It really didn't matter. It wasn't like I would question how it happened. Last thing I could remember was staring at the bomb. I could have pushed the abort button but what difference did it make? No. No difference. It was all meaningless anyways. In another reality I would have made a different choice and another earth would be created. The blinding light from the explosion light and then everything went black. I was sure I was dead but I wasn't. I was here. I was in Gotham. I knew this place anywhere. It really didn't matter how I got here. It didn't even matter that I knew this wasn't my world.

I jumped from roof top to roof top. My gear was completely intact. I was at least somewhat thankful for that. I had failed at making the only decision that would have meant anything. It's how it was though. I was in a new world, another world. I might of well make the best of it. By the looks of things the Crime Syndicate didn't exists here. What a shame. I glanced around the city. There wasn't much difference. It was still the dirty dark city I have known so well. I couldn't help but wonder if I existed here or not. If I doubt I would be the same person that I am now. Doesn't make much different really does it. After all that's how the world works. That's how all of reality works. Creating new worlds for each decision made.

No one really did have any purpose. We all didn't. No matter what we do the outcome would be different in another world. Even that being the case, I wasn't dumb enough to not take advantage of this all new situation. There seemed to be no point in sharing territory anymore. I smiled slightly at the thought. This was my world now. I will take advantage of that fact. There really is no point in me not doing so anyways. There is no point in any action anyone takes. So there's no harm in me taking full advantage of it either.

I felt the rain hit my face as it started coming down hard. That's another thing about this city that never changed it seemed. The weather would always get horrible. As I looked down from a roof down onto what was called crime alley. I couldn't help but smirk slightly. What I was glancing down was a tall man. If my guess were correct which they usually always were he was around 6 foot. He was very skinny. He was very white. Not humanly white. What caught my attention most was that through all the darkness of this city he stuck out like a sore thumb. He was wearing a very expensive purple suit, as well as a green under shirt and had a pink flower on his suit jacket. He also had purple slacks and black dress shoes on. His hair was a bright green that due to the rain was now messy and strands sticking to his face.

I normally wouldn't have bothered with jumping down from the roof. My owlsuit making me ease down slowly with my perfectly designed cape. What made me come to this normally pointless decision is he reminded me so much of Jokester.

The man turned around to face me. That's when I noticed the strangeness of his features and eyes truly. His eyes were like neon green. It seemed they could have glow in the dark. His face was skinny with a long pointed like nose and chin. But that smile he had plastered on his face reminded me most of Jokester. It was different though. It was wider and seemed more cruel with amusement as his eyes showed he had truly had blood on his hands before.
"So a new costume Batsy? Have to say I am little disappointed you didn't add some color this time. You are always so depressing you know that?" He laughed loudly.

So the Batman did exists in this world. Looks like things may get a little more gratifying for me after all. Not that it matters either way.

"I'm not the Bat." I said simply. At least I found someone who I could take some frustrations out that Jokester always caused me.

He laughed more, his eyes fixated on me.

"So another freak dressed up to fight crime?" He giggled.

"No." I started approaching.

He didn't even bother moving he kept that grin plastered on his face.

"You must be new around here. Here let me give you my card." A card slid from the clowns' sleeve, next thing I knew he was throwing it at me. I managed to dodge. His tricks seemed close to Jokester but obviously he was not the goodie good jokester was. If you could call him good. No human was after all.

He laughed and almost fell down how hard he was laughing.

I grabbed him by his shirt.

He frowned.

"You are so much worse than my darling Bats. No taste in style and are harder to get a laugh out of you than him." His smile returned quickly after I punched him hard. Blood dripped down the clowns nose. I had obviously broken it.

"Hehehahah.. at least you hit harder than him."

This may be an interesting world after all.

The alley filled with laughter as I made blow after blow towards the clown. His laughter never ending no matter how many bones I broke. Any trick he tried was too similar to Jokester just more lethal. The laughter finally died down. I looked down at the now limp unconscious clown on the ground. He would probably die with how many wounds I had inflicted on him. I pulled out my owlarang I stabbed into the clowns shoulder. I might as well leave my first message. This Gotham would soon find out who I am.

It didn't matter to me though.
Nothing matters after all.