Mr. Bean walks out of his house one fine day to take a stroll in the park, but while he was
tying his shoes he heard some Rock N Roll music playing very loundly, with a big smile on his
weird looking face he decides to see what was going on? as he was going side by side
he then saw some teenagers break dancing, doing crazy moves.

One kid was doing the worm, Bean thinking he could actually do those dance moves so... he gets
on the ground and doe's a funny spin everybody in the park was laughting at him! but he wasn't
paying them any attention, he was now trying to do the worm worming up and down but doing
it a real funny way, now getting up from the ground he decided to do his famous hump dance.

All the kids thought that dance was real cool! so they were all doing it as well, that's Bean for ya!

The End.