JackRabbit Week Challenge

Saturday Prompt: Marriage


A/N: This isn't really their prompt; they wanted three chapters of AU Olympics but I refuse. This is the last chapter. This also takes place in my AU Ice Curse. By the way, it was Merida in the last chapter, and so many of you got it right! I wasn't expecting that, so I'm afraid I only made 300 imaginary cookies, so you'll have to share, lol.


"Okay, Bunny, I am here. What did you want to talk about?" King North asked a nervous-seeming Bunnymund. It had been two years since the curse was lifted, and two years since Prince Jackson and Bunnymund have been together. Their love seemed to be influential. The people of the kingdom, Santoff Claussen, were happier than ever. The prince was now twenty but still spreading fun with his winter powers. Everything was going great, but there was one more thing that needed to be done… "Oi Bunny, don't waste my time. What is it?"

"Oh right, your highness…" Bunnymund cleared his throat. He was still nervous around North, but he needed to be confident for this. "Your highness, I love Jack. He has given me light and love, and all I wish is to do the same for him. I want to love him forever, protect him forever…" Bunny could tell the king was getting bored. "Your highness, I ask for your permission to allow me to… ask for your son's hand in marriage." There was a long pause. The king got wide-eyed, but Bunny didn't know if that was a good or bad thing. North walked up to the Pooka, who still tried to look the king square in the eyes. Just when Bunny was about to speak, the king picked him up in a bruising hug.

"Klasno!" North exclaimed, swinging Bunny around. "Finally! I was wondering when you'd ask!"

"I'm glad you approve your highness." Bunny choked out.

"Ack, enough with the formalities; you can call me father, or North, or whatever!" The king put Bunny down. "When will you ask?"

"As soon as I can, your… I mean, mate." The Pooka replied. "I already have a plan."

"Good, because I'm not sure how much longer I can keep the secret!" North said while dancing to the door. "I can't wait!" He exited the room, leaving Bunny to sigh in relief. He thought that would be the hardest part, asking for the father's permission, but the king was really excited about it. Hopefully, his lover would reply the same way.


"Are you cold?" Jack asked Bunnymund as they walked along the snowy path outside the castle walls.

"Nah, mate." Bunny shook his head. "Got my scarf on. Besides, this fur ain't just for show." He remembered the boy – now a man - giving him the green-blue scarf as a birthday gift.

"Just checking." Jack smiled, flying around in the air carelessly, a scene that was familiar in Bunny's mind. The Pooka looked up at his mate, thinking of how much he's grown these past two years. He's gotten a little taller and a little more muscular due to Bunny's hard training regimen. His hair was long enough to put in a short ponytail. And by the Moon, his face was as beautiful as ever, and those eyes… "Hey, why are we out here, anyway?" And there was the burning question.

"Uh, well… I wanted to see if that winter jasmine's still there, love." Bunny thought of a cover-up.

"Oh yeah, those yellow flowers." Jack recalled. "I can't help but feel like those flowers grew in that place for a reason. Like, a sign that you were coming to rescue me."

"You think that?" The rabbit asked. "That's why I painted the landscape."

"I love that painting." Jack said. "I love all the ones you made. When are you making another one?"

"I don't think there's any room left on the walls." Bunny joked. They finally arrived at the pond where Jack was cursed by Pitch all those years ago. Jack landed on the frozen pond, freezing it more, making it safe to stand on. "There it is!" The Pooka exclaimed, seeing the large bush of winter jasmines curling around a tree with snow on their yellow petals. "Oh, she's gorgeous."

"It got so big." Jack pointed out while Bunny marveled over it. Jack rolled his eyes, getting used to the rabbit's affinity for flowers. "But don't make me jealous of a plant."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Bunny turned to see his love standing in the middle of the pond. He decided to join him, but carefully so as not to fall… "Ow!" He did anyway. Jack held in a laugh.

"You alright?" He skated over to help the rabbit up. He just realized that he never taught Bunny how to skate before. "Here, get your balance… okay, now just push forward with your feet…" He held onto Bunny's paws, leading him forward as he skated backward. Bunny kept slipping, holding his hands in a death grip.

"Ya make it look so easy." Bunny said, though slowly getting the hang of it.

"You're doing well." Jack said, letting go of the rabbit's paws and skating by his side. "See? You got it."

"Barely." Bunny kept his eyes on his own feet, slipping every so often.

"Great, now let's learn a double axel." The prince skated ahead, doing one in the air and landing perfectly.

"Yeah, let's do that." Bunny said sarcastically. Jack just laughed at him.

"You know, I gotta say, it's a little weird being here, even after two years." The young man sighed, stopping in the center of the pond. "I just would associate this place with him." Bunny didn't have to guess who. "I never told you this, but… the first time I came back here after he cursed me, I had a panic attack and fainted. I had to muster up a lot of courage to bring you here that day two years ago. But then, those things you said to me, and the winter jasmine, and the snowball fight… it was all so amazing, and it made me forget about my troubles… ugh, I sound cheesy; I'm not making any sense, am I?"

"No mate, I get it." Bunnymund slowly skated over to him. "That's why I brought you here today, to make you forget about Pitch, to get rid of the bad memories and replace them with good ones. I don't want you to associate this place with him; I want you to associate it with me, with us, and with this." He pulled a small box out of his bandolier and – carefully – got on one knee. Jack's eyes widened, knowing what was happening. "Ahem… Prince Jackson, will you marry me?" He opened the box, revealing a beautiful diamond, emerald and sapphire-studded ring. Jack ignored the ring at first and got on his knees so he could pull the rabbit in for a hug.

"Yes, Bunny! Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Jack squealed, doing his best to keep tears from falling down his face. Bunny wobbled a bit, balancing the box as well as himself over the ice.

"Oh Jack, I'm so glad." The Pooka hugged him back, nuzzling his shoulder. "I love you with all my heart."

"I love you too, Bunny." Jack pulled away, letting Bunny take the ring out of the box and slip it around his finger. "It's beautiful."

"No, you are." Bunnymund smirked.

"No, you are." Jack replied before leaning in to kiss his new fiancé. It felt as powerful as their first kiss; a kiss that broke a curse, saved the kingdom, and proved their true love.




The wedding came a few months later. It was a small, private event; friends and family only, including Bunnymund's family. Bunny was allowed to wear traditional Pookan attire: a pastel-colored robe and an intricately carved, wooden crown. Jack looked gorgeous in a white tunic with a blue seam and white pants (still no shoes). He carried a bouquet of yellow jasmines. They never looked away from the other's eyes as they said their 'I dos'. They decided to go anywhere and everywhere on their honeymoon, wanting to travel together and get out of that old castle. Bunny's mom assisted them, giving them a stone on a chain that could create tunnels to places the user imagines. They would use it to go to places they always wanted, bringing fun, hope, and love with them.


A/N: This is the end! I wrote this in one night! I hope you enjoy. Happy JackRabbit Week, everyone. Go to tumblr and celebrate with me the 18th-26th (or till the 25th, in my case), and by the Moon, do NOT let this ship DIE!