Though they love having their family for a visit JJ and Emily both breathe a sigh of relief as the last car disappears in the distance. They plop down on the sofa and are quickly joined by their kids.

"Ahhh, quiet," JJ says as she cuddles with Henry.

"Miss Gran and Pop and Gram and Gramps," Henry tells her.

"I know you do, Henry. But in about 10 minutes it will be time to talk to Daddy and Helen. Won't that be fun?"

He nods happily. "Tell them 'bout di'saurs and rocket ships!"

"Yep, you can tell them all about the dinosaurs and rocket ships. You can show them your new toys and books, too."

He nods. "I will." He hops down and runs to the playroom to gather his new treasures so he can show them on the planned Skype.

Emily runs a hand through JJ's hair, trying to figure out how to broach a subject she knows will be touchy. JJ finally looks over at her.


"I didn't say anything," Emily points out.

"Because you're trying to figure out how to say something I don't want to hear."

Emily sighs. "Yeah…I guess I am. Mostly because I don't want to hear it, either."

"Just spit it out, Em."

Emily takes a deep breath. "Helen is due the second week of January. She won't be able to fly up here for Christmas. Jen…maybe…maybe Henry should spend Christmas down there so Will doesn't have to leave his fiancé. And she's going to be Henry's stepmother and have his stepsister so he needs to have time with them and- -"

"You're right."

"- -next year he'll start preschool so we'll need to…uh, what?"

JJ shrugs. "He should go down there for Christmas this year. As to next year, my guess is you're going to point out a more formal agreement will need to be drawn up since Will won't just be able to pop up here whenever to see him." She glances at Rocky, who has dozed off. "It makes me feel like crap."

Emily frowns. "What? Why?"

"Henry is going to spend his childhood shuttling around between two parents in separate parts of the country. We weren't fair to him."

"Jen, he wasn't exactly planned. He has been the greatest 'oopsie' in all our lives. He…"

Her voice trails off as Henry runs back with all his souvenirs from the museums.

"Gots 'em!" He climbs up in Emily's lap. "Daddy will think cool!"

Emily kisses his forehead. "He sure will, Champ. Remember what the gift you gave Mommy is called?"

He nods. "Yeah! It a f…f…" he frowns, thinking.

Emily gives him a moment. "Fos- -" she prods.

His eyes get wide with excitement. "FOSSIL!"

Emily smiles and hugs him close. "Yes! Good boy!"

Since Rocky is now fast asleep in JJ's arms, Emily gets up and gets the computer hooked into the TV so Henry will have a big screen to talk to. She angles the camera to make sure Will and Helen will see him then shows Henry where to stand. She gets the chat set and a few minutes early Will and Helen pop in. Henry waves both hands.

"Hi, Daddy! Hi, He'en! I gots funnels!"

Emily and JJ chuckle as Will and Helen smile.

"Funnels?" Helen asks in amusement.

Emily leans down and whispers in their son's ear. "Fossils."

"Right! Fossils!" Henry corrects.

He lifts up each thing he has and tells them all about it. Showing them his colouring book he tells them his version of dino-life…including the cat eating pterodactyl's and people eating triceratops.

As Henry talks to his father, JJ studies the face of her ex. It thrills her to see how much he loves the little boy. She owes it to both of them to do the right thing even if it tears her own heart out. She glances at Emily and sees her wife has figured out what is going on.

"Hey, Champ, Mommy's really cool pen is upstairs. Why don't we go get it to show Daddy?"

"'Kay, Mama!" He looks at the TV. "Back soon. Don't go!"

Will smiles. "We won't, Henry. Promise."

Once Emily and Henry are gone, JJ sets Rocky on the couch. Will raises an eyebrow.

"What did I do wrong?"

JJ grins. "Nothing…that I know of." He winks at her. "Will, Helen…you should be together at Christmas considering how far along you are, Helen. What if…if Henry came down to you all this year?"

Will stiffens in shock. Helen takes his hand, equally stunned.

"I mean, one of us can fly him down and Will you could fly him home. He can stay the week with you." She gives a shrug. "It will give us a chance to start thinking about visitation next year when he starts school."

Will sighs and nods. "I won't be able to just come see him anytime. That will be tough."

"Not if we have a good plan in place so you can get things set with your captain. Look, nothing has to be decided today. Think on it a bit." She glances over her shoulder. "They are coming back down. We can talk later."

"Okay. Thanks, JJ. It means a lot to me you even thought of this," Will tells her sincerely.

"It's the right thing for Helen and Henry. That just makes it right," JJ admits with a shrug.

"Daddy! Magic pen!" Henry hollers as he runs into the room.

Emily sets the base on the table and Henry puts the pen on it. He smiles in amazement and looks at his father.

"See! Magic!"

"That is cool, Henry! Maybe next time I come up there we can find one for Helen."

"Okay. It's at rocket ships place."

"Great! We'll check it out." He glances at his watch. "Well, I think it might be past your naptime. Rocky sure looks like we're intruding on hers."

Emily chuckles. "Actually, where Henry is a morning person, Rocky only seems to be a morning person if she's escaping her crib and getting naked. Otherwise it's worse than waking up Jen."

Everyone laughs as JJ glares at her wife. "Thanks, honey."

"Hey, they know! They've seen what it's like trying to wake the immovable force called Jennifer Prentiss."

As the duo on screen agrees, JJ just has to nod her head self-deprecatingly. "Well…maybe."

"So, Henry, you be real good, okay. Now that we're past Thanksgiving Santa will be watching to see who is naughty and who is nice for Christmas," Will warns.

"I nice. Rock naughty," Henry assures his father.

After a few more minutes, Will and Helen sign off. As Henry takes some of his things back to the playroom, Emily looks at JJ.


"They love the idea. Will's going to call me so we can solidify things."

"Good." Emily sighs. "I know we can have a little celebration when he gets home but it will suck not having him here Christmas morning."

"I know. But…like you said…we have to do right by him." JJ leans over and kisses her wife. "You have always been so good to him, Em. Always."

"Not when I was- -"

"Always. You left me, left the team, but not them."

The two are sharing another kiss when Henry walks in. He scrunches up his face.

"Eww! Cooties!"

The women break off the kiss and look at him. They then look back at each other.

"Garcia!" they conclude at the same time as Henry just giggles.

Later that night Henry had acted up a bit at dinner. Turns out he suddenly doesn't like peas OR carrots even though for a week that was all he would eat. His moms figure he is just over-tired but he still doesn't get any leftover pie for dessert. Instead he is told to go pick up all his blocks and cars and put them away. He does…pouting the whole time.

JJ takes Rocky upstairs to put her to bed as Emily sits in the living room reading a report for the Secure Ops committee. She is lost in a ridiculous bit of grandstanding by a man who has probably never even been a field agent when Henry crawls up beside her.

"Mama…can I pleeeease have cookie? I be better if I eat cookies."

Emily puts her arm around him as she sets the report aside. "Do you understand why you were bad at dinner?"

He nods. "No tantrums and gots to say if no like before eat."

"Exactly." She kisses his head. "Let's go get that cookie."

They get up and make their way into the kitchen. JJ is in there emptying the dishwasher. She frowns in confusion as her son climbs up in his booster seat.

"What are you doing, Little Man?"

"Mama say I get cookie," he explains, refusing to look at either mother.

The hair on the back of Emily's neck starts to stand up. It starts dancing when she sees the look her wife is giving her.

"Can we have a word in the hallway? Please," JJ says in irritation.

Emily glances at her son and nods. When they get into the hallway, JJ glares at her wife.

"All I ever asked was that you not undermine me with the children. And you do this? How does it look when I say no and you say yes?"

"Jen, he came to me and explained he understood what he did wrong. It's been an hour so I figured- -"

"It's been like 2 minutes!" JJ interrupts angrily.

Emily frowns. "No…we said…wait…you mean you told him no just now?"

JJ nods. "Yes! And then you turn around and- -"

Emily raises her hands. "Whoa! Jen, we've been played. He came to me just now and said he learned his lesson. I am guessing it was a lesson you just reiterated to him. He seemed sorry and I thought he understood why he had been bad. I didn't know you'd just said no to him again."

JJ blows out a breath. "You didn't?"

"No! How could I have? And, Jesus, Jen, have I ever contradicted you to them before?" Emily asks, anger and hurt in her voice.

"Um, no."

"So why would I start now? Over a damn cookie? Think about it!"

JJ starts to think about times she had played her parents against each other as a kid. She runs a hand through her hair. When she speaks, she is now ashamed.

"I…I'm sorry, Emily. I should have known better. This is what kids do to their parents. We need to get used to it."

Emily nods. "Forgiven this time. I know your emotions are a little jumbled because of the Christmas thing, not to mention pregnancy hormones. But next time talk to me; don't just jump my ass like this. That undermines me."

JJ nods. "You're right; it does." She leans close and kisses Emily's pulse point. "Maybe you can make me pay for this later," she says suggestively.

Emily grins and gives her a kiss. "Of course I can, my little horndog. Now, let's go see the little manipulator."

Arms around each other, they walk back in the kitchen. Henry sits in his seat, waiting hopefully.

"Cookie, Mama?"

"You didn't mention Mommy had already said no."

He shrugs. "But you say yes," he points out.

"Mommy said no first, Champ. And from now on, whoever you ask first gives the answer you have to live with. Capito?"

He sighs and nods. "Si, comprendere."

JJ starts to giggle. "Has he been watching 'The Godfather' movies or what?"

Emily grins. "It's Italian, Jen. Go figure he understands it. I would bet he has learned a lot from Aunt Franny. Some we may not want to know if he can translate."

JJ laughs. "True." She looks at her son. "Come on, Henry. Bed time."

Realizing he isn't going to get his cookie, Henry gets out of his booster seat and walks towards them: head down, feet dragging like a prisoner making his last walk. JJ shakes her head.

"Drama king," she mutters.

"Definitely," Emily agrees with a grin.

The two take him upstairs and soon he is tucked in bed asleep…most likely dreaming of cookies.

JJ is leaning over the sink while the Jacuzzi tub fills. She is giving her face a good scrubbing when she feels her wife step up behind her. Emily leans over, trapping JJ in the bent over position.

"Uh, Em?"

Emily starts to kiss the back of JJ's neck, made easy by the scruffy bun she has pulled her hair up in. JJ shivers.

"I seem to remember someone jumping to a conclusion about me earlier tonight. A conclusion that made me look bad," Emily whispers. She kisses along JJ's shoulder. "Who was that?"

JJ swallows twice before she can speak. "It…it was me."

"I thought so." Emily runs her hands up under JJ's shirt and grips the breasts the float freely below. "That makes you a bad, bad girl, doesn't it?"

JJ nods, her hips starting to roll in time with the massaging of her breasts. "Yes…very bad."

"I see you are drawing a nice bath. Looks very inviting." JJ looks up and meets her wife's eyes in the mirror. "Bathe me, Jennifer. Massage my back. Take care of my…needs…and I can forgive you and…" she squeezes the breasts a little harder and thrusts against her wife's ass, "…reward you."

Emily stands and JJ spins around. Their lips lock in a deep passionate kiss. JJ runs her hands over the naked, toned body of the brunette. As her hands stray too low, Emily steps away, smiling seductively as she takes the two steps up and into the tub. JJ undresses in record time and hurries to the tub. Emily offers her hand to help the blonde in then sits down on the built in seat. She offers a bath sponge to JJ then slowly turns over, laying her head on her crossed arms.

JJ hits the button to turn on the bath jets and grabs the peach body wash. She straddles her wife, who moans when she feels the wet heat on her ass that has nothing to do with the bath water. JJ lathers up the sponge and slowly, meticulously scrubs her wife's back all the way down to the curve of her butt.

"Mmm…feels so good, Jen," Emily moans.

JJ smiles. "You ain't felt nothing yet, my love," JJ promises as Emily just smiles.

JJ cups her hands and lifts up water to rinse away the bubbles on the broad back. She then starts to massage the warm muscles. Emily groans in pleasure. JJ finds a couple of hard knots and works them until they are loose below her hands. She smiles as she sees her wife is slipping off to sleep.

"Oh, we can't have that," JJ thinks to herself.

She starts to massage lower…and lower…and lower until she is manipulating the firm globes of Emily's butt. Emily raises an eyebrow.

"Not getting ahead of yourself, are you?" she asks.

JJ jumps. She had thought Emily farther gone than she is. "Uh…what?"

Emily shifts and JJ stands as Emily rolls over. "You haven't washed my front yet."

She spreads her legs and JJ kneels between them. The blonde reaches for the sponge and lathers it up once more. She starts at Emily's shoulder and carefully scrubs every inch of her wife. As she reaches the dark triangle, Emily stills her hands.

"Not yet. You haven't cleaned my legs."

JJ groans in frustration. "So cruel to a pregnant woman," she mutters. Emily just raises an eyebrow. JJ rolls her eyes. "Relax the eye. I know…I am being punished."

Emily just smiles slyly as JJ slides down in the tub and starts at Emily's toes and thoroughly and meticulously cleans each digit. She smiles.

"You need a pedicure."

Emily grins. "Offend me tomorrow and that can be your punishment."

JJ laughs and slowly brings Emily's big toe to her lips. Emily arches up as JJ sucks it, toying her tongue all over it.

"Oh, fuck, Jen," Emily whispers.

JJ treats each toe on the foot to the same attention then sets that leg down and repeats the cleaning and kissing on the other side. By the time she starts to clean up Emily's calf the older woman is flushed and not from the heat of the bathwater. Emily grabs her wife's arms and pulls her forward. She kisses her deeply, shifting until JJ's center is sitting on hers. When the kiss ends, JJ stares into nearly black eyes.

"I hadn't finished your legs."

"I'll wash them extra tomorrow," Emily replies.

As she kisses her wife again she thrusts her hips up, pressing perfectly against JJ's clit. They moan into each other's mouth at the contact. Emily uses her hands to pull her wife's hips down into every thrust. JJ's hands go to her wife's breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. Emily's hips start to move faster. JJ grinds down against her. Emily can feel her getting close. She breaks the kiss and looks into Navy blue eyes.

"Come for me, Jen. Come all over me."

Her mouth moves to JJ's breast and sucks in. It is enough to send JJ over the edge.

"OH! OH! EM! YES!"

Emily's clit is throbbing almost painfully. She quickly slides up and onto the edge of the tub. She opens her legs.

"Suck me, Jennifer. Suck me hard NOW!" she commands.

She wraps her fingers in JJ's hair and pulls her to her aching center. Not that JJ needed much prodding. She hungrily latches onto Emily's clit and thrusts two fingers in deep and hard. Emily leans back against the mirror, opening herself to all her wife wants do. JJ takes all that is offers and adds a third finger to her wife's core.

"OH! Yessss…oh, so good, Jen!"

As Emily's hips start to jump faster JJ feels her wife's inner walls starting to clamp down. Just at the right moment she adds a fourth finger, sucks her clit hard and twists a nipple.


Emily rides the wave into ecstasy. As JJ withdraws and backs away, Emily slides limply into the water. She takes a couple deep breaths.

"Damn, baby."

"Uh huh," is all JJ can manage.

Emily studies her wife and sees she is near the edge again. She slides towards her, forcing JJ back to the other side of the tub. JJ understands and stretches her arms along the back and allows her lower body to float up. Emily grasps her wife under the legs and holds her steady as she lifts JJ up, her blonde curls glistening with more than water.

"Oh, Jen, so ready for me again."

"Yes, Em, again," JJ agrees breathlessly.

Emily latches on staring at her wife's rosy, hard nipples floating tantalizingly in the water. JJ sees where her wife's eyes have gone and brings one hand down to play with her nipples. Emily moans against her wife. JJ's head lolls back at the sensation. Working together they drive JJ once more up into an intense orgasm.


JJ's body is a stiff as a board as she rides out the pleasure, Emily's mouth still gently working her until she finally pushes her away. Emily slowly lowers the golden legs down into the water. She leans forward and kisses her wife deeply. Each woman moans as they taste each other. Emily eases away.

"I love you, Jennifer. I hope you learned your lesson about undermining me," she adds with a grin.

JJ strokes a hand down Emily's face. "If this was punishment you can believe I will be undermining you at every turn."

They both chuckle. They share another kiss then Emily gets out, offering her hand to her wife to help her out. They quickly hop in the shower and rinse off. When they crawl into bed a few minutes later they are back on "their" sides of the bed. Emily's arm had been aching Friday and Saturday so they hadn't switched back yet. JJ moans happily.

"This just feels so much more right."

"Mmmm, it does." Emily snuggles up and spoons into JJ's back. "This feels even better."

"Definitely," JJ agrees as they lock fingers together. "I love you so much, Em."

"Te amo, Jennifer. Ahora y para siempre."

"Now and always," JJ repeats.

Soon they both slip off to sleep in the comfortable embrace they had missed for a month.

A/N: So here ends a brief respite from creepy crimes. But, as you saw, I've foreshadowed the next creepy case. Time to get everyone back on a case TOGETHER again. Yep, no one going rogue in the next one. Um, probably.

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