The calm ocean. Pretty serene if you think about it. Something had to come along and ruin it. A basketball, bursting from the surface of the water. A minute later, the basketball was joined by a baseball on the surface. These were no ordinary sports implements though. Inside the basketball… was the spirit Sissel, and in the other, the spirit known as Missile.

I believe some introductions are in order. Sissel and Missile had gifts. They could possess inanimate objects. Sissel could manipulate those objects, and Missile could switch the locations of objects, if they had the same shape. Together they had attempted to solve the mystery of Sissels death, and they were so close… they just couldn't stop the torpedo in time, and Lynne was out of reach, so they couldn't reverse her fate.

Day had just begun to break as Sissel reached out to the soul of Missile, and began to speak to the forlorn ghost of that poor little doggie warrior.

"Hey there… you okay?" Sissel asked. Missile didn't respond… he looked truly down.

"We-we failed didn't we? Miss Lynne and Miss Kamila."

"Yeah… I know. Gone for good. I miss them too Missile… but we can't just go on feeling bad about it. We'll never get anything done this way."

"But what else is there left to do?" Missile asked.

"I don't know…" Sissel said, thinking. At this point… he knew almost nothing of who he was. He couldn't get over the fact that he was not the man in red… he had yet to meet him, and by the looks of things, he was probably still stuck at the bottom of the sea. He thought it was odd though… they were supposed to disappear at dawn… both of them. But here they were… still ghosts in existence.

"Ray… lied… why would he lie about that…" Sissel thought.

"Hey Sissel." Missile whimpered.


"Let's try to keep going. For Miss Lynne."

"Of course…" Sissel said. He had no idea what they were to do. They were stuck in the middle of the calm, open ocean.

Naegi Makoto began to stir. Sitting up in his desk, he saw a classroom. That was odd… how had he gone from being at the entrance of Hopes Peak Academy to a random classroom inside? He stood up, his head still a little bit groggy, and his vision blurry. As his vision cleared, he saw one thing. A bolt. A huge one, that as his vision got clearer, was shown to be one of many attaching a huge metal plate to the wall. A good 5 minutes of pure effort proved that the plate would
not come off.

Just what was going on here? None of the windows were bolted down in the brochures…

I believe some explanations are in order. Naegi Makoto had just been accepted to the prestigious Hopes Peak Academy. This was a school where only the best of the best went. In order to get in, you had to be a high school student, who was the greatest in their field. There were swimmers, writers, artists, musicians, all successful people. Then there was Naegi. He had gotten in through a lottery. The one exception the school made to their "Super High School Level" rule. The one normal student selected, would then be dubbed with the title of Super High School Level Good Luck. This was Naegi.

Fortunately for him, the door was unlocked for the hallway. He sauntered down the hallway, noticing all the windows were barred. He was still a little dizzy, as he stumbled towards an open door. He found himself in the entrance hall to the school.
Where they were waiting for him.

All of his fellow Super High School Levels were standing there. Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Sakura Oogami, Leon Kuwata, Celestia Ludenburg, Sayaka Maizono, Hifumi Yamada, Hagakure Yasuhiro, Aoi Asahina, Byakuya Togami, Chihiro Fujisaki, Junko Enoshima, Mondo Oowada, and Touko Fukawa. He began to introduce himself. Some of the students were friendlier than others. Hagakure and Aoi seemed amiable enough. Leon seemed like a bit of a jerk… but Togami and Fukawa seemed just outright cold. The thing that struck Naegi the most was the large bulkhead covering the door. When was that set up?

"So guys, how do you think we should-"

Before Naegi could say another word, the loudspeaker screeched to life, and they heard a high pitched sort of voice.

"Attention students… attention students. Please proceed to the gymnasium for a very important announcement." The voice schreeched.

Sakura crossed her arms and looked at the other students. "It seems we have no choice but to comply, and go where we are asked." She said calmly. Although it took some of the students a little convincing, they all made their way towards the gymnasium.