A/N: Thought we could use a little fun with Emily and Henry and some Thanksgiving fun. Enjoy!

Friday morning Emily hears Henry starting to talk to Alaska. She smiles as JJ just moans.

"I have him, sweetheart. Get a few more minutes sleep."

She takes the grunt in reply as an "Okay" and gets up, pulling on a robe as she wanders down the hall to Henry's room. She pops her head in.

"Morning, Champ."

Henry smiles and runs to her. "Morning, Mama! We get our day now?"

She kneels and pulls him into a hug. "Unfortunately I have to work today. But then tomorrow you and me and Mommy and Rocky will go to the store to get a few things I will need and then on Monday we will have a day all to ourselves, just you and me. Okay?"

Henry sighs. "Okay. Monday." He thinks a second. "When that?"

Emily chuckles and thinks to herself. "Good one, Prentiss. He doesn't know days of the week yet." She pulls her phone out of the pocket of her robe and pulls up the calendar. "See this day here? What color is it?"


"Good! Yes, it's green. Today is Friday and it's green because that is today." She hits a few buttons. "What color is this?"


"Great, Henry! Yes, that day is red. That day is Monday. So we have today, then tomorrow is Saturday."


Emily grins. "Um, well, let's see if I can…hey, I can. Alright Saturday is blue. And let's see…Sunday can be purple. So, we have three days until Monday. And that is our day, Champ. Nothing can stop that."

He runs his fingers over the screen, his "JJ" thinking face on. "What if Unca Hotch calls?"

Emily thinks a minute, knowing he won't understand that the team is off call. "Tell you what: when I get home tonight you can have my work phone and you and Mommy can find a place to hide it so even if Uncle Hotch tries to call me I won't even know."

Henry nods happily. "'Kay, Mama." He throws his arms around her neck. "Love Mama."

She hugs him as tightly as one arm will allow. "I love you, too, Henry. I couldn't love you more if I tried." She kisses his cheek. "I hear your sister starting to wake up. How about you go potty while I deal with her?"

"Okay. C'mon, Ska."

Emily chuckles as the dog does, indeed, follow his young master down to the bathroom. She gets up and makes her way down to Rocky's room. As she walks in she nearly trips over her daughter.

"Hi, Mama."

Emily looks from her daughter, naked but for her diaper, to the crib and back again. "Well, I guess we need to tell Mommy that one day wasn't a fluke. Young lady, how did you get out of bed?"

"Love Mama," she answers with a big grin.

Emily chuckles and squats to pick her up. "Yep, you are your Mommy's daughter, aren't you, Dodger," she teases. Rocky chuckles, not sure what it means but knowing her Mama is happy.

"You got her?" JJ asks from the doorway.

Emily sets their daughter on the changing table "Um…not sure. Let me try?"

JJ nods and walks in. "Of course. Good morning, Rock Star."

Rocky waves at her mommy. "Love Mommy!"

JJ leans over and kisses her on the forehead. "I love you, too, Rocky."

Emily, meanwhile, has loosened her brace enough to give herself use of her right hand. It isn't easy but she does manage to get a fresh diaper on her daughter. It helps that JJ is distracting Rocky so she doesn't squirm very much. Once the diaper is on, Emily smiles at her wife.

"I'm getting better, Jen."

JJ gives her wife a kiss. "Of course you are. You're Emily."

Emily chuckles. "Right. How silly of me to forget."

"Mama silly!" Rocky chimes in.

Emily looks down at her. "And you are a monkey. How do you get out?"

She picks her up and walks her over to the crib. She sets her in it and looks at her.

"Well, you coming out?"

Rocky gets a devilish smile on her face and plops down. "No!"

JJ and Emily can't help but laugh. Rocky has figured out that to tell them how she does it means they will figure out a way to stop her escapes. JJ leans over and picks her back up.

"You definitely have Jareau running through those veins. I can't wait to tell Mom." She looks at Emily. "I'll get her back in pajamas and down for breakfast."

"Okay. Let me go check on Henry and let Alaska out."

"Right. Oh, and stay near the door. Alaska doesn't like this cold weather."

Emily frowns and starts to laugh. "He was supposed to be a sled dog in Alaska. And he doesn't like the cold?"

JJ laughs. "Well, someone who shall remain nameless saved him and spoiled him rotten."

Emily grins. "Guilty as charged. And not sorry for giving him this life at all."

JJ smiles and nods. "I know. And I'm not sorry, either."

They share another quick peck then separate to take care of their children and the dog before Francesca joins them for breakfast so the agents can get ready for work.