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"Angelique." after the study session with the Ravenclaws Angelique went back to the hospital wing to check on Charlie. Phantom stayed behind to watch over him in case Ginny Weasley showed up again, but right as Angelique turned to the corridor near the wing, none other than Sirius Black stood there.

"What is it now mutt?"

"I want to talk, if you'll let me."

"And why should I? You know Charlie woke from his coma, don't you want to see your only godchild?" that stung the man, but he kept himself up.

"Please, just for a few minutes?" Angelique rolled her eyes.

"Black, what're you doing here?" Severus came up from the wing.

"I wanted to speak with Angelique, alone."

"Oh no, I'm his apprentice so I say he can go too. Let's step in here." she directed him to an empty classroom, and after all three were in she put up a silencing charm and locked the door. "Alright Sirius, talk."

"Not with him in here." Sirius snarled at Severus.

"Too bad, either talk or go home." Angelique hissed, and Sirius just took in a sharp intake of breath.

"You…Lily is at home and she's a mess. I don't know what all you said to her but it's got her constantly crying and inconsolable."

"She's upset because I spoke the harsh truth, and I'm not apologizing."

"I understand that much, you've always been quite stubborn that's how you got this far. Look, you may acknowledge Remus as your godfather, but if you'll let me I can make up for lost time."

"Lost time, is that all that was to you?"

"You're not hearing me, I want to make up for not being there. I know I hurt you and Abigail and I've hurt Charlie now too, but I can…"

"Look Black…" Severus jumped in.

"Stay out of this Snape."

"It's okay sir, I got this." Angelique stepped up closer to Sirius. "Let's get something straight here Sirius, I don't want you as a godfather and I don't want you as a friend. I've seen how you are around the Slytherins and you treat them like vermin because of their parents. Let me ask you this, if I did attend here and I ended up in Slytherin just as Abbey is would you have treated me right? Or would you have disowned me like James would've?"

"I would've…I would've been worried…"

"Worried about some stupid reputation no doubt, that's all James ever cared about. Listen Black, I don't ever want you involved with my life, I don't' care if you're there for Charlie because he still needs someone besides me and Abbey."

"You…you forgave him?"

"Yes I did, as did Abbey."

"But why only forgive him and not me or Lily?"

"Because unlike you he was brainwashed, he was taught he could do whatever he wanted without consequences and those same consequences got him beaten up and put into a coma. James Potter is a menace to him, and Lily is weak. You…you're just pathetic." she paused. "I'm not going to tell you again, I don't like you Black and I never will. You of all people should've known what it was like to be unloved and unwanted; maybe if you had I'd love you and Remus."

"You're talking about his parents aren't you?" Severus looked at Angelique.

"Two nutcase pureblood maniacs, and when the mutt here became a Gryffindor instead of a Slytherin his whole family hated him. Your brother was showered with affection and love, and you were tossed to the side and then you became a bully like James in school." Sirius looked down.

"So there is no hope is there?" he had tears in his eyes when he said that.

"Not likely, but if Charlie wants it I will be civil." Sirius nodded.

"I see, if that's how you feel Angelique then I won't stand in your way any longer. Just…just understand that I did love you and I still do, but I won't make any more excuses. I'm sorry for what I did, but you're right I have no right to try and get back into your life."

"Is that so?"

"Yes." he then looked at Severus. "I don't like you being his apprentice, but if it'll help you take the path you choose then who am I to judge your choices?" with that said Sirius left the room after Angelique removed the spells. Angelique almost felt sorry for him, but probably only to the size of a dot made by a quill.

"I think you got to him." Severus walked up to her. "At least he didn't run out of here like Lily."

"Suppose not, hey Severus have you noticed any strange behavior among some of the younger students?"

"As a matter of fact I have, but I cannot find a reason why."

"It seems that some of them have strange cuts on their hands, and they appear to look a bit sickly. I've heard about this before, but I can't remember where or what."

"Then perhaps I should speak to Dumbledore, in the mean time you focus on your training and your siblings. Also, I know you revealed your Animagus form to the Weasley girl, and you are lucky that I erased her memory of it otherwise she'd have reported you to Umbridge."

"You're right, I'm sorry I just wanted her to leave Charlie alone."

"I can understand, but next time use a stinging jinx. I'll have to dock points from your work for it."

"Understood." she nodded.

"Now go, I'm sure that Phantom and Charlus are eager to see you."

"Thank you sir." she bowed. "Will we be training again tonight?"

"Likely so, but I will tell you at dinner." they left the room again and while Severus left down the corridor Angelique headed straight for the hospital wing. She saw Charlie was sleeping again, and Remus had left but Phantom was at the foot of his bed and ran over to Angelique.

"Hey girl, are you hungry?"


"Alright, let's get you some food." she summoned Phantom's dish and pulled out a shrunken can of gravy covered beef. Phantom dove into the food when it was placed in front of her, she loved gravy. "Good girl."

"You made it Ms. Potter." Poppy came out of her office.

"Came to check on them, how is he?"

"He will be resting for another hour, but I'll get him some dinner before he falls asleep again tonight."

"Will he be able to digest solid food?"

"I'm not sure, I will give him some bread and see how that goes but for now until he's completely well he'll have to have some soup. You did well with his core Ms. Potter."

"I had your help as well; while I've been training you have been caring for him."

"Yes, but if not for your twin bond then he might either be a squib or dead."

"True, we both had a good deal of this. Once he's done his teachers are willing to help him catch up on all he's missed. Except Umbridge…speaking of which Madame Pomfrey have you had any students come in with odd cuts on their hands?"

"No why?" so no one came forward about those cuts?

"Some of the younger students have them, I don't remember from what but…it seems suspicious wouldn't you agree?"

"I would, oh and before I forget your sister was called out of here by Umbridge." Angelique's eyes widened.


"Just an hour ago, I thought you should know."

"Thank you." Angelique took off and thankfully Phantom was finished with her meal. "Come Phantom." once she got out of the hospital wing she took off in a run, and found Draco's little group. "Malfoy!"

"Angelique, is something wrong?"

"Have you seen Abbey?"

"Yeah she was called into Umbridge's office but we went there a moment ago, neither of them are there now."

"Where are they?"

"Umm…I think Umbridge is in the Great Hall. Everyone's gathering for dinner…" Angelique looked down to Phantom.

"Find Abbey, can you pick up a scent?" Phantom yipped and sniffed the air, and then barked. "Go girl." Phantom took off and Angelique followed after her. They ran down two empty corridors and down some stairs before Phantom stopped. Angelique heard some faint sniffling sounds, and slowly walked down a dark hall before she spotted some feet sticking out from behind a corner. "Abbey?" Angelique called out.

"Arf!" Phantom barked, and the feet moved.

"Abbey, it's Angie and Phantom. Are you alright?" she walked towards the corner, and found her baby sister curled up on the floor with her face in her knees. "Abbey, Abbey what's wrong are you hurt?" she crouched down.

"Angie…" Abbey looked up, eyes full of tears. "I'm sorry…I tried to stop her but she…" she started sobbing.

"Abbey, Abbey calm down. Come here." Angelique tried to hug her but Abbey wouldn't move. "Abbey, what's wrong?" she noticed Abbey was clutching her hand, her right hand. "Does your hand hurt?" Angelique reached for it, and Abbey squealed in pain. "Let me see it, I need to see it." Abbey looked up.

"No…no she'll hurt Charlie if I…"

"She? Abbey did Umbridge hurt you?" Abbey's eyes widened in fear, and Angelique had her answer. "What did she do to you? Show me." Abbey knew she couldn't fool Angelique, so she slowly reached out her hand, and Angelique saw cuts that were like words on Abbey's hand.

I must not speak out of term.

"Abbey…what did this?"

"I…I was in class this morning and I told her to stop teaching us garbage on those theory books…but she just said…it was the Minister's orders and I called her a liar…a toad. She said nothing, but when I went to stay with Charlie again…she found me and told me to go to her office."

"Then what happened?" Angelique's anger was growing.

"She…she took out this red quill, told me that I was going to write lines until the message sunk in. I started writing, and then it felt like a knife was cutting my hand. I…I looked and I saw the words I wrote were on my hand, and they stung each time I used them." Abbey cried again. "And it still hurts!"

"Blood quills, those are illegal dark objects." Angelique seethed through her teeth.

"Y-Yes…I told her…and she laughed at me. She said that she had permission from the Minister to use them…he…he's letting her torture the younger students." Abbey started crying harder, and Angelique hugged her close. Now it was war on the Ministry, they had gone too far.

"Abbey, go with Phantom to the hospital wing and stay there. Don't come out until I come for you, do you understand?"


"Do you understand Abbey?" Abbey reluctantly nodded. "Phantom, go with her and keep guard." Phantom didn't seem sure, but did as commanded and left with Abbey. Abbey left her bag, and Angelique reached in pulling out the theory textbook for the DADA class. It was a book of rubbish and lies, one banned from education years ago yet it was back now?

'Alright then Fudge, let it be war on you all.' all she could see was red; Angelique's magic flared inside her, and the book caught fire turning to ash immediately; grabbing Abbey's bag she ran back up to the corridor just before reaching the Great Hall.

"UMBRIDGE!" with a scream of anger Angelique's magic began to lash out and strike the walls. "COME OUT AND FACE ME YOU UGLY TOAD!" she stormed into the Great Hall and the students ran from their seats to the opposite sides of the hall. Umbridge stood at the teacher's table, but when Angelique got closer she looked afraid.

"Angelique!" Severus called out but down from the ceiling a bolt of lightning struck the floor, Angelique's power was growing fast. The teachers were trapped because when each one moved a bolt came down.

"Ms. Potter! I warn you to cease this attack or you will be arrested!" Umbridge tried, but Angelique didn't listen.

"You dare threaten my brother, you attack my baby sister, and you torture the students with illegal dark objects, you've gone far enough you fat troll! And now you're going to pay!" Angelique's hand had magic flowing through it, and with her wandless abilities she struck Umbridge down.

"Dumbledore stop her!" the old woman screeched.

"No one's going to help you, you are done for! Get up and fight!" magic flowed all around Angelique, everyone was too afraid to move.

"Stop her! She's going to kill me!" Umbridge pulled out her wand and aimed a curse at Angelique, but it missed.

"You can't hurt me toad, nothing can hurt me!" she jumped out at Umbridge again, and this time instead of magic Angelique's fist connected with Umbridge's nose and broke it. Blood began to pour from the woman's nostrils, and she shrank back in fear as Angelique pulled out and raised her wand.

"ANGELIQUE ENOUGH!" Severus jumped in the way, and grabbed Angelique's wrist. "Drop your wand, drop it." he was firm.

"She hurt Abbey…" Angelique snarled.

"You'll be no good to her if you get arrested, put your wand away, and calm down. You're destroying the hall." Angelique looked around and saw what she had done, half the hall was a mess and the students all looked mortally afraid of her including Charlie's bullies, but some were also glad that Umbridge got her just desserts.

"I…" Angelique's magic dissipated, but right as she lowered her wand she felt weak, her legs gave out under her, and her arms went limp. Severus caught her before her head could hit the floor and then blackness shadowed her eyes.

Hospital Wing:

"Dumbledore, that girl is dangerous and a menace to the students she has to go!" Fudge had been called after the incident with Umbridge but while Angelique was unconscious Abbey and Charlie were standing near her as was Phantom, like bodyguards. He had two aurors with him, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Dawlish, though Shacklebolt looked a little happy.

Abigail had her hand bandaged up and her color seemed to return. Dumbledore was displeased with everything, but Severus had to hold back from letting Fudge verbally attack his apprentice.

"Cornelius she acted in the assumption that Abigail was harmed, her magic reacts badly to her emotions which is something that cannot be counted as a crime since Angelique was abused."

"She nearly killed me!" Umbridge's nose was mended but had a white bandage over it plus a nasty bruise. "I want her arrested!"

"You won't go near her Dolores; you attacked and torture the students with illegal blood quills Angelique only lost control of her anger." Minerva glared at her.

"She had my permission, so therefore the quills…"

"The quills will have reached the daily prophet by tomorrow morning." Severus said with his arms folded over his chest. "I took the liberty of sending a message out by owl just before you arrived, figured the parents had a right to know that the Ministry is allowing their children to be tortured for petty reasons."

"You Snape?" Umbridge was horrified. Dumbledore stepped up before Severus could speak.

"I have put up with your torment and rubbish teachings long enough Dolores; my students are faltering in their studies of Defense against the Dark Arts. That book you gave them is useless, all because you Cornelius are afraid to let them learn proper spells since we are back in war." Dumbledore was mad as well, something he hardly showed.

"And I'm inclined to agree." Minerva said.

"How dare you! I can have each of you fired for this, now Ms. Potter is going to be taken and tried for attacking a Ministry official…"

"No she isn't." Lucius Malfoy appeared in the doorway, with a scroll in hand.

"Lucius, what in Merlin's name are you doing here?" Fudge was shocked to see him.

"I have just come from the governor's office; Severus called and told us about the blood quills. They are disgusted with you Fudge, allowing young children to be harmed in place that's supposed to be safe. Not to mention all these regulations you've allowed to come, and the book…" he pulled out the theory textbook. "How are the students supposed to learn from this garbage?"

"As you can see Fudge, no one likes what you've done. You cannot charge Angelique for something out of her control; she wasn't in her right mind." Poppy gave Charlie and Abigail potions, and then carefully poured one into Angelique's mouth.

"This is absurd!"

"No Fudge, this is intelligence finally coming free." Lucius handed him the scroll. "By order of the governors you are to remove Umbridge from the school and you must make a formal apology to the students and the parents at a press conference. You will also keep out of Hogwarts' business, and leave the teachings and the rules to Dumbledore."

"I will not!"

"Either you do or you'll be forced to resign, the Wizenagamot has been informed and they would like a word with you Dolores." Umbridge's face was red with fury. She and Fudge hadn't expected this to go downhill, and not so quickly either.

"Angelique will be kept under watch for the remainder of the term, but as of now she will not be charged for anything. Clearly she acted out of anger, and lost control of her magic but Severus is going to limit her privileges and keep her under guard at all times."

"Indeed I am." Severus had never seen Angelique so furious, not even when she attended Diggory's funeral. He would have to make sure this didn't happen again, less Angelique went too far. "I will limit a lot of things on her, but for how all this started…it's likely locked up from the abuse she suffered."

"You cannot prove that!" Umbridge protested.

"Actually we can, a mind-healer will tell us everything; that protecting her siblings has always been her priority especially when she was hurt by James and Lily. When they are harmed her magic goes haywire so to speak. We will schedule a meeting as soon as she wakes, but for now you had best do as the governor's command." Dumbledore motioned for them to leave. "I'll have the house elves pack your things Dolores."

"No I will not leave! I will have her in Azkaban!" Umbridge pulled out her wand and aimed it at Angelique's bed, but Phantom lashed out and bit her fat arm. Severus disarmed her, and Phantom let go but growled ferociously at Fudge and Umbridge.

"I'm bleeding!" she was, but not badly. Severus was about to snap when Dumbledore spoke first.

"Get out of my school, now!" Dumbledore pointed to the door and the Ministry officials left the room.

"Good thing you showed up in time Lucius." Severus thanked the man.

"If it were my son I would've done it either way, I'm only glad that Fudge didn't push any further."

"Thank you for your help Lucius, now we'd best let Ms. Potter rest. In the morning Severus I suggest you sit and talk with her when she wakes, I have a feeling she won't remember much."

"Yes headmaster."

"It was good seeing you again Dumbledore, Minerva. And it was a pleasure seeing you again Ms. Potter." he said to Abigail.

"Thank you Mr. Malfoy." she smiled and the man left. Dumbledore left as well with Minerva while Poppy left to her office leaving Severus alone with his students.

"You may stay the night here if you wish Abigail, I can see you do."

"Thank you professor."

"Feel better Mr. Potter, when you return to classes you shall expect a lot of makeup work on your desk."

"Yes sir." the boy didn't argue or whine, perhaps Angelique got to him after all. Severus left the wing knowing his apprentice would be safe, but he feared that if she didn't learn to control her anger and soon the next person to piss her off wouldn't be so lucky.

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