Severus Snape was sitting on his bed glaring at the bed across the infirmary that was surrounded by giggling girls, despite the lateness of the hour. "Damn Poppy for not putting the curtains back up." Harry had slept most of the day, shifting in his chair nonstop.

"No." The emerald eyed boy mumbled in his sleep. "Not him."

The doors opened, allowing Ron and Hermione in. The couple slowly made their way towards him, stopping to offer comfort to the injured people who hadn't been moved to St. Mungos due to too many patients and not enough beds, or the severity of their condition. Then several things happened at once, Harry started thrashing around in his chair, and Hermione yelled, "Ron, calming draught."

As Ron dashed towards the medicine closet Harry yelled out, "HE'S NOT DEAD! SIRIUS!" The room went silent, and Hermione walked quickly towards his bed. "BREATH RON!"

"Quicker Ron." Hermione said.

Harry started sobbing. "I'm so sorry Hermione. So sorry I couldn't stop her from hurting yo-." Ron and Hermione reached him at the same time, and Hermione grabbed his hair with one hand, and his jaw with the other, opening his mouth wide enough for Ron to dump the potion down his throat.

How… how long has Potter been having nightmares like this? Mind flashing through his memories of Harry's Hogwarts years. He always has had shadows under his eyes. Mind going further back, first year.. first night of first year. Did those rotten mug-. "What do you mean that you know I have nightmares?"

Oblivious.. just like his mother.

Just a small delve into the other side of Harry waking up in my Nightmare chapter. Plus if you squint really hard, I myself see an opening for a sequel.

To Some1OutThere, you inspired me. I've started working on something original. I've got tons of ideas for it, and I just have to find a way to put them into words.