Orphan Diaries Part 1

By VoldLunaMione

The Journals of Severus Tobias
If you try to read this prepare to be crucioed within an inch of your life.

September 1, 1970.

Today Lily and I went to Hogwarts for the first time. I am so glad that summer is finally over, and I am writing this from the Hospital Wing, as father decided that I was "freaky" and deserved to be beaten, after I got my letter. Madam Pomfrey showed me a list of my injuries, and I had a broken wrist, broke my left arm in two places, fractured my collarbone, sprained my ankle, and dislocated my hip. I had no idea they were that bad beforehand, probably as I was busy running for my life. Whatever the reason, he has hated me ever since Mum died. I've tried to spend most of my time with Lily, Tuney is a brat, but it is worth it to be away from father. I hope for his own sake that he dies before term is over. Otherwise I will kill him myself, and I will enjoy myself every time he screams. Don't get me wrong, I'm not evil... I'm just Dark. I can't help it, it is just the way my magic naturally is. On a brighter note, Lily looked wonderful today. I really hope she likes me, because I like her, like, like like, of course I like her as a friend, but I kind of have a crush on her... Oh, and I hate the hospital wing already. Madam Pomfrey is so overprotective. I have a few minor injuries, which can be healed WITH MAGIC and she makes me stay overnight. Seriously, I've had worse than this, and she makes a big deal of it.
September 4, 1970
Classes started yesterday, and we already have a pile of homework. I got sorted into Slytherin, but Lily went to Gryffindor. I don't really care where she is, I still like her. I just hope that that IDIOT Potter just doesn't go after her. I cannot believe that Black got into Gryffindor! All Blacks have been in Slytherin for as long as anyone can remember. I suppose that his lack of subtly has something to do with it. Him and 3 other boys already have a month of detention for the pranks they pulled and we have only been here for a couple of days.
Slughorn seems to like me, and I find myself a natural at Potions, though it probably helps that mother had me tutored. Lily is top of the class in everything except potions, which I am, and transfiguration, which is Potter and Black.