Chapter 4:

Okay so here we are, long story short if you read the first version of this chapter i'm so sorry, i was really unhappy with it so i re-wrote it. I kept the parts i liked but changed pretty much everything else. Enjoy~

It had been a peculiar day's end, watching Ymir clear up the mess the three freshmen had made of her room. The potato had found it's way back to it's original owner, though Christa doubted Sasha appreciated having it left on her pillow as she slept. In all it took Ymir nearly 2 hours to gather up all the silver foil covering her meagre belongings into a ball large enough to rival the world's largest ball of yarn.

"You want any help carrying that thing down to the bins?" Christa asked, placing the book she had been skimming back on her desk.

"No thanks I got this," came the reply.

Before Christa could duck out of the way the entire enormous ball of aluminium came hurtling towards her and out of the bedroom's window. Both girls were silent until the sound of metal slamming against the rim of a dust bin echoed across the campus. Ymir immediately raced to look out of the window and, sure enough, the ball of foil was nestled amongst the other waste in one of the giant trash cans in the car park.

Ymir's triumphant cry probably woke up half the campus but Christa couldn't help but giggle. She even offered a sarcastic round of applause, to which the freckled girl bowed grinning.

"Did you really think you could make that?" Christa asked, still astounded.

Ymir's grin widened.

"Are you stupid? Of course not! I just thought it would be easier than carrying the damn thing down the stairs," she wiped her nose with her index finger and sat down on her bed.

"Well well done anyway," Christa chuckled, adding a second round of applause.

"Thank you kind goddess of the aluminium foil," she bowed again from her position on the bed, "Shit we should get some sleep look at the time!"

Christa wholeheartedly agreed and before long the two girls were fast asleep, one still sleeping awkwardly facing the wall while the other couldn't help but stare while slowly drifting off.

Christa woke up the next day with the goofiest grin on her face and, no matter what she did, she couldn't remove it. She got dressed quickly and settled in to read inside. Ymir was out already. Probably showering, Christa thought, turning slightly pink at the thought. She buried her face in her book.

She heard the door creak a short while later. A mop of shoulder-length brown hair swaggered into the bedroom, dripping large droplets of water everywhere.


Ymir shook herself like a dog, causing Christa to squeak, before turning to the blonde.

"Hm? Drying my hair, what are you reading?"

"It's by Ilse Langer, WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!"

Ymir looked down at herself slowly, then at Christa, smirking.

"Half naked, and why do you care we're all girls here?" she replied, taking the small towel from around her neck and using it to rub her hair.

"Oh, COME ON," Christa replied.

Ymir just smirked under the towel, making no effort to put any clothes on.

"And now I'm just wondering where else on your body you have freckles..."

"What the hell?"

"Nothing, just put a shirt on!"

Ymir leaned in closer, Christa flinched, feeling so hot she thought she would erupt.

"What did you say? Wanna see the gun show?" she flashed two rows of perfect teeth and flexed her muscles.

Ymir didn't even have time to duck as the Langer volume connected squarely with her nose. She keeled backwards in slow-motion, the smirk successfully wiped off her face, and landed on the bed with a crash loud enough to wake the entire campus.

"Ugh my Gob Krissshhhtta whu da hell?" the brunette cried, clutching her nose and trying to keep the blood from dripping onto the bedding.

Christa was already leaping forward to sit on the floor in front of the freckled girl. She didn't know what to say, she could only gently peel Ymir's hands away from her face to survey the damage.

"I am so sorry," Christa managed to splutter out.

"I dink you broke my dose," the brunette said, tears streaming down her face.

"Okay just face the floor and I'll get you some ice, I'm so so sorry," Christa raced out of the room and down to the kitchens as fast as her legs could carry her.

The cook behind the counter in the canteen looked like a deer in headlights when the hot sweaty blonde slammed her hands on the counter demanding ice. One large bag of ice later and the swelling on Ymir's nose was beginning to go down.

"I'm so sorry," The shorter girl repeated again.

"I know dammit, stop repeating yourself," She said, waving Christa's frantic hands away from her face for the millionth time, "you owe me for this."

Christa's face fell.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked tentatively.

A pained half-smile crossed the brunette's lips.

"Well there's this party tonight..."

I light flickered on in the blonde's eyes.

"The one at the Sina dorms? I was going to ask if you were going!"

"Yeah Annie told me, you owe me so now we're going together," Ymir answered, tweaking her nose so it sat straight again.

"Wait Annie? The blonde at the end of the hall?"

"Uhuh, she's old friends with Bertholdt and Reiner so of course she'd know. Now about the fact you owe me..."

Christa rolled her eyes.

"I was going to ask if you were going anyway, I mean not like this," she trailed off.

"Then it looks like we've got a date tonight."

Christa stood to leave the room, silently thanking any god that she could think of that her aim was so good, a tiny smile playing on her lips.

Christa spent the rest of the day wandering around the autumnal campus with Connie and Sasha. Leaves had begun to layer the pavements, spreading a moist film across the entire college campus.

"It's nearly dinner," Sasha said for the fourth time in as many minutes.

"You know you shouldn't eat before a night of drinking," Connie answered, slapping Sasha on the back of the head.

"Why not?" Christa asked, moving between the two friends.

Connie smiled sheepishly.

"So you can get drunk quicker, obviously!"

Sasha looked ready to cry. Christa put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"We'll get dinner, thanks Connie."

Connie shrugged and followed the other girls to the cafeteria, where the dinner rush was just about to begin.

"You think everyone's gonna turn up to this party?" Connie asked, wincing as Sasha shovelled several potatoes into her mouth at once, "ugh how do you even manage that?"

"Mu jushhht shortaa shtick um all un der," came the reply, as well as a shower of half-chewed potato skins.


Christa giggled and passed the boy a napkin. He grinned back while wiping the debris from his face.

"Back to my previous question, is everyone on campus going to this thing at the Sina dorm?"

Sasha swallowed hard.

"Looks like it, even Annie and Mikasa seem to have given up on their constant bickering," she said, pointing her fork towards the other side of the room.

"Wait how do you know her name?" Christa asked, watching the two girls sat at opposite ends of the same table.

"Hm? Oh Annie asked me to swap rooms with her last night, something about Mikasa snoring in her sleep or something."

"Maybe they just hate each other," Connie chimed in, "Eren said something about his sister not getting along well with her room-mate."

Christa's eyes settled on the end of table where two boys were animatedly chatting about something hilarious that had happened the day before. The girl with the scarf, Mikasa, chipped in occasionally with a comment but her face was turned away from the gossiping boys and firmly faced the stoic blonde at the other end of the table. Annie was reading with her back to the others. Christa's brow furrowed.

"I don't think so, I think they just rub each other the wrong way. Can't say I don't know that feeling."

Sasha let her plate fall onto the table with a clatter.

"I thought you guys were cool now after we, y'know covered all her belongings In aluminium foil?"

The blonde let out an exasperated sigh and slammed her forehead on the wood.

"That was before I almost broke her nose this morning..." she murmured.

Connie's guffaw was loud enough to rouse half the canteen of their post-dinner exhaustion.

"How the hell did you even manage that? You're so tiny!" Tears were streaming down his stubby face as he tried in vain to control his laughter.

"You're one to talk about tiny..." Christa mumbled bitterly, Sasha giggled beside her, "I mean she walked in half naked and started flexing and I... threw a book at her," she finished, turning her head so she could look at the others with her chin still resting on the table.

"Okay go on, laugh."

The two friends fell to the floor almost simultaneously, crippled with laughter. After about five minutes of continuous convulsing and crying Connie and Sasha managed to pick themselves up and sit down again, still clutching their sides.

"It's really not that funny guys! Now I have to go with her to the party as her date," Christa cried. Sasha put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's not that bad right?"

Connie nodded vigorously.

"Yeah, if you kinda squint when you look at her she could almost pass for pretty!"

"Who could almost pass for pretty?"

Christa's heart skipped a beat as a long arm wrapped itself around her neck and pulled her upwards so she was sat straight again.

"Umm, Sasha?" Connie smiled nervously, glancing at Sasha who simply returned the smile. The bald boy gulped audibly.

"Ymir get off," Christa shrugged off the arm and turned to face her room-mate, "And where do you keep popping up from anyway?"

Ymir smirked, pointing to her nose. It was now expertly bandaged but looked even more swollen than earlier in the day.

"Surprisingly I just 'popped up' from the nurse's office. Had to check you didn't actually break it y'know?"

Christa's face flashed scarlet.

"I'm sorry."

The taller girl ruffled at the blonde's long hair.

"I heard you the last billion times you said it, now we should get going," she said, grabbing Christa by the hand and beginning to march towards the exit.

"Where are we going?" she asked, staring red-faced at the enormous hand enveloping hers.

"Back to our room, you've gotta get ready to be my date," She flashed two rows of perfect teeth and Christa almost swooned. Dammit!

The blonde could feel the eyes of every single student on campus burning into her back as the two women raced back through the campus. Evening was setting in as Ymir pulled Christa up the stairs and sat her down on one of the beds.

"Pick something nice, I'm going to go take a piss," Ymir said, scratching the back of her neck and wincing slightly.

Before Christa could ask Ymir about a dress code the door slammed shut and she was alone. Sighing she pulled out two sets of clothes; one with a purple v-neck sweater and jeans and the other with a cardigan and a long skirt.

"Better flip a coin for this one," she mumbled to herself, reaching onto the desk to pull out a coin from her purse, "heads v-neck, tails skirt."

Unfortunately Christa had never had very good hand-eye coordination. Her mother loved recounting the tale of when Christa was about seven years old and she managed to hit herself in the face with a bat during a Phys Ed lesson and got sent home with a bloody nose. The coin flew high in the air and twisted far from Christa's outstretched arms. She leapt forward as the metal skittered towards the door but before her hand could grab it her face slammed into a pair of bony shins walking back into the room.

"The v-neck looks good," Ymir commented.


"No problem," she answered, raising an eyebrow and helping the blonde to her feet, "what were you doing down there anyway?"

"Checking if you had freckles on your legs, I was tossing a coin!"

Ymir let out a throaty chuckle.

"Well it's cold out, so I'd still go with the v-neck," she smiled, sitting down on her bed, "get changed quick or the keg'll already be emptied."

Christa could feel her room-mate's eyes mockingly tracing every inch of her as she changed into the purple v-neck.

"Geez take a picture it'll last longer."


Christa whipped around to face the taller girl.

"Did you just...?"

"Get dressed, we're leaving."

They walked quickly against the brisk Autumn chill. Christa kept her hands firmly in her arm pits.

"You want my jacket?" Ymir asked, beginning to slip one arm out of the fluffy parker.

"No I'm fine, achoo!" She sneezed, wiping her nose on the back of her sleeve.

"You're adorable you know that?" the taller girl laughed, throwing the jacket over Christa and simultaneously smothering her.

"And you're a lot nicer than you look," she answered, bundling herself into the jacket.

When she glanced up Christa could swear Ymir was blushing.

The Sina dorms were the largest dormitories on campus, housing nearly all of the college's male students. The two girls could smell the testosterone before they could feel the bass blaring through their shoes.

"Drink it in rookie this is the smell of our first date, not that I CAN smell it mind you," Ymir grinned cheekily.

"Our first date? Like you expect more after this?" the blonde raised an eyebrow.

"Come on I brought you to a swanky place! And there's beer."

Christa chuckled.

"Well as long as there's beer..."

Ymir slapped her shorter companion on the back and pulled her inside.

The walls in the entrance were decked with balloons and toilet paper hastily thrown down the bannisters to act as streamers. Ymir lifted Christa over a group of students lolling around in the doorway, giggling at something on the ceiling. As they ascended the stairs one of the group rolled over, spilling the entire content of his stomach over the floor and the two other students beside him. Christa held her nose and gagged. Ymir grinned widely.

"Now it's a party."

Christa raised an eyebrow and hit the brunette softly on the arm.

"You're disgusting you know that?"

Her room-mate nodded.

"I know now let's get you drunk!"

They weaved their way through the throngs of students, of varying levels of inebriation, and followed the flow of beer to a room at the end of the hallway. Ymir grabbed Christa's hand and pulled her into the crowd. The taller girl elbowed and shoved her way towards the enormous keg of beer on a desk at the end of the room. Christa could have sworn she even bit another student in her quest for beer. She grabbed two red plastic cups, spilling the stack of hundreds across the floor, and made a beeline for the keg. The blonde followed close behind.

Ymir shoved a foamy cup in her hand.

"Chug it," she ordered, taking a long gulp from her own cup.

"Excuse me?"

"You owe me for breaking my nose, your date orders you to chug that beer."

Christa stared wide-eyed into the dark liquid. But she didn't want to owe her room-mate again. She took a deep breath and began gulping down the foam. Ymir grabbed the bottom of the cup and forced the rest of the beer down the smaller girl's throat. Christa could feel her nostrils burning as alcohol spilled out of her nose and onto the floor. Ymir pulled the cup away from her mouth, smirking.


"Were you TRYING to kill me?" Christa wheezed, wiping her nose on the back of her sleeve.

"Why would I kill you? It's a party Christa, you gotta live a little!"

Christa flushed at the mention of her first name but coughed it away quickly as her room-mate filled up their glasses with a second pint of beer.

"Nice word choice there, if it's all right with you I'm going to drink this one slowly," she said, taking a sip and coughing again.

"Fine by me, let's dance I wanna show you my moves!"

Christa sighed and followed her freckled companion away from the keg and the increasingly rowdy party goers. The pounding bass rippled through her entire body as she was lead to a corner of the corridor where there was still room to breathe. Ymir pointed into the crowd, slinging foamy beer down Christa's sleeve.

"Looks like Annie and her room-mate are getting along," she called over the blaring drum beats.

Christa frowned at her sleeve before following the brunette's finger into the dancing crowd. The two girls were exchanging heated glares while swaying to the music, Annie's inebriated smile causing the other girl to giggle and hiccup playfully.

"How much have they had to drink?" Christa asked, mostly to herself.

"Some people have been here since quarter past this freckle," Ymir answered, leaning over the blonde and pointing to her wrist. Christa swatted her away, chuckling.

"Heeyyyyyyy it's the girl from orientation," came a voice from the crowd of dancing drunks.

"Reiner! Are you...?" Christa asked, looking up at the giant blonde.

An arm instinctively wrapped around her neck.

"He's drunk, leave him alone," Ymir whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

"Come on Ymir I just want to talk to the girl," Reiner laughed, leaning down so his face was the same height as the girls'.

"Go find Bert I'm sure he's damn worried about you, look at the state you're in," Ymir sneered, not willing to remove her arm from Christa just yet.

"I.. I just want to talk to her, Ymir," came the hiccup-filled reply.

Christa could feel the brunette's arm tense. She put her hand on top of it.

"Ymir it's fine, I can handle this, calm down," Christa cooed.

The grip didn't lax.

"See Ymir she just wants to talk, wassurname again? Christa? My room's a lot quieter than here les' go there," he flashed a toothy smile and took a swig from the bottle in his hand.

"Not sure how Bert would feel about that. Just go to bed Reiner don't make me deck you again."

The blonde boy raised himself up to his full height and let out a throaty laugh. Christa glanced behind him and saw, much to her relief, that a tall gangly brunette boy was making his way over to them. Reiner took a step towards the girls. Ymir pulled Christa close to her and the blonde girl could hear both of their hearts pounding in her chest.

"Reiner leave them alone," came a weak voice from the crowd.

Reiner appeared to be completely ignoring his room-mate's calls and reached out to try and touch the shorter girl's face.


The burly boy stumbled backwards, rubbing the weak alcohol from his eyes. Everyone in the corridor was watching the scene now.

"Why'd you do that?" he yelled, trying to wring out his saturated shirt.

"Because I don't appreciate people touching me without my permission Reiner, you need to cool off a little."

Ymir had let go of her room-mate's neck and was now stood at full height. Her eyes flicked between being very amused with the situation and deep shock that her companion had just thrown a beer on a drunken senior student. Bertholdt rushed forward to help Reiner to his feet. Reiner put up some resistance but after Ymir threatened to stick the tube from the keg somewhere less-than-desirable he allowed himself to be helped back to one of the free rooms away from the scene.

"That was... incredible!" the taller girl cried.

"I told you I could handle it, now I believe you were about to show me some moves," Christa raised an eyebrow and gestured to the corridor dance floor.

Ymir laughed nervously and chugged the rest of her beer. Christa giggled.

"You know, for a first date I didn't want it's been a pretty fun evening, thanks Ymir."

If you looked closely enough you could see each of Ymir's freckles blushing. She coughed and started flailing wildly around their designated spot on the dance floor. Christa swayed along when she wasn't almost crippled laughing at her companion's 'moves'.

The music stopped.


Ymir grabbed her room-mate's hand.

"Shit the staff are here," she whispered urgently.

The two girls were immediately crushed against the wall they had been dancing near as every student either raced to get into a room or rushed to the exit. Ymir turned to Christa.

"This is going to get a bit undignified," she said, lifting Christa soldier-style onto her back and cutting through the panicking crowd like a star quarterback.

"Ymir you put me down right now I can run," the blonde cried, slamming her fist hard into the other girl's back.

Ymir wasn't listening. She leapt down multiple stairs at once and vaulted the drunks in the entryway, most of which had been moved so they were leant against a wall. She didn't stop until the two of them were safely back inside their room. She slammed Christa onto the bed, a smug grin etched on her face.

"TOUCHDOWN!" she panted, throwing her hands into the air triumphantly.

"Ymir I could have walked on my own you know."

"I know, this was just way more fun. I couldn't risk getting caught by Erwin again," She shuddered.

Christa's brows knitted together.


"He'd send me to Zoe again, you've seen her she's terrifying!"

"...And so you carried me too because...?"

"No-one deserves that this early in the semester."

Christa couldn't help but laugh. She flopped back onto her bed.

"Okay fine you win, just give me some warning next time."

Ymir leapt onto her own bed.

"I said undignified what more do you want?" She said, completely exhausted.

The blonde closed her eyes, sending her room-mate a tired thumbs up. She heard Ymir shift around on the other side of the room.

"Done, as long as you promise to throw more beer on Reiner."

"Done, now goodnight Ymir"

"Night, princess."

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