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Dimensions – Prologue

~ By Aleese Sundancer

            Finally, there was a bit of peace in the galaxy.  Well, maybe not in the galaxy, but in the bedroom of Luke and Mara Skywalker, there was at least one night for some rest and relaxation.

            "You put Ben to sleep?" Luke called out to Mara from the closet of their small bedroom.

            "Yes, he's in his crib, and Threepio has volunteered to stay in the room in case he cries during the night, so we don't have to get up." Mara replied as she dried her hair above their bathroom sink.

            "You trusted Threepio with Ben?  I'm amazed Mara, I think you've gone soft!" Luke laughed as he snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.  Signs of her illness were still evident on Mara's face, but she was recovering quickly.  Mara leaned back into his embrace and shut off the dryer.

            "I'm not soft, I just wanted to be lazy for one night in my life. Besides, Threepio has taken care of the Solo kids, and they turned out all right.  Well…he shouldn't do too much damage in one night…maybe I should go check on him." Mara laughed lightly, and turned to Luke.

            "I'm sure he's fine." Luke whispered and captured Mara's lips in a passionate kiss.  Mara gently kissed him back and smiled.

            "I'm exhausted, you coming right to bed?" She asked quietly.

            "Yes, I'll be there in just a moment." Luke replied just as quietly, and Mara slipped out the door to get changed and snuggled into their bed.

            A few moments later, the light to the bathroom shut off, and Mara felt Luke's warm body snuggle up next to hers in their bed.  He wrapped his arms around her, and they both fell asleep, clinging to the other. The galaxy ought to be able to survive one night without the heroic couple, despite the Vong invasion and all sorts of calamities that could occur.

            Mara Jade-Skywalker woke up to an empty bed and sat up. "Luke?" She called out, but received no response.  Slowly she looked around and recognized her room in the Imperial Palace.  Standing up, she wandered around the room, confused as to how she could be here.  She grabbed a robe and covered herself, then checked out the rest of her apartment.  As soon as she discovered it was empty, she reached out with the Force to find Luke.  He was in his old apartment just down the hall.  Darting out the door, she set out to find her husband and figure out what was going on.

            Mara Jade woke up to find that her head was resting on a slightly uncomfortable lump.  Groaning she moved over a bit to find a comfier spot on her pillow, only to find that her waist was being embraced by a man, and it was his chest that her head was lying on.

            "Sithspit!" Mara swore and sat up.  The man opened his eyes and looked at her.

            "Mar? Something wrong?" Luke asked quietly, still feeling the affects of sleep.

            "Skywalker? What are you doing in my bed?" Mara glared and started to move out of the bed.

            "Sleeping, the same thing I do any night that I get the chance.  Now come back to sleep, I'm tired." Luke muttered and pulled her to lie down.

            "Out! Get out!" Mara started to scream, and Luke felt the waves of sleep disappear.

            "Mara, what is going on?  Do you feel something?" Luke said, reaching out with the Force.  In the other room, Ben started to cry.  "Ben…."

            "What are we doing in bed together, Skywalker? Where are we?" Mara said, standing up and pacing slightly.  Luke reached out with the Force and was hurt when he felt her barriers up.

            "We are in bed, because we usually sleep together like most married couples do.  We are on the ship."

            "Master Luke!  Ben is requesting some assistance!" Threepio said, rushing into the room with crying Ben in his arms.  Luke sat up and took Ben into his arms gently and started to rock him to sleep.

            "Thank you Threepio, we'll be fine." Luke replied and studied Mara again.  She looked positively confused and outraged

            "Who's the kid Skywalker?" Mara asked quietly, still trying to come to grips as to why she was in Skywalker's bedroom on a strange ship.

            "Ben?  Our son?  Mara, you're starting to scare me.  Did you have a nightmare or something?" Luke replied, kissing Ben's head gently.

            "No, but something is definitely wrong." Mara whispered and sat down in a small chair.

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