just a heads up the superhuman introduced in this chapter of the story is an OC of mine who will play a big part in the story

anyway, enjoy :)

Chapter 1 – birth of a ….hero?

Location – new York, abandoned factory

Two men were walking side by side in the factory while all around them men were filtering white powder into small vials; the first man was wearing a fine tailored suit while the other was wearing a full yellow radiation suit with two armed guards trailing behind both of them.

"listen man, I don't see why it's taking you this long to make up your mind, I mean this is some quality shit I'm dealing here" said the first man with an American/Italian accent, picking up a vial of white powder "try some man, I'm sure it's what you're looking for"

The taller man walking beside him simply stopped and looked at the men below "not sure if your aware my friend but the Advanced Idea Mechanics doesn't deal with your petty little drug running ops" he then turned his attention back to the other man "we are here for another reason" the other man simply turned his back "okay then, what are doing making deals with me if you don't want to purchase some quality merchandise? Care to "enlighten" me then?"

"You must know that with the kingpin behind bars, it is quite difficult for men of your profession to make an honest living without the super-humans getting in your way" this caught the gangsters attention "what A.I.M is offering is a simple act of co-operation, we make sure no super-humans bother you in your dealings and we get 50% of your profits"


"50% is quite reasonable for what we are offering"

"Christ man, why don't you just take the fillings in my fucking teeth while you're at it?"

"What would you be willing to give us then?"




"35 per cent final offer" the man in the yellow suit said, waiting for the gangsters reply. The gangster simply looked at his men below, it was true what the he said, times were indeed tougher without the kingpin around and the rising number of super-humans flying about the place was certainly doing a number on their operations, not to mention the police were getting bolder with support from both S.H.I.E.L.D and the avengers. The gangster swallowed his pride, he needed this deal.

The gangster held out his hand in a friendly gesture "you got yourself a deal Mr?" the other man shook his hand firmly and smiled behind his black visor "I'm the scientist supreme of A.I.M and it was a pleasure doing business with you"


The doors of the factory began loudly thudding as if something was ramming against them, all the men in the factory below stopped what they were doing and upholstered their guns aiming them at the door. "What the hell was that?" the gangster was sweating at this point there was no way someone could have stumbled on them here, unless it was this A.I.M guys plan to do this all along, he pointed at the scientist supreme who's guards were aiming at the door as well "you! Your behind this aren't you, you son of a bitch!"

The scientist supreme was just as worried as the thudding continued "I swear I have as much information on the situation at hand as you do" the thudding kept getting faster and faster until it stopped in its tracks, the gangster pointed to two of his men armed with shotguns "you two, check the door" the men edged their way towards the door nervously, one of the men then tapped the door with the barrel of his gun


The doors were blown to pieces in an explosion of red energy as then two men were sent flying across the room crashing into stacks of wooden boxes, suddenly a black and red blur flew across the room knocking out most of the men as they fired blinded by the smoke. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" the gangster shouted out as his men were taken out one by one, even the scientist supreme was scared shitless as he couldn't track the movements of whatever was doing this as his suits advanced vision modes could only tell that whatever was doing this was leaving behind massive trace amounts of pure energy around the room.

"that's it were out of the here" the scientist supreme said only to turn to a sight that literally made him shit himself, one of his guards was clearly unconscious hanging from the railings while his other guard was being held up by the throat by the man responsible for this.

Standing in front of him has a man about 6 ½ foot tall dressed in a long black duster coat, a black cowboy hat with what seemed to be a black feather sticking out the top, his hands and forearms were covered by clawed red gauntlets while his feet were in black steel plated boots, underneath his coat he was wearing a very intricately patterned red and black armour plate, his nose mouth and cheeks were covered by black bandana but the thing that stood out the most was his intense glowing red eyes matched only by his long pitch black hair. This man was obviously a super human due to the fact that he had a 120 pound man hoisted up by the throat like he was nothing in one hand while his other hand was glowing with the same red energy that blew up the factory entrance.

"What's up?" the super human said with a heavy British accented voice before throwing the aim trooper to the floor

"Who the hell are you" the gangster said recovering from the smoke

"Me? Well…I'm the man who is going to put your sorry arses behind bars for rest of your pitiful lives" his eyes then began to glow brighter as he continued to speak "OR I could be the man killed Antony Armando head of the Armando family and former right hand man to the kingpin and Franklin Dean the current scientist supreme of one of the largest terrorist organizations in the world" he then grinned behind his bandana and held his arms out wide "now you tell me gentleman, WHICH ONE AM I!"

"you're the dead man asshole" Antony pulled out a magnum and unloaded the clip in the man's direction but to his dread the bullets seemed to burn up before they even reached him, the super human smirked behind his bandana and said "well…to each his own, you guys are lucky I'm In a good mood" the super human then began slowly walking toward them chuckling

*5 minutes later

Both the scientist supreme and Antony Armando were tied up along with every other man in the factory; the super human had just finished tying up the last man "well let's see today's count comes down to 3 bank robberies, 5 muggings, 2 attempted rapes and 1 collaboration between the mafia and AIM… pretty boring really" the super human then crouched down before the scientist supreme and Antony's faces pointing at them with his clawed gauntlet "now you fella's stay here, the boys in blue usually take about 10 or so minutes to get here on weekdays" the super human was then interrupted by the sound of wings flapping

A large black crow suddenly landed on the super humans shoulder and cawed loudly; the super human then stroked the birds chin and smiled "hello mate, where did you go all of a sudden?" the crow responded with a series loud caw's "oh so they're on their way then?" the crow then gave a nodding motion with its head before the super human looked back at the tied up criminals "good news, it seems like the cops will be here a bit earlier than expected, and it gets even better, shield operatives will be arriving to take custody of you A.I.M fellows for some "special treatment"" the super human seemed to sing the last part of that sentence as he dusted himself off and waved to the criminals "well gentleman it was fun while it lasted but alas I have to get going, ciao" suddenly both the super humans and the crows eyes flashed a bright shade of red as flames appeared from the ground and as soon as they appeared they disappeared leaving only a group of confused criminals and a few scorch marks on the ground.

Antony then looked to the scientist supreme tied up next to him with a raised eyebrow "how did he know your names franklin?"

*meanwhile in the city

At another part of the city two avengers were scouring the city for crime, the shorter of the two was running along the rooftops leaping from building to building while the other was content swinging from building to building via web cartridges.

"So web head how did the date go?" said the yellow suited x-man known as wolverine

"Could have gone better if doc ock didn't destroy the café we were at" said the red and blue superhuman known as spider-man

"Well how was it going before he came and crashed it?" wolverine said trying to make some conversation

"To be completely honest Logan I don't think me and MJ are really….compatible" spider-man said with a hint of regretfulness in his voice

"Any reasons bub?" wolverine said as he leapt over a gap between buildings

"I just don't think being in a relationship with her would be for the best, for me or her, I mean ever since losing Gwen and becoming an avenger I don't think I'll be able to be in a relationship again, well with a normal girl at least" it was true ever since peter lost Gwen he was never the same, after a while he thought he could get to being his old self more so when the avengers gave him the choice to become one of them and become part of something better, through the avengers peter met so many other like him and for once he could be 100% himself and feel free to express what he thought to his newly acquired friends. Though if peter had to say the avengers with whom he connected with the most were Logan who was little rough around the edges but still a good man whom peter could always rely on, Tony Stark aka Iron Man who was always around for his teammates when they needed support, Luke Cage who peter could always look to for advice seeing as they were both street level heroes then of course there was Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel who was always…

"Hey web-head you hear what I just said?" Logan said snapping peter out of his trance

"Uh...Sorry Logan can you say it again?" peter said stuttering a little due to embarrassment

Logan rolled his eyes and muttered something before replying

"I said that I've been around long enough to know that no women are normal bub, you might think that having super-powers makes them different but trust me it doesn't"

"Still I don't think I could handle the pressure of dealing with the whole secret identity thing in my love life too" peter said before they stopped on a random rooftop

"Listen Pete just tell me the problem with MJ"

"I don't know Logan I just thing she would love spider-man and not peter parker, or maybe the other way around or…oh god Im just scared if she gets close to me the same thing that happened to gwen will happen to her, everyone who gets close to me something bad happens I mean look at the list uncle ben, Gwen, Gwen's father"

"You can't keep blaming yourself for that Pete none of that was your fault"

"I know Logan it's just….wait haven't you noticed something weird?"


"We just went through 20 city blocks of the most crime infested part of New York, and we didn't even see a mugging"

"Maybe the bad guys are just sick of getting their asses handed to them" Logan smirked as he relished the thought

"that or someone's doing our job for us" Pete said as he looked down one particular alley way to see 5 unconscious gang members all tied up to a lamppost with a large scorch mark in front of them,

Logan then took a few sniffs in the air and looked to peter "you know something peter…I think you may be right"