The Riddle Twins


Lord Voldemort was not always the man he was today. Once a long time ago he was just another man and his name was Tom Riddle. Now you're probably wondering what could cause a man to turn into the monster like he is now. About fifteen years ago he a very happy man. He had a wife and two baby twin boys, but when the boys, Serpens Melis (1) and Corvus Leo (2) Riddle, were 15 months old they were kidnapped and his wife was killed trying to protect them. He looked for his sons for months trying to find them but never did. That was when he lost it and created his first horcrux. By the time he had six he was insane, and he had created his army. Many think that he wanted to kill all muggles and muggleborns, but he never did. He had different ideas (that will be said later in the story). By this point he had many followers and had been told the prophecy about the one who will defeat him. It has been six months since he lost his sons and by now he believed them dead. That night he went to the Potters house and was killed by Harry Potter. Now here we are fifteen years later after he has been brought back to life. Only this time with his sanity and the pain from his lost sons. Little does he know that they were in plain sight yet still hidden and hating each other. Will they be a family again or has the rift been there too long to mend?