( Y/n's P.O.V)

I was suppose to met with a alchemist named Edward Elric, Roy told me he was suppose to be my new parter! I looked at the piece of paper Roy gave me that was his address. Finally I arrived at the house I looked around and no one was outside, I sighed and knocked, this big suit of armor opened the door! I smiled nervously and managed to at least say hi " Hi, I'm Alphonse Elric! How can I help you?" Asked Alphonse I smiled and said " Hi A-Alphonse i'm Y/n, and i'm here to see Edward Elric!" " Ok, please come in!" He said I stepped in and sat down. Al went upstairs and after a while he came back down with someone, he had golden eye's and blondish hair he smiled and said " Hi Y/n, I heard you were looking for me!" I stood up and smiled " Yeah! Roy sent me here to be your new partner!"

( Ed's P.O.V)

WHAT?! A NEW PARTNER!? HOW MANY TIME'S DID I TELL ROY " I DONT NEED A PARTER!" I smiled and asked " Really? Why would he send you here?" She looked at me confused " Well he said that you have to be with me." She said I looked at all then back at Y/n I sighed and asked " Well, do you have alchemy?" She smiled and nodded she looked around the house to find something broken for useful. Finally she found and old clock she looked at me and and gave a small nod she did her alchemy and the clock worked again! Maybe she could be my new parter!

OH MY WOW that was so bad i'm sorry please tell me if I should continue because I THINK IT SUCKS BUTT Q^Q