Chapter Six

Every inch separating him from Kaoru was hell. Every moment he wasn't hearing his voice was torture. Every thought of how he never saw his mate's face was tragedy.

Hikaru did nothing but think about Kaoru for a week. It was one of the best and worst weeks of his life. He had finally found his mate, and he was not able to be with him. He didn't leave the Suhoh floors, despite Honey and Mori offering him their private gyms to relieve his stress, as well as Tamaki and Kyouya offering the blonde's commoner movies to watch.

Hikaru was desperate, so he resorted to a habit he had abandoned long ago. Many of the parental figures in his life told him he had a gifted imagination. Anything he hasn't seen, he could envision it with enough information. He retrieved a blank sketch pad out of his desk drawer and opened it to the first page. Hikaru dug deep into all of the information on Kaoru he sensed from the brief connection and tried to picture what he would look like. He spent hours at the sketch pad, increasingly irritated with the growing ache in his chest.

Every time he tried to imagine what Kaoru looked like, all that came to mind was a mirror image of himself. He ripped out yet another page, crushed it into a ball, and threw it down the garbage chute to the incinerator.

"I have to see him."

Kaoru was having nearly the same problem, but worse. He didn't even know his mate's name, where he lived, or what he might have looked like. Throughout the course of the week, he wasn't able to do anything other than think of his mate and curse himself for not looking at the Serial ID card before he gave it to Haruhi.

His two roommates kept asking him why he was always sleeping, why he wouldn't eat, why he would only leave his room when they forced him to. He wasn't able to put his thoughts into words. He was silent at the thought of continuing to arrange his pillows while he slept, while across the city, his mate was doing the same.

Haruhi sat in her room, ready to do something that she didn't want to do. She sought out Hikaru Suhoh.

Saying she sought out Hikaru sounds like she was doing a lot of work to contact him, when the only time she was ever in contact with him was on a chat room that randomizes who you are paired with. Seeking out Hikaru was more on the side of logging into the chat room and hoping that he would be online and paired with her.

Haruhi's disappointment grew with each time she checked her screen and saw that it wasn't Hikaru. It had been hours since she first joined, and she had resorted to pacing the hallway outside her bedroom, occasionally taking glances as to who was connected to her on the screen. She was getting ready to give up and check on Kaoru when she saw the Forming Connection sign, along with the code for the Ouran Building.

She rushed to sit down at her desk, forgetting about going to Kaoru's room. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" He asked when the connection was formed.

"Something is wrong with Kaoru and I have no clue what. Something happened after we met up at HiKao. He's all depressed and he won't leave his room. What I want to know is what did you do to him?" She glared at him through the screen.

"I did nothing to Kaoru. How could I ever live with myself if I hurt him?" He asked, rolling his eyes.

"He wasn't like this until he met you, so what happened?" She slowly grew more and more desperate to get the old Kaoru back by any means necessary.

"Haruhi, Kaoru and I did nothing but shake hands, which you saw happen. What happened when we shook hands is none of your business." Hikaru crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back in his chair.

"What? Did you guys bond or something?" She said jokingly, chuckling.

The smile faded from her face when he didn't respond. He slowly nodded and she started panicking. "You and Kaoru were bonding and I broke it before it was complete?" He nodded again and she almost started crying. "I didn't mean to! I just thought Kaoru was bothering you by holding your hand for too long!" She defended, feeling even worse than before.

"Send me your address and we can complete the bond. He'll be happier, as will I." Hikaru told her, attempting to calm her down.

Haruhi sent him the address and he saved it, promising to come over as soon as he possibly could.

It took Hikaru three more days after the conversation to work up the nerve to sneak out of the Ouran Building again and go to the other side of the city. The only thing that could calm him was the knowledge that his mate was at that address, and he was finally going to truly meet him and see his face.

He dressed in his best clothes that wouldn't seem like he was trying too hard, and then donned the necessary gas mask and thick outer layer of clothes in the fire escape. Hikaru was relieved that he didn't have to ask for directions, since the street that their apartment building was on was right off the main road. It took longer than he expected to walk the whole way, but he was determined to see Kaoru again.

The door's paint was once forest green, but had faded and chipped to a disgusting brown-grey color. The once shiny number plate was tarnished and cracked, but you could still see the "31F" in black.

Hikaru stood on the landing, staring at the door and unsuccessfully attempting to calm his breathing. Before he could fully calm himself, the door opened, revealing Haruhi wearing her gas mask. "Come on in. Take off your outer layer before you fully come in, we like to keep things as clean as possible." She instructed, taking her own gas mask off and setting it down.

"How did you know I was standing out there?" He asked while removing his coat.

"Peephole and a security system. Now be quiet, Kaoru doesn't know I invited you here, since he wouldn't exactly know you by name." She sighed at Hikaru's confused look. "Yes, he stole your Serial ID Card, but he never looked at it. He felt too guilty to do anything but give it to me. Now, he's in his bedroom, sleeping." She pointed to a closed door that was at the end of the hallway.

Haruhi motioned for him to knock on the door before disappearing into her own room. Hikaru steadied his breath and opened the door after knocking gently. "Go away, Haruhi. I'm fine." Kaoru called out from under a pile of blankets.

"I'm not Haruhi." Hikaru said quietly, moving closer to the bed. He sat down at the edge, careful to avoid disturbing hm. He carefully reached for the hand that was resting on top of the blankets and entwined their fingers.

I am deeply sorry for the time it took to post this. The ending was incredibly awkward, and it took a few tries to rewrite it.

Song of the Chapter: "I'll Never Be Lonely Again" by Ludo