Facing Your Dark side
Chapter 1 Nightmares
By: Major144
Disclaimer: I do not own digimon. This is just a story for fun.

It had been two years since the Digimon Tamers defeated the D-Reaper and their digimon partners returned to the digital world. All seemed peaceful. However one of the digimon had been having strange nightmares of late. His name was Impmon.

In the beginning Impmon had just been a pest who enjoyed picking on humans. He hated the Tamers and their digimon because they had the power to digivolve. He had once had a couple of young tamers named Ai and Mako, but they bickered and fought over him so he deserted them. Later on he had tried to prove his fighting skills by fighting the Deva Indramon, but lost. He wondered around wounded, then the Deva Caturamon had opened a portal to the Digital World and teleported Impmon there.

Caturamon made Impmon an offer. He would give Impmon the power to digivolve if he promised to kill the Tamers and their digimon. Impmon was very conflicted about the deal at first, but he gave in. Caturamon gave Impmon the power to digivolve. Impmon digivoled into the mega level digimon Beelzemon. The power went to his hand and he went on a murderous rampage. He eventual cornered the Tamers and killed Jeri's digimon partner Leomon. Takato and his digimon Guilmon biomerge and formed the mega level digimon Gallantmon. A huge battle broke out and Gallantmon won. He was fixing to kill Beelzemon when Jeri stoped him saying that killing him would not bring Leomon back.

They let Beelzemon go. The mercy that was shown to him stunned Beelzemon. He stumbled around the Digital World for awhile with the image of a heartbroken Jeri in his head until some digimon pounced on him and made him turn back into Impmon. Rika and her digimon partner Renamon came and got him. They returned to the Human World together. The destructive program know as the D-Reaper came into the human and started attacking and absorbing everything.

Impmon made peace with his Tamers Ai and Mako. When he saw the Tamers having trouble battling the D-Reaper he went to help them. Ai gave him a kiss and Mako gave him a toy gun. They wished him good luck. Impmon ran with determination and digivoled into Beelzemon. The toy gun he had received from Mako transformed a huge gun called the Corona Blaster and he grew wings. He helped the Tamers in battle. Later he received a critical injury and couldn't join in the final battle. After the final battle he made peace with Jeri.

The digimon returned to the Digital World and everything thing seemed at peace. Then Impmon started having strange nightmares. In the nightmares he would repeat his murderous rampage as Beelzemon. He would kill Leomon and then fight Gallantmon. They fought fiercely until Beelzemon gained the upper hand and knocked Gallantmon to the ground. He would then pull out one of his guns and shoot Gallantmon in the head killing him and deleting him. He absorbed his data laughing insanely. He turned and shot the digimon Guardrmon and deleted him. He then saw Renamon and Terriemon nearby. He walked over to them and picked them both up by the throat in each hand.

"Time for you two human lovers to die!" He laughed.

"Impmon please! This power is driving you mad!" Shouted Renamon.

"Goodbye fox face and little rabbit your data belongs to me!" He laughed as he squeezed their throats.

There was a loud cracking sound and then Renamon and Terriemon were deleted. Beelzemon absorbed their data. His eyes fell on the Tamers. He pulled out his guns and pointed them at them.

"Say goodnight kiddies! HAHAHA!" He laughed as he started firing.

In the dream Impmon got a good look at his face. His eyes were crimson red and his mouth was full of fangs. It was horrible. He woke up screaming. He and the rest of the Tamer digimon had set up camp by a river. Impmon ran to the river and started splashing water in his face. He stopped to look at his reflection. His reflection was normal then it changed. His reflection had a mouth of fangs and red eyes. It smiled at him.

"Hello old friend. It's me your dark ambitions. I'm coming back and were going to finished what we started all those years ago and then take over the Digital World!" Laughed the reflection.

Impmon jumped back screaming. Renamon and the other digimon appeared behind him.

"What's wrong Impmon? Did you have the nightmare again?" Asked Renamon.

"Yes! It was worst this time! I killed all of you! Then I saw a weird reflection of myself saying it was my dark ambitions coming back for revenge!" Said Impmon with fear.

Renamon walked over and put her hands on Impmon's shoulders.

"Calm down. Our Tamers should be coming to the Digital World for a visit. They'll help us." She said.

"Thanks I need that." Said Impmon.

The digimon fell back asleep. Little did they know there was evil at work inside Impmon's mind.

To be continued.