A/N-In this fic Pinkie Pie was raised by humans in a human world so she believes she is human. Also any other mlp character here are still the same species just disguised as humans. Mr. and are still the same just with a last name change.

ps:this is basically just fairly odd parents with the characters changed so don't get your hopes up on it being a master piece

"Thanks for babysitting tonight, Gilda. Pinkie Pie just loves making new friends, don't you Pinkie Pie?"said Mr.P.

"No problem, Mr. Pie! I just love Pinkie Pie."said Gilda as she grabbed and hugged Pinkie Pie. "We're gonna be best pals, right, Pinkie Pie?"she continued.

"Oxygen...darkness..."Pinkie Pie mumbled.

'Have fun at the movies!"Gilda said as Mr. and Ms. Pie left, suddenly her loving smile changed to a nasty-looking scowl as she shut the door "All right, squirt, three things: 1) Stay out of my way. 2) Go to bed early. 3) Do the dishes."

"but Mommy told you to do them!"Pinkie Pie whined.

"Oh yeah... well, you wouldn't want her to find this magazine, would you?"Gilda said as she held up a magazine titled "Chix".

Pinkie Pie gasped "That's not mine! I would never read that, Mommy will never believe you."

"Ha! Oh, I wouldn't say that; it works great at my house! Just ask my little brother."Gilda replied. Then she took out and dialed on the phone and then Pinkie Pie heard child screaming on the receiver

Pinkie Pie's irises shrunk in fear "OK, OK, I'll do it!"she exclaimed.

Gilda smirked and walked to the couch and sat down and started watching t.v. "Excellent! And as your reward, how about I order pizza for us?"

"OK, but no anchovies!"Pinkie Pie said happily as she walked into the kitchen and started washing the dishes.


"Hey, you ate all the pizza!"Pinkie Pie shrieked at Gilda after she finished washing the dishes.

"Relax, runt. I saved you a piece."Gilda said holding up a slice of pizza with anchovies.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"Pinkie Pie screamed at the top of her lungs


Pinkie Pie was lying in bed when Gilda drenched a bucket of water on her.

"Good, you're awake. Wouldn't want you to miss your bedtime!"Gilda teased

Pinkie Pie frowned"But I'm not tired!"she whined.

"Oh, we could watch your favorite television show - The World of Drying Paint! It's on the Boring Channel.

"That's nobodies favorite show!"Pinkie Pie complained

"Oh, so it is!"Gilda said laughing evilly as she left the room.

"Very funny!"Pinkie Pie replied. Then she slammed door and got out her Magic 9-Ball "Oh Magic 9-Ball, when will my parents get back from the movies?"Pinkie asked. "Titanic: Director's Cut?!"she yelled reading the answer. 'They'll be there all night!, that's not fair!"She screamed. She threw the Magic 9-Ball at the wall, causing it to break open. A magic aura forms from the ball, then swirls into thin air, bringing forth the entrance of two alicorns, one green the other pink.

To be continued ps:fairys are alicorns in this fic