Chapter one

After some rest, some healing and some food, Harry spoke with Kingsley and McGonagall, told them to watch the memory he left in Dumbledore's pensieve, that would give them some information without Harry having to explain, because right now, he didn't want to go into all the details. Then Harry and Hermione went with the Weasley's back to Muriel's place. Harry was trying to argue, saying he'd stay with Aberforth, but everyone all said Harry had to join the family to have some decent rest and away from the crowds which would want to see him. Reluctantly Harry agreed because he knew it was true, everyone would want to see him now. Voldemort, the worst dark wizard in history was dead, at Harry Potter's hands. Celebration parties were going on all over the magical world, people were raising their glasses toasting Harry's name, that is the only reason Harry decided to go with the Weasley's, he didn't want the attention and even though he knew he'd get it when he went out, for now, he was just too exhausted to put up with all that.

So Arthur led his family out of the ruined castle, Ron taking Hermione's arm to guide her, while Arthur took Harry's arm, then they all apparated away. The group wearily walked into the house, sat at the table, while Molly went about making tea and lunch for everyone.

'Arthur, that blasted wireless said he was dead and Potter did it, but nothing else,' Muriel said as she hurried to the kitchen.

'It's true Muriel, Harry killed him,' Arthur looked cautiously over at Harry who had his head on his arms as he sat next to Hermione.

Harry lifted his head, nodded, 'Yeah, he's gone,' Harry sighed then put his head back down again, 'So are a lot of others.'

'Fred never made it Muriel,' Arthur said sadly at his put his hand on George's shoulder.

'Then you all need rest.'

'We did for a while at Hogwarts, had something to eat, some healing, then we had to wait for Kingsley to organise for Fred to be taken away.'

'I can't get any information on what happened apart from him being dead,' Muriel sat down next to her nephew.

'Well, apart from him, most of his supporters are dead, some escaped, not many though.'

'It was thanks to Charlie bringing all those other people, that's when it turned in our favour,' Harry said as he looked over at Charlie and gave him a small smile, 'Then the house elves came out to fight, the hippogriffs, centaurs, everyone,' Harry sighed.

'They turned up and wanted to turn up because they heard him say you were dead Harry. Blimey, we all thought you were,' Charlie sighed, 'McGonagall surprised me, when she saw your dead body, well, you weren't dead, but we all thought you were.'

'Yeah, I've never heard McGonagall show such strong emotions before, she must like you Harry,' Bill said.

'We've always had this connection, I don't know why actually. But I never expected to hear that from her, then I heard Hermione,' Harry bumped his shoulder against Hermione and gave her a kindly smile.

'That slightest bump has made it bleed again Harry,' Hermione put her hand over Harry's shoulder, 'Mrs. Weasley, have you got something to help with this?'

'Give me a look Harry?'

'Madame Pomfrey said it'll take a while before it heals, dark magic always does,' Harry fumbled tiredly with his buttons and moved his shirt aside, 'I just wish it would stop bleeding.'

'Hold this to it until I can make a potion, Poppy gave me the list of ingredients so I can make your potion.' Molly put a cloth to Harry's shoulder and pressed firmly.

'Thanks Mrs. Weasley,' Harry pressed his hand to his shoulder, 'You know, I could do with a drink and I don't drink.'

'You know what harry, I think we could all do with one,' Arthur gave Harry a small smile then got up and poured everyone a small drink of old Odgen's Firewhiskey, 'To surviving, to him being gone, for good this time, to everyone we lost, for Fred,' Arthur raised his glass and everyone clinked glasses before drinking.

'Are you sure it's for good this time because we all thought last time he was gone for good?' Muriel asked but looked at Harry.

'Yes, he made sure he could come back last time, but we destroyed his dark objects, so this time he really is dead and Kingsley is having his body burned. It was all thanks to the information Dumbledore had been collecting for years, then told me,' Harry took another sip of his drink.

'Which ones survived, Bellatrix?' Muriel asked.

'No, Molly took care of her,' Arthur said proudly as he stared at his wife.

'She almost killed Ginny, I wasn't going to let her get away with that.'

'Scared the life out of me when you told us to stay back,' Harry gave Mrs. Weasley a smile, 'I was still shielding everyone while I was under my cloak, I was ready to shield you if needed, but you didn't. I think I know why all of you are scared of your mother,' Harry smirked at all the Weasley kids.

'Yes, everyone got to see that side of Molly. So after some rest and something to eat, we'll go see if the Burrow is still standing.'

'You're not going alone Arthur,' Molly said sternly.

'No mum, we'll go with dad,' Bill said.

'We have to go back and get our stuff, I just hope it's still there,' Harry said.

'We did hide our bags Harry, it's everything else that might be destroyed. We won't know until we go back to look,' Hermione said.

'Where is your stuff?' Charlie asked.

'In the tent in the Forest of Dean, that's where we were staying last until Greyback and some snatchers caught us. When we escaped Malfoy Manor we went to Bill's for a while,' Ron said with his head on his arms and not once did he lift it.

'We couldn't risk going back before in case they left someone to watch over the area,' Harry sighed again.

'Then we'll head to get your stuff, then to the Burrow, the more wands the better,' Arthur said.

'Yep, it probably would dad,' Ron said and again kept his head on his arms.

'Here Harry,' Molly said handing Harry a potion.

Harry grimaced, then drank, 'Oh shit, why do they always taste terrible?'

'You think you'd be used to these by now, with the amount of injuries you've had over the years,' Ron shrugged.

'Yeah, you would think so, wouldn't you? Thanks Mrs. Weasley,' Harry handed her back the vial and the cloth from his shoulder, did his shirt back up before putting his head back down on his arm, 'I am so knackered, not tired to sleep, just weary.'

'It's a wonder you aren't tired, the three of you, it's been almost two days since you three slept properly,' Arthur said.

'It's everything, we've been on the go none stop, can't close down,' Ron said still with his head on his arms.

Everyone felt the same, they were still too wound up to close down, but they knew eventually everyone would sleep and probably for a long time, especially Ron, Hermione and Harry.