Chapter One: The Biology Lesson

Excerpts in this chapter were taken from Humans vs. Gears, the History of Our Civilization and Biology 104.

Introduction of Humans vs. Gears:

In the older days, the population was made of humans. They were born with cells and oxygen-rich blood, rather than the gears that we are all made of today, along with synthetic skin. We know now that they were weak creatures that were far too susceptible to disease. Humankind, as they were called, has evolved to the higher form of life, us.

Homo Machinam is the scientific name for our species, more commonly known as the Gears. The nickname originated in the presence of gears and minute engines in place of an estimated 60% of cells. The other 40% is a majority of synthesized organs and flesh, along with small percentages of other parts that allow us to remain as healthy as we are today. Our physical attributes and habits make us far superior compared to 700 years ago.

Our current forms are owed to the leading science research group, the union of the Ootori Group and the Suhoh family. Their top genetic manipulators engineered the first population of Gears, who are now known as the Clockwork People. The first population group resulted in the development of the most practiced religion of our time, the Adherents of the Clocks.

The development of our proud, happy race took many years, but we stand tall and look to a bright and happy future.

Section Four (The SoulMate Initiative) of Biology 104:

100 years after the beginning development of our race, it was discovered that an individual person tends to be more mechanically compatible to another certain individual than anybody else. After extensive study, it was also discovered that the couple was compatible in other attributes, such as physically, mentally, sexually, and through their personality. Unfortunately, when this information was discovered, there was no definite way to determine whether you have met your SoulMate or not, and 79% of the population died without ever having a suspicion that they knew their SoulMate or not.

The descendants of the Ootori Group and Suhoh family joined again, and the second union resulted in the SoulMate Initiative.

They developed the Initiative by manipulating individual strands of the Gears DNA. They altered small portions using trial and error, until the flesh of the Gears no longer covered the delicate mechanisms of the palms. After decades of work in the labs, this became normal and natural.

On the left hand, there is an opening, working in ways similar to a key hole, where a small piece of the machinery is missing. This absence does not hinder any processes other than leaving a slightly uncomfortable sensation in that area. On the right hand, there is a piece that extends out of the hand, also not hindering any movement, but causes an uncomfortable sensation. Certain surgeries are available to remove the uncomfortable feeling, while keeping the same physical appearance of your hands.

In a SoulMate pair, the mechanisms of the hands match up perfectly, along with a thin wire that is only visible the first time the gears connect. The wire works as a connector from one Gear mind to another, allowing you to learn about your mate, downloading information of the basics. Those basics include likes, dislikes, allergies, etc.

Once you find your SoulMate, you will start to hear a ticking sound. It is noticeable, but not distracting in everyday life. The ticking is the sound of your mate's gears, designed to let you know if your SoulMate is still functioning correctly or not.

This concludes Section Four of Biology 104. For more information, see page 494. For practice regarding the care of your mate's gears or any other possible situation, see questions 11-16.

Section Ten (Ages), page 494 of Biology 104:

People, on average, find their SoulMate in their late teens. The age could vary based on differing location or growing rate, but there are rarely pairs found many years before or after their late teens.

"Kaoru! Put down that textbook it is nothing but nonsense!" Haruhi yelled from the front door to their shared apartment. She always knew what the teen was up to, even when he covered the book cover. "There is nothing wrong with being 17 with no SoulMate. The authors of those textbooks just make generalizations based off of pregnancy rates and the largest generation populations." She set her leather messenger bag down on the table, along with her city-issued gas mask, the lenses nearly covered in the green Dust of pollution that covered everything.

"Shouldn't you at least try to clean off the Dust before putting it on the table?" Kaoru asked, avoiding eye contact.

"Shouldn't you clean the grease and oil off your face after spending the day in the workshop?" She retorted, handing him a rag that was once white, but was now nearly brown and stained, to wipe the grime off of his face.

"Where is Kasonada? He's always here before you." He set the rag in the metal hamper by the couch and took off his 5-lense goggles. His orange hair was squashed flat where the straps of the goggles rested, but the rest was as spiky as usual.

"Buying new gloves. He made a few extra coins at work today and his old gloves wore through. He decided to put off finding his SoulMate for another year." Haruhi ruffled his hair as she walked to the coat closet, leaving behind a light sprinkling of the Dust. She removed the light cloak she wore every day since Kaoru saved up the money to buy it for her, rather than stealing it from the shops. It was once ink black with light brown embroidery, but the black faded into brown and grey, matching the thread that formed the decorative stitches. Under the cloak she wore a muddy red leather jacket and parchment colored blouse, along with thick work pants that were tight enough to wear her tall boots over them.

"He was going to take me into the city to practice what he taught me. Before I forget, thank you for taking out the Extras and Shockers before you came inside." Haruhi nodded in response and went to the kitchen to start cooking one of the few things that we can eat, Nutrition Packs. Before she started, she made sure to wrap a scarf around the exposed gears of her neck.

Something you should know about today is that there are four types of Gears: Shiners, Shockers, Clankers, and the regular people.

Haruhi was a Shocker. They commonly worked as either law enforcement officers or private guards of the Ouran Building. They had excess energy that ran in charges through their hands, chest, and neck. They also had certain areas of the body that allowed for removable weapons, also known as Extras.

Kaoru was a Clanker. They didn't have any extraordinary physical characteristics, but they possessed the ability to absorb any information and save it, always remembering everything. Clankers now worked as repairmen and inventors. They were designed to assist in leading the city, but were shoved down the social ladder instead for not being Shiners.

Finally, there were the Shiners, called so because they lived their entire lives in Ouran Building, completely free of the Dust that covered the city. They often had optional extensions because they could afford it, being the richest of the rich. It was exceedingly rare for a Shiner to leave the Ouran Building, which was a skyscraper that contained their living condos, restaurants, entertainment areas, and shops.

No matter what equality existed with the Clockwork People, it would never be the same. There was the clean, and then there was the rest of the city. They were always separate.

"Kaoru, just put down the textbook for one night. I promise you are going to find your SoulMate." Haruhi called out to him from the other room. Kaoru nodded and tossed the book to the other side of the couch.

Haruhi smiled at the sound and turned on their static-filled radio in time to catch the end of their favorite station.

"Just as a quick reminder, the Dust is going to be thick tonight so get any outside business done before 9:00 pm. Remember that you only receive a replacement gas mask if you can show the damaged mask to the worker. If your mask was misplaced or stolen, the replacement of said mask is not the responsibility of the city.

"In more interesting news, two of our favorite Shiners have found each other. That's right; Tamaki Suhoh and Kyoya Ootori have released the information of their newfound status as a SoulMate pair. The couple has joined the other SoulMate pair in their exclusive friend group, Hunni and Mori. What does this mean for the orphan Hikaru that was taken in by the Suhoh family when he was a baby?

"Catch our exclusive interview with the teen's adopted father tonight." Cecil Baldwin, the one of the few true news reporters, signed off and static filled the apartment once again.

"Why can't they leave the Shiner gossip alone? Nobody cares anymore other than the Shiners themselves. Nobody on the outside knows what any of the mentioned Shiners look like." Haruhi muttered, attempting to scrub the Dust and grime off of the counter, to no avail.

"I agree. I'm sort of glad I'll never have to look at one." Kaoru agreed before pulling his knees to his chest and resting his chin on them. He didn't want anything to do with Ouran Building or it's inhabitants.

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