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Warnings: MPreg, Slash (MaleXMale, Yaoi, Boy-on-Boy)

Chapter Nine – Just Dance

Baby why don't we just turn that T.V. off?

315 channels of nothing but bad news on,

Well it might be me but the way I see it,

The whole wide world has gone crazy,

So baby why don't we just dance.

~Josh Turner

"Daddy wake up!" A voice chirped.

"Jonathan, go back to sleep." Harry groaned, rolling over to try and fall back to sleep.

He was suddenly jumping on the bed. "But daddy, papa is here."

"But he's not supposed to be here until nine."

Then another voice was speaking from the doorway. "And it's nearly nine thirty."

Harry shot out of bed, and stood there in his pajama pants. "I'm sorry. I set an alarm, but I guess it didn't go off."

"It's fine. I'll start breakfast, you take a shower."

"I've got bacon, eggs, sausage, and other breakfast stuff in the fridge. I made fresh bread last night before we went to bed, and it's in the cabinet closest to the fridge."

Severus nodded, and ran his eyes over Harry's exposed chest. "If I can't find something, little man here will help me."

"Cool! Daddy lets me help cook all of the time!" Harry smiled at his son.

"I'll be down in a bit."

I don't know what I was expecting when I walked into the kitchen, but it certainly wasn't what I walked in on. Or even what I heard you two talking about as I made my way towards it.

"Are you and my daddy going to get back together?" Jonathan asked, making Harry halt on his way towards the kitchen.

"Does your daddy have a boyfriend?" Severus asked quietly, before the noise of eggs cracking was heard.

"No. I asked daddy why he didn't have a boyfriend, and he told me it's because he gave his heart to someone a long time ago, and he never got it back. That it didn't feel right to move on when he still loved my papa."

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I haven't had any boyfriends either."

"If you two still loved each other, why didn't you get back together?"

In a mixture of not knowing if he wanted to know the answer, and not being ready to hear why he was told to leave, Harry made his way towards the kitchen, making sure to make plenty of noise. "Something smells good in here." He said when he entered the kitchen to find plates of stuff all over the table. "That's a lot of food."

"I've had to do a lot more cooking these last couple of years. Most of my time before we got together was spent at Hogwarts, and when I was home over the summer I took one of the house elves with me." He snorted to himself before sliding the eggs onto a plate and turning the stove off. "And despite the fact that I'm a renowned Potions Master, I couldn't cook worth a damn."

Harry took his seat at the table, and smiled when Jonathan went to sit in between him and Severus. "It looks wonderful you two."

Severus reached over to ruffle Jonathan's hair. "It was all this little man. I only got him down the things he couldn't reach."

"I'm sure it was. He's been helping me cook since he could sit himself up and say 'I wan help'." When it was noticeable that Severus was waiting for Harry to eat first, he got a little of everything and put it onto his plate. "What were the two of you talking about when I was in the shower."

From the corner of his eye he noticed Severus tense slightly. "I asked Jonathan if he was enjoying primary school."

"I thought it would be good for him to be around other children his age. I've taught him a bit of magical history, and of course he's gotten some books from Flourish & Blotts, geared towards young children. The magical world still has no form of education for children until Hogwarts."

"I told papa about my open house next week, can he come with us?" Harry looked between Jonathan and Severus several times before his eyes met the man he had wanted to marry.

"If your papa wants to go he can."

I always thought it was a bit crazy how after we had kissed that first morning, all the tension between us melted away. Breakfast was cold after we finally tore apart from one another, and sat down. But it was the most delicious meal that I can remember having my entire life.

Harry was laying on the couch reading a potions journal, trying to absorb some understanding about vapors that could paralyze any who scented them, when Severus walked into the room with a book in hand. Severus moved to sit down on the couch so, in a move of what Harry called Gryffindor bravery, Harry shifted so that his head was laying in Severus's lap and his feet were at the other end. "You do of course realize that there is plenty of room on this couch for you to not have to lay on me?"

But when he looked up to gaze at his face, Harry realized that Severus had a very tiny smile on his face. "I want to lay on you."

Severus was looking at his book, and Harry didn't think that the conversation would continue, until Severus said, "I want to do many things to you, but using you as a pillow is not one of them."

A blush appeared on Harry's cheeks, and spread down his neck, and he sat up so that he actually could read the book in his hands. "Is that so?"

It was silent for a few moments, and Harry felt an odd air rising up between them. "Harry." Severus murmured, and when Harry turned towards him, he was pulled into a heart stopping kiss. His book slipped from his fingers and onto the floor as Harry threw one of his arms around Severus's neck, as his other hand entangled itself into the black robes.

We kissed all over the place after that first time. We'd kiss in the kitchen, on the staircase, in your Potions Lab after I would explode a potion and we were both covered in goo. But as the weeks went by, tension started growing between us again. Then one night, it just disintegrated. I didn't know it was getting tense because you were trying to tell me something, and you were nervous about it.

Severus stood by the record player, shuffling the few vinyl's that he owned. With a sigh, he finally settled for a soft rock album, before walking towards Harry and holding his hand out. "Dance with me?" He asked, and despite the confidence in his voice, Harry still heard the slight tremor of uncertainty.

He reached his hand forward and allowed himself to be pulled off of the couch and into his loves arms. They were really just swaying side to side, so Harry gave him a smile. "What brought this on?"

Severus just pulled him close and buried his face into the wild hair. Then, mumbling so quietly that Harry didn't think he heard correctly. "I just wanted to dance with the man I love."

It took a few moments to register, but when it did, Harry pulled away and looked at Severus, the expression on his face flickering between awe and wonder. "You.. you love me?"

Severus pressed a tender kiss against his lips, before murmuring. "I love you Harry Potter."

Harry's eyes watered as he gazed into Severus's eyes. "I love you Severus Snape."

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