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2 months after the vision

"Jane, please just talk to me!" I shouted after her. We had finished a quick hunt and even during the hunt she was distant from me. Choosing a separate target than me as opposed to our usual method of sharing. And then afterwards she had gone off into the forest without a word to me. I had finally reached my limit and couldn't stand the silence between us any more. Which has lead to me now following her into the forest. I could see her heavy black cloak flowing and whipping in the wind she created as she ran. No doubt my own was doing the same thing. I pushed my legs harder and faster, propelling myself forward at an unimaginable speed, the gap between us decreasing, becoming smaller and smaller with each stride of my legs.

My hand stretched out in front of me, determined to grab hold of her. When the space between us was small enough I coiled the muscles in my legs tight and unleashed them, springing forward and tackling into Jane. Albeit I sent us hurling and rolling in the snow but I still caught her. Jane reacting on instinct began fighting against the hold I had on her and thanks to her far greater experience she had me pinned beneath her in no time. She was growling deeply and lowly at me and I snaked my hand around her arms in order to hold her in place. Her growls began to subside as she realised I was not a threat or danger to her, her eyes returned to their vibrant red colour instead of the black they became when she felt threatened.

"Janie it's only me my angel. Please just talk to me. I'm sorry for upsetting you. I can promise you that I never meant any of what I said, I was angry and annoyed and I lashed out at everyone but I know I shouldn't have lashed out towards you. You know I love you more than anything and I would do whatever you wanted if you would just speak to me. I miss your sweet voice my love" I pleaded and begged her, Jane's expression remained completely blank and I sighed in defeat, thinking my words had fallen of deaf ears. My hope returned however, when Jane's beautiful lips curled into her deliciously mischievous smile that I had missed seeing beyond words. Her eyebrows rose challengingly and her eyes had their playful spark back in them. She slowly started leaning her head down towards me, the pieces of her blonde hair that had fallen from her bun tickled the sides of my face.

"Anything?" She purred seductively in my ear, her lips grazing the ear teasingly. I felt relief and arousal flood through me at seeing Jane like this again. Raising my arms I softly gripped the back of her head and tilted until her ear was at my mouth.

"Anything" I breathed out huskily and felt a shiver run through the vixen on top of me. Jane lifted her upper body and placed my hands at either side of my head where I kept them as her own moved to the ground, holding her above me. A soft, purr of arousal fell freely from Jane's smirking blood red lips and her tongue slipped between them, licking seductively. Her eyes seemed to bore into my own; and after a couple of minutes, I could no longer keep myself from having my hands on Jane. Our lips crashed together as I launched myself upwards, crushing our bodies together and tangling my hands in her messed up bun. There was nothing else around us now, we were the only things that mattered. Just the two of us. It didn't take long for things to get desperate and needy. Our hands were soon tearing and yanking away any clothing, a fire raged through me as I felt our skin meet again after so long. The gasp that escaped my mouth, and broke our kiss, was unstoppable and incredibly wanton. Jane chuckled deeply as I nuzzled my face into her delectable neck, at first just to feel closer to Jane, then I began placing sweet gentle kisses there as Jane's hands travelled the length of my body while she shifted and lay us down in the ground with me on top. The sweet kisses soon turned into light, playful bites that my angel answered with pleasurable moans encouraging me to bite harder and harder each time.

"My sweet, please. I swear I will never be mad at you again if you make love to me right now. Four weeks without you was unbearable and I am so desperate for you" Jane breathed into my ear so I took things further. I snaked a hand to her breast and started to create feather light circles with my index finger, gradually making my way closer to her hardened nipple. While I began to lick and suck my way from her neck to her other breast Jane began gasping and groaning in anticipation. When my lips reached her breast I took her nipple into my mouth at the same time my other hand pinched the other. Jane's hand gripped my hair as she groaned underneath me. My tongue and fingers endlessly teased and flicked at her nipples as I delighted in the sounds pouring uninhibitedly from my angel's lips and the harsh, slightly painful, yet pleasurable, tugs I felt in my hair.

Without any conscious control, the hand I was using to tease and tug her nipple started trailing it's way down, softly stroking and caressing the smooth skin of her body on it's journey. Inside I felt as though I was dying with the need to touch every inch of Jane's perfect body and my actions were mirroring that want. My hand soon arrived at it's desired location. It never ceased to amaze me when I felt how wet Jane would get for me. I took my time with her, slowly caressing her outer lips, feeling the wetness flow from her and coat my exploring fingers.

The mewls escaping Jane's luscious lips caused my own wetness to grow and my need for her grew to a desperate height.

"Jane" I groaned out as my hips bucked downwards, I slid two fingers into my love and heard her moan her approval. Slowly I moved my fingers in and out of her tight walls, enjoying the feel of her clenching muscles as they tried to keep me inside her body. Jane's own hands were running the length of my body as I made love to her and in a matter of minutes I felt one of her hands slip three fingers into my centre causing a deep, guttural moan to rise from my throat as I adjusted to the delicious feeling of being stretched by Jane's fingers after so long without her.

"Oh my Jane" I gasped as her fingers settled deep inside of me and my own fingers ceased their movement inside Jane. I looked down at Jane's perfect face with heavy lidded eyes and took in her mischievous smirk and her dark red eyes.

"Come on lover, ride my fingers as you make love to me" She whispered and straight away I began moving my fingers slowly as lifted my hips, feeling Jane's fingers leaving my body before I dropped my weight back down, plunging them back inside as I thrust into Jane. Both of us letting out breathy moans and gasps of each others names. My actions began picking up speed as I neared orgasm, desperate to reach the peak of pleasure that only Jane could bring me to.

As we continued taking pleasure from one another I found my eyes falling, locking onto Jane's and suddenly we were all that mattered at this moment. Not the Cullens, not the Denalis, the army, the impending battle. Not even The Volturi. Just the two of us together. And as our connection continued I poured as much of my love for Jane into my eyes, feeling my peak coming uncontrollably closer I leaned down and locked my lips with Jane's into an earth-moving kiss as the waves of our orgasms crashed over the two of us and we shuddered into one another.

As the waves slowly faded from my body I broke our languid embrace and lifted my hips, feelings Jane's fingers leave my body as I pulled mine from hers. A final groan left my lips as I felt the emptiness where Jane had been. MY angel lay beneath me, curiously watching my movements with a content smile gracing her lips and I felt my heart swoon with utter adoration and pride at the knowledge that my love was happy again and that I had made her this way. My head tilted to the side as I looked down at her before I lowered my body against hers again and lay myself down against her chest, draping an arm over Jane's pale torso. Strong, petite arms encased my body as a gentle kiss was placed against the crown of my head. Soft purrs soon started between us, both finally happy to be in the others arms at last.

"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" I quipped playfully, but underneath there was a seriousness as I felt a flicker doubt in myself. The arms around me tightened and pulled me impossibly closer to the body beneath me.

"My love, you were forgiven the moment you caught me. I am sorry for over-reacting to what you said. I just don't take well to being called childish. That an I felt as though you were blaming me for all the tension between all of us. I know you may not believe I have to retaliate towards Cullen when he starts one of his rants or tries to stake claim to you, but I do. Can you honestly tell me that if another wanted me and openly challenged you for me that you would be able to hold back, even when they do so for weeks?" Jane asked me and I pictured the scenario in my mind.

"No. I wouldn't be able to not retaliate in some way. But I would try not to, because I know that you love me. Only me" I answered, placing a kiss against the soft skin of her chest.

"The I will try not to do so, but there will be times where my, let's face it, limited patience runs out and I feel I have to knock the fool down a peg or two" I laughed at her promise and nodded my head in acceptance.

"Deal. Besides, when this is over you will have your chance to get revenge for every little thing he has done to anger you. Him and the rest of the Cullen family" I grinned wickedly up at her and chuckled in amusement as her face fell into a sadistic grin.

'God I love this woman' I thought to myself as I buried my face into her neck, taking in her sweet scent that was forever engrained into my being. Jane was all I needed in this world.

When we returned to the Denali home, our clothes ripped in places and wrinkled and our hands interlinked, we were met with a quiet ambiance which in it's self was immediately suspicious to us. As we entered the living room all eyes snapped to Jane and myself, including the eyes of people I had not seen in months. There in front of us stood the elite guard: Alec, Sophia, Felix, Demetri, Leah, Santiago and Chelsea. I couldn't help but break into a huge grin at the sight of the people who I considered my closest friends. Their faces also broke into similar smiles and smirks as they took in mine and Jane's state of dress. Looking to Jane I saw her fighting a smile as well, she soon lost the battle when Alec ran across the room and embraced his twin sister. Wrapping her tightly to himself, Jane giving in and returning the gesture.

"My how I have missed you sister" Alec said as he pulled away from their hug, he then turned to me and took one of my hands in both of his and bent down to place a kiss on my knuckles.

"And of course I've missed my sister's better half" He cheekily joked making me laugh and Jane scowl before she pulled me into her.

"Speaking of better halves, how have you been dear Sophia? Still putting up with my scoundrel of a brother?" Jane quipped earning chuckles from the guards as Sophia made her way towards her mate.

"Of course Jane, after all I have him well trained by now" Sophia winked at Jane. Sophia was certainly a beautiful and strong willed woman. Though I suppose you had to be if you were Alec's mate considering that the world knew how close the 'witch twins' were and any who wanted Alec had to gain Jane's approval. And vice versa. Sophia was around 17 when she had been turned but her actual age was close to 200 years old. She had long, jet black hair that fell below her waist, a perfect contrast to her porcelain white skin. Adding in her bright red eyes and she was certainly striking when you saw her. She was only an inch taller than Jane, standing at 5'1" and had a fuller, but still slender frame. Sophia came to the Volturi after her previous coven mate was killed by another vampire, seeking revenge against them. Thanks to fate she never left when she found her mate in Alec. That alone guaranteed her a place in the Volturi but her promotion straight into the elite came from her gift. Sophia had the ability to know exactly what a persons weaknesses and strengths were just by looking at them. When I had asked her how her ability worked she had told me "whenever I look at somebody I hear my own voice in my head tell me exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. And then I see a vision of sorts show me how best to defeat them or use them if they become my ally" Aro soon saw the benefit of having her within the ranks of the elite and made her such. And despite her ferocity in battle and in her duties as a guard Sophia was still easy to be around when you were alone with her.

I smiled warmly at her and nodded my head in greeting. Then I turned my attention towards the others in the room. I greeted Felix, Demetri and Chelsea with polite hellos and friendly hugs; Leah was a different story. I walked toward her and wrapped her in a friendly hug that was returned. Granted we had not been on the friendliest terms before I became a vampire but since she was pretty much forced to come with the Volturi we had started to get along a lot better. Especially since Chelsea was influencing Leah's bonds with the Volturi. But no one was going to tell Leah that.

I looked to Jane again who was glaring at Felix with absolute hatred. A hopeless sigh left my lips, she could certainly hold grudges. I felt a little peeved that Jane had refused to forgive Felix still considering that I myself had forgiven him and I was the one who got hurt. Hell it wasn't even his fault! Paul was the one who had caused the damage. But then a voice inside my head would always whisper to me "you wouldn't forgive him if Jane had been hurt" which is true.

"Jane, stop glaring at him my love. What's done is done. Besides we have a job to do remember and he is helping us to do that job" I spoke softly to her as I wrapped my arm around her waist and kiss her cheek smoothed her face into it's bored appearance but wrapped her arm around me and we stood holding each other while looking at the faces around the room. It was certainly getting cramped for space with how many vampires, and Leah, were now here. There were now twenty four of us all squashed into the Denali home. The house itself was definitely not small but when you tried to fit twenty four people into one room it sure felt that way.

"Well we were wondering where you two had got to considering when Emmett and Rosalie here returned from escorting you on your hunt the two of you did not return with them. But looking at your current state I'd hazard a guess at what had you two so distracted" Demetri joked in his deep, monotonous voice and Emmett's booming laughter sounded in response.

"You two have definitely made up then?" Emmett asked through his laughter and I chuckled knowingly, thinking back to when we made up. Now there was an uncomfortable silence in the room as we each just looked around at one another, the Cullens and Denalis clearly wary of the presence of so many guard members and the rest of the guard stood stoic and official now that the greetings were over with. Finally Eleazar cleared his throat to garner our attention and broke the silence.

"Thank you for coming, my coven and I appreciate the help of the guard with this matter" He bowed his head respectfully and it was Alec who answered his thanks.

"You're welcome old friend. Aro is still very fond of you after all these years even after..." Alec trailed off but we knew what he meant. Even after Eleazar left the guard.

"Besides you know the dangers posed by an army of newborns and you also know that they are an illegal creation after the southern wars" Alec continued.

"Of course Alec. Not to sound ungrateful for the help you are giving to us old friends I must ask that you hunt a few cities over. People going missing near to us is bad as you know considering our permanent residence" Eleazar reasoned and the guard looked to Jane who nodded in acceptance of the terms.

Eleazar, seeing that his request would be followed, began explaining all that had happened regarding Shaun including who the newborn nestled in Tanya's arms was and why she was now helping us.

One week later

Ever since the guard arrived one week ago there had been a surprising rise in moral. Everyone seemed to be getting along better with one another. I think it was because now the odds were not as low as they were before the extra help had been sent to us. And to my absolute surprise but also delight Jane had not been as short tempered towards the vegetarian vampires, Edward included. But only because if any remarks were made towards the Volturi or Jane and myself we had the rest of the guard there to defend us allowing Jane to drag me from the room and into our own so she could release her pent up aggression and tension. And I was never resistant to her new way of dealing with being where we are. In fact I loved the extra attention I was getting from my mate.

The whole lot of us were currently in a large snow covered mountain training. I was stood watching as Jane fought against Kate. Neither were allowed to use their gifts in this fight and I was pleased with how long Kate was making the fight last. When the pair first fought it was over in mere moments but now it had been going on close to a minute. In the next few seconds though Jane had Kate face down in the snow with her hands wrapped around skate's neck, cracks splintering the pale skin there. I congratulated my love on her win and when she had sauntered back to my side I gave her a celebratory kiss for her victory.

"Well done my love" I murmured against her lips and I felt hers smile against my own. A growl brought us from our moment and without even looking away from each other both of us knew who the growl had come from. 'Fucking Edward!' I hissed in my mind. Ever so slowly I looked towards him and raised my eyebrow in question.

"Something you wish to say Cullen?" I asked in barely restrained anger. He immediately put on a hurt look and spoke to me.

"Bella why are you doing this? You have to know that you're mine and not hers! How can you still be fighting our bond? I have been patient with you and told you how sorry I am for leaving you, why still punish me this way?" He pleaded with me in a whiny voice that made me roll my eyes at him. I just shook my head and turned to look at Jasper.

"Jasper you and...Alec" I spoke and Jasper nodded before walking into the centre of our circle. Alec kissed Sophia and took his place. I heard footsteps behind me and a hand suddenly grip my shoulder, it's grip harsh and slightly painful before I could turn around the hand suddenly lifted and I heard a growl of pain, spinning around I saw Edward on the ground with a huge, silver wolf stood over him growling at him, white fangs bared.

"Leah" I called out and she looked over to me and I smiled slightly in thanks but motioned for her to move away from the idiot she had pinned beneath her. Her huge paws moved off of Edward and she jogged back to her previous placed next to Felix who was looking at her in wonder, as though she were he most amazing thing he had seen. When she sat beside him he stroked her fur tenderly and then when she lay down in response he sat on the ground and continually ran his hand through her soft fur while smiling.

I glanced at Jane and smiled.

"I'm impressed. You didn't even intervene" I teased and she shrugged her shoulders.

"I promised to try and not retaliate and when I saw Leah I decided to let her do it for me. Plus I thought of what you said regarding when our job is complete" I let out a laugh at that.

"Let's carry on" Demetri shouted and Edward got up from the ground, holes in his jacket and shirt where Leah and bit him when she threw him off me.

When we carried on watching the fights, I smiled at how far we had come with training the Denalis and Cullens. I knew that a few of us may die in the battle but I was confident that it wouldn't be without a fight.

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