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Chapter 1: Prologue

"People once believed that when someone dies,

a Crow carries their soul to the land of the dead,

but sometimes something so bad happens

that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest.

Then sometimes, just sometimes,

the Crow can bring the soul back and put the wrong things right.

Things can never be right.

My soul will never rest.

Not until we are together again!..."

For most of the people that day would never be more than just another boring day of their lives.

But for seven people, seven friends that day will always be the day when they lost their happiness for the rest of their lives. For them it would be the day the 6 six of them lost their best friend and one of them had lost his girlfriend…forever.

The sunniest day for them had turned into the darkest night. The warmth of the wind had turned into the deadly coldness of the storm coming up.

Seven people were standing, speechless, with tears rolling down from their eyes. Their hands were still covered with the blood of their beloved girlfriend and sister by heart. They were just sitting there, watching her lifeless body, lost in the depths of their pain. No one wanted to move. No one wanted to talk. No one wanted to leave. No one wanted… to live.

She was lying in the ground in front of them, cold and breathless. She was so close, but still, so far. Her eyes were now closed, but the grimace of pain and terror was still readable on her face. She had stopped bleeding, but the blood that had left her body was still all over her.

The friends were holding each other's hands, knowing that they would be forever marked, bounded and chased by the death of the girl they would always love and miss with all their hearts. If there was something they knew for sure, it was the fact that they couldn't live without her.

Then they got back deep in their thoughts, remembering the events leading to her death. Or the parts they knew of it. Six of them would never know the real reason and the one who's responsible for her death. Only one of them would be forever chased by the truth, by the gilt of knowing her real murderer, and most of all by knowing the beautiful girl lying dead in front of him had saved her, giving the most precious thing she could give: her own life.

Because that was the person she always was for all of them and they would always remember her that way in their hearts – strong, fearless, confident, strong-minded, and always ready to give her life for them all.

Then, right then and right there, they made a vow to each other, to do the impossible to bring their friend back. They were ready to pay the price. What they weren't ready for, was their life without her.

So lonely

So sad

So down and out

So dead.