Small Fact of Why Bard, Finnian, Mey-Rin, Tanaka, Meena, and I think Harold West (both are in episode 14 and 15) are those characters:

In the Duchess and Cook scene of the story book, there's the Frog and Cod in the story, they send messages to the Duchess, well, it is, but after the Cod delivers to the Frog, he just fell asleep.

I will laugh if Sebastian calls Ciel Mary-ann and all of that happening in the Rabbit's home XD But there were guinea pigs there, one of them help pick apples for the Rabbit, but they're trouble makers, during the court, the guards took the 2 away.

Finally, you probably know that Mey-rin's the mallet and Tanaka's the ball in the scene.

But what got me thinking is what role Pluto is in the real Wonderland story? I think I'll make him a Bandersnatch

I know Sebastian is the one who saved Ciel, but just because it doesn't look like it's plagiarism

The Rabbit Walks the Gleaming Water

When I got through the tiny door and saw the bright light fades into the meadow...I couldn't believe there is so much beauty in there...

There are many plants and trees growing in different shape and sizes, including the flowers in different colors...

I can see many unusual critters out there, including insects, such as a small snap dragon flower with two long and narrow holy leaves that represent wings, a small rocking horse in many design of each horse with glassy wings, and two breads as wings that were each covered in butter...

I saw a large lake that matches the beautiful blue sky. There's even some items, like chocolate bars or fruits, scattering the area.

I smiled brightly and thought it's a great idea to explore this mysterious Wonderland, including the sea beyond yonder.

I was very impressed about the flowers and plants, I walked to a bush that had some tea cups and platters, looking like daffodils; I plucked one and took a sip of the nectar that taste like cream inside of a doughnut.

As I kept walking, collecting a few snacks for the road, I noticed at the lake was a dock where a white colored rowboat with black and gold trim and a golden rabbit figure floating on the water.

There was a note that said 'Not used, but Swim wear required.'

I thought the Plush toy could be somewhere, on some boat or on some kind of island...

I looked around to find something until I noticed a few changing rooms, each are empty, but each have a swim outfit.

I looked at each, but I noticed one that caught my attention. It doesn't look like one, yet I felt it's swim suit fabric...It was sky blue with puffy see-through sleeves and a small white top apron, and it's collar is wrapped around with red ribbon with each ends that look like fish tails. The skirt was light blue as well, yet it's like one of those Hawaiian tropical skirts with a bow tied to it's waist. And the only accessory there is a black bow headband with tiny silver fish clips.

There was a sign on top that said, 'Warning, don't wear it too long.'

I don't know what it meant, but I went in there and tried it on anyways.

It was perfect fit, actually, it felt weird, but hey, it's Wonderland after all...

I got in the boat, and I started rowing to see if my prediction is true about that crazy bunny.

As I row, I started wondering again on how did that plush toy transform into a person, or if it really is him, and also what was he late for...

It might be a long journey, but I will soon find out along with finding a way to head home...I'm not sure about this place, it is beautiful and there were some positive feelings about here, but...why do I also have a bad feeling about this...

"Madison! We're Over Here! Row Quickly! Come on!"

I look back at that familiar squeaky voice, seeing the Mouse and Dodo swam by.

I rubbed my eyes and saw them again, they're on their swimsuits, the Mouse only had a inflatable tube and the Dodo was ringing jingle bells.

How did they got here quickly...especially in Swim Suits?

I actually knew I wasn't alone...but I started to think that they're not the only ones here...

"Catch! Row! Catch! Row! Catch! Row! Catch! Row!"

I turned around and noticed a big three person rowboat rowing towards me. I look closely, seeing that there's 3 to 4 people keep repeating these words in unison.

The first one looks about 17 or 18, with reddish blond hair, I can see his green trench coat with spots at the edge; white gloves, black pants and boots, and he have a green hat with two bumps; it took me a while until I guess he's a frog when he's close by.

The second's a girl who looks to be in the same age as me, or a little higher with a pink dress and flamingo-like gloves; her hair's fuchsia with a pink head band and glasses; she's a flamingo girl.

The tall one look like he's close to be his 30s, he had messy blonde hair; wearing a hat like the frog, but blue and it hand 2 small fishes; his tie got me thinking of fish tails, he wore a blue coat, white gloves, and black pants and boots; he could represent a fish or a Cod.

The last one was a tiny old man with a red army coat, white gloves, a fuzzy hat that looks like a hedgehog; I guess it makes the one holding the Japanese tea cup the same creature as his decoration.

They stopped when they got close to where I was, they looked at me and smiled as three out of four stood up.

"Ahoy, Madison, fine day isn't it?" The Cod spoke with a cigarette in his mouth, looking at me with blue eyes.

"Uh, Yeah, heh, pretty's my first time here after all..." I spoke with a small nod.

"That's fine, Madison, shore's not just far off if you don't know where you are going!" Frog cheered with his aqua green eyes.

"There's no need to frown if you don't know where you are, we're all smiles, here we are!" The Flamingo smiled.

"Well, I hope so," says I, but all I can say now were two questions; and one of them involves my name again.

"Hey, do you guys know what's on the other side of the lake then? But most importantly, How did you guys know my na-"

The three leaned in, looking shocked and yelled in unison, "LAKE?!"

"Oh, I say! Is this a Lake?!" The Frog asked with a twirl.

"See, I told you! Was that a mistake?!" The Flamingo jumps in.

The Cod blows smoke from his cigarette, speaking, "You have to forgive her, this is hardly a river. But there's no doubt that we're on the Nile."

"The Nile with a Crocodile!?" The Frog yelled.

"That's just the Winds, it's all in the tense." The Flamingo smiled.

"Just give it a break, for heaven's sake!" The Cod pushed in.

Finally, the little old hedgehog; who oddly doesn't seemed little anymore, plays with his hedgehog slippers, speaking in his own Haiku,

"...Splash in the Water,

As the little old frog jumps

into the old lake..."

The other three became amazed of his literature, then they kept thinking if it's a lake or something.

I watch them with my eye twitching like a speedometer in the car when you are struggling to get in the right speed.

...Asking them was a mistake...

"You guys are starting to kill me..." I muttered.

"Don't Worry My lady, Madison."

I turned and saw her and the Mouse were on the boat like they were there the entire time, which made me jump a little of how they managed to climb up here without moving the boat.

"They're always a bit clueless, but they're friendly." she finished.

"Oh...I hope..." I spoke, wondering if she can read my mind.

I noticed the Mouse girl squeaked with a faded smile, "Uh, Madison, the outfit is cute, but I wouldn't wear it if I was you..."

"Why is that?" I wondered.

"Well, there's a thing for people visiting Wonderland," The Dodo pointed out, "One minute they wore different clothing in Wonderland for swimming, next thing you notice, your legs starts to transform!"


I looked at my legs and saw they weren't my legs anymore, all were replaced with a light blue mermaid's tail!

All I can do is to stare with my eyes widen and try not to freak out...but I heard the Mouse spoke, "Not to worry! At least now you can swim better!"

"B-But, I-I can't swim!" I squeaked.

"Look! I see the White Rabbit!" The Frog pointed to interrupt my rising panic.

We all looked and saw Sebastian, running on the water, literally!

He leaped to where we are, landed on the water with a smile, then ran off like he doesn't noticed us staring in awe.

"Oh my! He's Amazing!" The Flamingo spoke with heart-shaped eyes.

"See how fast he's Running?! This might be land and not a lake after all!" The Frog smiled like that plush toy was his hero.

"One thing we know for sure, when a rabbit leads, a turtle will sure to follow." The Cod smiled as he thought of it.

I was amazed as well, but I realized something important,

What am I doing?

"Wait, Come back! Don't go! I just wanna talk to you!" I yelled as I waved my arms then tried rowing while yelling at him to wait. I still don't wanna jump out of the boat due to the fact of my mermaid's tail because I was still scared that even with it, I still can't swim.

Suddenly when I tried it for the tenth time, I heard a howl.

I covered my mouth then there was silence.

I saw the others staring at me, bewildered. I was very confused as well,

Was that my voice?

I opened my mouth again, and there's nothing, it wasn't my voice, then what?

I heard a crash and another howl came, but a giant wolf in a surround sound...

The Flamingo removed her glasses, showing her suspicious amber eyes in a serious tone, "I recognize that voice, anywhere."

We all looked and saw a white dog-like figure, swimming towards us.

"The Puppy!" The frog panicked.

"Look sharp you two!" The Cod Commanded. "Sir Yes Sirr~!" The Flamingo and Frog saluted.

I look again, tilting my head, "How come you guys are upset about it? It's only a harmless puppy."

They didn't listen to me as the 'Puppy's' coming closer.

The three gulped as they hold on to the boat while the waves crashed in. "Here it comes, hold on to your hats!" The Cod spoke.

I tried to find something to hold on to, but the Mouse hugged me tightly, making it hard to move my arms to the boat!

As the wave cleared from my view, I saw the puppy, but it's ten times bigger than my size! "That's No Puppy!"

I hugged the Mouse tightly as we started screaming while the 'puppy' pounced.

I can hear people panicking and I felt flipped over, letting go of the mouse as I fell down deep in the sea. I can hear the people calling my name, "MAAADDIIISSOOONNNN!"

As I sank down below, knowing that not even my tail can help, like I predicted, I taste the water.

It's Ocean?

Oh Wait! It's the Mouse's Tears!



As my vision turned blurry, I saw someone swimming down to me.

I couldn't see who it is, but all I know is that I can feel it's long hair.

The unknown person grabbed my arm, swimming back to the surface, but as we were getting close, everything just turned black as night.

...Madison have not care for the water, some people think she avoid it because she couldn't swim or stroke. However, she wasn't called being captured, send to the sea, and being drowned. Luckily for her rescuers, there's still a big chance of her survival...