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Chapter 1

11 years before

"Fangy boy!" Five-year old Max calls out to the other five-year old struggling behind her. Young Max dances through the forest turning, leaping and skipping between trees.

She turns around to call out to the boy again, but he was gone.

The girl's heart started to beat faster as she peered into the trees. "Fang? Fangy boy?!"

Then, a hand landed on her shoulder, and she let out a squeal and fell.

The blond lays on her back as she peers into the dark-eyes of the five-year-old standing above her. She then burst into a fit of giggles and was soon joined by the boy.

After awhile, the boy helped her up, and they continued walking through the forest, holding hands.

They stopped under a willow tree that had the girl's and boy's initials carved into it, claiming it theirs, and sat down.

"Do you love me?" The girl suddenly asked.

The boy's face heated up. "W-what?" He stutters.

"Well, I asked mommy why she married papa. She said that if you love someone, you end up marrying them. I love you. You're my best friend. Do you love me?" The girl says simply.

The boy shifts uncomfortably. Finally he replies. "Yeah. I love you. You're my best friend too."

The girl's eyes sparkle and she jumps up, pulling the boy with her. "Lets get married then!" She says in excitement, reaching for her pocket.

"N-Now?" The boy says in disbelief.

"Yeah! It can be our secret! See, look!" The girl pulls out two plastic rings. One had a plastic flower, which she gave to the boy. Then, she took the one with the spider.

"Do you, Fangy boy, promise to love me forever and ever and always be my best friend?"

"Y-yeah." The boy says with a reddening face.

"No!" The girl shouts and punches him in the shoulder. "You're supposed to say 'I do'."

"I do." The boy corrects himself quickly. The girl puts the spider ring on his finger. "Do you, Maxie girl, promise to love and trust me forever and ever?"

"I do." The girl says proudly. He slides the flower ring onto her finger. "Now, you may now kiss the bride!"

"W-what?!" The boy squeaks. "I have to kiss you?!"

The girl puts a hand on her hip and cocks it, mimicking her mother. "And what's wrong with that? You're not still scared of cooties are you?" She pouts.

"N-no!" The boy quickly leans in and pecks her on the lips, blushing a deep scarlet.

The girl smiles and giggles. She grabs his hand and they walk back to their house for bedtime.

2 years later

The seven-year-old flings herself into the boy's arms, crying.

"Maxie girl, what's wrong?" The dark-haired boy asks.

"I-I'm m-mov-ing." She sobs into his black shirt. He hugs her back in shock. They had always been best friends. Their mom's were childhood friends. Now she was leaving.

Then another boy, one with strawberry blond hair, walks up. His bright blue eyes are light compared the other boy's almost black ones. "What's wrong with Max?" The boy asks.

They had met the boy a year before, instantly becoming friends when he stood up to Max. Of course, she gave him a bloody nose.

The boys look into each other's eyes, light and dark, for a moment before the first boy speaks. "Sh-she's leaving." And a tear leaks down his cheek.


I take one last look at the door behind me. I wasn't going to miss it one bit. We, my dad and I, were moving back to my home town. I was kind of nervous. I hadn't been there in nine years, but I could remember it clearly.

"Maximum! Get down here! We need to go!" I flinch at his voice and run down the stairs. I get into the car, before he can say another word. I fling my bag down beside me and stare out the window.

My hand went down to my small backpack like it had a mind of its own.

My mouth twitched into a small smile as my hand comes in contact with a plastic flower ring.

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