Jaune first thought when his senses came back to him was somewhere along the lines of a groan, yawn, and yelp. He pushed himself into a standing position and saw the bright lights that were gleaming in the sky in a large interspersed ring around him. He glanced at the floor and saw it resembles a large forest floor along with a few trees and even some bushes. Jaune knelt and felt the dirt, it wasn't naturally spread, someone had dumped it here to emulate a forest floor; tree roots had grown enough to make the ground compact enough to resemble a hard floor. There was a floor under the dirt that was probably what the dirt was poured on.

Jaune's eyes widened when his memories hit him.

The ambush.

The abduction.

'Oh shit.'

He felt for his weapons and to his relief everything was there, he even felt his ancestry book in his pocket. He heard a clang and scowled as the light dimmed so they weren't blinding him. A large cage lowered on the other side of the makeshift forest and Jaune saw a yellow glowing stinger hovering in front multiple glowing red eyes. One of the first grimm he had encountered.

"Oh crap…" Jaune whispered as he drew his weapons.

Another sob escaped from Pyrrha's lips as she curled up on Jaune's bed. Ren held his head in his hands and Nora was attempting to blow up the training room from the amount of explosions sounding from the area. Team DVDD was also taking the loss hard. Dante had disappeared after he made a phone call and promised to try his hardest to find Jaune. Vaughn had decided to assist Drake and Daisuke from going out after their team leader, they needed to provide homefront info. Team RWBY was trying to cheer up their extended family but to be honest there was no way to help them. Ruby was trying to console Pyrrha by telling her that Jaune would come back, Yang had taken to confronting Nora, which wasn't yielding spectacular results, Blake had tried to talk to Ren, but his would brush her off before exhausting himself against training drones until he could barely think. This was the regular schedule they had all formed.

Train till completely exhausted. Rest until capable of movement. Eat. Fight and lament. Rinse and repeat.

To the rest of the teams it was a terrible thing to watch, some of the closely knit teams were unraveling at the seams because of one person gone.

Weiss had risen to the task by contacting her father and pleading for any information. He had acquiesced but only after hearing who had been abducted, as it turned out, the Arc family had interacted with the Schnee family in many social and some personal circles. Her father though had chosen to inform the Arc family.

Then things had gotten out of control.

John Arc stormed in and demanded for Ozpin to find his son or there would be hell to pay. Juniper had silently stood behind her husband icy cold murderous intent radiating like death itself. The turbulence had even gotten some media coverage and general resentment against Roman Torchwick had skyrocketed as the story got out that he had abducted a young student and was probably torturing him.

"Overall, the result of this clusterfuck isn't looking good." Yang sighed as Team RWBY settled down for lunch.

It had barely been half a week.

"We have to find Jaune!" Ruby said stabbing her plate angrily as though it had wronged her, "If I had caught that stupid Roman Torchwick, none of this would have happened!"

"Don't blame yourself, Ruby, and don't blame JNPR either, this was a setup. Jaune knew it before he was dragged off. Pyrrha, Ren, and Nora are already tearing themselves up over this and they don't need more guilt." Weiss comforted the distraught girl.

Blake shook her head, "Jaune probably knew something was off, I guess he didn't expect it to blow up in his face that badly."

Just then the news screen buzzed with static and Roman's chipper voice chimed out, "Hello there all my precious viewers!"

Several people swore and backed away from the screen as if the criminal would reach out and grab them if they were too close.

"Ruby get JNPR, now!" Yang commanded.

Ruby was already gone.

"She works fast." Weiss muttered glaring at the screen.

Roman leaned away from the camera and gestured to the area behind him, "As I am sure you've all heard, I have been accused of abducting a student from the prestigious Beacon Academy and taking him hostage. Well, you'd be correct! And since you all are so worried I have decided to give you all a bit of a show since you are all worried. And here he is, you friend, The White Kight!"

He swept his arm down and they saw Jaune with his weapons drawn and crouched low as he stared at the cage in front of him. His expression looked grim, as though he wasn't sure about his chances. Team (J)NPR came running in at this moment only to see Jaune steeling himself for one hell of a fight.

Roman chuckled, "Now what show would be complete without a bit of entertainment? Here is his opponent, A Deathstalker!"

The cage opened and the massive grimm skittered out and it's jaws clicked audibly. Pyrrha blanched with horror, Ren looked sick, and Nora clung to Ren's arm. The entire cafeteria was clouded with an atmosphere of horror, fear, anger, and doubt.

"Jaune can't fight a Deathstalker alone! He'll die!" Pyrrha screeched.

"Don't worry folks, we will providing full coverage of the battle! Cameras will be following the battle as these two battle to the death, place your bets and cross your fingers~!" Roman practically sang

Jaune shifted the angle of his sword, grimacing.

"My disadvantages are huge." He muttered, "I don't have backup, my ammo is limited and my sword will barely crack or scratch that thing's exoskeleton, Arachne had relatively thinner exoskeletons because they had webs and other advantages. Deathstalkers focused on charging and stabbing their prey with their poison-filled tail. My advantages are that if I can make a large enough hole I can essentially burn the grimm from the inside out."

That was all Jaune had time to think before the Grimm had lost patience and charged. Jaune dashed sideways as the tail came down on the place he had been standing. He scanned the beast looking for any pre-made weakness he could exploit. The grimm had clearly seen some mileage as there were numerous cuts and dents marring it's body. Jaune gauged the areas that were the softest on the grimm.

"The underbelly and the joints, maybe the eyes, if I can blind it, I might be able to do this. Clearly is a creature of instinct and although I can outmaneuver it, the forest is its playing field. It can uproot the trees so I better be careful, hiding and taking out it eyes with a fire arrow will be my best bet…" Jaune mouthed silently.

Suddenly the tail was bearing down on him and Jaune raised his shield just in time to keep from being flattened. He gritted his teeth and shifted to the side, rolling away from the tail which thudded to the ground. Jaune turned his roll into a run after using his momentum to clamber to his feet. Jaune didn't even try to slash, he knew it would cost him more time than he could afford to spare at the moment.

"The tail wasn't in the correct position anyway." He muttered sullenly.

Jaune sheathed his blade and slapped the sheath and sword combo onto his hip. The Deathstalker chittered angrily and began to stab at him with its tail as he drew his bow. He ducked and rolled sideways to avoid one jab and twisted back for all he was worth, narrowly avoiding the tail as it whipped sideways and sliced the air in front of him. He dug his heels in and jumped onto a tree as the tail moved back to skewer him again. The tail shot forward towards him and Jaune vaulted of the side of the tree and drew a red arrow from his quiver while unfolding his bow. Time slowed down as the knight took sight of his target and the arrow flared with aura, he needed to make this shot count.

'NOW.' He though and let the arrow fly.

Pyrrha heart was going through multiple gymnastic routines as she watch Jaune fight the deathstalker. He was nearly crushed and stabbed and the classmates gasped and groaned as if they were there themselves. When he narrowly dodged the stinger from slashing him across the chest – close enough to actually ruffle his hoodie – she wanted to scream. Ren was glaring at the screen as if he could somehow join if he looked hard enough. Nora was bouncing worriedly in her seat, trembling as she watched someone she had come to care about as a brother nearly die.

Jaune's arrow stabbed right into the center of where the eyes were, missing all them and planting itself firmly in the exoskeleton.

Several people groaned as they lamented Jaune's luck.

They never noticed Jaune's grin until the arrow erupted in fire and sear the grimm's eyes into bubbling liquids. Jaune landed in a roll and drew his data blade and knight's sword before launching himself the grim and slicing off one of its legs, before the monster could straighten. The entire room cheered and several people shouted "Good one!" as the Deathstalker toppled onto one side.

Jaune skidded to a stop and glanced at his data blade and knight's sword, both of them glowing with aura.

"Thank Monty that worked." He panted heavily, "If I can keep ambushing it I can eventually disable the arms and tail."

He struck out with another aura-assisted hit and run, his blade slicing deep into the joints that connected the Deathstalker's pincers to its torso. The grimm chittered in anger and pain before it swung wildly with its tail, trying to slam Jaune away. Jaune had already disengaged and was waiting again. In another flash of white, he carved off another Deathstalker leg and vaulted away, leaving the Deathstalker to continue its frenzied rampage. Suddenly The Deathstalke began to writhe and –

"Shrink?" Jaune muttered as he suddenly felt the need to draw his shield.

The beast shrunk and a crisp crackling filled the air. Jaune stashed the data blade and drew his shield with expanded to full size as he took a defensive stance.

"Oh? I must have forgotten to mention…" Roman chuckled, "We tested on grimm and human alike and thanks to a few… hidden beneficiaries we have managed to fuse human and grimm qualities together. Try to survive, White Knight."

Jaune instinctively wrapped his aura around him and shifted to duck behind his shield. He felt something crack against it with an incredible amount of force, sending him skidding back. Jaune gritted his teeth and bunted the blow off his shield and slashed with his sword only to see a twisted arm block the sword with a hand glowing with black smoky aura. Jaune stared at the twisted and deranged eyes of what was once human. Bone plates reminiscent of grimm face plates had grown out of his right arm and had also sprouted form his left. Bone plates had even covered the right side of his face, shrouding one of his eyes till you could only see one of his red pupils gleam. Mandible-like protrusions had sprouted along his jaw, his mouth was open as drool dripped from his mouth and down his chin. His ribcage had extended past his chest, forming squirming bug legs that twitched and vibrated. The transformation had affected his lower body and his normal human legs were now bug-like with three claws that acted like a makeshift foot.

The instant shattered as Jaune snarled and lashed out with an aura powered slice into the grimmfested human. The pure white aura sliced through the smoky black aura like a lightning bolt cutting into the night sky, carving off the limb blocking the blade. The man howled as the legs sprouting from his torso twitched and slammed into Jaune's chest, gouging deep scratches into his chestplate. Jaune tumbled back and his body began to glow with white aura as his adversary howled and less substantial aura began to drift out of his body.

"You're monsters!" Jaune roared as he switched back to duel wielding his data blade and knight's sword, "Look at what you have done to him!"

Roman sighed dreamily (clearly mocking Jaune), a sneer painted on his face, "Isn't it beautiful?"

Horror and disgust had fallen like a shroud over the audience. There were monsters in the world, entities without a soul, they were already named grimm. How could human stoop so low as to actually rip someone's sanity to shreds by fusing them to a grimm?

"My god." Weiss sounded appalled, "Is that what they plan to do to Jaune?"

Everyone snapped their head towards her and immediately looked back at the screen.

Jaune let out a frustrated growl as he used his sword to slice off three of the legs jutting out of the grimmfested's chest only to receive a punch to the gut from the stump of the arm he had cut off earlier. Jaune stabbed his sword into the beast's arm and yanked him forward tossing him across the stage and the thing slams into the wall.

It wasn't human anymore, and all Jaune can really feel is hollow and scared as he realizes he is completely at Roman's mercy for this.

That insanity could one day be a part of him.

It probably WILL be a part of him.

The once-human creature howls and a stinger whips out from the base of its spine.

Jaune hadn't even counted that the thing could GROW a tail with stinger.

Jaune does hope for one thing, and that tail seems easier to cut, but as it turns out, it really isn't.

Jaune crashed into the side of a tree and rolled onto his side, pain flaring as his chest plate shattered. He brushed the white shards of metal clinging to the straps of his now impaired armor and raised his shield to block the stinger from plunging into his eye. He shifted under and around, bringing his sword down in a stab, plunging it in the fleshy joint just beneath, the image of Ren shooting the stinger during initiation in his mind.

Jaune spun and twisted his blade, wrenching the yellow stinger out of the bone socket. The creature howled again in rage and charged.

Jaune turned, eye a mix of determination and sadness, "I am sorry, I wish that it were otherwise."

His sword flared with aura as the monster charged; Jaune raised his sword and brought it down with a roar and a flash of white.

Blood splattered the world.

There was a quiet sort of fear in the school's atmosphere as they saw Jaune slice the creature in half. He stood there for a moment eyes wide before falling to his hands and knees and retching in horror and disgust.

A spear suddenly shot through the screen and shattered the screen. Everybody glanced at the Spartan which had rage and anger radiating like a wave of heat. Tears pooled in her eyes and she used her semblance to retrieve her spear and stormed out of the room.

Ren followed suit an icy sort of fury hanging over him. Nora left without a word.

"We will find you. I promise you Jaune. We will find you, and bring you home." Pyrrha growled.

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