Facing Your Dark side
Chapter 3 Light vs Dark
By: Major144
Disclaimer: I do not own digimon. This is just a story for fun.

The Tamers looked at the sleeping Beelzemon wondering what they should do. Was there some way to heal his mind and rid him of his Dark Side? They all though hard, until finally Renamon came up with an turned to Ai and Mako.

"You are his Tamers. Maybe your Digivice can heal him." She said.

Ai and Mako nodded and pulled out their Digivice and pointed it at Beelzemon. A beam shot out and hit him. Beelzemon jerked and spasmed. He then seemed to spilt in two near identical Beelzemons. One of them had more black in their clothes, with fangs, and red eyes. The other one had gray in their clothes, with green eyes. Both halves got to their feet. They eyed one another. Then the one with red eyes spoke.

"We'll this is odd. But I'm finally free from you and your weakness now! I'll destroy you and the Tamers!" Laughed the Dark Side.

Beelzemon stood up and glared at his Dark Side.

"I won't let you! I'm going to stop you!" He shouted as he sprouted his blaster mode wings and grabbed his Dark Side and flew into the air.

They grappled with one another in the air. They went a couple of miles before they hit the ground of a rocky canyon and got separated. They stood up and faced one another. DarkBeelzemon glared at Beelzemon.

"You think you can beat me with your blaster mode? Well don't get to cocky! Your not the only one with a blaster mode!" He shouted as he grew two large bat wings.

Beelzemon gasped as DarkBeelzemon charged forward. They each flew forward and threw a powerful punch. Their fist collided. They both back off. DarkBeelzemon pulled out some pistols and fired and started firing at Beelzemon. Beelzemon quickly flew out of the way and pulled out his own pistoles and fired back. DarkBeelzemon shot the bullets out of the air with his own gun. Beelzemon got behind a large boulder for cover.

He peaked from behind the boulder but DarkBeelzemon was no where to be seen! All of a sudden Beelzemon felt something grab him from behind and slammed him into the the boulder. He managed to look behind him and saw DarkBeelzemon grinning at him. DarkBeelzemon then launched a powerful kick and sent Beelzemon crashing through the boulder. Beelzemon tried to stand up, but DarkBeelzemon whipped him with his pistol and knocked him to the ground.

"Give it up! You can't beat me just admit it! I'm stronger then you! Having friends and partners made you weak!" Shouted DarkBeelzemon.

All of a sudden there was a bunch of shouting. The two digimon turned to see the rest of the Tamers coming towards them. DarkBeelzemon grinned wickedly.

"Oh look who decided to show up. Should I destroy you first or them? I know I'll destroy them first and let you watch. I think I'll start with those two little kids Ai and Mako. You just sit there and be a good little boy while I just take my sweat time destroying all your precious friends!" Laughed DarkBeelzemon as turned away from Beelzemon and pointed his guns at the Tamers.

Beelzemon stared in horror. Then a sudden burst of anger took over. He felt like he was on fire! He looked at one of his hands to see that flames appeared on it. He knew what he had to do. He stood up, screamed a battle cry and threw a flaming punch.

"Fist of the Beast King!" He screamed.

DarkBeelzemon turned around and stared in shock. The flaming fist hit him right in the face and sent him flying. He landed several feet away from Beelzemon and tried to get back on his feet, but Beelzemon was upon him with two flaming fist hitting him over and over again. A flaming uppercut sent DarkBeelzemon flying several yards. He finally managed to stagger to his feet. His body was a mess with burns and bruises. His was swollen and he was missing some fangs.

"He think you've won?! I'm not done yet! I still got a few tricks up my sleeve!" He shouted as a Corona Blaster appeared on one of his arms charged it up and pointed it at Beelzemon.

Beelzemon pulled out his own Corona Blaster and started charging it up. They both shouted their attacks and fired.

"Dark Corona Blaster!" Shouted DarkBeelzemon.

"Corona Blaster!" Shouted Beelzemon.

The two blast collide with one another and started pushing against each other. Both forces pushed with all their might, until Beelzemon's blast smashed through DarkBeelzemon's blast and towards the evil digimon.

"No this can't be happening! I'm supposed to be the strongest! Aaaaauuu!" Screamed DarkBeelzemon as the blast hit him and sent him flying several yards.

The blast stopped and Beelzemon walked up to the down DarkBeelzemon. DarkBeelzemon was dying. He looked up at Beelzemon.

"How can this be? What made you so strong all of a sudden?" He asked.

"It was your threat towards my friends. My bond and desire to protect them gave me the strength I needed defeat you." Explained Beelzemon.

"I guess I was wrong about you. You weren't the weak fool. I was. I should have seen it." Coughed Dark Beelzemon. "I guess this is the end. You've gained my respect. You are truly the best. I've lost. Goodbye Beelzemon." He said as he burst into data.
Beelzemon watched the data fade away.

"Goodbye DarkBeelzemon." He said.

He turned back into Impmon and joined the rest of the Tamers and told them about his battle and victory. There were a bunch of congratulations and hugs. Everyone went back with their reunion and everything went back to being peaceful.

The End.