Chapter Five

Those two days passed with much anticipation. Haruhi didn't need the extra time, but it might seem weird if Hikaru reported the lost items and she told him that she already had them. One thing she was glad she thought of was not telling Kaoru where they were going when she told him to get ready to leave the apartment.

Kaoru could tell she was up to something when she led them towards the better part of town. Despite being closer to Ouran Building, it was still covered in Dust and grime, just less so than the rest of the town. A few of the more successful places of business could afford to keep the inside area nearly completely Dust-free by having a working air lock at the entrance to take off outer layers of clothing.

"Where are we going?" He asked her for the fourth time since they started walking.

"None of your business. You'll see when we get there." She answered with the same response as the previous times he had asked. Kaoru sighed and continued walking with her, burying his hands in the pockets of his longer leather jacket.

When they arrived at HiKao, Haruhi immediately walked up to the hostess that was standing at a small podium just inside the door. She had maroon hair in ponytails and a pair of thick circular glasses with one lens cracked. She was wearing a maid's outfit, with the skirt a bit shorter, short enough to see an electro-teaser holster at her lower thigh. She was paid to keep unwanted guests out, and make sure that the guests that came in kept the café as clean as possible.

"As a reminder, all coats or outerwear must be kept here in a personal locker. You may keep any gas masks or scarves, as long as they apply under the Personal Preference law." That law was passed two years before, when a group of people weren't allowed into a certain restaurant because they refused to take off their gas masks and started a boycott. The hostess had a strong cockney accent that you could tell was partially being suppressed. Haruhi removed her gas mask and shook out the few hairs that were flattened by it. Kaoru kept his scarf on, never feeling comfortable with it off outside of the apartment.

Inside the café there were only three occupied tables, one was a woman with crimson hair sitting with a man with equally crimson hair that trailed down to the floor. The second table was occupied by a tall and skinny man in all black, with a thin black spiky Mohawk with the sides of his head shaved. On one side there was a place where he must have been in an altercation with a Shiner's gun, and it took off the skin. He wasn't wearing a gasmask but he had headphones on and he was muttering to himself.

"I'm looking for Fujioka." Haruhi told the hostess, remembering Hikaru saying that he would make the table in her name. The woman led them to a secluded booth in the corner that wasn't very noticeable, where somebody was already sitting, with a gas mask that was a little too clean.

"I was wondering if you were going to make it. You seem like the type to be early to appointments." Hikaru told her, not noticing Kaoru standing behind her until he sat down.

"Who is he?" Hikaru asked, looking at Kaoru. "I assumed you didn't have a mate by the fact I met you in a group named 'Mateless and Almost Proud'."

"Don't assume things. This is Kaoru, my roommate. Kaoru, this is somebody that you need to apologize to." She said as she retrieved the pouch of coins and Serial ID Card from her bag and slid them across the table.

"So he is the guy who called me stupid?" Kaoru asked quietly so only Haruhi could hear him. She nodded and motioned for him to get on with it. He sighed and looked up at the man sitting across the table from him.

"I'm sorry I stole your things. You made me angry at the jewelry stand, but that was no excuse for thievery." Kaoru told him, his voice slightly muffled from the thick scarf.

"I'm sorry for insulting you; I had no right to say those things." Hikaru replied when Haruhi looked up at him expectantly. She smiled slightly and messed with the collar of her blouse.

"Well, if that is all, I have stuff to do and Kaoru needs to work on that stack of repair orders he has not worked on in too long." Haruhi stated before the three stood up from the booth. "It was a shame I couldn't meet you in person under better circumstances." Haruhi told Hikaru before shaking his hand. They both let out a mental sigh of both relief in disappointment at the fact that they were not mates.

"I'm sorry for stealing your things. I didn't mean to grab something so important; I was just upset about what you said to me." Kaoru stated uncomfortably, his eyes fixated at the meticulously clean carpet.

"It's alright. Everything was properly returned. I didn't mean to be so harsh; I'm just not my friendliest in large crowds." Hikaru replied as he reached out to shake Kaoru's hand.

Kaoru grasped his hand and as soon as they made contact, the rest of the world fell away.

Hikaru nearly collapsed from the force of connecting with Kaoru. A flood of happiness and a stream of memories and thoughts overwhelmed his mind, rendering him oblivious to Haruhi's attempts at getting their attention.

"I'm not alone anymore." Was Hikaru's last coherent thought before Kaoru's hand was pulled away from his. "I need to see his face."

Kaoru was almost floating away, but Hikaru's grasp on his hand kept him grounded. He surrounded himself with the information about the man whose name he still didn't know.

"I'm not alone anymore." Was his last coherent thought before Haruhi wrenched him away from his mate.

"I'm in a hurry, Kaoru! I don't have time for you to hold hands with somebody!" She scolded as she dragged him away from the man still frozen by their table. He stared back at him and tried to pull away from Haruhi's vise-like grasp, to no avail. His mate continued to stand at the booth, in shock of all that happened.

"I need him…" Their thoughts were in sync as his roommate pulled him into the airlock coat room. The door closed behind them, blocking his view of his mate, just as he was taking his gas mask off to card his fingers through his orange hair.

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