Okay, so this is my first truly long term Cross-over fic. I hope it goes well. This chapter is rather short, but the other chapters will be longer, I promise.

'They betrayed me.' Yomiel thought, swimming towards the surface. The nation that promised him a new life certainly delivered. They decided to give him a new life on the bottom of the ocean. nly the torpedo was too powerful. The sub split right in two, jetting his body into the ocean. Now normally, a human body would have been crushed under such pressures… but Yomiels body was no ordinary body. His was special.

He broke the surface of the water, looking around. No land for miles. Man that sub was fast. It had gotten them far out to the open ocean. This was bad, but then he realized… he had his revenge. That girl was at the bottom, and so was Jowd. Now that he thought about it, this was... oddly acceptable. Everyone he had hated was gone… well except for that pesky inspector in white. But with injuries like those, the rest of his life would be as miserable as his.

His new life could now begin.

Enoshima Junko… Super High School Level Despair. She wanted the whole world to see as she did. She brainwashed that idiotic "Super High School Level Hope" and made him kill. Now all that remained was to organize the School Life of Mutual Killings. She had everything in order… the hardware needed stored in her organizations safehouse.

When the despair was to erupt, she was to simply have the gear moved in to the school, so the fun could begin. There was only one problem. Monobear. The Super High School Level Mechanic had done a masterful job. Souda knew his stuff. The programming, stolen from Chihiro Fujisaki (Super High School Level Programmer) was modified to her needs. But there was a problem. A major logistical issue that made the operation of the bear impossible.

She couldn't control it remotely… on her own. There needed to be some sort of essence. Some force inside to give Monobear life. Simply put… Monobear needed a soul. A twisted soul. A soul that new pure despair. A soul that could possess Monobear… and give him life!