Dear FanFiction Authors,

WHY THE HELL DO I SEE ALL THESE DAMN STORIES ABOUT ME AND THAT DAMN YUKI!? THAT IS DISGUSTING! WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO BE WITH THE DAMN RAT!? Okay, okay, I'm calming down. But seriously, me and him? Out of all people? I understand me and Tohru *blushes* but Yuki? NO! And Shigure, that damn perverted mutt? What the hell is wrong with your damn minds. I'M NOT GAY! (Bro, you realize that you that you wear a crop top in the first episode of Fruits Basket, right?)

And another thing, I don't cuss after every damn sentence (the irony). And all these pairings with Hatori, Momiji, Haru, and for God's sake AKITO? AKITO!? WHAT THE HELL, WHY WOULD I LIKE HIM? And don't think I didn't see that one FanFiction with me and Kagura together. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! NOT EVER PEOPLE! And that one with that Yankee? GROSS! I'm serious, not right. You guys are wasting your time, with these stupid damn pairing that WILL NEVER HAPPEN!


Kyo Sohma

Please no flames and please! So, you want more? Review and tell me who should write you guys a letter next. And I hope this didn't offend anyone, and sorry if there's any OOCness. Later, and be sure to eat some cake! It helps the soul!