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Dimensions – Part Seven

~ By Aleese Sundancer

            It was dark when Mara Jade-Skywalker awoke, and she shook her head to get her surroundings.  She hadn't realized that she'd fallen asleep while meditating.  That Cancer treatment was more taxing than she'd expected, and she hated that she was always so tired.  At least she was used to it after the Vong virus. Slowly she sat up and looked around.  She wasn't in the Med-Centre.  She was back on the ship.  She was home!

            "LUKE?" She called out.  Luke came running into the room, having obviously been sleeping in the other room.

            "What's wrong Mara?  Are you okay?" Luke asked groggily, moving to the bed and scanning the room.

            "Where's Ben?" She said, and smiled. 

            "He's sleeping in the other…Mara?" Luke said and looked at her.  She smiled again.  "MARA!"

            "Yes, it's me. I'm home." Mara grinned and hugged him close.

            "You're home.  It's really you?  I've missed you so much Mara, I was going crazy without you." Luke said, pulling her to him and kissing her hair repeatedly.

            "I can't breathe!" Mara laughed and he loosened his grip. "Is Ben okay?"

            "He's fine, but he's waking up." Luke smiled, and reached out with the Force to tentatively feel their bond. "It's so good to have you home."

            "It's so good to be home." She whispered, relishing the feeling of their bond again.

            "I'll go get Ben. Don't go anywhere.  Don't even move.  In fact…" Luke said, not wanting to leave her alone.

            "No Need, Master Luke, I've brought Master Ben." Threepio said from the doorway, carrying a cooing Ben.

            "Ben!  Come to mama!" Mara said and took him from Threepio.

            "I trust things have worked themselves out, Master Luke?" Threepio questioned.

            "Yes, Threepio, they've gone back to normal." Luke replied, sitting down beside Mara and Ben.

            "Luke is everything okay?" Leia and Han said, rushing into the room. "I felt a disturbance…"

            "Kid?" Han said, and then grinned as he saw Mara look up at him.

            "Hey-a Han, Hi Leia." Mara smiled, and kissed Ben's small forehead.

            "Mara! You're back!" Leia smiled and hugged her sister-in-law.  Han hugged her as well.

            "Yeah, I'm home now.  What sort of mess has my…alter-ego left me?" She grinned.  "I trust nothing naughty went on!"

            "Mara!" Luke blushed and poked her arm gently.

            "I know, I'm just joking.  Its too hard to imagine you cheating on me Skywalker, even with myself." Mara laughed and kissed him gently.

            "Its good to have you back Mara.  We'll leave you three alone." Leia smiled and she dragged Han out of the room.

            "I love you Mara Jade-Skywalker." Luke grinned between kisses.

            "I love you too, Luke." Mara grinned back, and kissed him again.


            "Mara?  Wake up.  It's time for breakfast." Luke said, as the cart rolled into the room.  "You fell asleep while you were meditating.

            "I what? Skywalker? Where am I?" Mara muttered as she woke.

            "You're still in the Med-Centre." He said, as he took the tray off the cart and put it on the bed stand.

            "Med-Centre?" She muttered and looked around. "Coruscant!"

            "Mara?" Luke said, looking at her.  "You…?"

            "I'm home!" Mara grinned and got out of bed, promptly falling down. "Ow."

            Luke rushed over to her side and helped her back into the bed. "You're…Mara Jade?"

            "Yeah.  Skywalker, what are you doing here?  Am I…?" Mara asked, grateful for his assistance.

            "You're going to be okay, Mara.  Just fine." Luke smiled, and took one of her hands.

            "Wow, I can't believe I'm back." Mara whispered and mentally went through everything, taking inventory of her physical condition. "So, what are you doing here?"

            "I was helping hum… you get better.  I was worried." Luke said, looking away.  Mara smiled, unnaturally.

            "Isn't Callista annoyed?" Mara sighed.

            "We broke up." Luke whispered, and looked up at Mara. "Mara, I…"

            "I know, Luke." Mara whispered back, and smiled gently.

            "Are you going to be okay?" Slowly their faces came closer together.

            "Yes, I think so." She replied gently, and leaned forward a bit.

            "I'm glad you're back." Luke whispered, and gently kissed her.  She kissed him back, one of her hands snaking around

            "Will you stay?" Mara asked him gently, and settled back on the bed.

            "Of course Mara, as long as you want me." Luke smiled meaningfully, and handed her a plate. "Breakfast?"

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