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Chapter 13

Gringotts Bank, 3pm 11th Nov, the Thursday after Harry and Severus' visit to Gringotts

Remus entered Gringotts for his appointment with Nagnok puzzled as to what he would learn in the meeting. Stepping to an unoccupied teller, Remus politely asked that Nagnok be informed that he was here, and stepped back to wait patiently.

The teller stepped down from the desk and escorted Remus to Nagnok's office almost immediately, and Remus entered feeling even more off-balance and confused.

Nagnok greeted the wizard, and gestured him to a seat. The goblin sniggered internally, the emancipation of the Potter Heir was going to shake Wizarding society to its core, and he would be there to watch it all!

"Mr Lupin," started Nagnok, flipping open the folder on the desk in front of him.

"You have been invited here to hear the Wills of James and Lily Potter, as you are named in the bequests. Gringotts apologises for the delay in reading the Wills, as they had been sealed by the Chief Warlock in order to keep the Potter Heir and his whereabouts safe.

Now, to the actual reading."

He tapped the Will, as he had done for Harry and Severus, and the parchment floated up to form lips.

"This is the Last Will and Testament of James Charlus Potter, Head of House Potter, dated 1st January 1981.

To my dear wife Lilian Iris Potter nee Evans, I leave my eternal love, the sapphire and emerald necklace, earrings and bracelet set from the Potter Jewellery, G40,000 and Ivy Cottage in Godric's Hollow for her own use.

To my friend-brother Sirius Orion Black, I leave my life-long friendship, G10,000, and the instructions to watch over and play pranks with my Son and Heir Hadrian James Potter.

To my close friend Remus John Lupin, I leave my life-long friendship, G10,000, and the instructions to watch over my Son and Heir Hadrian James Potter and protect him from Sirius' pranks!

To my close friend Peter Pettigrew, I leave my life-long friendship, G10,000, and the instructions to find yourself a good woman, and enjoy life!

I also name him as our Secret Keeper during our stay in Godric's Hollow. If we are found by Voldemort during our stay in Godric's Hollow, all bequests to Peter are null and void.

To Severus Tobias Snape, I extend my heartfelt apologies for my behaviour during school. The truth is, I was jealous, of your friendship with Lily, and your ability with Potions.

I leave to you my Great-Grandmother's Potions equipment, to be found in the lab at Potter Manor, G15,000, and the guardianship of my son Hadrian James Potter. Please, take good care of Harry for us, and teach him all about the world around him.

I know that Sirius and Remus are both willing to swear Vows to never go against your guardianship, and indeed both intend to apologise to you the next time they see you. Please, accept their apologies, for despite appearances, Sirius has matured!

If Severus is unable to take on Guardianship, then I leave custody of my son until his Majority to the following people:

1. Frank and Alice Longbottom, who would love and protect our son as we would their's if they were incapable of caring for him.

2. Remus John Lupin and Sirius Orion Black, with large input from the Longbottoms and our third choice, in order that Harry does not grow up conceited, arrogant or a bully.

3. Amelia Bones, who is strong, fair and honest, and who deeply deserves a family of her own. If she takes Harry, I leave permission as Head of House Potter that if she wishes she can induct Harry as her own son so that he carries the name Bones in addition to Potter.

To Albus Dumbledore, the Prophecy you harp on about is incredibly vague, and the fact that you believe in it so implicitly has lowered your already diminished standing with us. Your ability to ignore anything which does not fit into your neat little boxes has caused our resignation from the Order of the Phoenix already, and only your wand-point insistence that we put Ivy Cottage under Fidelius with Peter as the Secret Keeper keeps us here.

I leave you nothing but the instructions that you are only to see Harry within your boundaries as Hogwarts Headmaster should you still be in that role when he turns 11, and no more.

To my Son and Heir Hadrian James Potter, I leave Potter Manor, all the Family Vaults, and instructions that he is to take on Heir Duties from the age of 14. Severus Tobias Snape is to have full control until that point and partial control until Harry's emancipation, whilst instructing Harry in his duties and responsibilities. Harry, trust Severus, as I was wrong to not do so, do your best in lessons, and look after your mother son, for me.

These are my last wishes.

James Charlus Potter."

Remus sobbed. Hearing the voice of his old friend had shaken him to the core, so much so that he had not fully taken in the words spoken. As his distress ebbed, he took a sip of the water Nagnok had supplied and dried his eyes on a handkerchief.

"Nagnok? Why, the Will says that Peter was the Secret Keeper, so why was Sirius locked up in Azkaban for it? Surely at his trial they used Veritaserum, to find out what exactly happened, what else was told to the Death Eaters? That would have saved Sirius, and Harry even with the Wills sealed! And Severus, Severus as Harry's guardian, Harry would not have suffered as he has!"

Nagnok was shaking his head as Remus finished speaking.

"There was no trial, no Veritaserum, nothing done to save Mr Black. The Chief Warlock and the then Head of the DMLE Bartemius Crouch Senior ordered Mr Black sent straight to Azkaban, and told the Wizengamot that he had confessed in a private questioning session. The Wills were sealed and Mr Potter placed with his relatives the Dursleys before the end of 2nd November 1981, while Mr Black was not captured until 6th November. As you sir were out of contact, and Mr Pettigrew was also not responding to owls, there was nobody to contest the sealing of the Wills even had the Chief Warlock announced his intention to do so. Instead, all was done quietly and quickly.

From what we have come to learn from recent scans of Mr Harry Potter, his domicile for the last thirteen years and sundry other investigations, it was done so in order that nobody should question the Chief Warlock on his actions."

Remus blinked, stunned anew as Nagnok delivered such distressing information about his godson in a pragmatic and straightforward manner. Before Remus could muster any kind of response, Nagnok had lifted another scroll of parchment from the folder, however he did not unroll it, instead tapping it lightly against the desk.

"With regards to Mrs Potter's Will, it greatly resembles Mr Potter's where the godparents and care of the Potter heir is concerned. The part concerning yourself is as follows:-

"To Sirius Orion Black, and Remus John Lupin, I leave my love and my fervent wishes that you assist Severus in bringing up my son. Do not irritate Severus with your pranks Sirius, he will need your help in assisting Harry to navigate the political scene. I also suggest that you two hurry up and become bonded, before Sirius does something foolish to ruin everything!

To Peter Pettigrew, I leave nothing. I never quite trusted you, and it was only Dumbledore's insistence that forced us to choose you as Secret Keeper.

If my family is defeated or killed whilst residing in Ivy Cottage, Godric's Hollow, then Peter Pettigrew has betrayed us to Voldemort, and I demand he is questioned using the strongest methods possible, and then thrown into the deepest darkest echelons of Azkaban in an Anti-Animagus cell, and that the cell key is destroyed by the Goblins so that Wormtail will never leave prison."

Remus wiped his eyes after Nagnok's dry voice ceased, and both sighed and smiled.

Sirius had indeed done something foolish, in racing off after Wormtail the traitor, although he could have had no doubt at the time in trusting Hagrid and Dumbledore with Harry, but that clearly was not the case now. And if the Wills had now been read, hopefully that would mean that Sirius could now be cleared. Perhaps, mused Remus, he should contact Amelia Bones and offer his memories of the night in the Shrieking Shack with Harry, Sirius, Wormtail, Hermione and Ron.

And evidently Harry and Severus had had to make up their differences, if Severus was now Harry's guardian, since the Longbottoms were unable to take on guardianship, and he had not been approached to do so. Although how Harry would be coping with that was anybody's guess, never mind Sirius! Remus hoped that Severus had been able to see behind Harry's mask, and put aside the animosity that had coloured every meeting and mention of 'that Potter brat' over the last year at Hogwarts.

Nagnok looked covertly at the wizard sat shell shocked in front of his desk, and inwardly sniggered again. He did so enjoy surprising and confusing wizards! And no doubt the biggest shock of the day was about to hit this wizard! Nagnok lifted another sheet from the folder and gazed at it, before lowering it again and looking at Remus. No need for the wizard to know that all the sheet contained was a doodle of a dragon, rather than the information the goblin was about to impart.

"Your bequest from the Potters has been added to your personal Vault, you may collect an up-to-date statement at the desk on your way out.

As Professor Snape had a compulsion upon him to hate and fear the four students who would become the Marauders dating from his entrance to Hogwarts, which had been reapplied and strengthened upon Mr Potter's entrance to the school in 1991, Mr Potter has authorised me to offer you a full Magical and Medical scan to determine whether you had been affected similarly, and naturally the healing of any issues raised will be charged to the accounts of Mr Dumbledore.

Mr Potter was particularly insistent that you be encouraged to undertake the Medical scan and full Healing, as he was worried over your general health given your 'furry little problem' as he referred to it. Professor Snape has advised that he will be brewing the Wolfsbane if you would send an address for the delivery."

Remus' mouth opened and closed soundlessly several times, as he tried to make sense of what he had just heard. At last he looked at the goblin and nodded.

"Thank you, I would to accept that offer, especially the Healing. I thank you for your time Senior Accounts Manager Nagnok. If you could advise me of the date and time that the scan and healing is available, I would be most grateful."

Nagnok nodded, and pressed the small button which alerted the guard goblins that the appointment was over. Smiling at Remus, Nagnok responded as he rose to usher the wizard out.

"I believe that the infirmary is currently available, and Guard Goblin Brabnag will escort you there directly, should that be acceptable to you?"

At Remus' still more than bewildered nod, Nagnok opened the door, and sent the wizard on his way.

Returning to his desk, Nagnok took a deep breath, and girded his loins for a difficult next 24 hours.

Replacing Remus Lupin's account file in the filing cabinet, the Senior Accounts Manager filled a large glass with the Firewhisky that resided in another drawer, took a gulp, and then pulled the thick files of the Black Accounts. The slim folder that contained copies of the Potter Wills and the offer of Magical and Medical Scans and healing was placed to the side of his desk for reference purposes, and Nagnok immersed himself in the intricacies of and problems with one of the larger accounts. Since the death of Lady Walburga Black, the goblin in charge of the accounts had done the bare minimum in order to keep the vaults just active, including ignoring the accessing of a smaller vault in December 1993.

Nagnok sighed, there would be a lot of work for him to do with this account. He just hoped that the newly (almost) freed Lord Black would be accepting of the delays he would encounter in gaining full control.

And the pending visit from DMLE Head Amelia Bones, to discover the truth of Sirius Black's involvement in the Potters' deaths, would only surely complicate matters.

Nagnok recalled the evening he had spent with the hard-working witch and Ragnok, first viewing the memories supplied by Mr Potter and Professor Snape regarding the admittance by a living Peter Pettigrew that he had indeed been the Potters' Secret keeper and had given their location to the Dark Lord, and then questioning Professor Snape using Veritaserum to discover the truth regarding his status as a Death Eater. The memories he had supplied, of he and Lily Potter discussing the options of defending against Dark magic whilst in school, and the blurry, patchy memories he had of Death Eater meetings and reports given to both Voldemort and Dumbledore had not made sense, as at no point had there been a clear deciding moment when Snape had sworn to follow the dark wizard already beginning to descend into madness. Indeed, the blurriness of the memories suggested that they had been planted or otherwise tampered with, and the Medical and Magical scan that the goblin healer had run had shown multiple mind manipulations along with other tortures and injuries which had 'proven' that the memories were true to Severus' battered mind.

It appeared that a liquid form of Imperious had been used initially to get around Snape's fearsome and advanced Occlumency shields and this had naturally upset the usually composed man, and much Firewhisky had been drunk at that meeting by all, in an effort to negate the sickening feeling for them all of the lengths that power-hungry men will go to.

The Veritaserum had proven to the DMLE Head's satisfaction that the Potions Master had at no time wished to serve under such a man nor had he any recollection of an induction ceremony or any similar event, and yet there was the Dark Mark on his arm, and Dumbledore's oath that Severus Snape had been a spy in the Death Eater ranks for the Light. As yet, they could come up with no understandable explanation, and hoped that eventually some answers would be forthcoming.

Severus did state that he was not Light, but not Dark either, preferring to remain Grey, and that he and Lily Potter had been similar in believing that the two branches of Magic were natural magical paths along with the side of Grey, but that all required careful maintaining with regards to the spells, charms and other uses that they were put to.


Gringotts Bank, 3pm 15th Nov, the Monday after Harry and Severus' visit to Gringotts

Amelia Bones strode into the bank lobby, and straight to an unoccupied teller wearing a suspiciously bright flower in his buttonhole. Her innocent request to see her accounts clerk Dipdap was in fact a carefully coded message that she was here to see Nagnok regarding the Potters and Sirius Black, and the teller sniggered as he led her down the hallway towards Nagnok's office.

Amelia, knowing that Brabnag had been the only goblin let into the secret for the moment (he had been the guard who escorted first Harry Potter and Severus Snape and then Remus Lupin to the Gringotts Infirmary, and was only masquerading as a teller in order to retain the secrecy issue), smiled in amusement, and thanked him for being willing to assist not only the Potters but the greater Wizarding World.

Nagnok greeted Madam Bones with a tired smile and a glass of Firewhisky, and the two chatted about the likely repercussions of this investigations, and the results so far of the goblins' investigations into Dumbledore, the Aurors involved with the Order of the Phoenix and others known to be linked with Dumbledore as they waited for the arrival of Sirius Black.


Lord Sirius Orion Black had arrived in England the Saturday evening previous, and had flown on Buckbeak directly to his old family home of Grimmauld Place.

The flat he had rented before his being thrown into Azkaban was no doubt long gone to somebody else, but since he had kept very few belongings there (he had sneaked back into Grimmauld Place several times, to leave anything dear to him hidden in his old room) because of his job as an Auror and pretend Secret Keeper he wasn't all that bothered.

Carefully threading his way through the wards, Sirius landed Buckbeak in the back garden, and ventured towards the back door. As he swung it open, he was faced by a smell of mould, and long-forgotten or cleaned furniture. Coughing, he reeled into the kitchen, and sensed more than saw the old house-elf shuffling slowly from his cubby.

"Kreacher! Why is this house in such disrepair? What have you been doing since Mother Dearest died, gossiping with the portraits? This family is Black, not filthy or dank! Time to start cleaning, and bring the House of Black back into the prime of Wizarding society. First, are there any other Black house-elves surviving?"

"Master Sirius is back, back to being a proper Black? Kreacher is sorry, he has been listening to Mistress instead of working. No, Master Sirius, no more elves, Kreacher is the only one left. Kreacher is sorry."

"Nonsense, Kreacher, you have nothing to be sorry for. One elf cannot be expected to keep this house spotless, and no doubt Mother has continued to issue orders willy-nilly.

Very well, go and purchase some more house-elves, then get started on cleaning. This kitchen first, and my old room..." Sirius trailed off, deep in thought.

"No, I had better move into the Master suite, hadn't I? Prepare that for my use, and clean my old room for a house guest, and Reggie's room for my godson Harry, and then start with the library and the drawing-room.

I appear to have the chance to clear my name, and thus will need to have the public areas of the house presentable. Ignore my mother if she calls, I'll speak to her shortly."

Sirius swung round to leave the kitchen, then back as something occurred to him.

"And Kreacher, you are the major-domo of House Black, you are to supervise, nothing more! You're too old now to wear yourself out, and too valuable. I will need your assistance in returning House Black to its proper status. Sadly, since Mother viewed me as unsuited for the role of Lord, I know only what Father managed to force into me before I left for the Potters. I'll need your advice and help."

He didn't wait for Kreacher's acknowledgement, instead hurrying out of the kitchen. Seeing the attitude and cold orders that his Mother had thrown at the elf and the indifference shown by his Father and other members of the family had confused Sirius as a small child, until he grew up enough to recognise that she treated him the same. Somehow, both he and Kreacher were considered by her to be lower in status or otherwise negligible. Because of this, Sirius and Kreacher had spent a lot of time together hiding in less-used rooms, with Kreacher telling stories of his younger days with the Black family, or tales that the older house-elves had told him as an elfling. Sirius, before he left to start Hogwarts, had made Kreacher promise to keep an eye of Reggie, and protect him from the wild mood swings that were becoming more and more frequent from Walburga.

Her favouring Reggie, and blaming Sirius for anything the younger boy did had contributed to Sirius running away at 15, and he felt that treating Kreacher with kindness was the least he could do. A new start for House Black with a new Lord and Harry as Heir would be a great start.

And Harry would need to be taught all the things he hadn't been taught growing up with those Muggles, Sirius decided, planning on rooting out his childhood primers and basic spellbooks once he'd dealt with Melie Bones and Gringotts. He'd write to Harry and Severus tonight, and Remus as well, once he knew all the facts.

And on that note, he had better be going or he would be late! Sirius tapped his wand on the chased bronze band that Gringotts had included in the letter, and a goblin-created Glamour washed over him.


Sirius Black smirked as he strolled along Diagon Alley, window-shopping as he proceeded to the bank and catching a few glances from witches as they shopped busily around him.

With light brown hair held by a silver clasp at the nape of his neck, and twinkling hazel eyes, the Glamour was unlike Sirius, but after his incarceration he was enjoying the fresh air, and very appreciative of the attention, nodding to most and winking at the prettier witches. Reaching Gringotts, he trod briskly up the steps and pushed open the doors, nodding to the Goblin guards as he passed.

Striding across the marble lobby, the Wizard headed for the unoccupied teller with the bright flower on his lapel, as he had been told to do by the letter accompanying the Glamour bracelet.

"Would it be possible to discuss my account with accounts clerk Dipdap please?"

The goblin nodded, and stepped down from the counter to escort the unknown (to most) wizard to Nagnok's office. Brabnag was most excited and amused by the efforts to preserve secrecy, and hoped that his ability to keep everything quiet and deflect questioning from friends and family as to his change of status would go a long way in convincing the higher-ups that he was sincere about his career and willing to progress.

Reaching Nagnok's office, Sirius waited for Brabnag to knock on the door, then entered. The goblin behind the desk stood waiting, while Melie Bones was just rising from a comfortable armchair to one side. Sirius grinned, Melie was looking older of course, but she was still clearly as he remembered her from Hogwarts. Shaking Nagnok's hand, Sirius slipped off the Glamour bracelet, and brushed his ruffled black fringe out of his eyes.

"Nagnok-sur, Madam Bones, lovely to meet you both. Thank you for the Glamour, Nagnok, it was nice to see the Alley again."

"Greetings, Lord Black, and welcome to the rest of your life hopefully." Nagnok was reserved, disinclined to be effusive should this wizard turn out to have conned several people.

"We should start this meeting with the questioning by Madam Bones, I believe, as the rest of the meeting would be affected by the result.

Please, be seated, and Madam Bones, I give the floor to you."

"Thank you Nagnok, and indeed it is good to see you Sirius. From reading the accounts of Mr Potter and Severus Snape, and watching their memories it is fairly evident that Peter Pettigrew and not yourself was the Secret Keeper. This has been backed by the information in the Potter Wills, and also by a statement and Memory provided by Remus Lupin.

However, in order to prove this to the Wizengamot, I will have to question you under Veritaserum. Are you willing to have this done under the eyes of myself, Nagnok and two Aurors?"

Sirius met Melie's (or Madam Bones' rather, as she was clearly the Head of the DMLE at this moment) eyes squarely, eager to prove his innocence and get back to helping his godson.

"Do whatever you feel necessary, Madam Bones, as I wish to have this nightmare done with at all."

Nagnok nodded, and pressed the button on the pedestal of his desk. Within moments, a knock on the door preceded Brabnag showing in two Aurors, carefully hand-picked by Melie, sworn to secrecy and until they walked through the door unaware of whom they were to stand witnesses for.

True to Melie's private notes on her troops, Gideon Sutton and Madeleine Birch remained calm yet watchful as they assimilated exactly who was lounging in the goblin's office. Nodding to the occupants, they took up stations behind and to the side of Melie where they could watch carefully the actions and reactions of all present, and Auror Birch placed a Dictation Quill ready for Melie.

Sirius tilted his head back and opened his mouth as Auror Sutton approached him with the vial of Veritaserum, remembering the procedure from his days as an Auror. Three drops landed on his tongue and he swallowed firmly, grimacing at the taste.

The questioning was to be done by Melie, Sirius noticed, just before the fog of the Veritaserum took affect, spreading across his mind and sending him almost into a hypnotic state.

"Sirius Black, did you betray the Potter to the wizard known as Voldemort?" The strong female voice floated across his senses, and he opened his mouth without consciously knowing what he would say.

"No, I wasn't the Secret Keeper after they moved into Godric's Hollow."

"Were you ever the Secret Keeper for James and Lily Potter?"

"For a couple of days, but Dumbledore convinced them when they moved from their flat that it would better to use Peter, because as an Auror and James' best friend I was too obvious a choice."

"Who performed the Fidelius to make you and then Pettigrew the Secret Keeper?"

"Dumbledore, both times. He said that he was the only one who should do it, to ensure that everything was kept a Secret."

"What happened on that night, Halloween, at Godric's Hollow?"

"I'd been out on a date, and I swung by Peter's place afterwards. He wasn't there, and that was strange, because he'd been staying away from Godric's Hollow so that nobody would suspect anything. I knew he wasn't with Remus, because he was away on a mission for Dumbledore. I got spooked, and went to Godric's Hollow.

The house was partially destroyed, and I could see flames licking around the walls. I rushed in, the Fidelius had been broken, and found James crumpled at the foot of the stairs. He was dead. Harry was crying upstairs, and when I got there, Lily was lying by his cot, still trying to protect him even in death. I picked Harry up, and made my way downstairs.

I knew Peter had given up the information, somehow, and I wanted to take Harry away somewhere safe. Then Hagrid turned up, he said Dumbledore had sent him. I didn't want to hand him over, but Hagrid must have done something, because then I remember waving Hagrid off on my bike with Harry in the side car, and being filled with an intense rage and a desire to track Peter down right that minute.

When I found him, he started shouting at me, accusing me of being the betrayer. Then he threw a Blasting Charm at the side of the building, and disappeared in the blast. I knew that if I hadn't agreed that he be the Secret Keeper, then the Potters wouldn't be dead. It was my fault.

Then the Aurors turned up, I think one of them Stunned me, and I woke up in Azkaban. Nobody came to see me, or asked whether I had betrayed them."

"Are you, or have you been at any time a Death Eater?"

"No, I don't believe in the pureblood dislike for Muggleborns, although some Muggles deserve to be thrown in Azkaban."

"Why did you escape from Azkaban?"

"I asked Fudge for his newspaper when he came to visit, and saw Peter in his Animagus form on Ron Weasley's shoulder. I knew Ron was the same age as Harry, and that meant that Peter was at Hogwarts with Harry. I had to get there, to protect him somehow. I knew that as Padfoot, the Dementors didn't affect me so much, so I slipped through the bars and sneaked out. I swam to the mainland, and travelled slowly to Hogwarts as Padfoot. Nobody takes much notice of a scruffy dog. I went to visit Surrey when I found that Harry wasn't with Remus or the Longbottoms, although I didn't think Harry would be with Lily's sister. I couldn't believe it when I saw Harry there, but the Knight Bus turned up before I could warn him about Peter."

Melie nodded, and motioned to Auror Sutton. He handed Sirius another vial, and then a cup of water to wash away the taste of the Antidote to Veritaserum.

As Sirius recovered, he glanced around the room and found grim determination on the faces of all present. Melie handed him a quill and the record of questions and answers.

"Please read through this Lord Black, and sign to say that you stand by these answers given. Auror Sutton, take note that we are looking for Peter Pettigrew in connection with the deaths of James and Lily Potter. When you return to the Ministry, I want you to begin a discreet search for any sightings or suspicious activity which may relate to him." Melie sighed, and rubbed her temples. Turning to the seated wizard, who had handed the sheaf of parchment to the Aurors for their signatures as witnesses, she proceeded to confirm his freedom.

"Lord Black, may I offer on behalf of the DMLE and the Ministry, our sincere apologies for your incarceration and I declare you not only freed but fully innocence of any charges. I shall notify Minister Fudge when I return to the Ministry, and also inform the Daily Prophet so they can run a Special Edition. They may approach you for an interview, might I suggest a press conference tomorrow? And as I assume that you will be pursuing an Unlawful Arrest and Incarceration Suit against the Ministry, might I suggest a solicitor? I believe Nagnok can be of assistance to you in that regard.

I must be off, to ensure that the 'Kill On Sight' order is immediately rescinded. Please, do not hesitate to contact me should you have need."

As Melie and the Aurors left the office, Sirius sighed with relief, and accepted a congratulatory glass of Firewhisky from Nagnok. The goblin grinned at him, and lifted a large file from his desk before slapping it down.

"Well, Lord Black, shall we get started?"