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Chapter 2

Max's POV

My hand slams down hard on the alarm clock before it gets the chance to beep a second time. I pause and listen for any noise but the only sound is of my own breathing. I sit up and run my hand through my matted hair.

I stand and tip toe over to my closet, occasionally tripping over the junk that is already littering the floor.

I yank on a pair of black jeans, grey tank top, and a black hoodie. I cross to the bathroom and brush my teeth as quickly as possible. I run my hand through my hair once again and immediately hit a knot.

I look in the mirror and sigh. I run a brush through the blond knots and eventually get all of them out.

I glance in the mirror again and grab a tube of concealer. A glob squirts out onto my hand, and I apply it to any and all visible cuts or bruises.

Finally I pull on black converse and tip toe down the stairs. I pause and look around.

Snoring is coming from the couch so I know he is still asleep.

I creep into the kitchen and grab half a pop tart, knowing I should eat. I make it out of the house and start the hour trek to school.

It's peaceful out. The dark sky and the soft breeze. It's the most relaxed I have felt in a while. Then the sun starts to raise and the school comes into view. After I get my schedule, I still have time to kill before classes starts, so I wander around the hallways. Not many people are around; I still had a good twenty minuets till the bell.

I eventually make my way to class and sit in the back. I put my head phones in and put my hood up. I hunch over in my chair and lose myself in my music, trying not to draw too much attention to myself.

It doesn't work. After about fifteen minuets of sweet solitude, a poke in my arm brings me out of my music world, and into the present.

I pull one headphone out and turn to the guy sitting in the desk beside me. He had black hair that fell in front of his eyes, and was wearing all black. When I looked into his eyes, I was surprised by the black depth in them. They were very familiar.

"I'm Fang." He says and my heart stops.

Yes, I know this boy. He was my best friend all the way up to age seven when I had to move. I'd be hard to forget a name and eyes like that. I remember him clearly now but it was so long ago. He probably forgot about the simple blond girl he always hung out with.

I look away from his eyes and hide my face. "Max." I all but whisper.

He nods. "Well nice to meet you Max. I hope you enjoy this school." Just as I suspected, he didn't remember me. Even though I knew it was going to happen, I couldn't help the pang of disappointment that raises in my stomach.

I nod in answer.

We sit in silence for five more minutes before the bell rings and kids file into the classroom. They try to hide it, but I can see the curious glances people throw my way.

The teacher walks in a second after the last kid makes it to his seat. "Now class, as you can see, we have a new student today." He says. "Max, please have your hood down in the classroom."

I tossed my head back, causing my hood to fall and my blond hair to spill around my shoulders. There were sounds of surprise around the classroom. I couldn't help but glance at Fang.

A look of recognition crosses his face, and I realize that my hood must have hidden my hair.

They must have thought I was a boy. I almost smirk in amusement.

Then I glance at Fang again and see him staring and me in wonder. Maybe he does remember. He finally pulls his eyes away from me when the teacher starts the lesson.

I sat there, quietly listening to my music. I had one headphone out so I could still hear the teacher though. Every now and then I would even catch Fang looking at me with a puzzled expression.

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