"I'm not going, absolutely not," Zoro declared, glaring down at his pouting, red-headed friend.

Her pout deepened at his refusal. How she managed to look more meek and hurt after what was probably his eighteenth rejection he had no idea. She was managing it somehow though, staring up at him with big brown eyes. It didn't surprise Zoro that so many men fell into her trap (losing their wallets for their troubles), if he didn't know her better he'd assume she was just as helpless as she looked.

"But Zoro!" Nami whined. The whining wasn't doing her any favors. "It's Vivi's birthday! You're not going to ruin that for her are you?!"

Zoro snorted. He wasn't falling for that, not even for a moment. After all, young socialites like Vivi didn't usually make it a habit to go to strip clubs on their birthdays. "She doesn't even know she's being hauled off to the club, does she?"

Nami clucked her tongue. "It would sort of defeat the purpose of a surprise if she did, wouldn't it?"

"I'm sure," Zoro chuckled, though he lacked any real humor. He was tired of this conversation already. It wasn't like it was the first time they'd had it; Nami had been on his case about this every day for the past week.

"Why do you want me to go with you?" He asked, folding his arms over his chest impatiently. "It's not like I really want to go see some guys undress on stage."

"I told you!" She cried, exasperated. Apparently he wasn't the only one frustrated with this ongoing argument. Now it was just a matter of who could cave first, and Zoro was absolutely sure that it wouldn't be him.

"Right," Zoro scoffed, recalling her reasoning from the last time they'd had this talk. "I just have a hard time believing guys hit on you in a strip club," He paused, looking at her skeptically. "Where the dancers are male," He added as if to prove his point.

Nami glared at him. "And you think the dancers don't hit on girls either?"

Zoro chose to ignore her question, moving on to his next point. "And why does it have to be me? Can't you take one of the other guys?"

"Luffy's too young still, and he has class the next day," She frowned. "And Usopp told me he had suddenly come down with some kind of illness that he didn't want to infect us with."

Zoro frowned. That damn Usopp. Most likely his "disease" was something like "I-can't-go-to-the-strip-club-it's-too-embarrassin g-itis." If only Zoro had been smart enough to come up with an excuse like that. But Zoro was too honest for his own good, and he couldn't pull off a lie like Usopp could.

"Please Zoro," Nami implored. "I want to take Vivi out for some fun on her birthday but I don't want to put her in danger," The pleading in her eyes seemed a little more genuine this time. It was a more low-key version of her previous performance, but then Zoro always did prefer her honesty. "There will be a bar, I'll pay for all of your drinks, just please play bodyguard for us?"

Zoro looked down at his red-headed friend. Nami was one of the thriftiest and stingiest people he'd ever encountered. If she was offering to pay for his drinks, she was serious. She could also be as prideful as he could sometimes, so asking him so politely for a favor must have been borderline painful. But at least he knew she really was being genuine.

"Fine," He grumbled. "But you're buying all of my drinks, as many as I want." He clarified. "And I want that in ink," He tacked on, remember that Nami was as slippery as a snake in wet grass when she wanted out of something.

Nami squealed in delight. "Thank you, Zoro!" She cried, throwing her arms around him and hugging him fiercely.

Zoro blushed. Little gestures of affection like this always made him embarrassed. "You're welcome," He grumbled.

"This is great!" She laughed releasing him and ripping her phone from her purse. "I'll come pick you up okay? You'll never found this place on your own."

He scowled at her but she ignored him, her thumbs working furiously over the keyboard of her small phone.

"I'll see you Thursday, okay?" She waved, not waiting for a proper answer before rushing off.

Zoro let out a huff of frustration, already mentally preparing himself for the nightmare his Thursday night was sure to be.

It was a little past nine o'clock when Nami pulled up in front of Zoro's building. She'd texted him several time before she got there, making him swear he'd be outside and waiting for her. Of course even after following her directions she still wasn't pleased with him.

"That's what you're wearing?" She asked disbelievingly.

Zoro glanced down at his attire. He'd followed her rules; no holes, no stains, no wild colors, nothing with an excessive amount of zippers, no chains…the list had been nearly endless. After much scouring of his closet he'd managed to come up with a pair of dark blue jeans, and a plain white t-shirt that had somehow avoided getting covered in food, drink, or blood. It was easily the most presentable outfit he owned, and he was fairly certain it'd be perfectly acceptable in a strip club given that most of the employees shed their own clothes.

"Nevermind," Nami sighed, obviously deciding the argument she had against Zoro's outfit was really not worth making. "Just get in."

Zoro complied, sliding into the backseat of Nami's compact sedan and wishing he could have just walked to the damn club.

"Hey Zoro," Vivi turned and greeted him from the front seat.

Vivi was sort of an enigma to Zoro. He father was the founder and president of a successful company, one Vivi was expected to inherit today. Zoro could understand the kind of pressure this must have put on the young socialite, she was only turning twenty-one today after all. So the fact that she frequently spent time with their group of friends (who were all somehow magnets for trouble) and dyed her hair a vibrant blue was an understandable act of protest against her strict upbringing.

Except Vivi still behaved like a perfect lady at all times, showed a deep respect for her father, and often talked (with more than a little bit of excitement) about the plans she had for the company when she took it over. She was a kind, giving individual whose personality didn't mesh at all with her rebellious appearance.

Zoro had long since stopped scratching his head over this mystery. It wasn't like Vivi was the weirdest one in their group of friends anyway. Usopp's nose and Luffy's appetite were far stranger than a blue-haired heiress.

"Happy birthday, Vivi," He told her with a smile. At least he knew he preferred Vivi's polite and patient attitude to Nami's self-serving one.

"Thank you," Vivi beamed back at him. "Do you know where we're going, Zoro?" She asked him. "Nami refuses to tell."

And the look Nami shot him in the rearview mirror suggested he'd better refuse to tell as well if he knew what was good for him.

"I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise," Zoro told her, though he was certain his smile didn't meet his eyes. The surprise was probably going to startle the color right out of Vivi's hair.

"Hmm," Vivi hummed, pursing her lips in displeasure.

"I promise you'll have fun," Nami assured her with a sweet smile. Only Vivi received that kind of smile from Nami on a regular basis. The rest of them were awarded with teasing smirks or sly grins.

"I trust you," Vivi smiled back. "But I'm not very comfortable with surprises."

Zoro didn't blame her, especially when Nami was involved. Nami had a strange sense of what constituted fun and was a tad bit of thrill seeker, which is partially why Zoro was against this whole idea. Strip clubs weren't exactly noted for their clean and reputable records, and even if Nami wasn't looking for it, trouble always seemed to find their group.

They pulled into the strip club's parking lot. It was early enough in the night that the real club goers had yet to turn up for the night and only a few cars were parked in the lot. There was no truly revealing sign on or around the building that would give away its purpose, and Vivi stared around curiously.

This club had a reputation that didn't require and flashy signs or cheesy advertisements to draw attention. Even Zoro, who never set foot in such places, had heard of it. He'd never actually been there before, but the plain, nondescript design on the outside of the building wasn't very promising.

"We're here!" Nami declared excitedly, killing the engine. "Let's go!"

Zoro and Vivi complied, sliding from the car and shutting their doors, allowing Nami to lock up the car. From the parking lot Zoro could hear the bass, beating out a faint but constant rhythm that promised a headache.

Nami led them up to the door. There was a bouncer there enjoying a smoke in the peaceful night air. Zoro pitied him, he probably heard the bass in his head even when he was home.

The bouncer stood a little straighter when he saw them approaching, holding his cigarette between his lips and looking at them expectantly. Nami seemed to know exactly what the bouncer wanted, pulling her wallet from her purse and flashing her ID, prompting Vivi and Zoro to do the same. Zoro complied easily, fishing his wallet out from his back pocket and flipping it open for the bouncer, who barely studied it before nodding and looking to Vivi.

Vivi followed Nami's actions, pulling her wallet from her purse and sliding her ID from it. It was shiny and new, and Vivi looked slightly pleased about having to show it off.

The bouncer looked a little closer at Vivi's ID than he had at Nami's or Zoro's before nodding his approval. "Well, well," The bouncer smirked. "Happy birthday, Princess," He nodded, opening the door for them.

Vivi blushed and thanked the bouncer, following Nami's lead inside with Zoro bringing up the rear. "Enjoy the show!" The bouncer chuckled behind them.

Nami immediately bee lined for the bar, much to Zoro's relief. At least he could start on the drinks now, he felt like he'd probably need them. The club was dark, dim lamps and neon beverage signs being the only illumination. The bass was louder inside as well; in fact it didn't even seem to be supporting music, but rather beating a proud rhythm all its own. All of it was very headache inducing.

The club had a simple set up. Really it looked just like any other bar Zoro had been in, but with the addition of three stages at the front of the building, each sporting its own pole, though at the moment there were no dancers working it.

Nami led them down to the front, snagging them a small table near the centermost stage.

"Did you take me to a strip club?!" Vivi asked, one part shocked and one part gleeful.

"Yes, are you surprised?" Nami asked, sipping her drink and looking rather pleased with herself.

"Yes!" The young heiress declared happily. "I've always wanted to go to one!"

Zoro fought the urge to roll his eyes. What exactly people wanted to go to strip clubs for was beyond him. In his limited experience they were nothing more than a bar with a half-naked person interrupting your drink.

"They have the most amazing show here," Nami informed her. "I think you'll love it."

This time Zoro really did roll his eyes, though he kept his unimpressed sigh to himself. Instead he settled into his drink, hoping this 'amazing show' was a short one so they could all leave much sooner.

Zoro took a curious look around the club. It was beginning to fill up with people; apparently this show was a real draw for the club. He scanned their surroundings, eyeing newcomers and keeping half an eye out for trouble. He was surprised at the amount of men filling the club. It wasn't really that there were men in a male strip club that caught Zoro's attention, he of all people was of the opinion that gender didn't really matter. What really called for his notice was the amount of men that were eyeing Nami and Vivi like they'd seen something particularly delicious to eat. Coming to a male strip club to pick up women? That was strange. Maybe Nami hadn't been wrong in asking him to come along.

Zoro easily glared down these men, serving his role of bodyguard perfectly. Nami definitely owed him for this, and he was fully prepared to treat himself to an all-you-can-drink buffet on her credit card. Free drinks were definitely worth it.

The lights of the club dimmed further, startling Zoro from his thoughts. It was so dark now he could hardly see the girls sitting on either side of him.

"It's starting," Nami hissed excitedly from his left.

A spot light lit the center stage in warm white light. The light was enough to illuminate the whole club with a dim glow, but the rest of the lights stayed off. The stages to the left and right were lit too, but in dim red lights that hardly showed more than silhouettes and shadows. The deep bass started again, picking up slightly in beat, and this time there was actual music accompanying it. Not good music, Zoro winced, but at least it was more than a sporadic beat.

There was a loud cheering from the crowd as a figure slinked onto the stage. The screams of the females nearly drowned out the hollering coming from the men, but Zoro could tell this particular stripper was a crowd favorite for both sexes.

The man stepped into the circle of spotlight finally becoming clearly visible. He was…well Zoro couldn't really blame the crowd for their enthused behavior. The guy was gorgeous. Tall, lithe, blond haired, graceful in a way that belied power; the guy greeted the crowd of his fans with a perilously sexy smirk that increased the volume of the cheers. He was the exact kind of person Zoro wanted to see naked. Well, wish granted in this situation.

The man approached the pole in the center of the stage and greeted it like an old friend, running one hand up it in a manner that was almost suggestive, and Zoro was already finding it difficult to swallow.

The blond worked around the pole, rolling his hips against it and arching his back obscenely. Zoro almost felt guilty watching this. He'd never actually watched a pole dance that made him feel anything other than intrigued about the types of muscle a person needed to be able to maneuver like that. There was nothing analytical about the way Zoro was appraising the blond on stage though. He was watching with pure lust and a mind full of dirty thoughts and he felt absolutely filthy.

The blond seemed to have had enough of teasing the pole (and inadvertently, Zoro) and decided to actually get to work. He unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt, enough to expose the shape of his chest. It was enough for Zoro to see that the blond was not skin and bones by any means. He was lean muscle packed behind smooth, pale skin.

The blond took the pole in both hands, spinning playfully around it once before twisting his legs and flipping up into the air. His legs were impossibly long; it was impossible not to notice while he wrapped one around the pole and extended the other at an almost obscene angle. He spiraled down to the floor, catching himself on to his hands and flipping gracefully away from the pole. He paused a moment to undo the last of the buttons of his shirt.

The shirt was tossed aside leaving his Torso bare and Zoro chasing desperately after the last traces of his reasonable thought. The blond returned to the pole, met with a new round of applause and cat calling at the loss of his shirt. He climbed up the pole once more, higher this time then he'd gone yet. Once he'd almost reached the top he secured his legs around the pole and let his torso fall back. His shoulders came to rest against the pole beneath him and his hands gripped the pole above his head. He arched his back and looked for all the world like he was laying on a bed and not hanging from the air on a pole.

He was doing terrible things to Zoro's imagination. It didn't help when he grabbed the pole with his hands and allowed his torso and legs to flip behind him. It didn't help when he did the splits in midair, showing off his impossible flexibility. And it really, really, didn't help when he looked in Zoro's direction and winked.

Zoro couldn't believe he was having this issue. He wasn't exactly the most sexually aware person on a normal basis. Not to say he hadn't had a few partners or that he had never found anyone attractive before, but his brain was always more focused on training or work. Sex seemed kind of like a frivolous past time when there were much more important things to be done.

He couldn't remember ever being so turned on by a total stranger in his whole life; a stranger who was a stripper, no less. Zoro noticed the blond's eyes lingering on him again and shivered involuntarily. He definitely needed another drink, or three, to get the feeling of the sexy blond's gaze off of him.

The song finally ended and the lights on the stage went dark again, leaving the image of the posing blond man seared into Zoro's eyes for moment before the lights in the club came back on and the stage was revealed to be empty. The crowd's cheer began to die down and people began to disperse. If Zoro didn't make it to the bar now, he'd never get through the crowd.

"I'm going to go get another drink," Zoro announced to Nami and Vivi, standing from their table. Nami may have called something behind him but he didn't stop to listen, ducking through the crowd to make it to the bar.

The crowd at the bar was already thick, and it took Zoro a few minutes to shoulder his way close enough to shout out a drink order. Drink in hand, he maneuvered back through the crowd. Though he did so carefully this time; he didn't want to waste his precious liquor.

It seemed to take forever to find the table. The crowd was thick and the air was hazy with smoke from a number of cigarettes. He was beginning to think Nami and Vivi had moved it somewhere else when he finally found them. There was a third figure at their table as well, very male, and apparently chatting with the two girls. Zoro cursed himself silently. He'd only gone to get a drink and already some guy had made his move towards them.

It wasn't like Nami and Vivi couldn't take care of themselves. Zoro didn't know a woman more fearsome than Nami in a bad mood. And, despite her delicate appearance, Vivi could hold her own against an attacker. So Zoro wasn't worried for the girls' safety. He was worried because he wasn't there to stop this man from hitting on them, and in Nami's books this would probably end up costing him money. Money Zoro really didn't have at the moment.

His list of concerns was only added to once he drew close enough to make out the newcomer. If the blond hair wasn't a dead giveaway, the shape of his ass sold it for Zoro. The stripper was at their table, smoking a cigarette and chatting with Zoro's friends. He half considered turning around and going back the way he came. Nami's wrath or not, he might be better off waiting in Nami's car for the girls to call it a night.

Unfortunately for him, Nami spied him before he could execute his plan. "Oh, Zoro!" She called waving him over. "There you are!"

Zoro drew in a deep, steadying breath. If there was ever a time he wished he could meditate while still able to socially function, this was it.

"Zoro, meet Sanji. Sanji, this is our friend Zoro," Nami smiled brightly, making introductions between the two men. It wasn't really necessary. Rather, a more appropriate introduction may have been; Zoro, meet the incredibly sexy blond who's been testing the limits of your sex drive. Sexy blond, meet the guy who's been picturing you wearing even less than your work attire calls for.

Sanji appraised him thoughtfully, and Zoro was half afraid the blond could read his thoughts.

"Your boyfriend?" He asked Nami. The question was asked casually but curiosity burned brightly in the blond's incredibly blue eyes.

"What?" Nami nearly choked. "Zoro? Ew, no," She laughed, regaining her composure. "He's just here to ward off any unwanted attention.

Zoro shot her a glare for her reaction. She didn't need to act like he was diseased, especially not in front of new company. Especially when that company was an extremely hot blond.

"Oh?" Sanji smiled, positively beamed, and the sight of it froze Zoro into spot. If Sanji was hot when he smirked, he was beautiful when he smiled. "You're a true gentleman," The blond acknowledged, tipping his drink to Zoro.

"S' nothing," Zoro grumbled, tearing his eyes off the blond and concentrating on his drink instead.

"So which one of you is the birthday girl?" Sanji asked the ladies.

Oh, of course. Zoro fought the rising heat in his cheeks, thankful for the first time that evening for the dim lighting of the club. He'd been a little stupid and conceited, thinking that the blond had been eyeing him during his show. It was Vivi's birthday after all; some strip clubs did special things for birthday patrons. The blond had probably been eyeing their table in general, planning a special treat for the birthday girl.

"That would be me," Vivi answered, a little shyly.

"Ah, mademoiselle," Sanji cooed, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles gently. "Would the princess like a special service in the back?"

Vivi squeaked and Zoro decided it was time to step in and fulfill his whole reason for coming. "Hey," Zoro spoke, calling the stripper's attention. "Is that how they teach you to come on to girls in your profession?"

The blond's blue eyes met his with an icy glare. "It's the club's policy to extend a private lap dance on our customer's birthday," Sanji growled out.

Zoro back pedaled. A lap dance didn't sound that out of the usual he supposed, about what he would expect really. But the words "special service" had summoned up visuals that were much less innocent than a lap dance. Apparently he was the only one that had come to that conclusion though, since Nami was now fixing him with a glare that spoke volumes about how he should probably shut his mouth.

He just couldn't win tonight.

"I'm afraid I'll have to decline, Sanji," Vivi replied, a polite business smile on her face.

"Very well my dear, though you've broken my heart," The blond sighed dramatically. "Perhaps for your friend instead?" He turned his attention to Nami, a winning smile on his face.

Nami giggled. "How very generous of you," She said through her giggles. "But I'll pass."

Sanji gripped his chest and pretended that he was actually suffering the pain of heartbreak. Zoro resisted the urge to roll his eyes and throw and insult at the blond. But he'd already made enough of an idiot of himself for the evening, and he figured it was probably wiser just to keep his mouth shut.

"Well, what about you?"

Zoro didn't even realize he was being spoken to until he looked up to notice three pairs of eyes trained on him. His mind quickly skimmed over the past couple of minutes, trying to remember what exactly was being asked of him here.

"Me?" Zoro asked, remembering the question but not any less confused.

"Yes you," The blond repeated, the sexy smirk back on his face. "Would you like to fill in for the birthday girl?"

Zoro couldn't answer for a moment, but that was because he was fairly certain his brain was suffering a blood supply shortage as he pictured the blond working his flexible body on Zoro in a private setting.

"Uh," His eyes flicked to Nami, as if she might know the correct answer.

She was looking back at him thoughtfully, as if he were a puzzle she wanted to solve. Finally a lightbulb seemed to go on in her mind and she turned back to Sanji. "He would," She answered. "But Zoro came with us, and I'm afraid we need to be going soon."

"Oh, do you live far?" The blond asked curiously. The question was for Nami, but his eyes were lingering on Zoro.

Nami grinned wickedly. "Zoro doesn't," She answered. "His apartment is only a few blocks from here."

The blond seemed to consider him for a moment, taking one last drag of his cigarette before snuffing it out in an ashtray. "My shift ends after this little birthday gift," He said, again seeming to speak to Nami while looking at Zoro. "Perhaps I could take him home afterwards?"

Nami's smile broadened further. "What do you think, Zoro?" She asked him.

"Yes," Zoro asked, his dark eyes meeting the blond's blue ones. "Yes, I'll take the lap dance, and the ride."

The blond smiled brightly. "Well then," He said, crooking his finger at Zoro. "Follow me, Grass-head."

Zoro complied immediately, not even thinking to refute the insult thrown at him. His feet obeyed the blond's beckoning without a second thought.

"Have fun, Zoro!" Nami called after him, her voice was barely masked glee. "I'll call you tomorrow!"

Sanji lead Zoro to a private room. The walls were draped in deep blue velvet curtains, the floor carpeted with a plush carpet of the same color. In one corner was another pole, a more scaled down version of the one Sanji had danced on that night. In the center of the room was one simple chair, padded in a deep blue to match the rest of the room.

The blue was almost an exact match the blue of Sanji's eyes and Zoro felt like he was drowning. He was certainly completely out of his depth here. Why did he even agree to this? This wasn't his kind of thing. He was just here because Nami begged him to be. When exactly did this happen?

"Take a seat," Sanji said, gesturing to the lone chair in the room.

Zoro took a deep breath, trying to ground himself. It was just a lap dance. It would probably only last a few minutes and he would be on his way, never to see this gorgeous blond again. That was a little disappointing, Zoro supposed, but he probably wouldn't even remember the guys face in a week. He just needed to rein things in, keep his cool for a few minutes. He could do that. He was trained to do that.

Zoro took a seat in the chair, mind much calmer and more under his control. He continued to breathe, steadily in and out while Sanji momentarily disappeared. Music started, again with a deep bass line, but this time it was jazzier, more playful, and something Zoro could actually call music.

He hadn't known Sanji had stepped around behind him until he felt the blond's hands fall onto his shoulder.

"Relax, Grass-head," Sanji purred into his ear. A shiver ran down Zoro's spine, but he tried to ignore it. He had finally gotten himself into the right mental state; he didn't need to lose it again right away.

"Don't call me grass-head," Zoro growled, though his voice lacked any actual bite.

Sanji's palms slid down his chest tracing he contours of Zoro's muscles beneath his shirt. Zoro briefly wondered if the blond was impressed. Sanji's hands had barely reached his abs before stopping their progress and moving back up to his shoulders.

"Hm," The blond chuckled lightly in his ear again. He leaned close enough that Zoro could feel Sanji's lips brush the shell of his ear.

"How about 'Marimo' then?" Sanji asked.

"What the hell is Marimo?" Zoro asked, fighting to ignore the press of Sanji's body against the back of his shoulders.

"A marimo is a little ball of moss," Sanji laughed again, carding his fingers through Zoro's hair as he spoke. The slight drag of nails against his scalp felt surprisingly good, and Zoro's eyes fluttered close for one moment while he lost himself in the feeling. His eyes snapped open the moment they left his hair and trailed down his neck. He'd let himself slip too much into the sensation, he needed to be more careful.

Sanji stepped around the chair, coming into full view. He was dressed simply now, much more simply than he had been for his show, a pair of loose sweat pants and a simple t-shirt. It was hardly risqué, but the way the shirt stretched across his chest and the way the pants hung on his hips should have been illegal. Zoro couldn't imagine anything sexier on the blond. He could imagine that this outfit would look pretty damn sexy off the blond though.

Sanji stretched one long leg over Zoro's and then the other, coming to straddle Zoro. Sanji's hips rolled in smooth and sensual circles, though he was carefully not touching any more of Zoro than his hands on his shoulders. Zoro watched the movement, thrilled with the flexibility the blond possessed. He curiously looked up at the blond's face, meeting the darkened, lidded eyes of the man above him. Sanji moved, moving one leg and turning so he was straddling one of Zoro's legs backwards.

Sanji rested his hands on Zoro's knee, rolling his hips again before bending forward and awarding Zoro with a full view of his perfect ass. Zoro bit the inside of his lip, the pain drawing him back to earth.

Sanji stood again, releasing Zoro from his hold and Zoro took the opportunity to breathe, returning much needed oxygen to his body. He seemed to have forgotten how to when he'd had a hot, writhing blond in his lap.

Sanji smiled down, his eyes meeting Zoro's for a moment before his hands ran down the front of his body. His head was thrown back as if touching himself was truly giving him pleasure. His hands trailed down to the hem of his shirt, catching the ends of it under deft fingers and tugging it upwards, tantalizingly slow.

Zoro swallowed as inch upon inch of smooth white skin and tight lean muscle was exposed to him. He gave up. He never had a chance at self-control around this man. The moment Sanji had set foot on that stage, Zoro had been screwed.

Shirt finally pulled over his head, Sanji smiled down at him, a lazy, satisfied smile. Zoro looked up at him, longing was probably written all over his face, but he was beyond caring any more. He'd never wanted someone so badly in his entire life.

Sanji spun and eased himself onto the edge of Zoro's chair, seating himself between Zoro's spread legs. He shifted his hips once, just barely brushing against Zoro's pants, but it was more than enough at this point to draw a hiss from Zoro.

Sanji smiled, leaning back against Zoro's chest. One hand came up to tug lightly as Zoro's hair, the other sought out Zoro's hand. Having found it, he pulled towards him, pressing it against his chest. His head fell back against Zoro's shoulder, exposing the long expanse of his neck to Zoro's eyes.

Zoro sat frozen, afraid to move. If he moved he might act on one of the dangerous impulses his mind was screaming at him to follow through with. That kind of thing would probably be frowned on by well, everyone, but particularly the police Sanji would no doubt call on him.

Or so he thought, until Sanji's head rolled on his shoulder so he was facing Zoro.

"Zoro," The blond hissed into his ear. The sound of his name rolling out of those wicked lips made Zoro shudder. The use of his name from someone who was practically a stranger seemed so intimate and the way Sanji whispered sounded just a desperate and needy. Zoro could get off on this whisper alone if Sanji would just do it again.

What he offered was better though. "Touch me," He whispered, pressing Zoro's hand against his chest once more before releasing it, giving Zoro free reign of his own limbs.

Zoro was frozen again though. This was a fantasy, it had to be. All the blood rushing to his cock had caused him to pass out and now he was dreaming about the powerfully sexy blond. That was the only explanation. Any moment now he'd come to and realize this had all been a ridiculous fantasy.

"Please," Sanji hissed once more, rocking his hips back, his ass grinding against the very prominent erection in the front of Zoro's pants, tearing a groan from his lips.

Hell if it was a dream, Zoro was going to make the most of it. He ran his hands appreciatively across the blond's chest, tracing over the defined muscles he'd spent half the night admiring. Sanji squirmed underneath his hands, moaning softly when one of Zoro's thumbs brushed across one of his nipples. Zoro wasn't sure how they had come to this, but Sanji was obviously enjoying the treatment, and Zoro wasn't inclined to stop.

Zoro trailed his hands down Sanji's stomach, feeling the blond arch into his touch. He craned his neck slightly to get a better view of the other man's face. Sanji's eyes were squeezed shut, pure pleasure written across his features. He hissed as Zoro's fingers traced the line of his pelvis, coming to play with the waistband of his pants. Sanji arched his hips into the touch, asking for more, willing for Zoro to move down further.

But Zoro's hands retreated, moving back up the blond's torso.

"Shit," Sanji cursed, his eyes snapping open. He stood quickly, and for one panicked moment Zoro feared he'd crossed a line he shouldn't have. But it was hardly a moment before the blond turned, slung his legs over Zoro's and came to straddle Zoro's lap again. Only this time, instead of teasing hip roll, Zoro was rewarded with a powerful grind of Sanji's hips, pulling moans from both of them.

"Shit," Sanji hissed again, his head falling forward onto Zoro's shoulder. Zoro's hands found Sanji's hips, feeling the movement there and using it to move with them.

"I saw you walk in," Sanji panted against his ear. "You're so fucking hot I thought I was imagining things."

The feeling was mutual Zoro thought, but he lacked the mental capacity to speak. The feel of the blond's erection rubbing up against his own left him with very little room for coherent thought.

"When I saw you watching me dance, I thought I'd lose it right there. I knew you wanted me," Sanji's voice was broken by a moan as Zoro's hands moved to his ass, squeezing the flesh there and pulling the blond tighter against him as he ground down onto Zoro. "I wanted you too. I wanted to pull you back here, just like this, I wanted to- I want to make you come," Sanji growled into his ear, his pace increasing slightly, the strength of each grind becoming just short of painful.

Zoro was close. He was panting, moving desperately to keep up with the blond's movements. He couldn't speak, couldn't tell Sanji he more than returned the sentiment. Couldn't tell him that he wasn't sure he could have walked away and forgotten the blond. That he needed more of him.

He couldn't form these words but he could still move. One of his hands tangled into the blond hair, dampened with sweat. He tugged lightly until the blond was looked at him, those deep blue eyes darkened even further with desire. Zoro met those eyes for a moment before pulling the blond in and pressing his lips against Sanji's. Sanji didn't hesitate to return the kiss, opening his mouth to allow Zoro's tongue to meet his own.

This is how Zoro would convey his feelings. He wasn't sure Sanji would get it, but this was all Zoro could do. He tried to convey his desire, desperation, and overwhelming attraction that he'd felt for the blonds since he'd first laid eyes on the man.

Sanji returned the kiss in full, displaying a skilled tongue that nearly sent Zoro over the edge when he pictured it put to other uses. That was for next time though. If there was a next time.

God, Zoro hoped there was a next time.

Sanji was reaching his limit; he broke the kiss to let out a particularly ragged and desperate moan. Zoro attached his lips to Sanji's neck instead, nipping and sucking a trail down the fair skin. Sanji was shuddering, gasping for breath, and so pleasantly on edge that Zoro would have liked to have kept him there forever.

Zoro's hands returned to Sanji's ass, jerking the blonde's hips against his while he thrust up to meet them properly. It became too much for Sanji, who growled out a string of colorful and creative curses as he came. Zoro followed not long after, rocking his hips into the blonde's a few more times before losing it to his own orgasm.

They didn't move for a long time both panting for much needed air. Sanji's head was on his shoulder, cradled in the crook where Zoro's neck and shoulder met. After a few minutes of still silence, broken only by the sound of their breathing, Zoro felt Sanji's lips press kisses against his shoulder.

Zoro let out a pleased hum. "So you're a cuddler after sex?" He asked curiously.

Sanji pulled away, mischief shining in his blue eyes. "I guess you'll just have to figure that out on your own, won't you?"

Zoro couldn't keep the smile from his face. "I guess I will."

The ride back to Zoro's apartment was quiet, but comfortably so. At least Zoro thought it was comfortable; just the stretch of silence between two men who had no need to fill it with idle chatter. Though a slight part of him worried that perhaps it was more like the silence between two people who just had a one night stand of sorts and were planning on never seeing each other again. He tried not to think too much about that possibility.

"That one," Zoro pointed out his apartment complex.

Sanji turned the car, easing it over the speed bumps in the parking lot.

"You can stop here," Zoro said, unbuckling his seat belt. There was a tense moment of silence where Zoro was waiting for Sanji to say something, anything, to indicate they might get to meet again. Nothing was said though, and with a sigh Zoro opened the door. "Thanks for the ride," He said before climbing out.

"Wait, Zoro!" Sanji called just before Zoro closed the door.

Zoro leaned back into the car curiously. "Yeah?"

Sanji pulled his phone from his pocket. "Don't I get your number?" He asked uncertainly.

Zoro almost laughed when he realized Sanji probably wasn't exactly used to this kind of thing either. "Sure," Zoro smiled, reciting his number off for the man.

Sanji tapped the numbers into the phone. A moment later Zoro's phone rang in his pocket.

"Now you have mine too," Sanji smiled. It was the genuine, warm smile that Zoro couldn't help but find absolutely beautiful. "You can call or text me any time, but I might be sleeping," Sanji shrugged apologetically. "Weird work hours."

Zoro laughed. "Okay, I'll keep that in mind."

Sanji smiled and nodded. "See you later?" He asked.

"Later," Zoro nodded, closing the car door and making his way up to his apartment.


Inspired by having to much ZoSan on the brain while listening to the Panic at the Disco song "But It's Better if You Do." Also where I jacked the title from.

Probably the most horribly inaccurate stripper AU ever, but there you have it.

Feedback is most welcomed and appreciated!