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Harry of the Hyuuga Clan

Chapter 2: Diagon Alley

"Who are you? Why did you crash into our Clan Compound?" Hanabi asked, glaring at the man. Despite being so large, he did not emit the scary aura Madara Uchiha and the Ten-Tails had. The man's beetle-black eyes landed on Harry and his grin widened. "Ah, Harry! Haven't seen ya since yeh were a little tyke! What happened to yer eyes?"

"He was adopted by me through a blood adoption. Our blood type was similar enough to do so. I have Type-B; Harry here had Type-AB." Hiashi said, grip tightening on Harry's shoulder.

"Am I really a British Chakra user?" Harry asked, feigning confusion.

"Chakra user?" The giant man asked in confusion, "Yer a wizard!"

'Such a backwards term.' All of the Hyuuga thought.

"Oh! Where are my manners! Name's Rubeus Hagrid." The giant said, "Keeper of the keys at Hogwarts."

The Hyuuga clan member who told Hiashi about the owl had picked up the poor bird and handed it to Hagrid.

"Ah. Poor thin' exhausted itself." He said, putting it into a pocket into his coat.

"Well come on, Harry. We must get going." Hagrid said, hopping onto his motorcycle.

Hiashi gave Harry a nod and he hopped into the sidecar.

With a roar, the motorcycle roared and took off into the sky.


(Location: London, England.)

After a couple hour flight-where Harry fell asleep for a while (unknowingly reenacting what he did when Hagrid took him from the ruins of Godric's Hollow) , Hagrid landed in a side alley and drove to park in front of a shoddy bar that most of the population seemed to pass by.

"Genjutsu…" Harry whispered, following Hagrid into the bar.

The inside was just as dusty as the outside, with people in robes huddled about in whispered conversations. Harry took the time to switch his shinobi sandals with civilian sneakers. While he did so, he subtly activated the Byakugan in time to see everyone swarm him.

"Harry Potter?!"

"THE Boy-who-lived?"

"He's here!"

Jumping and using the Tree Climbing exercise to stick to the ceiling, Harry glanced down at the crowd below.

"Enough! We've got to get going! He's picking up his school supplies." Hagrid said; dispersing the crowd as Harry jumped back down.

Tapping a wall with his pink umbrella, the wall fell away and revealed an alleyway.

"Firs' things first. We've got to get to Gringotts. Yeh don't think your parents didn't leave you anythin, do yeh?" Hagrid asked.


(Location: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)

Albus Dumbledore sat on his chair in the headmaster's office while his phoenix-Fawkes-perched in a corner preening himself.

Fact: Voldemort somehow survived that night.

Fact: Albus had removed the only other person capable of taking care of Harry-Sirius Black-in order to "rescue" him from his relatives, so Harry could be "molded" into the perfect weapon against Voldemort.

Fact: His plan had been ruined by said relatives.

No, they abandoned Harry in Japan and had been promptly arrested by the Japanese Police, and Harry had been adopted by the renowned noble Hyuuga Clan.

He would just have to wait until Harry was sorted into Gryffindor and see if he could salvage at least part of his plan.


"How curious that this wand should choose you, when its brother is the reason your parents are dead." Mr. Ollivander said, and Harry's eyes narrowed at the Holly-and-Phoenix Feather wand. This was the wand that his Chakra reacted the best to, but the other feather was responsible for the deaths of Lily and James Potter, along with countless others.

Tucking the wand into his empty kunai holster on his leg, he paid for the wand and left to think. As he sat down at a local ice cream shop-something he didn't get a lot in Konohagakure-Hagrid wandered off, muttering something about a pet.

As Harry ate his ice cream (though he wondered why something called a "cockroach cluster" was so popular), a few minutes later Hagrid came back with a beautiful snowy owl with amber colored eyes. Harry locked eyes with the owl and held out his hand and the owl perched on it.

"How about the name Mizuki? It means silent snow." The owl ruffled her feathers and gave a silent glare at the name.

"Setsuna? It means calm snow." The owl tilted her head and gave an agreeing bark. (Fact: Snowy Owls give a barking sound, not a hooting sound.)

"I'm Harry Potter-Hyuuga. Adopted child of the Hyuuga clan. It's nice to meet you, Setsuna." Harry said, as the owl-newly named Setsuna-perched on his right shoulder.

"Blimey Harry. The shop owner said she bit everyone who got close to her!" Hagrid said, "I thought I'd need to train her!"

Setsuna glared at the man as Harry started writing something in Japanese on a blank scroll.

Diagon Alley is well hidden by a genjutsu that prevents non-chakra users from seeing it. There seems to be a rift among the population between "purebloods"-families of only chakra users-and others. Others include half-bloods, one born of a pureblood and muggleborn or non-chakra user. The last is the muggleborn-a chakra user born to two non-chakra users.

The Purebloods believe themselves superior every other chakra users. Why this attitude is allowed to continue when it is obviously detrimental to society is unknown.

With that, Harry was recalling meeting a blonde-haired kid at the robe shop.

Their common sense is also obviously lacking, as they keep all of their money in one bank-run by goblins. Why they only have one bank, run by hostile non-humans, is also questionable.

"That's beautiful writing, Harry." Hagrid said, reading over his shoulder and obviously not understanding a word he was writing.

"This is the Japanese written language, made up of three portions. Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji." Harry said as Setsuna tilted her head, surprisingly nodding at some of the things he was writing.

"That's confusing." Hagrid said, scratching his beard, "Anyways, I've got to get this package back to Hogwarts-also have to tell the staff about you coming to school. Poor school owl's still exhausted. Here is your ticket. Now remember, The Hogwarts Express leaves at 11am from Platform 9 ¾ at King's Cross Station. "

As Hagrid lumbered off, Harry stuck the scroll he was writing on a pocket on his pants before returning to the bar he was at earlier-called The Leaky Cauldron-to see if he could get a room for a while.


(Hogwarts: That afternoon)

"Sorry I'm late." Hagrid said, as he crammed himself into a room filled with teachers and staff, "Just came from pickin' up Harry and getting his school supplies."

"He's going to be coming to Hogwarts?" A stern looking witch in green robes asked. "Lily and James Potter were some of my favorite lions to teach, I hope Harry is like them."

"Great. Another arrogant Potter." A man with slicked back black hair and a hook-like nose in black robes sneered.

"Actually, he was adopted by a family known as Hyuuga. Even has their pupil less eyes." Hagrid said, as a small professor who looked like a goblin fell off his chair.

"Hyuuga?! As in Japan's Hyuuga Clan?!" He asked.

"That one! Why do you ask Filius?" Hagrid said.

"In the international dueling circuit, the Hyuuga's are skilled at using magic in close-range combat. In fact, they use wandless magic in hand-to-hand combat to target and temporarily disable a foe's use of magic and target their internal organs." Filius explained, "Those pupil less eyes are called the Byakugan. They can use those eyes to see the invisible network that our magic goes through inside our bodies and see in a near 360 degree range around them."

The man who had sneered at the fact a Potter was coming to Hogwarts suddenly became even more pale than usual. If any of his snakes tried anything against the Boy-who-lived…

Well, it wouldn't be pretty for them.