Chapter twenty five

Over the next few months Harry and Charlie were enjoying their exciting but relaxing holiday, filled with wonderful sights and relaxing days, some spent on a beach. Charlie had taken Harry to where he used to work in Romania so he could introduce his husband to the people he used to work with. When they saw Harry Potter all of them stood in stunned silence making Harry shrug while Charlie laughed, he finally introduced Harry to everyone and even though they were a little intimidated being in Harry Potter's presence, Harry spoke with everyone trying to relay to them that he was just a normal bloke, nothing special about him at all. It wouldn't matter what Harry said or did, everyone will see him as special. After that they travelled all over the world, staying in one country for a few weeks before heading to another. It was about three months before Charlie started to see a change in Harry, he had started to relax properly. There were days Charlie would see a very contented and peaceful look on Harry's face especially when he would doze off in the middle of the day, Charlie would lie beside Harry watching his face and he realised that Harry was slowly healing, slowly putting his past to rest. But Charlie also knew it came down to their love and what that love had finally produced.

On the last day of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall had informed all students to be in the great hall before leaving Hogwarts, some for the very last time.

'I know the last few years has been trying on all of you, for the older students more so. All of you did what you had to, what you felt was the right thing to do to help protect our way of life. Now I know the students who fought in the battle of Hogwarts has already been awarded for their bravery and applauded for doing what was right even if that meant there was a chance you could die. This is not about that, this is about putting that behind you and working through the year so you could leave Hogwarts with the best test results you could get ready to head out into the world as working adult. I congratulate all of at being able to put all the suffering behind you to do what you needed,' Minerva and all the staff started to applaud then the students from first year up to seventh year applauded the eighth year students who would be leaving Hogwarts for the very last time. 'Now I think we should head outside, for some of you there is a surprise waiting,' Minerva smiled then lead the students outside. Once everyone was gathered down on the grass Minerva nodded, 'Alright Hagrid, you can move aside now.'

Hagrid grinned then stepped away revealing Harry Potter smiling hugely at everyone, but naturally at all his friends who surged forward, hugging Harry as tight as they could.

'Where's Charlie?' Ron glanced around.

'He's here, we thought it best that none of you accidentally knocked him or hugged him too tight. Charlie love,' Harry smiled then watched as Bill, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and all the other turned to see Charlie standing next to Minerva. Harry burst out laughing as Bill, Ron and Ginny's mouths dropped open almost hitting the ground, 'Yep, I got my husband knocked up, amazing isn't it.'

'But…but…how, he's a man?' Hermione babbled seeing Charlie with a huge pregnant stomach.

'With powerful magic and a lot of love,' Charlie said as smiled, he joined Harry, they put their arm around each other, 'It seemed that Harry's power was able to work a few things, so in two months' time our children will be born, a son named James Sirius Weasley Potter and a daughter named Lily Charlene Weasley Potter.'

'I know Harry has surprised and shocked people before, but I don't think anyone is going to get over this surprise any time soon,' Minerva smiled, 'A man that was pregnant, surprising. But as Albus Dumbledore always said, love is the most powerful magic there is, we've just seen proof of that.'

'Twins, you're really having twins?' Ginny very gently put her hand on Charlie's stomach, 'They kicked, there's really babies in there, inside my brother.'

'I think your sister's in shock babe.'

Charlie chuckled, 'Sounds like it love. Yes, I'm pregnant with twins, get used to it.'

'But Harry, how?' Hermione asked again.

'We'll explain at the Burrow. So you lot, go on, get onto the carriages so you can ride the Hogwarts express for the very last time. Charlie and I will meet you at the Burrow later today.'

'Bloody hell,' Ron said still gaping at his brother, 'What is it with you Harry Potter. I go from thinking okay, so my best mate is gay and with my brother, he'll never have kids of his own, now,' Ron waved his hand at Charlie's stomach.

'I'll explain Ron, there's a lot to go into. Just know that I used some of my power and love for Charlie to achieve this miracle.'

'I'm with Ron, I can't believe this. Does the rest of the family know?' Bill asked.

'No, Harry and I wanted all of you to know first. But we're heading out to tell mum and dad before word spreads,' Charlie nodded to all the students.

'Good idea, okay, we'll see you there,' Bill hugged Charlie then Harry, finally everyone else hugged the couple before climbing into the thestral drawn carriages. Harry smiled at Minerva as she hugged him first then Charlie.

'You look wonderful Harry, this holiday was exactly the thing you needed.'

'Yeah, it was Minerva,' Harry grinned, 'We had a wonderful time.'

'We should go before mum and dad hear about this from someone else.'

'Oh yes and if that happened I think I would hear Molly from here,' Minerva hugged Harry and Charlie again then watched as they walked slowly down the long drive, still with their arms around each other, 'Truly a miracle,' she smiled then turned and headed back into the castle.

Harry and Charlie stared at the large house, they both grinned then with joined hands they stepped into the kitchen. It took a second before Molly Weasley was hugging Charlie and Arthur Weasley asking how this was possible.

Later that day Harry and Charlie were sitting with Molly and Arthur, George, Fred, Angelina, Percy, Bill and Fleur who was holding Victoire, when Ron, Hermione and Ginny raced into the house. So after a lot more hugs and something to drink, Harry explained that he had worked a charm that could change the inside of himself enough to fall pregnant and carry a child. It was Charlie's idea to be the one to get pregnant, so Harry tweaked his charm which naturally worked.

'So we have Victoire and very soon we'll have two more grandchildren, James and Lily. Was that your idea Harry, to name them after your parents?' Molly asked kindly.

Harry shook his head, 'I thought of using their names as the middle name, Charlie insisted that our first two children will be named James and Lily Potter, I agreed only if Weasley was added to their names.'

'Your parents would be honoured and I think very proud of you Harry, and you Charlie for suggesting something we all know Harry would love but he probably didn't want to ask. Am I right Harry?'

Harry shrugged, 'Yeah, but Charlie knows me so well and even though I tried to argue with him, he never gave him.'

'I had him tied to the bed and refused to release him until he agreed, then I left him tied up until he was begging.'

'I give up, you might as well tell them everything we do babe, it's impossible to stop you.'

'Nah, I just give them an image, they can imagine the rest, which I'm sure they get right every time. But now, I'm hungry, I want a banana with some chocolate sauce, and Yorkshire pudding.'

Everyone gapped at Charlie as he started to ramble off all types of food, some normal, but some you wouldn't want to eat, sausages with strawberry topping, sprinkled with nuts and all Harry did was shrug letting them know that he was used to Charlie's strange and unusual cravings. Being pregnant did make most women eat unusual things. Now they were seeing men can feel the exact same thing, thanks to Harry Potter who has made it possible for all gay couples to be able to have their own children, belonging to both. He saved the magical world from Voldemort, now he was going to help populate it and everyone knew that there were going to be a lot of babies named after the saviour, Harry Potter.

The end: