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I don't think that I've got the numbers right, for how many breaths/ chest compressions for CPR right. But other than that, I don't own Harry Potter, the song 'How to Save a Life', so far all I 'own' is Jonathan, who was going to be originally named James, but I don't think the other father would approve.

And though I think that they're stupid.

Warnings: MPreg, (EVENTUAL) Slash (MalexMale/Yaoi).


"Daddy!" Cried out a little boy, causing a man with black hair, emerald green eyes, and a lightning bolt scar's heart to stop, as he turned around and raced towards the scream of his son.

"Jonathan!" He bellowed, shoving through the crowd.

When he reached the boy he picked him up in his arms. "Daddy, I'm so sorry, I was looking at something in the window and then you were gone."

"Oh god Jonathan. You just scared the life out of me."

"Harry?" Right about here is where I should have realized that my life was about to change again. It had changed when… Severus came to tell me that I was a wizard.. when I got sorted into Gryffindor… when I had defeated Voldemort… and more importantly when I fell in love.

After I realized what was happening to me, I petitioned to the Board of Governors, and asked that they made a class for the muggleborns, and orphans raised by muggles. Because coming into a world that we didn't know existed until a couple of months before was a bit of a shock, in and of itself. I wish there had been a class like that for me. Don't get me wrong, I'll never regret Jonathan, but if I had known that it was even possible I would have been more cautious.

Because when you're a male wizard coming from the muggle world, there are a few things that you know with absolute certainty. You're a boy. The wand chooses the wizard. And ONLY girls can get pregnant. I think that it's definitely one of the things that they should tell students that were raised in the muggle world. Magic is Might, and magic just might allow two powerful wizards to have a child together. No potions, spells, or surrogates involved. Just love and power, that combines to create a child.

So when I heard the father of my son's voice, I looked up, and hoped to all that was magical in the world that it was somebody else.

"Harry?" I was wrong.

The man who was crouching on the ground holding the child to his chest looked up so swiftly his neck popped. "Sev?"

Chapter One – To Save a Life

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend

Somewhere along in the bitterness

And I would have stayed up with you all night

Had I known how to save a life

~The Fray – How to Save a Life

Harry jerked up in bed breathing heavily, and froze for a moment, before he jumped up and started to run towards the Great Hall from Gryffindor tower. People called out behind him as he ran through the corridors, but he ignored them. He didn't realize that he wasn't wearing a shirt until he burst through the front doors, and bolted through the rain towards the tree that despite all that had happened in the last twelve hours was still thrashing through the air. Pointing the wand that he didn't know had been in his hand, he pointed it at the branches as he neared it, "Immobulus!"

Ignoring the branches that still moved he dodged them until he reached the hole that led to the tunnel that let out at the Shrieking Shack. He ran down the tunnel hunched over to avoid getting his head taken off by one of the clumps of dirt and rocks hanging from the ceiling. After what seemed like an eternity, Harry Potter shoved the boxes that blocked the sitting room of the cottage from view, and climbed out of the tunnel, before slumping to his knees beside the body of his professor. He slapped the man in the face, "Wake up!" he yelled.

When nothing happened, he pointed his wand towards the man's robes. "Accio Potions!" He cried. When several vials flew into his hands, accompanied by a bezoar, Harry looked skeptic for a moment, before shoving the stone down the motionless man.

"Harry?" A voice called down the tunnel, but Harry looked over the potions, trying to figure out what they were, recognizing one as a pain potion, he unstopped it and poured it into the man's mouth, followed quickly by what he recognized as a healing potion. When nothing happened, Harry ripped the black robes open, and determinedly ignoring how toned the chest was, placed his hands on his chest, directly over his heart and started pressing down repeatedly, copying something that he remembered from one of the few tv shows that he had been allowed to watch when he was a child.

After ten compressions, he bent down and hovered his head over his professor's mouth, watching to see if the chest rose, listening for the breath, and hoping to god that he felt a puff of air on his cheek. When none of these things happened, he pinched his professor's nose, tilted the head back, other hand both supporting the jaw and holding the mouth open, and pressed his lips against the cold unmoving ones below him. He forced his breath into the other man's lungs fifteen times before moving back into position and continuing the chest compressions. "Wake up you bastard!" he yelled out as he tried to restart the man's heart. "Wake up!" He yelled again, before he moved to breath into the professors mouth again. When he returned to giving compressions, he noticed, from the corner of his eye, that the professors neck was healing.

Harry felt someone land beside him. "Harry, it's too lat-."

"No it isn't Hermione, his neck is healing! He's going to wake up!" When he finished with the third round of chest compressions he moved to breath into the professor's lungs again, afterwards, trying another look, feel, hear check, and growling when the man still wasn't breathing on his own. "Damn it Professor, Wake up!" He yelled, moving to do another round of chest compressions.

He didn't notice the people who had followed Hermione down the tunnel, and were now standing behind them, watching as Harry tried to resuscitate the Dungeon Bat. Hermione tried again to stop him, "Harry he's dead." She said, as if she were speaking to a child.

Harry's eyes shot to the hole in his professor's neck, which was shrinking in size, and closing up. Jerking his hands away, he grabbed a blood replenishing potion out of the small pile and dumped it down the man's throat, before breathing into him again. He moved to start doing more compressions when Hermione slapped his hands away, staring amazedly at the spot where his neck had been injured, and was now healed. Harry bent down to hover his head above the professors again, and just when he was about to move away, he felt the smallest of shuddery breaths against his cheek. "Ha!" Harry cried out in triumph, pulling a naked arm towards him, and pressing his fingers into the pulse point on the man's wrist. When he felt the soft thumping against his fingers he smiled brilliantly, before turning to Hermione. "He's alive!" He leaned over the professor's head again and started tapping his cheeks. "Wake up!"

The man's breath evened out, and Hermione, who was at his wrist called, "His pulse is getting stronger.

Harry flashed her a look and started to smack the professor's face harder. "Wake up damn it!"

He gave a deep shuddery breath before black eyes opened slowly, and focused in on the emeralds that hovered a foot above him. A hand rose, and Harry heard people stepping back, before it touched his cheek. "Harry." His voice croaked softly, before the eyes closed, and he fell asleep.

Though incredibly shocked, Harry refused to let what his professor did make him freak out, so he stood and levitated the body, before turning around and seeing all of the people standing there. "Move, I've got to get him to the infirmary!"

The people who continued to stare at him, stepped to the side, and allowed the Gryffindor Golden Boy, Chosen One, Savior to pass, levitating the body in front of him carefully.

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