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Chapter 6- avoidance

"I'm sorry."

Before the last firework had exploded into the sky she was racing back towards the door. Christa sunk back against the barrier, wrapping herself as deeply as she possibly could into the jacket. The tears fell faster than she wanted. She tried to stop them but still they fell, soaking into the sleeves, anywhere Christa tried to wipe them off. They kept falling long after her eyes had closed.

Red eyes fluttered open, stinging against the frozen daylight. The jacket clung to her body, she could still smell Ymir on it. She coughed and a cloud of smoky breath rose from her lips. She checked her watch, it was already past noon.

She slammed her head against the barrier.

"Looks like I'm too late for class," she whispered, coughing again and wiping her nose on Ymir's jacket sleeve.

She managed to shakily pull herself to her feet so she could look over the barrier. Beneath the thick layer of fog circling the roof she could just make out the tents and stands being carefully packed away from the night before, the trucks parked in a perfect line in the parking lot.

Students came and left their classes while she watched from the roof top. She found the ugly plush toy she had won for Ymir in the shooting gallery the night before, stuffed roughly against one of the now useless chimneys that littered the rooftop.

Well I still think you're cute.

She pulled it out, patting off the dirt and moisture as best she could. Hugging it close she checked her watch again. It was almost dinner now.

"I wonder if she'll be in our room," Christa thought out loud, starting to carefully pick her way down the stairs back into the college.

She passed no-one, everyone was already at dinner. She hadn't eaten all day but she wasn't hungry, there was a tight black knot in the pit of her stomach. When she reached their dorm room Ymir wasn't there.

Figures, she thought, even managing to laugh a little. She flopped onto her bed, throwing Ymir's stuffed animal onto the other girl's bed. Slamming doors echoed along the hallway and Christa could swear she heard Annie and Mikasa bickering at the other end of the corridor but she didn't want to get up.

Ymir didn't come back that night.

"And she just, left. She apologised and then just, left," Christa repeated for the fifth time that morning.

Sasha nodded, patting her friend on the shoulder.

"You're just going to have to talk to her," she said, heaping more butter onto a slice of toast.

"And how do you suggest I do that? I haven't seen her!"

Sasha chewed oh her bread for a second before replying.

"Easy, you find her. Right Mikasa?"

The black-haired girl nodded once before falling back into eating her breakfast. Christa leant back against her chair, sighing towards the ceiling.

"I guess you're right, Mikasa have you or Annie seen Ymir since yesterday?"

Mikasa pointed towards the sport's field.

"Annie was training with her yesterday, she didn't come to class though."

"And Annie is...?"

"Probably still in bed, that's where I left her."

Sasha wiggled her eyebrows at Christa, a small smile creased the blonde girl's lips.

"Oh shut up," Mikasa glared at the girls. They shrugged.

"We didn't say anything," Sasha smirked, "Christa you feel a little warm, are you sure you're all right from staying up on that roof? It is November."

Christa put a hand to her forehead, furrowing her brow into her palm.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me."

Mikasa stood to leave, gathering up the remains of her breakfast.

"She's got a one track mind, you'll probably find her out at the track."

"Did you mean to make that pun?" Sasha asked. Mikasa walked away before answering, tray in hand.

"I thought she was going to hit you with that tray," Christa giggled, turning to see Sasha white-faced next to her.

"So did I. Are you heading out to the track now?"

The blonde shook her head.

"Finals will be here before we know it, I'm making a head start on studying so I'll be in the library," She coughed out the last few words but waved off her friend's concerned stare, "I'm fine, promise."

She spent the rest of the day in the library, trying to focus her mind on something other than the pounding in her head and the aching still tugging at her lips.

"Ugh, Why'd she have to be such a good kisser?!"

"Miss Renz I appreciate your plight but could you please keep it down while you're in the library?"

Christa glanced around at the stunned silent faces of her peers on all sides. She let her face fall into her hands on the desktop.

"Yes ma'am."

When the low buzz of her fellow students returned Christa heard the creak of a chair beside her.

"So Ymir's a good kisser eh?"

"Reiner what do you want I'm trying to study?"

The blond boy propped his chin up on his palm and waited until Christa slowly lifted her face from the desk.

"She run off? She likes to do that, run away from her problems," he said frowning, "you look rough, you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, what did you say about Ymir running away from her problems?"

"That she likes to run away from them, take it she didn't go back to your room last night?"

Christa nodded.

"Just give it some time, she'll come crawling back to you eventually," he said, stroking his chin with a finger.

"What makes you so sure?" She asked.

He smiled softly.

"You're the first person she's let stay in her room in three years. To me that makes you a little bit special."

"Yeah only after I tinfoiled her entire living space," Christa sighed, thumping her head against the book on the desk.

"Just be yourself with her, I'm sure that bitch will come around eventually," Reiner smirked when the shorter blonde, "and if that doesn't work out there's always me!"

He winked and Christa cringed playfully. She smiled at him softly.

"I wonder what Bertholdt would say about that," she giggled.

Reiner flushed slightly. He coughed and let his stoic façade grace his cheeks once more.

"Just don't give up on her stupid ass, she'll come crawling back eventually, tail between her legs."

Christa pondered this for a moment.

"I wonder what Ymir would look like as a dog?"

"Probably something small and yappy like a chihuahua," Reiner answered, chuckling to himself at the thought.

Christa smacked him on the arm and coughed violently.

"I... Was thinking... Something more handsome... Like I dunno a husky or something," she panted between coughs.

Reiner immediately put his arm around her to calm her. She couldn't breathe, it felt like her entire chest was on fire. She tried shrugging off the burly blonde but he stuck fast, concern filling his eyes.

As soon as she could almost breathe normally again she signalled that he could remove his arm. She still felt faint. She opened her mouth to speak but he stopped her.

"You're not fine don't even bother with that shit," Reiner said, putting the back of his hand against her forehead, rougher than Sasha had, "You are burning up. If you keep this up you're going to end up in hospital.

Christa shook her head violently, knocking his hand away.

"I'm fine, really, I just need to get an early night. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get some water."

From the corner of her vision she could see the blonde boy bite back a comment and instead simply chose to let her stumble out of the library and into the freezing hallways.

After her lecture the following day Christa left Sasha and Armin and found herself wandering towards the sports field, more out of habit than anything else.

"Meet at the library later?" Armin had asked before they parted. Christa had agreed but the pounding in her head was only going to serve as a distraction to any studying the blonde boy had planned for them later on.

She felt her way up onto the bleachers overlooking the track and pulled a book out of her bag. The cold winds ripped through her thin jacket and for a second she missed the warmth of Ymir's enormous sweaters.

Well I could always just steal one, she thought, Ymir hasn't been back to our room in days.

She thumbed through the pages absently, more interested in the small group of girls, and Eren, in running gear warming up at the start of the 100m track. It wasn't hard to pick out Ymir in the crowd, her bronze skin and menacing gait were a dead give away. She appeared to be arguing with Mikasa about something. A small smile played at Christa's lips.

You are such an idiot, she sighed.

Nausea hit her like a truck. Blood rushed to her head and no matter how she shook herself the feeling didn't shift. Heat washed over her entire body but she was almost numb to it now. Deciding she needed to get back to her bed for a while she dumped the unread book into her bag and rushed from the track, stealing one last glance at the practising girls. If she didn't know better she would have sworn she saw Ymir's face drop as she ran away.

A short dissatisfying nap later Christa made her way slowly to the library to meet with Armin, her head still pounding against her skull.

"You don't look so good," he commented as she took the seat next to him.

"Everyone's been saying that, I just need sleep that's all."

He turned to face the mountain of books scattered across their table.

"If you say so."

Christa nodded and flipped open the nearest book, ignoring her throbbing temples and starting to read. They both read in near silence for the next hour, only offering comment if they found a piece of information they thought the other would appreciate. Christa could feel the heat of her headache burning behind her eyes, she rubbed them and tried to continue reading. Next to her she heard Armin close his textbook.

"What happened between you and Ymir?" he asked suddenly.

"Nothing Mikasa hasn't already told you I'm sure," she answered flatly, instantly regretting it when she saw the hurt look in the boy's eyes.


Armin shook his head, smiling slightly.

"No I didn't mean to pry, but can I offer some advice? History nerd to history nerd?"

Christa chuckled and nodded, the blood swirling around her head making her more nauseous than before.

"Nothing's ever solved by avoidance, I mean look at the Spartans."

"Armin I don't think the blood-thirsty Spartan warriors are the best example of why not to avoid something," Christa said.

It was the blonde boy's turn to chuckle. He opened one of the text books in front of him and pointed to a page.

"The Spartan forces didn't turn up to the battle of Marathon during the Greco-Persian war, leaving the Athenian forces to fight the Persian armies on their own.

"I mean the Athenians won the battle but after that the hostilities between Sparta and Athens increased to the point where, even after winning the war against Persia, they ended up fighting each other a few years later, all because the Spartans avoided battle."

"So you're saying Ymir and I have to battle it out now or else start a second Peloponnesian war?" she smiled.

Armin sighed in mock disappointment.

"I wasn't finished! Athens then built a wall stretching from their city to the shore so they could keep their navy. Sparta were against the idea but Athens, instead of talking out the issue, went behind Sparta's back and built the wall anyway."

"So what you're saying is we have to communicate? Easier said than done considering she's been ignoring me Armin," Christa said, biting back the urge to vomit.

"Well I don't know what happened with you two, Mikasa wouldn't tell me, but I'm sure if you just talked to her you could work it out?"

Christa tried to smile at him in thanks but stopped. Her entire body felt like lead. She moved to try and stand but as she lifted herself her legs gave way beneath her.

She never felt herself hit the ground.

She didn't hear Armin screaming for help.

She couldn't remember the ambulance being called.

"You're an idiot, you know that?"

"I know you can stop telling me."

The black-haired girl sat down on the grass.

"Oh no, I'm going to keep telling you until you do something about it."

The other girl stared down at her incredulously.

"Like what?"

"Oh I don't know, something crazy like... Apologising maybe?!"

Ymir shook her head.

"I can't just, I mean what if she hates me now? I can hardly walk back in all smiles like 'oh hey sorry I kissed you and then ran away leaving you to sleep on a roof in the middle of winter, still wanna date me?"

Mikasa looked up from her stretch.

"I don't think you've ever been all smiles, " she commented, " but I don't think she hates you I mean look," She pointed across to the bleachers by the track's 100m finish line.

Ymir's heart leapt into her mouth.

Christa was sat thumbing her way through a text book absently, stealing glancing at the group of girls, and Eren, every time she lifelessly turned a page. She was shivering. Ymir took a tentative step towards her before stopping herself, remembering where she was. Annie wandered over from where she had been stretching at the other end of the practise field.

"Will you just talk to her please?" she said, leaning over Mikasa to help her stretch out her back.

"I've already said I can't!" Ymir snapped.

Annie smiled up at her.

"I bet you've built up this entire scenario for what happens when you talk right? Well you're almost 100% wrong about it so just go over and apologise."

Mikasa's smile turned dark beneath Annie.

"You're scared."

"Like fuck I am!" she yelled, kicking up a mound of dirt in front of her.

"You're scared because you let down your guard around someone and now you think you've messed it all up but you're too stubborn to do anything about it."

Annie's smile widened too.

"Oh fuck you both I'm done here," Ymir huffed, stalking away from the track back towards the main college building.

Ymir lay on her bed all evening. Christa was still out so Ymir was able to catch up on her sleep without her in the room. It was pretty cowardly slipping out the window when she heard her room-mate approach the room, she knew that. But she couldn't help it. Maybe Mikasa was right. She was scared.

No matter how she tried to talk herself, or even beat herself, out of it deep down she knew the black-haired girl was right. Well, shit. She tossed and turned on top of her bed sheets but couldn't settle. She could smell Christa everywhere, and every breath made her remember that kiss. You really are such a fucking coward, Ymir.

She sat up, sleep was obviously not coming to her this evening, no matter how much she needed it. She scratched at her forehead, trying to think of a proper way to apologise. Anything I do will just sound sarcastic, ugh.

They'd been flirting since the start of term, naturally Ymir had assumed that Christa felt the same way. I mean she did kiss her back right? She had replayed the scene so many times in her head it had become warped. She screamed internally. Flopping back onto her pillows she threw an arm across her face.

"Is it really that fucking hard for you to just talk to her?"

She glanced across to the other bed, perfectly made as usual. If she wanted to she could lay on Christa's bed, do anything she wanted. Good, you're getting fucked up the sleep deprivation is finally getting to you. She hasn't talked to you in nearly a week and it's not like your creepy thoughts are helping anything.

Her eyes were barely staying open now. From outside she could hear someone racing down the corridor, footsteps thumping on the wooden floors. I loud rapping roused her from her almost slumber.

"Ugh who the hell is that?" Ymir groaned, opening the door.

It was Mikasa.

"I was trying to sleep."


The black-haired girl's hand whipped out and slapped Ymir squarely on the jaw.

"You're an idiot."

"So you've told me," Ymir replied bitterly, rubbing her injured face, "why the sudden courtesy call Ackerman?"

"It's Christa."

The brunette froze in the doorway.

"What. Happened?" She asked, her voice was barely more than a breathless whisper.

"She's in hospital, she collapsed in the library. The paramedics said she has all the symptoms of pneumonia."

Ymir's mouth went dry. Mikasa stared her down expectantly but her eyes immediately softened when she saw the look in her friend's eyes. She put a hand on a freckled cheek.

"Sasha's getting Connie and they're taking his car to the hospital, go find her."

It wasn't a request and Ymir knew that but her legs had turned to stone the moment Mikasa had said 'hospital.' Mikasa shook Ymir's shoulders.

"She waited for you on the bleachers every day, getting sicker and sicker. Now go find her for God's sake!"

A weak smile played on the brunette's lips.

"You didn't have to tell me about this, why did you?"

Mikasa glanced down the hallway where, out of the corner of her eye, Ymir picked out a familiar blonde bun and pair of piercing blue eyes.

"Because she'd kill me if I didn't."

"I doubt you'd let her," the taller girl chuckled, the feeling slowly returning to her legs, "but, thank you."

Mikasa smiled slightly and stepped aside so Ymir could start jogging down the hallway. She turned around.

"Um Mikasa, where are Sasha and Connie?"

This time it was Annie who answered.

"Where do you think?" She almost laughed.

Ymir rubbed the back of her neck.

"Oh yeah, thanks Annie, for everything."

"Go or they'll leave without you!"

Ymir nodded and raced out of the dorms at full speed, thanking all the gods she could think of that she was a runner.

She burst through the doors into the cafeteria, whipping around wildly until she saw a familiar bald head rise from one of the tables towards the back. She leapt over two chairs in front of her and almost hit the wall before turning sharply and glowering at Connie.

"What are you looking at fugly?" the shorter boy grimaced, eyeing Ymir up.

"I'm coming with you to the hospital," she said breathlessly.

From the other side of the table Sasha rose from her seat.

"And why should we do that?"

Ymir almost clutched at her throat, it was dry as a desert again.

"Because I have to..." she trailed off, scratching at the back of her neck nervously.

"What? Apologise? She waited for you on those bleachers, even though she was getting sicker and sicker and..."

"I know! Dammit I know and I've been replaying the last few days over and over again in my head trying to figure out what to say and then this happens and," She clutched at the sides of her head with balled fists, sinking to the floor.

Beside her she heard the jingle of car keys and, when she finally decided to look up, saw a smiling Connie and Sasha staring down at her.

"I think the car ride to the hospital will be punishment enough," Sasha sighed, leaning on the shorter boy's shoulder.

Ymir stood slowly, shaking the tears from her eyes and followed Sasha towards the car park, shooting Connie a knowing smirk as she passed him.


"I saw that blush mister."

"Oh shut up fugly," he huffed, sticking his tongue out and shouldering passed her to follow Sasha.

"Oh God no. THIS is your car? I thought this was something one of the seniors brought in to use as an installation art piece!"

"Yeah yeah rub it in I know my car suck now get in," Connie sighed, wrenching open the rusted door and staining the parking space red.

After several attempts Ymir's door gave way and she flopped onto the dusty back seats, not bothering to put a seatbelt on.

"Springer you need to clean back here my lungs are fucking coated in dust now thanks."

Connie watched her from the mirrors.

"Hey you're only here because Sasha let you, now belt up and shut up or I'll throw you out the window."

Ymir pouted, then half-smiled and tapped the glass.

"Like you could even get the window open."

"Shut up," Connie groaned, trying to get the car to tick into life.

Sasha turned to face Ymir.

"So why the sudden change of heart?"

The car spluttered sickly into life, black fumes coughing from the exhaust.

"I... Mikasa slapped me."

Sasha nodded with a knowing 'ahh.'

Ymir made a non-committal noise in reply, stroking the hairs on the back of her neck.

"I mean I would have talked to her eventually, I really like Christa, I REALLY like Christa," she repeated the last few words over and over, knowing that she meant them more and more each time she said them.

She shook herself and came face-to-face with a smug Sasha Braus.


Sasha shook her head lightly.

"Just nice to hear you not be a total ass hole for once," She said, turning back to settle into the passenger seat again.

The journey settled into an awkward silence after that, Ymir only occasionally offering a sarcastic comment about Connie's car, his driving, his baldness and it took every ounce of the young man's strength to not throw the brunette out onto the busy free-way.

"if she makes one more joke, " he seethed under his breath, turning a sharp bend and half hoping the door would open and Ymir would fly out.

"She's just nervous," Sasha said, patting her friend on the shoulder in an attempt to try and soothe him.

"She's just an ass hole," Connie huffed, though he did blush slightly at Sasha's touch.

"I'm sat right here y'know?" Ymir said, kicking the back of the seat.


"Did you just...?"

"Well if you didn't have such shitty seats..."

Connie slammed his fist on the dashboard.

"I mean I know my car is a crap heap but that doesn't mean you get to kick holes in my damn seats!"

Ymir pouted but a devious smirk soon replaced it.

"I have some duct tape that'll fix that right up. Then again it's probably worth more than the car."

The car screeched to a halt.

"Okay that's it, get out of my car," Connie almost yelled, wrestling with the door to try and open it.

"No need to get all mad and anyway," Ymir said, kicking open her door with relative ease, "we're here."

The hospital loomed in front of them, enormous and grubby white in colour. Ymir swallowed down a huge lump in her throat. This was it, time to apologise for the first time in her life.

When they entered the lights were low and dim, echoing the grim evening sky settling in outside. Sasha and Connie hung back behind Ymir, who wedged her hands as deeply into her pockets as possible and slowly walked towards the desk.

"Umm... Is Christa Renz here?" She asked the stony-faced woman sat behind the reception, quieter than she wanted to.

The nerves were beginning to get to her.

"I'm sorry," the woman replied, "visiting hours are over, you'll have to come back tomorrow." She didn't sound the least bit sorry.

"But I didn't know she was in the hospital until about an hour ago, I have to see her it's important."

The woman eyed the freckled-girl in front of her suspiciously over the top of her glasses.

"Are you family?" she asked dryly, lazily rolling her chair towards an enormous filing cabinet.

"No but..." Ymir started, taking her hands out of her pockets to slap them on the desk, "I need to tell her something."

"Well that something can wait until tomorrow, during actual visiting hours," the woman drawled on, licking her thumb and opening the file she had retrieved from the cabinet, "Miss Renz is on bed rest."

"Listen to me, I HAVE to see her, Right. Now," Ymir cried, gritting her teeth.

Sasha put a hand on the taller girl's shoulder and squeezed hard, pulling Ymir from her rising rage.

"I'm so sorry for her behaviour," she began, smiling sweetly at the rancid-looking woman in front of them, "It's just that what my friend failed to mention is that Christa is her girlfriend and she's been inconsolable since she heard the news."

Ymir flushed a deep scarlet. Her mouth too dry to talk she just nodded dumbly at the receptionist and turned to Sasha wide-eyed. The shorter brunette's eyes betrayed nothing of the lie she had just told, instead she smiled even wider at the receptionist.

"She only found out an hour ago because they had a fight you see, Ymir here only wants to apologise to her one true love."

Okay, Ymir thought, one true love may be pushing it a little.

The woman behind the desk merely blinked slowly and placed the file onto the keyboard, knitting her hands together.

"Be that as it may, and as touching as your story is, I can't tell you where she is. Visiting hours are over."

Ymir's eyes filled with desperation.


Before the woman could speak again a woman in a long white lab coat pushed her way through the double doors leading to the wards. She stopped and stared at the scene playing out at the reception desk.

"Is there a problem, Eunice?" she asked, warm eyes settling on each of the students in turn.

"This one wants to see, whasser name again? Ah Christa Renz. I've told them visiting hours are over but they're insisting."

The Doctor placed a pile of files on the desk and turned to face the girls.

"Miss Renz needs her rest, she'll be back to school after her fever breaks," she explained. Ymir relaxed considerably.

"So it's not pneumonia?" Sasha asked from behind Ymir.

The doctor shook her head.

"The paramedics were right to bring her in though, she has a rather nasty case of the flu but it's nothing serious."

Ymir took a sharp intake of breath.

"Then can I see her?"

The Doctor smiled.

"I'm sorry but visiting hours are over, why is it so important you see her?"

"Because I'm her, I'm. She's my, I guess we're, together?"

The Doctor's eyes lit up slightly. She coughed.

"Eunice, Miss Renz's file please."

The receptionist hesitated before handing over the thin folder to the other woman, who opened it and pointed to the double doors.

"She's in room 104, take the elevator up to the third floor and her room is on the left as you exit. I can only give you fifteen minutes though."

Ymir didn't even hear the end of the sentence. She bolted through the doors, flailing wildly in the middle of the hallway. She hit the back wall of the elevator hard when she finally skidded into it and pounded onto the button for the third floor. Her stomach lurched as she was carried upwards towards Christa. She raced to the left and stopped suddenly. She was there.

Her hand hesitated on the door handle, a sudden anxiety washing over her. She knew it was stupid, Christa had wanted to talk to her for days, even getting sick over it. Shaking herself she tentatively pushed the door open.

The room smelled of her. She lay peacefully on her bed, snuggled deep in layers of blankets. As Ymir edged closer she could hear her laboured breathing. Ignoring the arm chair in favour of the edge of the bed. It creaked and the blonde gasped and fell into a fit of coughing under the blankets.

"Oh God, umm fuck I'm sorry. I'll just," she stood but before she reached full height a hand shot out from the bed and gripped at her wrist.

"Don't you dare go," the tiny voice cautioned, smoothing her hand over Ymir's and linking their hands.

Christa's eyes opened, glaring daggers at her room-mate, who looked more sheepish than she ever had before. The blonde shifted under the blankets so she could sit up, never letting go of Ymir's hand.

"So?" She asked dryly.

Ymir used her one unoccupied hand to scratch the back of her neck.

"Umm, I'm sorry?" She ventured, trying to crack a smile at the smaller girl. Christa was unimpressed.

"That's the best you've got?"

"Well I was going to apologise to you and then you ended up here and it took me so long to get in here because the bitch on the desk wouldn't let me through and then Sasha said you were my girlfriend and she still wouldn't let me through but then a doctor came and let me come up here so I ran but then I got really nervous because what if you did hate me now right? So I got stuck opening the door because I really wanted you to like me how I liked you and now we're here and..."


Christa's forehead connected solidly with Ymir's and the two crumbled into the bed.

"Ouch, what the hell was that for?" Ymir cried, rubbing between her eyebrows.

"You wouldn't have stopped babbling otherwise," Christa shrugged from her position on her room-mate's right shoulder.

Ymir let out a long sigh.

"Ah fuck it! I was an ass hole but I really do like you," she paused to take in Christa's measured expression, "I mean like like-like. I kinda like-like you. Oh just be my girlfriend already!"

Christa giggled into the the brunette's pulse point.

"The hell are you laughing for?"

Blue eyes were inches away from her face.

"That was a very you way of asking me out," Christa admitted, placing a hand on freckled cheeks, "if that's what you were doing anyway?"

Ymir nodded, struck dumb by the adorable giggle.

"Do you have any idea how long I've waited for you to say that you idiot?" Christa yelled, pressing her lips wholly over Ymir's.

They came apart only when Christa started coughing. Ymir tucked the blonde safely back into the bed and then turned to leave.

"Get over here," the shorter girl commanded, indicating a free spot on the bed.

Ymir smirked to herself and climbed onto the bed beside Christa, wrapping one arm around her.

"If you give me the flu then you have to take care of me when you get back to the dorms," she mumbled into her girlfriend's ear.

"Fat chance," Christa replied, latticing their fingers together over her chest, "Say, Ymir?"


"Do you want to come home with me for Christmas?"

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