazed writer jumped. "YEA YOU!!! While your at it, why don't you just kill off all the other MAIN Characters???!!!!" A confused author scratches her head, contemplating the idea. (*Well.... I could kill off Mitsukake and Hotohori... Along with Tomo, Miboshi, Suboshi, Aishitare, Keisuke, Eiken-*) "Alright!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! WE get the POINT!!!!!!!" (*Point? WHAT point?! I didn't know this fic had one*) "You OBVIOUSLY wrote this fic so you could kill off all the characters you hate!!!" (*Actually, I wrote this fic because I... hmm... I really can't remember. Something that was inspired by Sabby.... Oh YEAH!! I REMEMBER NOW!!!! Sabby wanted me to write an-" "ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!" The author quickly shut up. "We've heard enough out of you!!!! So are you going to end it or NOT!!!!" (*A very scared writer whimpers and nods*) Taiitsukun chanted the mystical words and a haze was cast around the two nutcases. It swirled around and around them until there was a bright flash of light and a clap of thunder, and then they were back in the palace. They awoke to find the others looking at them expectantly.

"What? What is everybody looking at?! Do I have something on my face?!" Miaka asked.

Everybody sighed with relief. "Whew! You're alright, we found you and Nuriko passed out in the square. We thought something horrible had happened to you, but it seems you're fine." Hotohori held Miaka close.

"What are you talking about? Of course I'm fine."


Everybody lived on in happiness, and Taiitsukun was right, nobody remembered Tomahome, or Nakago for that matter. And an exhausted author sighed in relief. This fic was done... for now.